Cliff Notes.. “Condensed Version”

BEFORE YOU STOP READING ALLOW ME TO EXPLAIN THE LOGIC IN HOW ITS WRITTEN. I do not intend for all of the following to happen only the gardens for elderly part on fiat or a double crypto network. I write this as showing work so it appears to jump around and I do not like waisting time trying to go back and edit. There are errors as I am but a man. I hope you can bear witness and tell me where I’m wrong. This is written in a manner where I set up a principle or problem and try to adjust logic as we go as impacted industries I may only come to realize after I post a premise may be affected. In all regards as an organization we should endeavor a slow growth as not to impact industry only to stabilize our workforce, as well as secure the safety of those even in power. I may endeavor to put this in order but leave it bear in the hopes you can come to the same realization or correct mine. Thank you for reading this thought experiment.

A quick forward the internet acts as a log so if any of the technologies haven’t been created by post date, you HAVE TO ASK. If you hold a clear pattent I’ll reside to working with you. I do offer free trade of technologies as long as I can have eyes on the projects. Upon loss or life any intellectual property, should be split among Robert Kennedy Jr and his foundation as well as my family and E.W. (which should be specified through my kindred). All previously named bodies will be paid at process engineer grade only for the duration of project completion, at the time the organization is self sufficient for continued work. By the term “free trade” refers to the end of initial project completion any monetary gains shall be relinquished. This term is only to try to ensure project integrity and the entities above should all have equal and fair votes.  It should also house a few individuals as a counter balance to my opinions.. This is a legal agreement essentially from prior reading you accept this is a “poor man’s” patent. forward is, this is the discussion about the vertical integration of agriculture. I just want it to be backed by crypto and I am hoping someone understands this value so, I can put up a test project team for the rest. If not the gardens project for the elderly may harm industry so that’s is why this will seem very scattered as the overall idea is still evolving. I wanted to demonstrate how the crypto aspect saves energy (not as much as cash) but substantially lower than credit card processing. The ad hoc network idea for smart phones (as we institutionally by country keep physical ledgers). Yes it causes data surge but the network can be self managing and the safeguards between a simple download and some of your memory space is not too bad. It means that whether a country can improve the citizens have the capability to fix it. Using this system you may house a few peoples data (when connected to wifi, or a manual sync function is only when you send theirs and yours data but the app collects others data as they pass each other eventually). By ad hoc I am referring to P2P or peer to peer transfer of sectional data. Its not “reinventing” the wheel but it could be close. We reduce the need to nursing homes and as we see with this current pandemic, is a good thing. Kids at certain schools HAVE to  offer “service hours” these will be what drives the Garden Project. It teaches the kid, helps the school and honors our elders. So as plaine Jane as I make my request for help, please please just keep reading as it protects the nation as well as does what is right. We should also be mindful this has implications to the military being used as a workforce (for some of the more out there ideas like the retrofitting large cities highways into a directionally drilled) development. It has the impact of trying to slowly adapt the military industrial complex and lobby for a subsidy to them to ease conversion of technology. It will most likely improve homeless rates and school grades. You may ask how does the Gardens Project help national security? Well it not only slowly erodes the need for war it also acts to protect at least the food stuff and ability if its citizenry to resist if, or when we get invaded (foreign or domestic) and acts as a counter balance to help ensure America can stay America. It should similarly benefit other countries if we make this a target goal.

* Please note in passages concerning microwave wifi I actually have a much more energy effective and far less interceptible (as well as wholly plausible) work around on the communication end. I however should resist explaining everything without a few gaps.

