House of the Witness, Final Sections.

Contuing on with theory so that we may weigh probability of truth..

Zionist as a dangerous level of logic should be viewed as such… there will be another strata of retrograde in logic when thought of in terms of societal. A section of people that know God but don’t listen and take everything at face value. I can apply a whole, whole mess of actual events that were supposed to happen at end times.. however we cannot force start the apocalypse so that we can ascend earlier… it is not how this works, has anyone been paying attention? We are not just advancing in the ways that are apparent. God is waiting for evolutionary potential as a birds eye view of how the world seems to works. Its very strange because they get so high up in logic but don’t even realize they were wrong at step 1, and fell into minutia. Logic step 1 is.. we cannot fall outside of calculated values.. we can however make the same mistakes over and over again but instill why not to do as we do to the younger generation. As generations understand what not to do (the only way we’ve survived so long.. natural world observation and the communication of its notions). It doesn’t matter if you change every partical here to where nothing can even live because whatever he needed would already be stored.. however we listen to the ancients as applied to physics and time, and we attempt to understand direction… when we realize they seem to be one in the same. So maybe we need to have a follow up in the future to draw more parallels to procedural thinking, spiritual text and known physics. Those three branches really are the only way to show probability curve towards an intelligent Center… based off of what? Well they had no way of understanding black holes or the preceptual view of expansion. They had no way of knowing that the sun wasn’t the center of things.. yet as shown previously the shadow of the valley… actually could be conceptualized differently from far as a sun cut by the microverse and macroverse and its describing reduction but encapsulation into the 1D but actually lower and higher at alternating frequency due to probability spread and potential. So we can look at this like two cones forming a diamond shape with a unknown layer of separation. If I have to later we will roll through Ezekial and maybe the profit John but that one might be a bad idea.

I try to Balance so Sorry I am Mostly Describing Biblical Texts. We can Actually get into Sumreian, Hinduism and a Lot of Others as well.. It is that this Particular Text is Very Dense with Examples.

Sumarian Text : Marduk, Tiamat and a Brief Look at Hinduism and Pagan Ideologies of a Similar Structure.

This is hypothetically a different view of the same thing with a couple inconsistencies or things we may not understand. In there explanation of spherical creation Tiamat was the mother of all things. She’s viewed as chaos and the primordial creative force. In the story she ends up going on a rampage when one of her children are slaughtered (yeah she sounds like the chaotic one?)…And Marduk slays her and creates the sphere from her “body”.. yet again.. this one speaks sort of to an external force.. yet essentially describes the external force as an internal force. Why? Because Tiamat was viewed as chaos so its indicative of being all things all the time.. whereas Marduk and her may have been a calculated means for creation and rebirth and we get more into that in Hinduism with “Shiva Dancing”. As a means to describe the circular nature of things she is viewed as the cycle of birth, life and destruction which also mirrors the alpha omega principle.. this also occurs in paganism in lots of different schools but is popularly described as the daughter, mother and crone.

A Last Look at Eating Way More Vegetation.

