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**I am offering start-up investor benefits of anyone who assists or can donate to the initial kick starter. The Kickstart is phase 1 end of phase 2 we should be able to offer a 1.2 return in gardencoin which should have a healthy projected growth. If you would like to donate this is just for the first round just for local framework and metrics.

*** this created correctly will revolutionize the agriculture industry and bemefit everyone in every country. Creating whole new markets. Im putting my own money where my mouth is. We can create a crypto currency that is transparent, taken by farmers markets, in which investors can trade within a median. This ensures that no entity ever get 100% control of the food supply. It lowers medical costs and empowers poor communities. It pays for itself over time. It allows us to harvest and eat with 36 hours giving us more nutrition. It eases the transition of the elderly. It educates the youth. It help rehabilitate individuals and give them a second chance. It repairs soil integrity and soil moisture. It cleans the air acting as carbon scrubbers. Its a way to ensure the American Dream will never fall and any threat foreign or domestic can be resisted. It takes the responsibility to feed the citizens and gives it to the citizens themselves. It eventually should provide annual tax right offs based off of you just donating unused land. We can do this slowly without hurting industries but actually helping them. I will debate anyone on anything regarding these ideas.Athough not all theories are correct the premise is. Thank you for the attempted read, its long but I swear you won’t regret backing me.

Please also review the blog or the cliff note “Condensed Version”. I want to hear your ideas. We just need the funding and the people. My personal overall vision is something resembling this, but here is the short version of the charity powered by industry and will benefit every single person, I firmly believe. If you feel the same please please share on your social media. If not tell me why, everyone needs correction sometimes.

The full blog is located here.

My mission is to create gardens for the elderly. It should be prioritized by need and create an infrastructure with multi-faith volunteers. I believe there is a way to reach a level close to self-sufficiency, if not entirely. My promise is that contributors will always get a vote. (I ask, if you review the blog you understand its a personal blog. My personal thoughts and feelings have to bering on the overall ideology of the foundation.) I don’t care if its the state or us that does most of the things listed. Please take mind, that you try to read to the very end before being alarmist. It contains, some radical notions regarding how we can get some things accomplished, but it is up to all of us to decide ultimately. It’s essentially the most cost effective premise to operation fueled by capitalistic endeavors, where its a little different as we can create a stead fast technological adaptation to growth and prosperity. It deals with almost every market problem I see and I need a good person to help to weigh in and create a crypto that won’t harm markets. To grow and not hurt industry. Its riddled with mistakes and corrections, thus is life. Its scientific in notion, but best read as poetry. It may intermittently be the blogs are temporarily down, for a mysterious reason, take Screenshots of my cliff notes page if you like the idea and would like to work out your mind with me on this. R.Rule

Any chair member needed for full-time work will have salary caps. We ask participants to donate a little extra gardening space for farmer market harvests and offer incentives for volunteering, such as paying 70% or 80% + market costs with two hours of service or lower depending on what we can do financially and how much your household makes. It would be similar to a stock market, in funding and possibly some limited number of fast food locations sell. We need to attain metrics to establish sustainability and growth. This is why operating mostly of not entirely with prepaid credit cards or you transfer to our coin (for free the garden themselves would pay the “gas” fee. This benefits us immensely by tying buying coin to the local economy, it helps reduce waste by the market telling us what they are eating, it would allow for a future recipe plan based off of electronically tagging the produce we can forwcast what to grow more of (eventually) and unlike most crypto coins its multi use if we are allowed to discount the produce for using the coin.. We may consider just creating our own market and app since people will need to be limited per person. One crypto wallet one vote, hypothetically. This would allow for amazing growth and help us repair even factory farms soil eventually if they decide they like the model). We will try our best to work with industries and not harm them by working with industries to not only harm them but benefit them by helping to rotate all farms seasonally eventually and adjusting the price of food to land and water needed. We can stabilize what we make while improving soil quality, we just need compost space. Anything can later be changed (with vote via the app) as long as our costs do not exceed our growth.

If We Start an Agriculturally Crypto Backed Market to Help with Philanthropy… We would have More Benefits than ANY Single Infrastructure Bill or Movement for the Last 50 Years.. This might be Long so Skip it if You are in a Hurry.