If a solar flare takes out your device or an E.M.P is deployed the organization will have paper verification of funding (on the gardens side depending on the farmer side). Are you starting to get the picture? Its not a one world currency but operates independently based off of known metrics. For instance, in continued application updates we daily adjust market values with countries that sign up. Its trying to create one big wheel of agriculture and may sound too “tech” but its a pretty good exchange I’d say and, I’m offering an initial boost to early investors of the initial project team (thats why I’m only asking for $6,000 for initial discovery. Obviously not a scam, I have what 800 blog posts? Zero donations isn’t that strange? A better life experience for everyone including affected industry? (and note next round we will role back that return to 10% as I load the metrics and start a new kickstarter). This plan benefits other organizations as we pay for venue space. This program, also helps to subsidize education where we can (with a school meal program). The previous method also as well as, teachers hosting background checked officials to demonstrate agriculture methods. This method shows sustainability and good stewardship of this space craft wafting at our home almost 500,000 miles an hour around the cosmos.. This idea also allows the government to gradually roll back subsidies (I just don’t know by how much because I need energy values from the boat tethering idea presented below) and we split that between subsidizing the freight industry and “farmers coin” (if we get that far). Wait what about poorer countries? Well we essentially eat a little cost to make sure where possible they can utilize a public kiosk. I am aware that it seems risky but I really don’t think it is, we may yet prolong the apocalypse. The simple fact is no one wants to die and if they do it can be remedied. We incitives both the population to donate time as well as can guarantee growth factor of the “garden coins” value. Even the C.I.A. and other intelligence and army would be grateful, why? Because it does a little of their job but to penetrate resistant countries we might need them and D.A.R.P.A.. Here’s a wild notion microwave wifi. Whats that? Well its the theory by using differentiating plates of angle and magnitude we can create a satellite wifi. We use burst telemetry and lined van or car tops to help secretly exchange a 24 or 36 digit access code that re-pings. when the device is set to (which should be most of the time) car tops and hit multiple targets in synchronization with range and gap differentiating agents. This system is only to serve the gardens (for now…but they also have promissory contracts for the “farmer coin segment”.  These people would be at risk that is why we HAVE to try for low frequency high ranged logistical coding to the microwave beam. We simply build a variable matrix and only serve the gardens of countries (in the future) who resist still when the method is proven. All this does is take a small swath of agriculture and make it sort of global and mostly transparent. We obviously need to recognize “farmer coin” with said value but can keep it theoretical to the closest port of transference. We should theoretically get the rates low enough they don’t cause much of an impact on physical targets under car roofs. How? Just by a single target “strike” to a non inhabited area through clouds and mapped to ground humidity. The design of the satellite (not only being cross shaped should also have elbows and maybe knees. I actually think the starwars project would have been more successfully imployed if they utilized this possible method. At first I thought we should equip it with 4 (outter orbital detonating [essentially hearts and minds] nukes but, I feel that we maybe able to adjust the lens frequency to burn up (if anyone has this Hyper Rockets with a staged burn). It would take a substantially larger solar matrix panel but maybe thesable? It would require a bonker level battery and a large enough solar metrics for a charging ratio between shifting locations and a safe perimeter. They could however possibly microwave proof the casing I still think the burners would be subject which should be perfect,, as we don’t want a buch of hovering nuclear materials slowly being eaten by the atmosphere. So I’m just a mechanical designer, (I cannot do any of this on my own). I’m not a scientist but this should be more than theory, as we probably can hit low dose microwaves for data transmission through variable. What does this mean? It means a way of revolutionizing personal freedom, we can’t park one outside China but pretty much any where else. This turns the tide a bit lighter, if you care to think about it. China in and of itself should be happy we are promising cheaper agriculture not alone want the same “defense mechanism” as preliminary results shall show. I even decided that coding updates can be live broadcast so the rest of the world has analytics but with the garden coin we maintain a little secrecy just in the way our locational data maybe used by resistant governments. With farmer coin a nation should get a say but we also say what is a fair trade ratio. This means if we can’t get some foods, the global market will adjust just from the transactional differences in price between nations, based off transit costs. It also can allow verified farmers a larger coin cap on the gardens to help offset price differences we take around 3.7% annually (based off age or hereditary lineage) we ensure if farmers have a bad year they still earn the majority. The prior statements, makes food healthier AND cheaper. Thats why I propose a 2 and maybe later to a 3rd separate market market cryptos, the garden market is first fueled by people who want real change for them and their families but also to outlawing regions we expand to, meaning they are an hour or so outside an “expansion cirle” thats accepted regionally. The garden coin tracks your region where as (2 years around market proximities) the “farmer coin only tracks the country for fiat exchange currency. We should not effectively take crypto but honor fiat and a transverse or trade of one coin (or dollar,ect). So those are the gains and losses. I know do you see any issues? China may not want this theorized system but they should, the are only 2nd in G.D.P. yet house what 8x’s our (American) population because they keep so much “hidden wealth”. We need to just agree this step might be lucrative to not only the current generation but, that it grows from there. I would also like to outline tremendous ground water savings and eventual carbon scrubbing elements. As we use rain collectors heavily (an estimated $50 system with charcoal filtration disks, after preimtive invantages of “Fair Market Value). All I really am asking is if a country signs up, we promise growth advancement for their people. Didn’t you just hear we have 8xs the growth but Cuba has something around $54 annual income? As this is essentially a blending of “good communism and capitalistic on the other platform, I don’t really see whats wrong? We vote on the analyst of a new vector by forced election counting (I assume most of the world isn’t dumb enough to screw with this one?). The secondary aspect is the plate matrix, not only do they have two lobe eyris’ they also work in quad formation utilizing a pull control matrix. Each independent four cannons (or more) are able to be pulled through a singular box formation concentrating data or self defense. My argument is this, does light burn everything..yes but not easily but regardless of shielding a microwave beam will pretty much cook anything. Another “quick note before closure” can you imagine if we implemented this 8 years ago? Not only would a dual need virus program (most plausible, yet unprovable) would have had to be instigated but we would have saved SO MANY Chinese eldery, so put it in your pipe and smoke it.