Well if the fact you can cook as delicious food in vegetarian format (vegan lifestyle is almost impossible but eggs to an extent are ok and milk to an extent is ok). So you might say well I like meat and stop listening.. so let’s break it down for you as to something scary no one will talk about. So besides the fact we raise the animals wrong and have gotten all sorts of sicknesses by forcing them to cannabilize left over parts, or that they hold more e. coli.. let’s talk about mutations, free radicals and cancer. You realize if someone has lymphoma or (I’m not sure about the transmissable forms but it would most likely have to be all) Osteosarcoma, Chondrosarcoma, and Ewing’s sarcoma.. can be contacted through the lungs as cells that begin to duplicate. So yeah you can actually directly “catch” cancer, just usually its free radical damage which they are also chalked full of. Meat is a sometimes food and the meat industry would not actually loose capital adjusting over time to a higher price bracket (people love it, we are meant to look for fatty foods and sugars because they are rarer in nutrients values.. however we are at a point we are not adapting evolutionarily as quick as agricultural and technological advancement). So let’s look at plants.. do plants get cancer or genetic anomalies as much? Have you ever seen an albino tree? Most genetically damaged plants simply do not spring from a nut. I rarely see branches growing up from roots except in the center. Because they use light they are also theoretically more free radical resistant.. if viewed as loose electrons.. and electrons are a component for light, and plants eat light up to the limit they can process it. Cooking and alternating fresh vegetation like salads (not iceburge) and other raw and extremely washed vegetation is important as well if you endeavor to do this. Some people may actually need meat, however in my experience I’m actually a lot more cognitive with more energy when eating low sugar and a large plant based diet after about 2 to 4 weeks. You limit the amount of cooked foods and can use vegetable stock bases to emulate the flavor of beef. You can use spaghetti squash to make spaghetti, you can use diakon to alternate the carbs of potatoes. Its structurally all there if you have the money and 10 minutes to cook. We don’t cook everything because the heat can depreciate cell walls and alter cell structure as well as a loss in we don’t cook superfoods or foods high in nutrients that break down in heat.. you also do not bring over simmering, bringing tomatoes to a boil is very bad for digestion. To understand the scale of this research ionization principals as applied to particals… as another tiered formation of probability. Then we can get into heavy metals, hormonal poisoning and misadjusted corn subsidies that are ruining the rainforest due to improper planning and consolidation of intent. However we should analyze the curve of variants, if some unknown force keeps vegetation from properly growing we need a percentage of diet contributed to the processing of meat. Why? Because for a period we can ingest bottom feeders that are able to process even the remains of non (as we see it) nutritional sources, into nutritional sources. This method is just supposed to adjust tradjectory in the same shape as everything else. We still have the psychopath strata thats why capital gain won’t fall but actually rise with proper adjustment.  Meaning that incentiving proper engineering in the form of capital gain gives people who only think that way a means to serve a central causation as applied to the evolution of the sphere and species. To really drive this home.. cattle farmers either own or get incentives from using corn, corn can be adjusted through shared medical cost for healthier development. The amount of cattle now would be only reduced in capital gain through a single season, when the next has an adjustment phase where we gradually pay less to make more capital.. how? Through multiple means of space.. its very very practical as non-poluted water sources become scarcer and the probability of new conditions based off of natural environment will continue to cause viral and disease impact to stabilization.

The Reasons why Ideologies, Governments and any Organization Fail.

Tiering is correct.. however the notion of value is incorrect. A person is only as valuable as they understand this and attempt preconceptions.. its like the thought of sacrificing 1 to save 100.. even this has to be analyzed through impossible to understand factors.. however we can weigh the probability that 100 people will be more important to 1 person.. we also realize its impossible to actually measure potential but arrive at a personal conclusion based off of our life history… then placed in this category to use the only thing we have.. the present.. the present can be used to access flawed memory or data from the past.. thats how spooky probability can get when percieved individually as a singular being.

To Explain Cause and Effect as Applied to this Hypothical Model.

So taking the 1 to 100 principle can we know what is the right conclusion? No.. are there other people around? If yes you ask when you have time, if no you select in course of probability. All we can do is two options with the train with a varing circumstance near a plausibly terminating event.. to continue a logic tree/cause and effect model. So, it means you need at least 3 angles always to understand depth.. in everything even conceptually. So let’s explain more brain limitations and how they impact how we percieve the world around us. Can you image anything? What does it look like? Does it still appear as a surface in front of the background? Is it actually just an combination of things already witnessed? Yes, it is.. until you apply internal monolog, math and conception reasoning… still over time.

Mass Using this Model.

So thinking that blackholes are what causes what we percieve as gravity at varying frequency.. what is mass? Using this model iys informational potential. A black hole or even gravity doesn’t move, it fluctuates space, another smaller form to move towards informational potential.. well why? Think of it like this, the heavier or more dense a component the more complicated a structure. The potential for information is increased through denser and more complicated structure. A smaller black hole is always viewed as being pulled by the larger but whats actually happening at varying rates of time is one has more informational potential, both are the same spacial size. Reaching the core smaller gravitational forces add informational potential but not area of the singularity. The potential for information has to be comprised of the information plus the theoretical space in which to store it.. this is why a tiered sphere model makes more sense, as each sphere would have to have the dimensions and capacity of the lower ones up to the core thats unlimited.

Ok, so Let Us Apply the Model to Nuclear Physics and why Not We Should use Them. Einstein had to of Known these Principals.