Maybe even before. The last truly great infrastructure bill was creating the highway systems which brought about a golden age (for some people) of a great stable economy. The last great movement was the civil rights movement..but if we can get a crypto backed coin running for pop-up markets it would benefit every man woman and child, (immensely in some cases) over time..It maybe boring but this is my personal hypothesis of why we should choose to go this direction. It has a myriad of benefits from lowering taxes, improving nutrition, lowering health costs and lobbying for a slow and gradual refunding into education. By improving the health of our own poor we also help mental state (helping crime rates) and the need to cure as much heart disease and obesity would lower the general tax burden. Drug companies would need to be incentivized to make drugs that benefit people through subsidy if we have to..but overall, over time they should consider adjusting. The gardens should help stabilize and lower crime as well as promoting community.. The coin model also allows us to operate in more dangerous areas than a fiat model so I feel (this is just a personal feeling for the stability of the program) in specific high crime areas we would ONLY take the coin at the beginning (or after we’ve been robbed). This is why we need to lobby for the ability for us, as a “clean coin” or a coin that cannot necessarily (unlike other coins) be used easily for illegal trading of things, like embedded account information, human trafficking or drugs as its limited to your I.D. verified wallet. We would lobby and try to help as much as possible for people to get an I.D. as its required for the crypto discount at the pop-up garden markets. Obviously people can tie their identity and buy for other people so there will always be “dark” money but the idea of this coin is transparency with personal privacy. We wouldn’t share personal information with anyone unless warrants or proper reasoning requires it. By limiting the buy and sell power of every I.D. verified wallet we also keep too much influence by any single power from corrupting the general framework or starting charter, although we can amend by vote most things the mission overall. Non positioning votes would be things like the following; voting for things that we can’t financially back ourselves, and we can’t vote on race or religion (because we don’t even keep up with those kind of records). With the I.D., we would most likely be required to cooperate with local law enforcement so its best not to spend it if you have a warrant for something real bad. We only keep track of location when its spent bought or traded. We do not share your information with marketers but we do use your anonymous data for aggregate analysis (for creating market plans for new areas, to alert industry what we are growing in line with monthly reporting). We would be our own exchange as we probably couldn’t be on coinbase unless they bound wallets with us. You information would be encrypted in the coin in the form of a user ID that hits our secure server and echoes back to your confirmed device. On pin set up fo the app you would have 2 PINs you enter one is to access the other is if you are being robbed. In the event the second PIN is used it will spoof the account user ID or phone number that you are sending crypto coins to and “spoof” there device for 24 hours making them think they received it.. while we actually actively track the coin we continually “spoof” the transactions for that period, until a police report can be issued by the victims account or local police.. so for really dangerous areas at first this is how I am recommending we operate, with no physical cash the only thing we need to worry about loosing is the produce. Sounds complicated but if we work with economists, government officials and industry we can self fund and make the charity the growing arm of the Garden Coin Market, while improving the lives of our impoverished. It will eventually help eradicate racism with enough volunteers over time, if the government can shift some of the medical industries relief by providing healthier food to poorer schools. Prioritizing primary schools and teaching strong reading and mnemonics (all races will benefit from this theoretically [I want to believe this is true and that the majority of people find this true. To think of this and if its in line with their own experience and hearts]) would probably have more positive impact than affirmative action bills. The reason this would benefit more than affirmative action is because the drop-out rate in poorer economies, improper diet and a lack of community spirit (in instances), and schools do not have resources to teach proper education (sometimes) to test at college levels (in one city a poorer school is currently closing on Friday [because of the virus, I guess you only catch it on Fridays] while it’s richer counterparts are not. It has people from different communities intermixing and becoming one market. This approach (if we can make it happen) could scale around the world, bringing both charity and a form of investment to poorer nations, creating new markets in Africa and other places. The gardens improve national security from foreign and domestic threats by acting as a secondary back bone. People should never turn all their fiat currency into this coin in the event of a network loss in critical emergencies. I hope to have a central office (at some point) to keep paper copies (or/and E.M.P. shielded copies) of the most recent transactions. Phyiscally we would store as addresses of where we harvest and delivery locations, in the event of a terrible solar storm (or national security crisis everyone eventuallywould have enough food in their communites). I do think we should ask local community leaders to also keep a paper rosters although we may want to consider leaving names off for security…that being said these are just ideas. The coin should theoretically always be growing in value until we reach a maintenance level for turned over markets where garden holders participating in the market can make residuals.. or ideally anyone donating enough space for the term required for us to not take a loss will be able to get annual tax write offs based off an aggregate value assigned per foot (taking into account rotation). If you inherited a garden and need assistance please notify us, or if you don’t want to take care of it consider allowing us to continue harvesting to help the community and one day a little bit of extra capital. We would raise our overall G.D.P. by doing this as we would help farmers to market correct in cooperation, so that they do not loose money we would also cooperate on becoming more agriculturally aggressive in the export of more food thats healthier and cheaper (as an investment towards the regions we decide to expand to. We would expand as well, to areas that have asked us to come). We will not be growing things that take a long time like orchards, obviously not cranberries or rice and local markets will very, do to seasonal rotation. We should focus on staples for export like rice, and think of smarter shipping practices. We reduce the overall shipping costs by aggragating businesses so that smaller and larger farms use the same shipping channels. We rotate the small and mid-sized farms to start but for a description just read the cliff note version (or find it in the full blog, which is somewhat just personal views).