Is it as, everyone wishes the world to drought? All this up with trees and carbon offsets, you never really see too many fruit bearing trees or ground soil replenishing crops do we? IF anything is easier to start a fresh war its clean water. Like when did the mentality degrade from lying (theoretically) about a pearl harbor attack, that was actually incited, but too great avail… for everyone eventually (although I don’t think we needed two nukes, one probably would of done the job, if we waited). So its a cautionary tale, the president of that time had to incite the population: their remedy? First strike capability: no should not be a thing unless we see incoming. All of the nukes are essentially E.M.P. resistant I mean they have to. I can think of a couple of ways if not but still am adamantly opposed on the level of nuclear armaments. So I will describe the satelite matrix as the clock strikes midnight. Its essentially a folding cross matrix, we work the direction of the lenses by completing the “quad grid pattern” meaning each panel consists of 4 or more lenses set on 4 directional walls. We could (theoretically) also create a exotic and endemic firing system as well as also do batch collectionq, and essentellially an outer and inner spinner or tube of analyzed wall thickness to make 2 sets of lenses, one upstarts when it notices a launch (don’t worry I do theorize people are far away from a stalled exo orbital launch). However it probably would be cheaper to just make what I refer to as “nut crackers”. “Nut crackers” probably have to be in developement already, its essentially a liquid oxygen drone E.M.P.. The head and velocity must be strong but they should hit the head diagonally then burst E.M.P.. The unfortunate side effect of this is now we need the nation’s who support us to help in space, via one or of the two known space stations to have an armenent reallocation. We can’t ascertain if the nuclear material is punctured but they can get readings on radiation, then if not obtained we need another drone to carry the stuff further as the missile could puncture the atmosphere. It’s weird and wild but we can build these “Substantially” cheaper than the nukes themselves. This not only dearms space but acts as a safe guard.  How? Well if an external galactic body or a meteorite hits we can send one of three modeled drones. It could hold 1 nuke of crazy force as we disarm (mostly). Brother or Sister I ask you, we NEED this stuff toward the stars. Let’s stop laying the stuff where seas where and most assuredly return. The salt idea was great but you should have directionally drilled on the desert side of inter-continent mountains, to build silos.

I need ads and data at this point, the rest is up to what sort of change you personally would like to see so please comment. I did steal chocolate when I was 8 for full disclosure but never really again. Like, OR TELL ME where I am wrong? In preface closure, is it true we are all already chemically poisoned with what I call “don’t give 2 $***’s syndrome?”.

*This is a condensed version of the full blog, steps and certain ideas are cut out. Its long, complicated and jumps around a bit. I am a designer so I lost proper punctuation..I tend to only tac on corrections as this is a growing process and a thought experiment. *Correction Elon IS making a hyper rail/tube (only for a city though) as I previously was pleading for an infrastructure bill to have 4 lines connecting east and west coast and think about what North South route would be most efficient, with hub points in-between the central hub and terminals. *Please note the blog reference below is a PERSONAL BLOG in and of there is a lot of opinions but as a neutral organization… I hope that is being reflected here

Quick forward let’s get this part out of the way so you keep reading.