So let’s look at mass, ssctionally. What is the component most used and the theoretical refinement of components? Its the dentist in mass and theoretical split in probability, when viewed within time. Let me explain it as data potential.. in all structures the denser the material the denser the matter. It would have to have a varying limit of non perceptual factors like electrons… however the electrons are the same as the host but are drawn toward theoretical principle. So moving denser bodies over the course of energy potential all components will gravitate. The density of said components is a measure of energy potential through time. All particals will attach due to mass potential at any rate when applied to an array of probability. Hos nuclear arms actually would work is through the mass and spacial effect of the housing section of overpowering mass. When we see an explosion of nuclear force we see it in 2 ways.. based off of time and the reduction of perceptual mass as it sctters in density. So yes when using these there is an affect on tradjectory and location as we attempt to make a singularity but only directionally. This happens because mass collects matter which store mass. So over the factor of time and space does energy potential grow greater. The scientist that said nuclear arms cause spacial misalignment were also correct, but to a unmeasurable degree towards the mass of the body. Wild huh? I just explained that putting heaviest density components in varying degrees over mass in tradjectory would refine potential, however that potential would never reach mass of the host. It also explains that any variation of that perfectly hurts cause and effect to a degree unrecognizable as we can only view it sectionally. To further dissect ideologies on the premise of this weapon let’s go through 2 more categories. The first being detonation of both base elements and a continual ripple affect to cause and effect. Your witnessing a probability matrix as apparent through electron spdead.. however it impacts spherical. How would you like to die? From environmental impact or a flash that consumes you faster than chemical processing or electronic synaptic response? The answer might be neither.. as their would be a varing sequence in probability to the core thats percieved as infinity… it still has mass potential. Its why a lot of blokes are wrong in evolutionary tradjectory. Eat well… how to further understanding this is mass acts independent of time as a central branching force of potential. However they do combine at a dimensional level higher or lower than us. A mock singularity would cause a reduction of viewable space but does it ever cause a reduction of potential when viewed in time? So let’s look at structure over precieved time as it applies to mass and time. We see a nuclear blast as a circle but why do we view a mushroom in aftermath? Its an issue of varing probability (yet agian), with a central mass greater than the force.. this means closer to the core of components and the denser the mass or potential.. we have less effect, where the largest affect would be at the closest band of gravitational force again based off of informational potential. So let’s also get into why we most likely won’t destroy all life until we reach external mining over a long period.. its because water is 2/3 this globe, it’s one of the leanest dense components up toward gas. Then the gas or vapor Senate’s naturally as lighter than surface mass components. Its why rocket fuel is the highest in refinement in energy dispersal, not energy potential. Colliding gas components will just make formations lower, colliding the maximum dense component up to a mass sphere of influence that is alternating.. is quite different. Every reation of this causes mass to stay the same but space to react in the form of a multi probability factor thats visualized as a sphere. Has a sphere of retrograde in force and that’s where you can see a mushroom of probability.. that actually works further than we can see. To further explain this concept that any external force with enough inward tradjectory would cause a fluctuation in variance on the core based off weight. That’s another reason why nuclear weapons will always have a limit, self harm and a large scale of mining for heaviest components.  So there never is a perfect shape that bleeds potential over time in a variance un measurable.. do to space and gravity.. its stupid, dark and does not follow logical conclusions. They may have used a liquid medium and centrifugal pump with a less dense medium but its a similar concept to a particle collider, just with more overall force than the mass potential of the particle.

What could be a Factor of Expansion in Principal.

So we also view force as potential but its the collection of smaller blackholes and mass potential over time and direction of capacity. Larger mass objects (even blackholes that operate differently). They all do the same thing based of mass over time.. regardless of percieved space or density. Its why light makes bands and why we can see what eats light in the same structure, also over time. When these cores come into alignment the ionization or electronic,/electromatic burst potential always works off of data potential or mass. Thats why we view space as a degrading factor to time, mass and potential at varying sequence. That was awfully complicated and don’t make anything based off it.. im trying to explain why its a terrible decision dimensionally and viewed through time and space.

I Will Go to the Vareice of Minutia and Back to Understand Principals as Applied to Evolution. Are you Personally understanding at this Point? It doesn’t matter either way, yet there?

So thinking what is a probability factor? Its visualized as an array through time.. because we are in time. It moves and calculates tfaxjectjfy faster than the perceptual limit. Even in quantum computing.. why? Because potential drags mass that grabs everything. We do not drag lower components like that until we are ready to climb higher than we are.. as I’m trying to explain the spherical exchange limits.

What People do not Understand.