Neighbors, sisters, brothers and friends.

With a little help and faith, all of our lives can be benefited. Religious or not, it’s a practical idea for a multitude of reasons; my personal faith has led me to this belief. Kindergartens will get free seed supply to grow a classroom nursery. As a reward, we will give watermelons in exchange for their contribution. We also try to educate the youth on sustainability and stewardship. I send pictures of the finished produce so they can appreciate the fruits of their labor.

As a community, we vote on prioritization of projects based on need, but we ask people to donate as much extra growth space as possible. Any committee member can be discharged by vote. CEO salary should be capped at a comfortable 30% to 40% over the standard living wage but can be adjusted based on location and vote.

I would like to call on the religious community to listen to your hearts and cooperate with your neighbors. I want you to echo this calling to your congregations. If people can, let’s encourage them to donate two hours a week to visit three elder’s gardens and take a very brief gardening course to help them identify issues, as well as just help with watering. In return, during the pop-up markets they receive 50% off already cheap produce with a pickling program.

I’d also like to see donations to food pantries if the produce can’t be sold within 48 hours.

Why it is important to honor our elders

A major benefit of this program is that protocol dictates volunteers always knock and check in with recipients.

It is an obvious win win for everyone.

Elders get free real nutrients and company. They receive the pride of serving their community if they can commit a little extra land to help feed others and we gain the benefit of their life of service in the form of growing space. Due to the cost of the garden, we ask that if the property changes hands, we have a right to harvest for five years.

The next wave

The idea is to get the elders to agree to a five-year agreement so the garden won’t be torn down by any prospective buyer. My hope is that we will be allowed to harvest during that period. This project isn’t just for the elders, but also our children. It’s for young couples and, as properties transition, we should ask new homeowners to continue this tradition. We could offer gardening assistance to allow them to maintain the gardens themselves and empower them to continue to contribute.

The Market

This isn’t meant to impact the agriculturual industry abruptly. I would like to price match with existing markets and even allow them to sell items that we may not have, until later in the future. Eggs and harder to grow crops will have a place for a long while. We cannot just explode overnight we would have to slowly stage by region, and help support farmers. I’d like to see even helping smaller farms export as a teamed entity. We start this in America and over time excess yield can be bought by U.N. programs or donated to help empower other communities. A few years of investment and work and you can have a new labor force. Water and irrigation are issues in regards to this.

Where does the capital come from? How is this sustainable?

Well initially donations hopefully. With the excess produce we would like to house pop-up markets, working with the local religious and cultural centers. We would donate proceeds to locations that host our farmer markets. The proceeds minus operational costs go back into the building pool. I would like to see it run on its own merit if possible. We need to be mindful to not drastically expand to the point, of hurting industry.

Chemical Testing

When prioritizing patrons, it’s essential chemical testing be conducted. Towards that end, I hope to work out a program with a local college to conduct soil analysis. Costs should be minimal, but are essential for safety purposes of the program.