The Gardens Project not only increases overall G.D.P. it also brings countries lower prices. How? Reoufit and tethering. By tething boats in slipstream formation and having the front boat haul the fuel(allowing for a retrofit in the fuel line you can connect the 2nd boat and continuein rang until boats require no gas. The crypto aspect allows us to mass export although internal and external coins are required. We adjust our exporting separately between importing. The different coins are handled by completely different organization. Its pretty simple and gradual we may cut out 3 to 5% of shipping personel per year in tune with growth, so no person actually gets harmed. The shippers may need a slight subsidey though, as we ask them to drop their retirement age. See? Its not that crazy of a principle and it (I think) makes perfect economic sense, not only for us but the entire world. America in its foundation is an agricultural country, we have the richest in soil (well one point we did but killed everything that pooped and now…) the idea is that we do this WORLDWIDE though. We allow the trade of coins but set magin limits only internally as each Garden Project should mint its own crypto. We should not however exchange cryptos for “garden coin”, or “Farmer Coin”. The market essentially acts as a stock market but cuts out the B.S.. we will however exchange farmer coin with garden coin just an adjusted rate. Its a long slow process but a gradual method is best for every country. This reduces fuel consumption as well as lowers shipping costs as we only need maybe one or two captains and maybe two workers and a control logistics to run the whole existing ships. So maybe this gradually also hurts the energy market? So what? Listen if there is one industry that lands on its feet its energy. Heck El Paso Natural gas used to make freaking brake pads and all sorts of stuff, as well as housing a mini stock market (yeah they got slapped with Enron but not many people know about the Elpaso involvement). It actually ended up being a pretty cool organization in the end until Kinder (the smaller company) bought them out. That in and of itself is what we are trying to do. We organize internally and work with Farmers assigned project teams. We notify about 2 years in advance (eventually first growth is important) which allows farmers to decide to join the “new union”. We can create what I’m just going to call a rotational market. We take the previous farmers tax filing (2 years notification to make sure they properly pay all their taxes) and we adjust farms to be more rotational except rice cranberries and most tree fruit. This allows us to adjust market value prices that ensures the farmer no lost capital and gradually lower the cost of shipping to supplement it. The energy market may not even take a hit as volunteers and workers of the organization will be consuming gas we make up for this on shipping. O.P.E.C may need to adjust oil pricing probably just a tiny bit at first and as we transition to actually more eco friendly cars (its theorized the energy required to build a tesla actually is more harmful than gas operated vehicles) this will also decrease energy consumption for the organization. Well what about commodity trading? Well what about it? We need market analytics so we pretty much just buy that sector from wallstreet, even if it hurts a firms gross revenue their is plenty of action on the market and well we probably wouldn’t even HAVE to hire anyone as these firms will just trade on the EXPORT or farmer coin. This isn’t communism it vertical integration of one thing everyone needs. You get healthier food other countries get more food. How is this bad again? Farmers get more money by reducing the cost of shipping and even homeless people have existing phones so its not really requiring too much energy. The only hiccup is we need to lobby for an integration of large cities as stated the smaller the battery the better and cheaper car. That is why I proposed the directionally drilled highway system, to help offset the initial carbon impact. Like I said this is a transitional ideology but should be good for everyone. It’s not communism or capitalistic its a dual mechanism essentially that enforces the stability of the globe to an extent. So it might make the C.I.A. a little mad but I think they can probably recoup. Farmers that join have to still hit metrics decided by area and soil integrity but we can match their pay now and have a rotational product so not a lot of issues as we save on shipping costs that can be allocated to farmer’s as well for continued growth. So essentially farmers coins have to be dirty, meaning we allow for a wider market and the clean coins essentially act as a safety net. These coins are transferable at set markets rates but the garden or clean coin doesn’t allow for too much in the way of human trafficking and things of that nature. Its very simple we can ensure a much healthier world for our children.