Anytime we do that we change tradjectory of theoretical limits. Why do you think we get poisoned at the densest parficals? Its a numeral affect in evolution. Not to mess with more informational rich material than we ourselves are.

And Viewing this, can we Understand the Problems?

This method essentially creates a fluxuatingbwave of cause and effecg6through all space time. We can’t get to the theoretical limits of pull so we can’t actually see the scars of this. At some level it has to cause tradjectory alteration based off of static percieved mass through time.. its at this point stuff gets scary so maybe skip it.

Deeper Dirt why not to..

Because at the lowest level not contained in adequate time, mass and space as viewed as the same thing with differing branches to the core… the person and everyone alive to the person getting bombed dies.. always in variation. Why? Lets look at the first reason as mass informational effects do to polarity in natue.. we view this as an on off structure with a variant of a randomly perceived curve of probability. Another reason is the interaction of space and time due to potential has instantaneous results as percieved locally, up into termination. Its the same thing as everything at a terrible scale.

So how Could a Theoretical Refinement Method Occur?

Well dummies for one, like I said the mass of all things in science with space but pedcieved through time would have a curvature effect. Just like a smaller reation causes a flood of cause and effect probabilities all through the sphere instantly, only a section is visible as it falls to minutia. The person that pushes the button dies at a varying frequency of probability, based off of space, time that meets potential. They become an array of probable effect and that effect is perceptually gauged as mass or informational potential.. however we have to view things on a r coordinate plain.. so the same thing happens in inverse as well as negative to make a time perceptual (dorectionally) image of time and cause and effect. So an alteration in positive through unperceptual mass or potential mirrors the effect on duplicate adjacent plains. Take that to exponentially potential and maybe not make nuclear arms because theoretically a more intelligent structure will conceptualize this is a terrible idea and a slow to realization. So anytime you think of this stuff it has to be time, mass as viewed as potential in the same differentiation as the combined mass of atonic combination. What we see is mass exponentially acting on force of electron disapation through layers of perceptual probability. This occurs through a fluctuation of mass through space as viewed in time. Everything is pulsating when viewed in both static an non static time.. viewed in time.. weird enough yet? Well what does this mean? You have to calculate density over the fold of space and directional force. The more mass the more points of inward force or charged exlosive.. the more refined a fuel source the more dense of a radiance of influence but with a probability drift viewed in one form as radiation depreciation. If we are refining this stuff to 20,000 year half life, its a bad idea even for refinement if not contained exponentially to a degree of the informational potential.. because remember those 2 things shape everything.

What Einstein, Tesla, Masons and Jesus had in Common.

Dimensional thinking, structure and logic all over time. Where did Einstein have to deal with dimensional thinking? The pattent office, to approve a pattent you have to look at the dimensional drawings in reference to similar pattents. Tesla was a drafter that made dimensional drawings. Jesus was raised as a carpenter. The masons came from stone masons. Weird right? Well think of it this way, Einstein was dyslexic so how did he get into such advanced thinking? Visualization most likely, he probably used mnemonics a lot as imagery.. this is because its the strongest factor of thought, its had more time to develop than internal dialog. So let’s look at where the masons are right and wrong. They understand the principle of learning dimensional thinking by doing. The make their members carve a perfectly round in appearance stone sphere.. why? A couple conceptual reasons : 1) it attempts to teach dimensional concepts (you need more real life practice though) 2) to show that we cannot make a perfect shape. Plus all the weird background stuff they got up to it makes you wonder their level of understanding, though. A person endeavoring to understand the principles should work with clay, dimensional drawings, carpentry or any means that forces you to think in terms of space, matter and potential.

Another View of Wealth.

