Spiritual Musings

Wrestling With the Father.. Don’t worry the Central Majesty or Father will always win.. but I would venture he would teach us some lessons, even through our loosing.

Have Child-like Faith

Look it up, its the point.

These are just personal ponderings.. I debate to share or not, but we all struggle. I know I am wrong. I know sometimes I might be a little right. Its still more for me, as a selfish spiritual journal of sorts..

Why Stay?

I think it could be a bad dream we are stuck in. We tell ourselves to survive for others so that they too can have the awakening that it doesn’t matter.. trying to save someone is a lesson to the higher spiritual people. We enjoy things that kill us potentially for a reason and trick ourselves into thinking ANYTHING has value… except what we learn. That’s how far in intelligence it COULD be. and it this is wrong I pray Lord for forgiveness. I’ve wandered, I’ve been Evil, I’ve tried to be loving and understanding and am severely flawed in becoming agitated in that people just don’t look hard enough, your outline is there as clear as day. I meaning my pride and desire to serve is wrong of me. You won this before it even was a game.. my low intellect forces me to place you into something you aren’t. I just have the selfish wish of wanting to know you more and foolishly try to use my limited perspective to rationalize… all wrong. I have to keep learning though because I cannot know your ways? I do see that not one person including me is paying any attention to what you are trying to show us.. it disgusts them. and according to these scribbles of man trying to reach out for what they can feel that’s there but just profane it. If this is to grow together show me my way, and again I fail… because I have to learn the right path? The words are all poisoned and I can’t actually even tell any of the meanings anymore.. only throw random lowly human guesses.. I do know that you have this covered with or without my assistance and you have and hold but to be so so impertinent can I please find your lessons I am missing soon..I think I am about done here, or so lost I probably can’t be found again. I’ll keep on for now, and just hope I am good enough to see what I am needed to see.. if as all things are.. in your will I will serve however. I feel sorry for myself like a child yet I lie and call myself a man. I try to do what I think you’d want, but thats also flawed..I CANNOT. Not that that I don’t desire to.. my little marble tells me we will never fully understand and I know that could be part of suppressing apathy and allowing us lower forms have something to aspire to.. still, with the logic I was given, unless I made a bet in some other dimension or strange construction then I can only pray that I do as you have me do. I just pray to learn to know if there is a seriously deep level of quasi free will.. will me saying this ever do anything? Or is my lesson is that I should have not been concerned helping people to begin with? Just be kind and die? So suicide with the realization of your greatness is wrong or right? Can we get some clarity on how or if we should emulate this or simply learn? we are expected to KNOW this to reach you, will my def and blind kindred drown us? Are we separate? Should I care? I care about viewing and experiencing your majesty, its hollow almost alone.. Is that the secret? Is this why the ancients died on mountains? Are we in a nightmare and your trying to wake us up, but we just keep rolling back over. Money, war, poisons.. its all fun I guess and interesting but I pray I am close to traveling somewhere soon, or I hope that I’m getting a little closer to getting out of this one. Unless the point of life is money, power and hate.. it could be very well but it doesn’t reflect great on my heart. I like nice things, they are distractional though, and why can’t WE REMEMBER THAT? WHY CANT WE STOP JUDGING PEOPLE WHEN ITS THE SILLIEST THING POSSIBLE.. why do people stop searching for you when they find a magic book made by other pieces of dirt on your heels? Why can they say that they are pious and loving and non judmental… but hey this 250 page book, has all the answers? Lord I cannot know your ways, but I severely doubt existence could hold the truth..plus truth is just another dumb human thing. Truth is an abstract way to view the Father and our Creators workings. So yes, I do wonder if I can escape sometimes… then I remember.. even knowing there might not be a point to me, whatsoever.. I have to serve and if I can’t know or be told.. I can only be still and know.. which I know.. the still part is what I would like to pray for here… Let it be… I’m here for the ride.. the passengers tend to suck..but then again thats another lesson.. We might all be the same entity..Maybe that is why I get so frustrated? But even in Suicide I would still have to rely on you, whether chemical or process… its actually I think a slight indicator that God does infact have a sense of humor. We don’t get it, because we are waiting to understand the punchlines in ways. Yet our lives aren’t and are our own.. its a strange concept for sure. Lets say an exponentially reducing division of Pi. We are somewhere in there but probably not a whole lot…yet. but God won’t take the tempered I don’t feel that how it works.. Hopefully they work to repair the collective consciousness while preserving variety in all things..within moderation and listen to the few texts that snuck by thenpsychophants.. that very well could be a test to.. but without guidance its ash in ones mouth, so I must remember to pray for more clarity.. Hopefully a false possibility is that we actually are supposed to get to that level of faith..and they’d say I was a cult leader or something..but no, its like Abraham and Issac.. You could argue killing Issac was a form of suicide.. God knew he was close to a higher level of alignment and blessed him exceedingly. It wasn’t about burnt offerings or anything God actually reguired.. that I theorized was temple and church driven..for sure. They had money changing markets (users) like wallstreet.. we sacrifice to feel better about where we fail, God is only concerned with his Glory for US. He has 0 need or care for praise, he is doing something really mindblowing and I’d say charitable..but a word hasn’t been invented as it doesn’t even have a numeric qualifier for scale factor…thats how big. Christ mightve realized this as well.. and it hurts to die.. and it hurts worse to have to die before someone says.. “hey you know that story, where they turned this religious figure into hamburger meat, had him drag (yet another symbolic reference to wood carpentry and dimensional geometric thinking) to a place to tortured, nude, ridiculed, spit on and made to drink vinegar. They would nail your wrist not your hands because it would tear through your palms…why? Oh because they are nice enough to break your legs first.. forcing you to pull up on your wrist nails or drown from fluid buildup in your lungs.. thats why when Longines pierced him it was blood and water.. he was checking his lungs… so anyhow, thats apparently what it takes for people to get to read more than a paragraph.. so you can imagine I have to wonder if my time is best served elsewhere? Is that wrong and if so, I ask forgiveness…

  • Sooooo. Much Corn..