The main goal is to help elderly people live longer healthier lives and to commune with our elders as humans have for thousands of years…we somehow got away from this. Eventually it has a multitude of benefits if we can figure out good and safe growth strategies that do not impact the finances of additional industries. Intermixed agriculture adjusted to industrialized exportation, would in fact make America safer of foreign or domestic enemies. If we were ever attacked it would most likely be an armada of E.M.Ps, an atmospheric nuclear detonation (that would shut down almost all electronics) or biological warfare. A solar storm could also theoretically destroy most electronics (around 10 years ago I heard that only 80% of American substations were properly grounded). The program should keep physical records of phone numbers and location/address (of harvestable locations for donations as well as venue information on hand)and volunteers should be trained to maintain records as well (in the event that most trucks no longer work and the phone/net go down. It also acts as an additional counterbalance to a possible future authoritative regime that could potentially ignore the constitution. This is an overall American ideal of self sufficiency and capitalistic serving our elderly community we would ease there transition and just by talking with them you can prolong their life substantially with less overall medical costs. I belive that most elderly people partaking in the program would be thrilled to donate a portion of realistate and agree to only sell their houses to people willing to allow us to continue harvest for 5 years (this needs to be adjusted to calculate a 10% [minimum] return to continue expansion. I don’t think we necessarily have to have a contract just an agreement that if the property transitions we can recoup the loss by working it into your home deed/will. By focusing on the elderly we have an added benefit to help (young couples and single parent homes) as the elderly transition and we will even offer new owners gardening classes and some support. We ask they continue the tradition of donation until their local market turns over and then it can become their own residual capital and the system is self-sustaining. Using the crypto (if we need to go that route) you can get 5 to 10% off the food sold to incentivize the coins at first (this incentivizes futures trading which will provide funding based off of theoretical yields and monthly reporting). Preforementioned, it also has the added effect of creating a sub-market as another diversification of national capital. Instituting a buy back protocol for gardencoins if a set amount of capital isn’t used should be analyzed by financial experts whether this can act as a growth symbiosis between the charity arm and the capital arm. We should also offer free stall locations for existing small farmers for a transitional period just as long as the accept both currencies. Elementary schools can help act as local food nurseries to teach about self sustainability and natural sciences. The gardens won’t be growing everything everywhere, the idea being we optimize the growth based off of climate, chemicals and water tables (this causes regional diversification to allow an easy market fix and transition). The coordinator structure is the same as the voting structure, local regional and hopefully eventually national. Along with coordinators we would need a few centralized experts such as lead agriculturalist, lead garden designer, legal team ect. can be voted for replacement at a given dissatisfaction rate..When a market turns over we charge a flat “gas” fee and thats so the garden programs systems still support your market but eventually the gardens can support supplemental income depending on how much area was donated (we also act as a market stabilizer, to try to assist you in emerging markets, we get price adjustments across participating regions). If politicians can be persuaded locally to participate with the cattle industry (not my goal, but still a personal vision) when corn markets flood, we slowly adjust the subsidies to go towards ranger services and a variety of health measures..We also supplement the plastics industry to incentivize a change to glass. Food deserts are a drag to the welfare system as a lot of people go to a local store with higher prices for 2 reasons, the 1st being people stealing the second is because they can. Food deserts should be drawn in (just an estimate about 2 miles) poorer people are paying more for cold hotdogs at 400% and a bag of greasy chips…it can’t be good for the healthcare costs..I have a theory that these low income diets actually affects their cognition (well that and the sensationlizion in media [let’s put some sprinkles on this flaming turd… journalists]). We can pretty much have bottle return centers and maybe even a sanitizing system built into coke machines (there’s lots of possibilities but glass buy back is important and the price of glass may need to be adjusted). As an organization I hope to teach safe canning practices. I would like to see professional chefs donate recipes which will be formulated by what an area is currently growing (for the extremely handicapped that no longer can cook). This is a sci-fi idea, that maybe in the future we can build (in large cities) highway tunnels.We can offer after-school program like the scouts but all genders. This teaches the children self sufficiency, allows a safe cool place to study and allows them to help us grow agriculture. This allows low income parents to not have to pay so much for day care. My thought is wouldn’t it be amazing to have an infrastructure bill that directionally drilled UNDER highways for roadways, although probably wildly impractical in some areas there’s 3 reasons. 