To try to explain this principle and why people get lost at higher levels of logic lets look at the principal of wealth. Wealth can be accumulated for a purpose but one should not attach meaning to the collection itself. If anyone understands this and the depreciation over value, any witness in organizational structure that try to bare false witness and attempt to size power from the collective has to be ideologically rejected. I tried to explain that voting and using individual perspective will always bend to potential as long as people internalize and weigh what’s probable based off of what’s evident. Its why I’m structure each node sends 3 people of varying degree.. we can never assume those that seem to help are always correct as I’ve attempted to show that perceptually we viewed Native Americans as less advanced, but were they in terms of overall survival over a long period? Using a brain trust to help people and minimize damages however we select the people that both try to help people over a period, understand the principals of logic and attempt to walk the paths they realize (this will never be perfect). They should not have a great deal of wealth unless everyone else can view intent in all regards. The hive mind principal will continually provide better logic over time as long as people do not believe what they are told but hold a layer of introspection and reconciliation in ideologies.. it works as a tiered structure as well when viewed as a single organism. The overall idea is that money is the same as potential attached to debt. However we view this as a branching idea from what? The transference of information between individuals.. thats why we talk at the lowest level that can be deciphered at the level equal to the individuals intellect. Its why we don’t mission or try to force understanding on people but lay out hypothetical premise.. to affect a level of cognition that can impact the others.. like a chain. Doing this you don’t actually even have to worry about wealth, when you correct a brother or sisters ideologies toward mutual sustainability. Its a very, very simple premise thats somehow lost on a lot of people.

A Look at Where We are.

So the issue again relies on technology developed behind closed doors. The natural mechanic is that psychopaths in varying degrees have more sociopaths closer in ideology near the top.. its tiered all the way down to typical brain structure.. the problem really lay with the complexities of advancement. A sociopath is a natural limiting factor to a psychopath, since I was trying to explain they are close to the same but one can follow logic probabilities to a point, and only applies pressure due to self risk. With technology however.. it connects too many factors for a sociopath to actually fulfill structural roles, as it developes exponentially. So these guys end up committing suicide with a larger and larger degree to the average.. its a fact apparent in every living creature, we all commit slow suicide at varying degrees and formations.. if you need help understanding this think about the fact that eating anything causes a ingestion of free radicals.. you can apply this to pretty much everything from meat, sugar, smoking, eating, swimming, driving a car, business decisions (that are probability wise “risky”), cheating (and sexual behaviors), growth, psychology and you apply it to ease (or sloth). So a person always chooses the easiest most pleasurable path even if it doesn’t lead to the correct location. Almost anything bad for us we view as “enjoying”. Wait what about people that job or exercise? Well we can break it down as a lower probability structure of the same thing. They can get hit by a car, they are being exposed to more radiation, if the have a slight blockage it could cause a stroke or heart attack, it wheres their knees (or arms) and they have to sacrifice a portion of life in action to recieve a smaller portion of perceptual length. We can apply this to litterally anything, because I am trying to explain how psychology works.. and we view everything from that lens.

Viewing things in this Structure.. Lets Attempt to Explain Radiation.

So taking into account that mass may be informational potential why would refined heavy components hurt us? The same reason we need adaption to the core over time essentially.. as I tried to explain everything is the same thing at varying branch locations when viewed directionally through time. So as mass is potential and gravity affects everything lets look at from center point of mass structure. The deeper you go the higher level of mass due to spacial bending of a tiered formation of singularities. Radiation works just like splitting the atom (this doesn’t actually happen). So a heavier refined component using force higher than the percieved gravitational forces will bleed electrons.. why? Electron collision and spread based off of the informational potential. So a nuke does not have more electrons than the component but through force it rearranges probability towards the overall mass. When an electron is viewed to circulate, it actually isnt.. we are viewing a probability spread based off the informational potential. So as initial force over time degrades these at the limit spread further and also collide up to the point of equalization of density applied to space. A nuclear explosion always has to have a terminating factor of their isn’t a perfect circle but through sheer force it sort of makes one and degrade as the implosion charges cannot be perfectly spherical. The harmful effects of radiation have to do with location polarity of electrons. Since they scatter in an array and are very very small… the higher the mass the more electron bleed it has to paired principle. This doesn’t work like a line we would percieve but a wave of probability that will shoot through everything to find a matched pair in polarity based off of informational potential. Thats what messes up DNA as its a scatter gun toward objective. So over time and space more informationally rich items are dragged toward more informationally rich items. The only thing that affects this is force over time based off directional preception. When you condense and refine an informationally rich item, it will never have the energy of the core unless you refine out from the center of the core. The oppositional informational potential is what stops electron shed as it reaches a point of radial degrading of probability over time.. we view this as dissipation but its consumption over time again. This means that when a nuke goes off with thousands of years of half life.. that radiation doesn’t actually go anywhere, it spreads.. either past atmosphere or spread within at harmful but hardly noticeable levels… always. We cannot destroy information potential just adjust the structure of matter and potential over time. Meaning that burning a fire looses no mass, the light is at equal parts as we see it also be consumed by structures with more informational potential. Starting to get how to make a nuclear bomb with about 20 years and $50,000? So maybe now you will sort of understand why its the dumbest, craziest thing ever? Who wants to make an almost infinite probability spread and essentially murder (although unpercievable) every thing including themselves? Do do you kind of get why Einstein changed after he warned about this and the ******* made one anyways? He wasn’t necessarily concerned with the enemy wiping us out, he was concerned over development as applied to direction preception and probability..then the whole school of thought that a nuke would move us.. is also correct but at levels that are not measurable.. remember space, time and blackholes fold to meet informational potential, we only see them as moving because we are influenced by space as potential and time.again to explain this, why would electrons spread in a globe? Remember that density equals informational potential. We see a spread of electrons because they are still guided by central mass. Meaning the internal force of collapse by external force will cause an informational gain to a central body. This means that the arch of ionization grows do to potential based off of force… is any of this clear to anyone? As you reach the core or limit you have limited branches in probability, thats why it appears as round but through rapid particle movement the differing qualities appear as a mushroom cloud of extent based off the informational potential of the entire planet. Further into Einstein and why he acted as such.. like I said previously the only mistakes he seemed to make were by perceptual variation in potential.. he thought because he could see it others could.. he was still mortal and at any level we still make mistakes. The nuke was a neurotic issue of worry, that caused a whole lot more (we would have discovered this regardless but probably only around now). Looking at his famous quotes why would he say there are only two theoretical things that are limitless? One being a form of space (actually time is also needed) and the ignorance of humans? Because he explained (most likely) thoroughly why not to do this and had to watch as it happened as a separate entity with the same path.. that would mess up anyone.