    It’s not helping fighting diabetes, restoring the rain forest for live stock feed… or really an precautionary measure at all. But please school me if mistaken?
  • If we Used Public Land to Back Fiat..
    Starting with 10% of public land engineered correctly.. Could keep a psychopath with vain glory issues, thinking we need population control…because they are too fat to get off their fat lazy a**.
  • Wow no one ever reads but some reason or another a password protected area had 2 video downloads from a company that is supposed to get websites traffic.. why break in and download?
  • Protected: Project Pitch 00045658 Patent Pending
    This content is password protected.
  • House of the Witness, Final Sections.
    Contuing on with theory so that we may weigh probability of truth.. Zionist as a dangerous level of logic should be viewed as such… there will be another strata of retrograde in logic when thought of in terms of societal. A section of people that know God but don’t listen and take everything at face value. I can apply a whole, whole mess of actual events that were supposed to happen at end times.. however we cannot force start the apocalypse so that we can ascend earlier… it is not how this works, has anyone been paying attention? We are […]
  • House of the Witness, Final Sections.
    Contuing on with theory so that we may weigh probability of truth.. Zionist as a dangerous level of logic should be viewed as such… there will be another strata of retrograde in logic when thought of in terms of societal. A section of people that know God but don’t listen and take everything at face value. I can apply a whole, whole mess of actual events that were supposed to happen at end times.. however we cannot force start the apocalypse so that we can ascend earlier… it is not how this works, has anyone been paying attention? We are […]
  • House of the Witness
    The eyes of the many protect the eyes of the view
  • More Personal Thoughts.
    As someone who wishes to resist my own vain glory (we all have problems, this one is endemic to almost everyone).. We should be aware that it shouldn’t be our prerogative to receive others praise unless it’s just to gauge the work. There are three things in my opinion though a human should always walk before others 1. Personal safety 2. Protecting their ability to testify or speak and 3. A means to forgiveness for those who are repentant upon their own personal revelations onto their deeds. If we can keep these three things afloat forgive ourselves while endeavoring to […]
  • A Life Made Apparent.
    Through my life I’ve essentially only seem to have found one redemptive characteristic of man. The characteristic is redemption..As we assuredly make mistakes birth to grave we must inspire to write our wrongs for a form of recompense of our errors apparent. This only may function before those who bare witness but not necessarily judgment. What we may however prescribe to do is to blot out the sycophants name from history, for thats all the ever wanted.. to capture the glory of creation and claim credit for all its given.
  • As this is a Personal Blog, I Wanted to Conduct a Faith Experiment.
    Ok these are just personal revelations and do not mean to take any credit from our HOST. It’s become shockingly apparent to me there is a God. To me this God is in us through us and as us with a central unknowable. If you prescribe to anything and follow it, it becomes apparent this God is VERY GRACIOUS and just. We are essentially slowly dragging back to HIM although cannot even prescribe HIM as a singular or many. Theres a spooky logic gap that exists to describe MY FATHER, for our kind and we may never prescribe to invent […]
  • And of Psychopaths and the Youth.
    For a child who touches a stove knows not to do it again.. they may however scribble upon our walls. However the psychopaths are much harder to fix as it is structural and endemic. Meaning the construct of ther brain.
  • And My Testimony.
    I actually think we will be fine but this stuff works out in 4 or 5 levels (maybe 3). Although we MUST intergect when we see sin apparent on us but quietly.
  • And as Stated.
    I am NOT a prophet but a witness. Will you hear my words as I slit my tongue and bleed at your feet?
  • Everyone is Trying to Run, before They can Walk.
    Its a slow step initiative. We build sites in 8 parts upon the moon. We understand what children need as we may not be there. We do not abandon them. We set our sights on the degradation of entangled particles, static space and mining. As we leap from one sector to the next. We may just in fact have a chance.
  • We Seriously need to Note.
    The amazing grace, he was a pirate a slavery a sinner. He did however testify one of the greatest ballads of our Lord.
  • Apparent in Science.
    We have 3 of the worlds leading scientists in my opinion. We have firstly Einstein as his theories keep being true but was a man of God. We have Tesla although I don’t know his faith his acts are mesmerizing.. then we have Darwin who inspired to understand our God accidentally confused, he took God in later years. I mean we can go into Carver and the others..
  • The Fireworks.
    As I’ve seen when a city bans these more people use them. I thought it was a buetiful sentiment as a last act of you WILL NOT TAKE OUR TONGUES. As we’ve lost all rights over my lifetime.. however I DO THINK WE SHOULD BAN THEM… in regards to the fact that we celebrate our “independence” by buying Chinese fireworks and flags. I do however believe we should make them hear. This is apparent as a type of dichotomy of the human mind.