1. By turning on ramps down underground we can scrub emissions from fuel burning vehicles. 2. We can keep animals and humans from being hit as often and at night it would be easier to see.. 3. We can turn existing highways into grass highways for cattle, pigs and the meat industry. 4. Future state we wouldn’t need to make giant toxic batteries for cars we could just equip them with a small on board battery and motor. By paying a utility to the state we could theoretically make very inexpensive cars with conductive wheels or think of bumper cars. You’d just have a metal conductor on a spring striking a plate for energy. I’d like to hear from agriculturallists about using just a tablespoon of dawn and specific wood bed boarders (cedar?) that repel insects. Also the amount of peppermint that we can naturally protect the gardens and the amount of additional space that may take to be effective? If politicians help us create staged cattle loops, we wouldn’t have to pay to mow as much public land and we can plant additional wheat along the cattle paths. All around we can figure out what I am talking about.. it’s simply should make ethical and financial sense to everyone, even Amazon.. it’s not impossible or impractical (in my opinion) but it needs minds.. it needs apps and the crypto backing or for us to lobby. The organization may have to be separate from the coin, yet the charity is the growth arm of the market capital. With clear metrics we can set the amount one can buy and sell with a medium gap for futures trading. The organization only takes fiat or gardens coins/crypto, it just enables us to allocate growth by collecting the metrics of areas that buy the coin (we can allocate funding easier). The coin can be bought anywhere but will be allocated in a regional manner with weight towards when it grows in your area (your local area gets more gardens). Doing what was previously stated, everyone can invest on futures. This will probably need to be its own market meaning that we probably won’t be on Crypto exchanges as we need to limit the amount a person can buy sell or trade (or put a yearly cap on how much your wallet can hold). This is to prevent the system ever becoming corrupted and with the I.Ds already being required for crypto, we also can use the back of your I.D. for purchases. The wallet app only should take pins, you set 2 one for accessing your account the other to flag the coin as being robbed.. this will spoof the coin to make it appear as it is being traded and lock your wallet. You have to send a police report in within 24 hours so we can assist in tracking the coin and unlock your wallet (since we are needing geolocation information for crop rotation, market analysis and Metadata to make sure everyone doesn’t loose capital. You will have a larger trading limit but have a maximum yearly of what you wallet can hold (this means you personally may only be able to buy $70k or whatever figure as it will fluctuate yearly with the market) but that year you can hold an additional amount of $150k total, but are allowed to hold your previous year’s coin and make interest. Just trades after you maximum get held in a non accessible part of the wallet and will be applied to your next years maximum gain. You can send others coin or we may allow Tether and other “stable coins eventually but the market needs to be ran through our network. This gives coordinators and the organization to do all sorts of beneficial things including, reducing we the waste produced in america (30-40%), being able to be cashless in dangerous areas,, allow people to make money holding the crypto as it theoretically should always go up, allow us to keep records of harvest locations and charity recipient (we only use encrypted user I.D.s and the network verifies through the barcode on the back of your ID, we won’t keep names, but the system may echo back your picture if you are only using your photo ID for purchases), if larger farms want to join and we grow internationally we can coordinate lower costing shipping channels to increase our export output, it allows for a slow adjustment into the value of commodities and the space required/water to one day reflect the actual value, and it provides us with more capital to lobby or directly help large farms also rotate their crops. Besides the coin I am playing around with the idea of eventually opening a small amount of fast food establishments cooking peoples favorites using the produce after the market,, this would allow us to build 2 kitchens and allocate area to the charity side (when we have difficulties locating kitchen spaces) The drive thru should not hurt existing fast food so bad as we want to limit the number by city and area (an instance would be we might have 8 or 10 throughout all of Houston. We can use these as hubs and storage in order to do things such as making rain collectors and tomato hanging pots, cooking the market food before the third day where some food loose nutrients, we have food that we cook and can first day all in one place to turn over for 24 hours to the fast food side where they in turn have 24 hours before they donate to foodbanks. We would also be able more safely take more charity financing more safe. The drive thru locations will make home cooked meals like stew or everyone’s favorite but add no additional sodium.. we will give everyone salt packets and cook lean meats. With the coin premise the trading in futures will be much clearer and fair, its more secure and it powers the organization or charity arm to increase growth, in turn driving up the value of the coin. market adjust The charity arm will freely take donations, (we will need them) but the coin should help power it “over the hill”. Using both the fast