A Chaotic Mind May Breed Beauty.

Worky Work, busy bee.. Its why most are commanded to have a single day thats free.

Dream of the Dreamer, Here. and let’s see if we can get conversations going about the fundamentals of realities and how we can actually benefit the industries that may fear it.. its all a matter of how; how much and how long?

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As a young male trying to learn to be a man.. I did notice something that is actually a very important trade for young males to learn…


Cooking is a very important skill. So let’s look at why?

  • It is important to survival of not just our species but all things on this rock..
  • It show a hetero normative partner that you don’t need them, WANT them.
  • They say rhe key to a man’s heart is through his stomach, to throw us off the scent…sneaky ladies.. I don’t hear too many orgasm noises when most hetero normative dudes eat cheese cake… maybe if you crack our backs.. I could see making that noise
  • One person if not working always must either do the dishes or cook.. you should use as few dishes as possible or someone will burn on the meal to the pots in “accident
  • Find out there favorite dishes first
  • Its a great excuse for them to see your place.. (ladies always let people know the address of where your heading [sexist yet but wrong no].
Being a circle instead of an or makes it harder to get around.

Perception is the only reality.. and Perception is often crafted for, not by you.”


“I dislike liars over theives, because liars steal what one precieves”


“The World is Bonkers, not Evil. Evil seems to take some brains.”

"I dislike liars over theieves because, Liars will steal what one precieves." -Mr. E
I always felt this song was divinely inspired. What do you think?

Fake news.. I’m sure..