  • And Essentellially Know, for I Will Know You.
    Its a startling revelation but as I die, 2 more shall take my place. I do come to sort of sort but not in the fashion of our father, so be warned.
  • Oh a Slight Revelation.
    Is that upon further inspection there is 5. So 2 more to go, they cannot have introspection into their deeds. And have a serious desire to show off their backside as a monkey. It gets them aroused by lying to our face as objectively telling the truth when they should know its hazardous.
  • And of the Psycho and Sycophants.
    Honestly there’s no difference. These people have both issues. We need to address this as a mental disorder, or slow suicide. I do not believe they know of their sickness. I do however think there is a neat fact embedded upon most of them, well 2 but I’m only giving one as I think they need our help. They can hardly directly lie when requested to directly state the truth.
  • And of the Devil 2.
    And although He may attempt logic traps, the Lords voice SHALL disturb it. Its up to us to gauge.
  • And All though you May not Know Me, I see your Struggle Through the Waters.
    I will bleed through the waters to carry you to shore. I am in fear of you drowning us both to the shore. For our fate is in YOUR hands if you try to struggle. For I AM BLIND, and lost and seek my brethren to understand my recompense. You may not struggle against the tide, if we work TOGETHER. As I articulate this upon the Sabbath, ask your forgiveness, but feel it is a day of reflection. Although I may fall short of glory, I ask safe Haven for my brothers and Sisters, as if we reach this shore […]
  • And May Us State what is Unknown, what is Both, as We Cast our Eyes Down.
    That reading this stuff can assuredly drive you mad at a point. We are NOT intended to know but follow direction.
  • As We Precieve the Influence.
    Its pretty clear that if you hold a diety within your hearts, that it holds the least among us in our attempts as a sort of recompense. Its all through almost ALL religious texts as a means to still hold our fathers glory.
  • A Squirrel, and His Nuts.
    It’s simple logic. A squirrel hides his nuts, as he can only find 20% percent of them. He looses the nuts to provide for new tree’s. We might have faith in our evolution yet still be made damned by 2 factors. One is psychotic nature and the other is of a rebellious child. And verily I say upon you with I’ll regotten atreat that although one of these is incurable, the other is not. By God’s Mercy. AMEN.
  • The Possible Truth of the Bible.
    Its that it isn’t perfect. It’s divinely INSPIRED. There is one who whispers and one who listens. However, to this accord.. we use our HEARTS as ones own compass to ascribe the meaning to the extent of our ability. What I am desperately fearing in these times is that we essentially escaped a king to make 100 more. Although wealth MAY NOT BE prescribed to the masses it should be selected to the few, as a wealthy man is sick. The issue lay with genesis and revelations as being very actually at this point accurate. With vering degree but very […]
  • I’m Done with Your $h** Today.
  • And of the Devil.
    I should burn my phone probably at this point. Although using a tool to turn back tides against it’s selves may be what (if we had a creator) may constitute the mark of the beast at this point. Yet I hold witness and scream upon those to listen, the air will not allow my voice to carry weight. It seems strange but people WILL notice this. As John the prophet DID prescribe ALMOST EXACTLY WHAT IS OUR DOWNFALL. I’m wondering if people are even paying attention?
  • And as apparently Witnessed.
    They could be theoretically house qurdinining and forcing a “new digital age”. This one is faulty in premise as I am starting to wonder if WE should abandon technology for awhile? We get fat and die at 40, thank you psychotic ghost, I will TESTIFY your intentions Mr. Mark Z. And sorry to state this but you can go friendly take your goggles and tank, clone a duplicate in the “metaverse” and go kindly F*** yourself. At leisure but great intensity as its what you’ve tried to do your whole life, psychopath. Just Shhh be a good boy, the Adults […]
  • The Errors Apparent. And The “Morning Prayer”.
    Trying to limit my opinion I MAY STATE, That I am a follower of our father (For those that still believe in God or family). We went from one king to making hundreds and we are getting in the grey. “I PRAY THIS DAY, that  I MIGHT TRY to SOLVE My personal transgressions with OUR FATHER, as I Wish for ALL to be in the divine creators mercy. As is PROMISED we should retain some freedom.. as I STAND witness to God’s glory. I do not think our days yet done, for he has NOT sat a seat at his […]
  • The “Buring Monk” Syndrome?
    No its just apparent we are reaching this point, if we don’t “cool our jets “.
  • I’m NOT Trying to Save the World.
    I’m only trying to slow the trajectory of descent. I think the goes should be separated although a coordinators role deals in one or two training sessions and deal making within a public sector.
  • Don’t Silence Me on My Own Platform, Please.
    I’m saying that I’m trying to fix some f ups. Like when did Ed Snowden become a traitor? If you were half mentally challenged then you might have already known that for 3 or so years. He’s a simple Annalyst that analyzed l. I don’t understand how you Don’t incite persecution over the person that leaked documents over the people that published them. Im sorry that really is deap state sh** that you need to “reel in”.
  • I probably Need to “Slow My Roll”.
    I’m not trying to start an insurrection or anything of the sort but to save people over time. I like guys and galls who have b@l*$ but I’m not trying to incite. This is a way to possibly stave war so ANY nation that can grasp this can possibly save the world. However, I don’t think most read through 2 paragraphs.
  • What Both Side’s Seem to Fail at Grasping.