food locations (eventually) and the coin should provide a good engine for real change. The nature of the crypto coin is a “clean” coin or one that would not be practical for human trafficking or other illegal ends, no doubt some would still but with the wallet limits it would be more impractical, its a transparent coin where user information is encrypted such as your address of where you purchased it or sold it, it will NOT track you and we will NOT sell or give your information. If we get a warrant or in some instances we may Cooperate with police as to where you last bought or sold coin so if you are on the run with a felony you might think twice before using it.. I would like to be able to figure a way to offer giftcards that are preloaded with coin and activated by partnering stores (so I would allocate 100k to a specific Target location and when someone bought a $25 card activating it via target would allow you to enter a code you scratch off and move it to your wallet). The gift card would be best if not we may have to lobby to be allowed to take prepaid gift cards being a “clean coin” with limits I do not see why anyone would need a debit or credit card to trade. The gardens can pay for both the “gas” fee and the credit card fees. In very high crime areas this allows us to not carry fiat, as statistics go down we can begin taking cash but we need to keep coordinators and volunteers safe and limit the reasons people would want to rob the pop-ups. If we have problems with produce being stolen we might have to try a different egress point or wait to come back.. there are so many things we can do to improve the world its mind boggling, adjusting the carbon credits to melons and fruit bearing plants would help retain tops soil moisture, we would carbon scrub feed and repair our soil (supposedly the soil only has around 10% in some areas of its original mineral values). If the cattle and meat industry goes with my infrastructure proposal we’d have lower hormones, and stop making as much antibiotic resistant illnesses, we would have healthier milk and cows, based off tagging principles used in the fishing industry we would have more cows than to start and farmers can turn their land over for crops (or hopefully donate a portion to us for a tax write-off). If we get them to directionally drill a hyper rail tube from a central location and all four directions with only one hub in-between we could trade coast to coast fresh produce. The infrastructure bills would create a large number of jobs as well as not harming the truck industry and only taking 4 direct flights from the airlines. The gardens I believe would also help fight racism by people being exposed in a human capacity we can shape people’s hearts through our good deeds.. lowering crime rates and saving on Healthcare we as a nation can pivot those to schools in need or if the garden project in regions become stable and they are only paying small service fees to the charity if the charity has left over budget for that year we directly should start donating to lower income schools.. I firmly believe these things are possible..They may seem expensive but really are investments that will pay dividends. The beauty of a crypto backed system if we can find a way for the network to run directly from networking phones (and still be quantum secure) is that no foreign country could essentially stop it. They may require you to jailbreak your phone but if we have to utilize a central server it will probably be located in a tax haven country. For countries like China it could eventually shape them into a more democratic system as their citizens and government officials realize as long as people are fed and happy you don’t need to use a whole lot of force. Coordinating industry like this allows us to fix market prices between comtinents so farmers still get the same value they did before but work with other farmers in their local community as we rotate each season what each is growing we could potentially make a stable budget where even if you aren’t growing something as valuable as the first year you kind of profit share of your actual yield based off the allocated space and water usage. So hypothetically you’d make at least 90% of the year before (if not more) as long as there’s no continent wide disease or water shortage..the previous idea would allow us besides making a more stable market, improving soil quality but allow us to provide cheaper foods to poorer countries.. is a lot of reading and I am probably wrong a whole lot herein, but I will debate and crush anyone who will disagree we can’t do this. How difficult it will be and projected gains…I don’t know, I don’t have the metrics. I do know it can happen fast and soft at the same time depending on market interest but the adaptation of current industry is paramount. I do however have faith that there are enough of us and fueled by a crypto that could hold continual value even in seasons with a drop in garden harvest, you just hold the coin..the garden will stay and continue to provide revenue for growth of the charity. Volunteers can have 2 votes.. you get a vote for volunteering and if you hold the garden coin wallet with something in it, you get another. Votes can be initiated via petition based off registered wallets. The wallet and volunteer app should have two or 3 voting areas, city local (by neighborhood or small area based off of food desert maps [possibly a few mile radius]).Utilizing smart contracts, a logic tree and locational purchase data and sell, we also can coordinate seasonal rotation and planning (previously stated). We should also consider transferring compost or promoting farmers to allow old harvests to be recovered via a compost on-site where permissible. We need someone to