PROJECT NEITH : Omni-Point Collective Intelligence with Singular Recognizance

Bot fed Wetwork-newtwork. NOT AI. A collective based off of algorithms that are backed by transparent data. Very very complex trees. Awarded through honesty in reporting and hopefully backed by crypto.

Paid for by the companies that eventually want to be viewed and cross examined for accuracy as well you would.. the consumer. If I could pay $1.50 to cut out commercials and the B.S. from my media and protect them from outside threats I would. They need to be separated like a monopoly..similar to how an engineering or energy company has to have off limits sectors for fair trade.

Completely Nude (open source but with White Vs. Blackhat and all that cool Jazzz? [Work in progress

The Problem.

The American Political system at the time was genius. It wasn’t perfect and a lot of mistakes and darkness happened due to our greed and how treated our brothers and sisters. For the time im chick this took place they put forth a whole lot of structure and thought based off of THAT level of  technological advancement.. The fact of the matter the media and the information we should be informed of should only ever actually be 60% true.. and thats getting lucky (in most cases).  So this is a thought experiment I want my Brothers and Sisters to consider, to discuss why this is so important and what we HAVE to do to fix data/media for a proper alignment of a zeitgeist integration..BIG WORDS I know but bear with me. We have 2 sides always motivated by nothing more than profits or power. Its thought controlling, and the media is psychologically poisoning so let’s look at what I mean by Psychological Poisoning.

Psychological Posioning

Seems like this is around the corner.. Mental Health Checks for People choosing fear of something as hazardous or less dangerous (we can’t tell the froze the metrics months ago..)

So now because we are told for our whole lives how science solves problems and basically get to witness all previous procedures that were paintakenly taken to classify a level 3 lab as such had to have been completely disregarded, a 55 year gab order on the ingredient list and not one expert willing to actually wanting to go on record against anyone respectable in the medical community trying to state the facts and metrics gets quelled. This is how the Nazis started remember? A virus, infecting mostly the Jewish population (I guess this time the American American Population?). Then splitting the citizenry by passes allowing services to those who conform. Since they were just around the corner of bar codes and QRC, or vaccine passports they used the Jewish star and created ghettos for public health safety since the outbreak was mostly within the Jewish Community (According to the Nazis at the time). I can go through this for some length of time drawing comparisons unfortunately but thats not what this is about this is about an agreement of truth.

System of Proability Consolidation Using an open points system registered per user.

Lots of words but its very very clear we must take back our freedom of voice once and for all and to create a program that tells us what is the least false of reporting..How? Easy we set up a sort of media union, but not a union. It is not mobbed ran, its subsidized by local government and they system rates based off fact checkers earning points for either disproving or proving new forms of information. We could manage algorithms that can break it down into several Metadata categories and allow a neutral 3rd party voted on by all members of the media. A reporter who gets fired for telling the truth should be a thing of the past. I’d actually consider paying for the news if they even could break 70%. You cannot report on owners of media companies by their own subsidiaries (they can but the liability doubles). If people could start trusting eachother as a community this could fix racism along with a whole bunch of problems and I am prepared to go back and forth with anyone on this planet and I am not even very smart… I am still fairly certain Einstein would loose this argument to me, and why if you consider yourself an American or even a human being that free speech is the bases of all other rights. When they attack a persons ability to be dumb or offer an opinion we limit the amount we can correct those don’t fight false news by silencing it, you beat false news by proving it wrong. Hate speech is still protected, I don’t like it. Harassment is illegal though, so we really just need to help out the poor in all races equally and see where our brother are hurting.. thats IS THE ONLY PATH FORWARD in decreasing racism. There isn’t any other.. ok? Neither the G.O.P or D.N.C give a crap about minority rights, they want minority votes but both parties benefit from a racial divide.. so its something us citizens HAVE to do on our own. They add a drop down for hurtful language filters if people don’t like to see it, however I want to know who is misinformed to teach my brethren.. A racist wide out in the open is way closer to being saved than a “secret racist”. This street works all directions. Its all education and media, the same techniques developed by the Nazis and we adopted most of their most vibrant Naziest Nazis into project paperclip (which theoretically caused a fake 30 year cold war based off a Nazi spy trying to save his butt.

Brain Storming : Neith

This is actually based off a silly sci-fi novella I was kicking around. The idea is this though, we can use wet computing in noth known and unknown ways.. take for instance apathy, color effecting mood.. pattern even sometimes can affect behavior. The idea is to keep an up-date moral index almost. Yet one of forgiving because it comes with the understanding we are all flawed.. no matter which way you struggle up the canyon you can reach the same view, however one may take longer. You cannot fall in the minutia or what I like to call “The Signature of the Creator”, also referred to a paradoxical border apparent in different forms including logic trees or cause and effects metrics broken into a 4 plain map view of action vs. Inaction over time.


Yes, something sort of like crypto but to support a free media. Reporters who are blacklisted are taken care of and citizens can trust the model because they can see how it works and if works over time with verification of media. Its perfect, the more accurate the news the higher in value the coin is which incitivizes fact checking and supporting journalistic integrity (or whats left of integrity for any of us?).