    Is on one side I’m trying to help, the other trying to save can you guess? It’s not a hard principle, I’m non-violent but that veil degrades with the population. If you ACTUALLY read statistics I’m trying to be a peace keeper and protect your families.
  • I’ve Walked the Line, and Brothers and Sisters it’s Time to Wake up?
    Seriously does anyone verify or fact check anymore, or does anyone understand the threat to theirs and the kind? I’m trying to work a solution.. It’s long and complicated and probably wrong on a couple points. You KNOW WHAT YOU CAN’T BUY? Time, that’s what this may afford us if anyone can read 8 pages now? https://gardensforgrownups.org/cliff-notes-short-version/
  • Lets Teach Kiddos, Latin Again.
    I never really understood why we stopped, its pretty much embedded in most western languages. It allows you to piece meal understand what all of these separate cultures are saying. Scientest were right to use it as a base of knowledge that is relatable to other cultures.
  • Does No One See the Value?
    The Gardens Project not only increases overall G.D.P. it also brings countries lower prices. How? Reoufit and tethering. By tething boats in slipstream formation and having the front boat haul the fuel(allowing for a retrofit in the fuel line you can connect the 2nd boat and continuein rang until boats require no gas. The crypto aspect allows us to mass export although internal and external coins are required. We adjust our exporting separately between importing. The different coins are handled by completely different organization. Its pretty simple and gradual we may cut out 3 to 5% of shipping personel per […]
  • Which Came First Swimming or Boating?
    Can anyone even figure this out? Both known dates match. I would say swimming but with how mad humanity is maybe boating?
  • Does Anyone Understand?… at this point?
    Its weird, it is wild, yet the need is still present? A crazy loop if you will? I’ve never actually hurt somebody, I popped one guy in the face of one guy in elementary school and apologized for it, the rest was from the rest. It really starts to get bonkers at this point
  • Sorry Ladies..
    This is just from personal perspective so take it with a grain of salt. You would realize I want equality in both ways. If a lady can do the same work she gets the same pay. We need to account for its a speciesies need, its pretty simple actually and I welcome debate. On the other hand, there never will be a point in the foreseeable future where girls aren’t better at some things and boys are a little better on others. Women live a good at least 4 years longer usually up to or surpassing a decade (whether this […]
  • The Generational Gaps.
    Have you ever noticed the older generation has to explain how the younger has better circumstances. A few of the circumstances would be 1. Well we had to use slide rules 2. Computers took up whole floors and you had to understand punch cards. 3. In my day we had to walk everywhere. OK but you also had the cheapest housing, baby boomers came from the “Golden age” a hyper bubble of inflation. One working person could support a family of five on medium income. Seriously, I’m a millionale (I guess I barely fit in range), yet I don’t like […]
  • The Variants.
    I have no idea why this is the case, maybe you do? If we are weaponizing viruses, its very very possible to also engineer a “contagious cure”. In virology except in a few cases the variants are typically less deadly. The omnicron variant of the current epidemic did seem pretty quick though considering influenza still kills a remarkably large number of people. Speaking of which, did you know that when CRSPR technology first was released you could buy a gene editor for under $1,000? How is that ethical? Well it seems to be the perfect double edged sword in a […]
  • The Laughing Complex
    There is a rare phenomenon that has to do with societal “tic’s”. Most people have probably experienced it just a mild form. On occasions there have been entire communities where they just start laughing and its somehow mentally contagious. I remember an instance in my early years at church this occurred and it seemed like 20 minutes, more serious cases can be days. It is possible to die of laughter or more likely asphyxiation. This should indicate that people need mindfulness, they need to ask “is what I am doing beneficial?”, Or in this arena “what really is do funny?”.
  • How do You Like it?
  • Wait, what? Our Freedom of Speach has Erroded?
    Most definitely it has since about the early 2,000’s. The federal court finally struck down one of these from what I can tell, but have you considered panhandling liscences? What a ridiculous premise.. of course that is covered under the first amendment. In Tulsa, Oklahoma (for instance) they tried some measures at first but here’s a fun story. Tulsa had a Northside encampment just North of the Downtown area with what I’ve heard (but not verified) of about 5,000 to 10,000 people. Gross thats ugly, let’s get all those tents out of here so a vacant gross lot would be […]
  • The “Energy Agrument”
    When I am talking about a crypto based system I am not essentially talking about one that runs on Etherium or Bitcoin block chains. In my opinion this actually would reduce energy consumption. Let’s take into account the energy required to make 1 penny. That crazily decorated dollar? How about credit card transactions now? Do we have energy metrics on every single computer required to operate every single transactional? You can power cities a few probably just with those. Is their a data spike? Yes, it probably will be closer to how Doge coin functions but a whole step in […]
  • The China Doctrine…
    I simply believe that if we were to go purely agricultural we could in fact feed the world. I also believe that Chinese heads of state and foreign countries with some food issues would in fact be grateful. With their people heralding them in a sense. Its a very,very simple notion.
  • So a Thousand here and 10,000’s on other Platforms?
    This is what you would call a controlled test limit.
  • What I am Hoping.
    A civilian balance, not for wealth but equity. To an extent, I still believe the fruits if ones labor is and shall be rewarded. On the hindrance its awfull im regards. I  open as a liquor cabinet at an Irish wake (I guess I can make that joke because I have decency from the Irish, maybe I actually don’t think so. They are definitely a repressed nation, its been like 200+ years. We are still.around as the drunk fighters? Why? Because we are, hurtful but true.