throw some capital at this with me and I really believe this will greatly benefit every human being alive. If you do not agree with anything read here, I ask you to keep reading..I offer corrections and you at least get to correct me in what I am endeavoring to do…I think its important and I really just want to try… try to feed people healthy foods, people will always buy bad food..But the market will adjust and we will help them adjust if needed. A slow yet agressive growth is needed. Coordination is greatly needed, we need market research into communities that are more likely to volunteer at first. We have to analyze the soil through colleges and work out those contracts. We need to reach out to halfway houses and offering fair day labor for recovering addicts who have no violent offenses to build the gardens (if not volunteers as well) and not approach the elderly unless approached. We will give a 20% or more discount to food stamps. We host these at various local churches,, temples and community centers and pay a small percentage of proceeds to the venue, we also use them to recommend people to the program (recipients and volunteers). Community organizers undergo agricultural and people management training, they are also required to source supplemental labor in markets lacking in volunteers who like harder work.. If food isn’t bought within 36 hours we donate it to foodbanks or ship. We need to have a soft hand with industry and be friends of both small and large farms by alerting them of our intention to grow. We help the farms by using the non-violent prisoners and paying the prison industrial complex (obviously there would be guards and buses) to turn the crops. We reward the prisoners with special commissary options if we can make that work, to show them that you can be rewarded by contributing (it also can provide them a sense of humbleness, or even possibly help them realize it can feel good to help people). With the cattle ideas contained here, I talk at length about diaphramic drainage and stone bottom gradients.. thats probably going to have to be an infrastructure bill… or is it? I believe we can buy some pretty good swaths and contain a watering hole following highways as well as implementing a guard rail system.. but we’d need the government to allow us to civil plan over passes. As far as cattle I think we could do this, it just should be sectionlized and then planned to meet in specific areas (so we can connect the systems without disturbing the cattle industry during building). Cattle farmers around the area can choose to flip their cattle farms to exportable crops, in exchange for tags that the value is fixed to previous tax filings +inflation. As we grow we grow in other international markets the same way but divided by what grows where and attempt to allow the market to self-adapt overtime to exchanges. We work even in poorer markets and industrialize or help their agriculture the same way. It needs a controlled growth most likely starting somewhere in the center of the nation for obvious reasons. The gardens act as carbon scrubbers. Carbon offset can be adjusted to melons for ground water retention, and the credits can be adjusted to incentives industry to plants that grow food. I say if Elon can make a rocket go to space, we can directionally drill a mountain for faster intercontinental export. IT MUST BE DONE EXACTLY RIGHT. It could hurt the crypto industry thats the reason for steady projected gain. Once we have fixed a market, the citizens will receive the profits of the market, but we ask for a continued percentage..just as gratitude and to help us feed and visit more people. Expansion into Africa first (I believe is a smart move) its more than empowering them to industrialize in areas with lower has other economic benefits. We can cut a lot of aqueducts… we cut through a continent with the Panama Canal.. I think we can figure out a gradient to help clean water with broken rocks. Could we make a charcoal solution to spray rocks for additional water cleaning and would the rocks being black cause it to evaporate too fast? Could we use a white charcoal? Before we flood the channel could the charcoal hurt fish if fully cured? When we talk about infrastructure bills.. what are we even talking about? Gold separated from the market is useless, even at utter catastrophic collapse more gardens can still act as a safety net. We can use soft handed incentives for the military industrial complex to get us to space or invent new technologies, as time goes we may find the need for war lessened. I think by adjusting how we get our news and by not over sensationalizing everything, state mental health would improve… we may even see kids actually going farther than a block on a bike. I’m willing to pay off war lords if it means feeding their people and training them as an arm of industry later (they have lithium ion, I’m sure we can fabricate microchips ect. there pretty easily [just by feeding, paying off certain entities to feed them and eventually stabilize regions]. Population uptick is from not working..not too much food. Water wars could be a thing, depending on future technologies.. Aqueduct and ground water retention is important, because we can’t yet get hormones out of water (that I know of yet) and sea water is too costly..but maybe with the melon totems I mentioned we can start to spread out the hormones? I would like to see professional chefs donate recipes which will be formulated by what an area is currently growing (for the extremely handicapped that no longer can cook). So that’s the short version…. Lots of things herein. If you don’t agree drag me through the Earth, but don’t cancel me. I’m trying to feed your children, our elders and protect our nation with shovels not guns.