Cost effectiveness

Obviously, we will need reported metrics, but a general estimate in the region of Oklahoma for a professional job, with minimum resources, growing the estimated amount needed, is around $1,400. I am confirming with another designer whether we can do better, cost-wise. I’m estimating significantly less capital need per person by partnering. I believe I can locally in my region for $550 or less (what I am aiming for) but it will take sourcing vendors, and creating a construction base which leads to…

Who builds it?

Anyone who has it in their heart to, but the plan is to subsidize the construction by utilizing Oxford House members that need day jobs for residency. It’s an association I would like to partner with for recovering addicts who self-regulate. It’s a very good program for people with substance abuse issues. There are other day programs like 12/12, etc. Day workers will be analyzed and, with continued good work, used more frequently. Although its fairly cheap pay, they can still claim the benefits of discounts at local pop up markets. The construction team, however, has no required contact with the recipient. In fact, it is discouraged – unless the homeowner has concerns or approaches them.

Possible tax write offs

It’s still early and I’m in the process still of trying to obtain charity tax status. In the future, I’d like to also see well-off adults leverage growth areas for tax write-offs if the space is large enough to qualify. Qualification involves estimating the square foot value of residual agricultural earnings through passive production. This is, of course, final phase thinking as we would need to adjust the influx based off the market values to maintain self-sufficiency.


As one generation succeeds the next, we should be aware of the debt of the younger generation. I feel if this project can take off, we can do something for the debt with which we’ve burdened our children. Teaching self-sufficiency and an aggressive shift of agriculture will improve both the nutrition and act as a financial crutch to young families in later years. We ask elders to only sell to people who will maintain the gardens but, ultimately, it’s their choice. I have a feeling, however, that we won’t have problems losing capital from people unwilling to participate if a property changes. I suppose transference is another metric, but I cannot provide this without a test bed project. We are considering a 5 year contract that, if the property is sold, they must stipulate that the charity can farm the garden under new ownership.

What if people just steal the crops?

I’m sure some of this will happen, but firmly believe it would be less than a 10% loss. Most people willing to participate will be grateful for free food provided for them in their own yard. We encourage elders to participate, but it’s unnecessary. If they don’t have the faculties to sustain and harvest themselves, volunteers can do so. The purpose, however, is joint collaboration, with a volunteer at least visiting the gardens and the elders, checking the produce and providing fellowship.

The vision and final state

I don’t want to get into political discussion on nutrition. I personally would like to see the daily value of sugar. We can’t seem to escape plastic, as hard as we try. I fear regions of the ocean will be like swimming through glass eventually if we can’t get a handle on the situation within the next 100 years. That’s why jar-canning and having readily available supply of food is so important. Gas shortages, pandemics, labor shortages, future wars… It’s future proofing and empowering the American people to be self-sufficient in emergency times. I hope it improves the health of every person on the planet. Ideally, we will be able to demonstrate that just a couple hours of service can significantly reduce food costs for lower income individuals, which in turn also reduces the strain on T.A.F.T (or food stamp programs). This should 

Why its good for the financial stability of the country

By shifting agriculture to mostly exportable goods over the next 50 year, we gain more capital from abroad then domestically. A large portion of the world has a food shortage and believe it or not its still a market. A large portion of the Chinese supply of rice is grown here, we are already sending the boats so why not 90%? America at its heart is agricultural and technological. I feel this duality is needed for continued prosperity. We weren’t built by people who’d die without air-conditioning. We were built by dreamers. We can do almost anything, in cooperation. I fear that notion might be lost on the majority of the population. I do have hope that people are recognizing the needs and real problems that plague us instead of sensationalized incidents. It’s a call to arms but with shovels not guns. We have the ability, the room, the passion. Why shouldn’t everyone have a garden?

If you feel this program is worthwhile, please donate to help pay for a test bed project and charity status legal fees, I need to adjust the figure for crypto development but this gets us started. The main priority is finding an angel investor that can see why this would be financially beneficial for everyone and the potential of what it could do over time, in society. I wouldn’t worry too much about donating yet, I only need $1000 for the legal costs what I need is for you to share and pick apart the idea.

Please feel free to visit the blog or leave comments. You can also, mail me directly for questions, recommendations or anything else.

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