The Things We Should Consider

For more information about this possibility please contact me. Its for my Brothers and Sisters and shouldn’t be controlled EVER by one entity.. However we should actually pay down the nuclear energy to operate it, via private closed discourse of financial need.. just a theory.

This page is dedicated to thinking hypothetically about the worlds issues as well as things we, as a society might try to alleviate.

Please leave any comment if comments are down. Find the email on the main page. I want to learn as well and if anything seems bonkers.. your the person I need to correspond with.. I leave out a whole lot of things for obvious reasons. This is justbto show a very vague premise.

The Glass City Theory

Much like the garden project this theory deals with possibly the closest we can get to free energy in the next century or so. The theory is to reduce nuclear reactions in the event of tachyon exposure.. we use the planets natural fusion.

  • Sooooo. Much Corn..
    It’s not helping fighting diabetes, restoring the rain forest for live stock feed… or really an precautionary measure at all. But please school me if mistaken?
  • If we Used Public Land to Back Fiat..
    Starting with 10% of public land engineered correctly.. Could keep a psychopath with vain glory issues, thinking we need population control…because they are too fat to get off their fat lazy a**.

It sounds very expensive but we can most likely achieve this for less than the cost of building a garden for every citizen.. thinking about it should be taken with the idea.. we created the Panama Canal, we also made a floating lab in space..

The idea is a massive civil project made with steel, sand and light. I’ve drafted plans for a modified pontoon boat. This boat would have a large magnification screen, similar to projection big screen TV’s. We could make a floating array a few miles in international waters. Citing the construction we should look for an area that is deep, but not too deep. We also want several hundreds of yards of ground bed off of a volcanic vent.

We use underwater water bulldozers and very long cranes to continually stack sand in a circle, calculations should be ran to figure put needed size to reach almost fusion level separation.

We would continually cook the sand once its in range with the lenses and allow the supporting sand to sink lower as we stack more and cook it. The walls may need to be 15ft thick and may need some steel supporting structures. As we build we include V shaped channels at the surface of the water with a gated system, and continue to stack the glass until it is at least 40 ft above hightide.

We would then pump out the water, and begin directional drilling into the ground bed. The purpose is to create a bowl or giant chamber at the bottom right at a thermal vent and create a large long scar exposing lava.

The inside of the glass walls would have tubes and gears that both generate electricity but make water more potable as well as organic food that doesn’t need insecticides.

The tubes would all be connected and run on both sides of all the channel water falls. We stage them based off of produce, and gradually grow plants more gravity resistant with centrifugal force. The insides of the tubes have spiral material piping. As the tubes at the top spin the slowest the closer to the thermal vent would have multiple Gs. Each tube has its own calculated and angled pointed bowl shaped paddles. They would be arranged to collect downward force by a pliable longer intersecting paddle, where the clockwork is arranged like intricate gears powering downward thrust from all directions. The lowest tubes would not have produce but generate energy and final staged collection of components from the separation of Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Recombinant these components we would need to retention ponds near the bottom as well. One is a salt sluge and the other is a channeled and dated retention area for curing hydrogen peroxide from the process of creating potable water. The force of making water can help power the pumps. This water would be used to water the crops and rinse salt from the filtration process.

The inner collection system of the tubes would have cone shaped collections that use external gravity and placed according to weight. The tubes run in a spiral for this purpose.

We would use carbon molds on the inside with cone channels.. allowing a plant to break out but restricts salt getting into the root system. After running these for a while we unfasten them and flip them onto a larger tube, inside out. These larger tubes are rinsed with high pressure water to dislodge the collected salts down the sluge line for evaporation. We then just recast it in a casting tube for reuse. They are formated with fasteners like panels that make up the tube for removal.

We water the plants with sea water, then use around 10% fresh water to rinse the dried salts of the foliage. We also would build an armed array of mirrors, reflectors and magnification to supplement light further down as well as make a sort of “artificial sky” in the complex..

The complexes could be build in the ground bed under sea level. The rotating armed mirrors would use a control system to follow the sun. We could build artificial neighborhoods, or hotels or even farmland even though the majority could theoretically be grown in the tubes. Doing this I believe would allow for excess in energy that could be sold cheaply back to the continent. This process depending on scale might even be able to achieve kinetic separation of water, even if not we still would get fresher water from the thermal vents and a ringed chamber where the vents to the surface are angled demisters made out of stainless steal that angle down to allow the salts to be collected and pumped down to the salt retention. We could also harness the steam power on its way for collection and further cleaning. We would have several staged piping systems taking cleaner and cleaner steam to reduce the sodium again to provide for water rich foods like watermelon.

So you see? This gives us 2 to 3 ways to make energy as well as fresh water. If we make 1 the second would be easier and we can connect them far enough away by directionally drilling. Plus utilizing airlock systems we could explore the seafloor more easily.