  • A Personal Portrait.
    Really all I’m going for is a 50% agreement. It makes sense. Geopolitical, rational and otherwise I am spreading propaganda. But the theory is that since what I am stating in my regards is true its altruistic, and therefore misleading. I don’t claim to want to “cleanse” just to ask. Are we comfortable with how things are? What can we do better? A question thats misleading can be as deadly as a bullet for sure, but is there ever a question NOT worth asking?
  • The “Wild One” Mentality.
    I put forth a lot of crazy notions (I’m well aware). I’m just as susceptible to vice as the next person. Yet, sometimes it takes a little crazy to get a job done. Exhibit A: all of human history. Who thought giving peasants cake would lead to the French Revolution? Who was the jersey that stapped gas masks on monkeys and caused asphyxia to show Marijuana was dangerous? Who the heck thought of barcodes? A lot of what shapes our everyday lives come from simple dreams and somehow people forget that, almost intentionally.
  • You can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks.
    This idea is completely wrong. I bet $1000 i could train a blind golden age dog to navigate a maze for food. It just takes time. We have a frontal cortex which allows for some strange mental activities in humans. What is marriage? Well we are smack dab between binobos and chimps, but our young take more effort (almost) than any other species. As far as physical effort and time I think elephants are 2nd, yet there’s major mating sacrifice all across the animal kingdom. Marriage is just the idea that a male should make sure their progeny are secure, […]
  • The Ouroboros.
    Its almost profound our nation’s original animal was the snake. When we see what happens internally we really are like a snake eating it’s own tail.
  • Where we Should Stake.
    America, listen. Thermal vents.. we can locate rare minerals while also either purifying water or generating power. Its a self fueled vacuum for rare earth mining, I am almost sure reserves are set right off of a lot of these vents.
  • The Directive…
    Its not to hurt any lively hoods but to rotate a little. Over the coarse of a couple decades we make the effort and energy reflect prices and then are impacted by logistical costs. Once that occurs prices for items further from your zone get a little steeper. Its how we balance out the sytem, repair soil integrity, manage waste, manage water depletion, reduce both racism and crime (hypothetically), and limit control based off of a one wallet notion.
  • Too Many Posts but a Romantic Notion.
    When was the last time you walked barefoot on the grass or soil? Does anyone remember what their youth was like with discovery? Its a really tragic state, at the moment I would have to say.
  • And Every Billionaire is Trying to get Off-Planet as well?
    Virginia records Dick Branson, Jeff B and my man Elon.. I agree we need off this rock, so let’s build the infrastructure to get their. That list could build a garden for every person in America and not be hurt..with the right price adjustments
  • The Mass Rain Collection
    I’m 99.89% sure that we can get material and fabrication costs under $50. That protects the underground water supply, that still hasn’t been tainted with hormones and chemicals. Its called having a backup card. Is this terrible logic?
  • Oh Boy, More “Misrepretation”.
    Ok I try to limit this as much as possible and I’m not arguing for criminal charges or anything but a somber moment of reflection.. the medical community far and far has been a blessing to mankind..hands down. But we need to understand Johnson and Johnson litterally JUST had a breakthow scandal of poisoning babies with harzous chemicals in baby powder..and knew the risk for (don’t crucify it was what 20 some odd years?). I am only advocating that a garden program is absolutely essential as we move forward. It needs to be a thought collective before misguided individuals, daisy […]
  • Are You a Radical?
    Yes and No. I do think there is a lot of malfeasance, bad ideas and things we can improve. I also believe slow change won’t hurt anyone financially. All this does is take back one necessity for democracy that can’t be tainted by human hands. I’ve put a lot of thought into this and a lot of you are wondering is this possible? Yes it definitely is. A company with a vacant lot getting tax breaks to allow us to grow food for poorer people as well as the affluent (my intentions are just regional healthy foods, the markets have […]
  • As Shown Maybe A Technocracy is the Way to Go.
    Think about our forefathers and how they made an excellent political framework and how over the course of American history is efficacy wanes. We do have the ability to have at least our food stock, market stable. If we do in fact vote with our cash and we can get prices reasonable to feed the majority of Americans with fresh produce and sectionalize the markets, we can create a great charter on an open system.. hypothetically, just as long as verification of funds can’t be broken. That’s why I am a proponent of a N.F.T style token to where buy […]
  • All that Glitters..
    Its the overall understanding of what is fundamental to human happiness. Is that a misrepresentation?
  • United States Right Now!
    Secure all geothermal vents in the ocean. Like wtf are we doing that is a double. A lot of rare elements form around those, we can make chambers for sure very very deep. Where is this activity? Are we all mentally disabled or just can’t hardly get out of bed. I’m almost done with you people. I’ll work if it is for right and I should be rewarded with a plain life. Why is this hard? I want to spend my life helping. Why am I the jerk?
  • Ouroboros
    If one is true so is the other. We are perpetually eating ourselves. I pray someone can beat this debate. The problem is wither people are weak or I am very uncomfortably right?
  • God Bless the African American Community..
    I see a predominate swing in southern states of African Americans wearing masks. Jeeze wonder why? Aids crack and all the ********* they shouldn’t fear that tbough.. they should fear what they are fed as all of us should. They shovel **** in our faces and charge for a tissue. How is that ethical? Why did the FDA single out the black community? Are these questions even worth asking?
  • Not my Place
    But just gander a bit over the injury injection data with children.. can we do that please? Please? This is DNA altering, I pray to God that the side of the same organization that made the virus made something that won’t hurt people. But when I see no dry pulls I get very anstsy and why is everything getting canceled who takes their head our of their @$
  • If You Want to Build Gardens, Why keep Explaining all of This?
    Simple, it’s to show critical need. I’m wrong at least 20% of the time, I’m asking you  to correct it. Why does no one give a crap that they are being poisoned, robbed and consumed as a commodity? When did man become more like ostriches? We used to dare to fix major issues now sit around and complain no one is doing it for us.. well I’m sorry boo hoo. There are NO free lunches in nature. This is a means to give opportunity.. equal opportunity for growth. Everything is connected, why is this lesson so easily forgotten?
  • Soil Repair and Limiting Waste
    As indicated prior, if we can set up a three stage agricultural charity we would reduce spoilage. You might ask what happens to spoilage now? Landfills.. have you ever seen a tree growing in a landfill? The idea is first feeding the elderly, second is the pop up markets that prop up the crypto and third hopefully without impacting energy fast food franchise that serves actually healthy good tasting food (its not hard to make healthy things taste good, compare a store bought tomato from a vine ripened one). Then the last stage would be food banks, then Reclamation. Well […]
  • This Blog is a Personal Blog of a Joker Just Trying to Impact a Change. Foolhardy most likely, opinionated probably, does it Affect what I am Trying to Accomplish? No. This is a Thought Experiment.
    Everything I state is both false and true, its exactly like the media. I am a person and although I am decent at knowing where to look I actually do not have any REAL knowledge. As stated history is written by the victorious, and is usually a glowing review of how they nicely raped and pillaged regions for materials, food or women..Or how they bravely subjugated people? Modern day slavery is worse in a lot of ways than it was prior. What would be interesting to me is the data between suicide rates of slaves and those of sweat shop […]
  • Corporate Malfeasance
    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2016/03/02/ex-chesapeake-ceo-mcclendon-dies-in-car-wreck-day-after-indictment.html so this sort broke 5 years ago on price fixing they ruled that it was an accidental death…the day or so after news broke he was price fixing with another company. No skid marks. What happened to the unnamed second company that was accused of price fixing? I don’t know but this is the 2nd time I’ve posted this story so let’s see if it gets dragged down missing me tagging it? If anyone knows if the other party actually got in trouble it would be interesting. Maybe a suicide? Maybe people really drive super fast on their phones […]
  • Corporate Malfeasance
    Does anyone remember the news story about Cherokee Energy Former C.E.O? He built up and sold off assets and almost ruined Cherokee, left started a new start up.. Then it came to light his company was ripping off Oklahoma families on gas royalties by price fixing with another competitor. A day or so after that news broke his car slammed into the side of an overpass going nearly 100 miles an hour. It was ruled as an accident, even though there were no skid marks… my point is, why was the other company left out of the news? Never heard […]
  • Holy.. Did you Say we Should do a Hazard Study of the Legalization of Prostitution?
    Well as expressed earlier with how the country with the lowest addiction rates got that way. Im a flawed and not a perfect individual but I do understand that a worse submarket occurs when not regulated. After all prostitution is the oldest profession, I don’t see it going anywhere.. I do see people being afraid of loosing liscences for using underage or under derest victims.. is that crazy? By making prostitution illegal you are empowering whoremongers or pimps. Body guards make more sense, the ladies pay an independent contractor if it makes them feel safer. Regulating the whole thing would […]
  • Rise of the Molemen
    I understand just that one bad idea can completely put a person off a premise. Im just throwing darts and wondering why they don’t stick if I think I hit a mark. The idea of big cities adjusting to downways instead of highways is much simpler..and complicated then you might think. It pays dividends in the long term. Running downramps around existing sewers would be somewhat challenging but little more in most areas then it already is. By adjusting traffic around the highway system to act as a gradual feeder and reduce downramps we limit the amount of utilities we […]
  • Engaging in Tomfoolery
    I’m not above it. Any question that forces a question is a move toward enlightenment. Quote me on it
  • I’m ready to put my life and Body on the Line..I am so sure. If I’m wrong someone better save me.
    Here a news worthy article, I am selling body parts to prove my theory that we can fix the U.S. if we follow the steps I touch on. I need to check with Go fund me but if you need a kidney, want to throw down capital for the thrill of watching me disfigure myself to prove a point..whatever it doesn’t matter. Its all def ears. For $50 million I can enact this. Giving away non essential body parts, how much would I have to ask for? 2 million for half my liver 1 million for a kidney? Maybe just […]
  • Meals on Wheel and Opiod Epidemic
    Meals on wheels is struggling. This article is mostly right except the part about Trump not assisting on program budgeting. Most people don’t know as bad of a president he was, he was the main force in the mass action lawsuit against phizer when overdoses hit 50,000 daily and the F.D.A said “maybe we should stop lying about addiction and killing millions” they forced a rule change making it harder to get pain medication…even for those that need it. The fees Pfizer had to pay funded drug rehab facilities all over the country giving FREE subtext a drug to reduce […]
  • Elon you have $300,000,000
    If I gave you a leg to start this projects funding what would that be worth? Can you find friends willing to suppliment?supplement? My own leg off with a saw could that net me at least one million dollars if I throw in a tesla add? I need 30 million for this to definitely work so help me divide my body for my principles and let’s see if we can make this happen. If the people who are “good” refuse to help over me stating facts from the C.D.C. let’s go to the dark side. Anyone want a kidney heart […]
  • How Much Should I Charge to Die for Your Pleasure?
    Really though. In a hypothetical sense…if making all these points on how to make the world less dark don’t take hold of peoples hearts. How much should I charge to make a spectacular death for myself? Would $5 a vote go fund me on vomiting my mode of death cover 20 million dollars? I could use that 20$ to build the block chain and the app but not the gardens and grow from there. This is a serious question. What is my life worth? Sex trafficking children are worth 6 to 7k$ supposedly down from about 12 to 20k. But […]
  • Why is it Political to Ask for Proper Medical Procedures and Metrics?
    If you are religious we are commanded to be good shepherds so please read this with an open heart.. If you consider yourself a person of science please read this with an open mind. Do not read this if you completely trust your government to always look out for your best interests..If this article prevents you from supporting the idea of the garden program please tell me and I will pull it off. This is simply to show why its important that we take some control over the food supply. Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely. I want people […]
    This can be a great thing you should be able to see how the Garden Project can greatly benefit us. Do not disagree based off of some of my personal conclusions. I only ask questions. Please comment where I am wrong, that’s even more valuable than financially contributing in a lot of ways. We want everyone behind this to protect this nation and real freedom forever. I will adjust and retract, trust me I am known as a wondering fool for a reason. I’m the first to admit fault. Please, please still work as a brother, though.
  • Dont bury your Head in Sand – Pro or Anti Vax READ THIS you are both wrong. Either Sue the world child health foundation for slander, or go after Fauci for Lying to Congress. Either of these Things will save Possibly Millions.
    Either there is malfeasance from the government and little if no benefit to vaccinating minors, or Robert Kennedy Jr should be sued for inflammatory claims. Its simple whoever is right will win in litigation case closed. Why is this not happening? If 400,000 injuries were not reported via the reporting apparatus and it wasn’t more injuries than all other vaccines required, wouldn’t Robert Kennedy Jr have purged himself? Couldn’t either side clear this up and save more lives immediately? If they would have pushed what Joe Rogan was saying at the offset on vitamin D could have saved thousands, potentially. […]
  • About the Vaccination Questions
    Please don’t be offended, keep reading. There are no stupid questions just stupid answers. I’m not a medical doctor. I do know P.H.Ds are the highest unvaccinated group and we as a notion have horrible vaccination history. Make up your own mind but look at the cdc vaccine impact study BEFORE you vaccinate your children.. Why are we still hearing commercials? Please do put masks on when you bring them to grandmas/grandpas. We need to be sure NOT to cure omnichrome as we look for more effective natural or beneficial mutations to compensate for radical mutations. This is all just […]
  • Vote : Should I Remove the Stuff about Covid that illustrates how suspicious can be a bad thing.
    Am zi using bad sources? Most of this is from the C.D.C itself.
  • Not Anti Vaccine.
    I’m not absolutely not. I believe in the cost reward ratio and looking at existing drugs effectiveness. If we held those thresholds we have held for years we would have had less respirator caused death. We require 5 year studies on medications that the majority are short acting yet no double blind studies or proper aged data groups? They can do all this simply. Its why the insurance companies refused to cover them lading to the 1980s vaccine acts. If I am wrong please correct. I’m not an expert but I do read..
  • The Ease of Volunteering
    Its someone stopping at 2 or 3 houses (even less) twice a week. You take photos when visiting of the garden and send them to the coordinator. All you have to do is on days we ask you to you turn on the water collection valve, or maybe turn it off on rainy times you visit. The perforated house and the water pressure does the rest. If the soil still feels dry then you use hoses or water we bring. All and all the most important thing is checking on the participant to make sure they are OK and happy. […]
  • Average Cost of Food and why we would be Ignorant not to Implement and Support the Garden Project
    https://www.move.org/the-average-cost-of-food-in-the-us/#:~:text=The%20average%20cost%20of%20groceries,%24355.50%20a%20month%20per%20person. That’s 355$ a year for an American not including that we subsidize corn unbelievably. Its actually $3000 per household. (Building a garden for two people in one location is actually cheaper as well). https://www.creditdonkey.com/average-cost-food-per-month.html could pay for a garden with just 2 years of yields if someone donated the same amount that we are growing for them. We even will buy and sell it for them although we would have to take a fee. Just 355$ a year when they give $200 a month for food stamps doesn’t seem right. Americans have to spend more than $355 a year […]
  • Only Amazon Seems to Like My Posts..
    Well thanks Amazon, I look forward to working with you to correct the market in a way that doesn’t hurt industry. I hope real people will start to view and share these. I might be a nut, but I am a nut with a dream, a map and a string. I see this is possible with your faith. Thats all that gives money its worth.. faith is everything.
  • Reducing Forest Fires
    Adjusting the carbon offset credits so that melons and guards are more valuable not only does it retain topsoil moisture it could prevent Forest fires. By planting them in the moiat season and not even harvesting them mulching or mowing would further increase soil moisture. Intermixing with trees and just allowing the melons to burn should also drastically slow the spread of fire. Less fire means what? Less carbon monoxide, so you get a quadruple the air cleaning benefit. 1. More rain 2. More topsoil moisture 3. Reducing the amount of carbon monoxide 4. Acting as carbon scrubbers themselves.
  • America Will Never Fall with the Garden Project
    The wallet, charter and contracts built into the crypto coin ensure no single entity can ever control it all. Its possible to invest large sums but not billions. The amount is calculated by several factors yearly. IT WILL ALWAYS RISE IN VALUE. please review these ideas fully, I am just a nut with a thread and a string.. but I see it. I see a world with less crime, with less war, more technology focused to our betterment, I see kids playing outside once more. I see the media no longer sensationalizing everything and scaring everyone. I believe that science […]
  • Sprouts made $325 million and $330 million for 2021$325 million and $330 million for 2021
    And they paid for their own produce and store. This is doable. Sprouts are not opening in predominately black areas. They aren’t opening anywhere of any race would actually benefit from healthy food. We can make the food cheaper with scouts. We can work hand in hand with industry to make this work. With just 325 million dollars at a conservative estimate at $1200 to build one garden able to feed 120% of yearly nutritional requirements… I would be able to build 2,444,444 gardens. Each of those if one donating a portion would be an incredible growth mechanism over time. […]
  • Working out Contracts with Schools.
    Using elementary schools willing to participate are a good way to teach them self sustainability and as a way to provide a secondary income stream to schools. We could sell some produce if we grow large enough for school lunches as well as a charitable contribution for schools that allow us to use their kitchens or lots for pop up gardens. It helps the ENTIRE community. We can also possibly provide an after school club instead of daycare where children learn to farm like A-5 club mixed with the scouts. This further reduces the burdens to poorer parents. This reduces […]
  • Beyond the Pages…Beware. its all just Radical Thinking. It is trying to Solve Old Problems Ground-up.
    I go over a lot of weird ideas, but weird ideas are what we need in such a weird world. Life is butva dream to death and all we have in the final moments that we know for certain are our memories or the good deeds that surround us. We could really fix a whole lot with how much pork belly is floating.
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  • Elderly Participants Vs. Inherited Gardens.
    It would be a good thing if elderly people that are grateful for the care allow us to harvest for a period long enough to pay for the garden. Just a few years.. no contracts just agreements. I think a lot of elderly people may just give over vacant lots that aren’t doing anything anyhow. I think if we could calculate an aggregate measurement of the worth of plants, ensure everyone makes the same over time and have market prices reflect that we essentially would always have a back up plan. Inherited gardens we may help with seeds advice, classes […]
  • Theory is Everything Breaks down at Subsidies or the Hands of Man.
    By having a system ran on an uncontrolled system with voted on parameters. We could show how it functions without being a security threat because of the staged E.M.P. shielded back-up servers or in emergency the wifi to wifi add-hox system (maybe blue tooth?) We wouldn’t have to worry about things randomly going up 20% because its all reported. People are assuming this is harder than I believe it has to be. It sounds complicated but we use subsidized farming methods and act as a community to take bake justba portion of our food source. It can act as currency […]
  • Could we have Geo Synchronization of a Space Port? Using just Pumped Fuel?
    22,236 x 36″ .50 wt. Is 221 lbs per sq ft. With kilometers converted to feet it 117408100 lbs of just regular .50 weight pipe. But wait we are forgetting. The segments between the pipe stretch and maintain a vacuum they are so densely woven. What else are we forgetting? Oh yeah we can reduce the size of the pipe to be largest on to and smallest on the bottom. Since the pyramid isn’t structural you can have multiple loop lines feeding the orbital structure and keep it slightly outside of geo synchronization. I believe by powering from the ground […]
  • Science Fiction Story and Entagled Particals.
    I wrote a science fiction story about this but here’s the premise. They discover that sending a comatruct of gravitational computing into a generated black hole and a duplicate of their device comes back programed. “Hello welcome to the bureau of interdimensional tourism. Please review the contract if you would like to join the bureau and see what other things lurk beyond your imagination.. the only rule? Only one of you can exist at one point in time in any dimension. So they would cryogenically freeze you and send a binary signal in made up of entangled particals through the […]
  • Space Elevator, Science Fiction and the World’s Largest Gun.
    Just a fun thought. What if we made metal canisters weighing 1/4 orn1/8 or less even of a ton and made a giant rail gun? We use magnetic metals that we process and make a several killiometer barrel that propels similar to a super bullet train with multiple tracks that act like the groves of a gun to make bullets fly straighter. Using coastal and geo thermal energy I hypothesize we could infact launch metals for colony construction into orbit. That would go a long way into building a real space elevator, we could smelt and process ore to create […]
  • The Founding of “the Temple of the Creators Will”
    Its my new church. We believe in any God and the belief that our God would want us to pay minimum taxes possible instead of the evil people getting all the tax breaks. We take the donations of our congregation at the maximum amount they can deduce from their account and place it in stable securities and hold a percentage (mostly realistate). Next tax season we bestow our creators blessing back with the dividends it provides or at least what you donated. We believe our creator wishes this as long as nefarious things such as poisoning and trafficking children are […]

So if on is to judge not for all fall short of Glory. How could I simple man walk the correct and righteous path that should be awarded our Creator? Would not all denominations be in essence against the Fathers Command. He says over and over…He is all things.