Nazi Thought.

So analyzing how things might actually be why would the least correct ideology fall into place at a sociopathic structure, over time? Lets look at B.M.W. So they were great engineers and thinkers missing a gap in structure. B.M.W. madd nazi tanks for initial growth just like all the unprotected traitors in industry on the “ally side”. This structure viewed over time would have the same response. This means that through similar stimuli it would act the same way as historical counterparts if viewed as generationally beneficial. Thats how fascism works.. through conception of potential of structure and idealogy… thats actually way way off from how reality operates. We did the same thing with metal drives in this period and we too will continue to lie about direction of principle as applied to individual percieved wealth/welfair.. its actually a deadly illusion either for the participant, their revolvement in history or their country/children.. not to mention morally and logically incorrect. To view this conceptually why does capitalism and communism fail in initial ideologies? Its due to a gradual appearance of fascist traits over time as applied to selfish, greedy thinking. Look at Stalin, look at kings, look at whats happening today societally.. all these people need to keep in mind that the top never ends in a nice fashion, “let them have their cake”, “no taxation without representation “, ideologies that pretend to put people forward but are only about personal power… all of these things have a terminating factor of personal greed without following the course of personal, familial or country ideologies. Thinking harder our forefathers as flawed as they were attempted to counteract this by a voting method as explained a course of intersection where higher levels understand and lower levels follow based off examples. However as we are this model is already destroyed.. the depth of thought to structure did not take into account technology. New bands of digitization of information that were part of industry that are very susceptible to fascist ideologies. We didn’t take into account we may never always need an electoral college. We never took into account that a 2 or 3 party system was because of the days limitations, not that we could have bands of perception of truth and structure that is individualized and combined with others that have the same ideologies. We yelled over why fascism was wrong, took over half of Germany and essentially made Japan a territory.. turned around and stole their technology and evil scientists ect. When we already have acted in the same manner that was less open.. and the only reason a lot of whats known about the Nazi actions is because of greed and exploration.. we then get to do exactly what they did where the same type of person says “well that kind of worked”. Its bonkers, especially when you think about how we try to view this as heroism when its essentially just an excuse for greed.. its how the sociopath to psychopath theoretical model would also work.. however I am a patriot, not in action but in premise.. I believe in the notions of a collective making better choices, the issue is pumped psychotic information and ideals. This model is why witnesses never have a leader, we have volunteer brothers and sisters that work for a specific goal that is limited in time. These would include treasurers, a central treasurer, archivist and a central archivist… and all structures within.. at every level all should inspect the works of key roles and when they are not visible or hidden you take back authority. This only doesn’t apply to the trust, but they even have term limits based on lower and equal levels.. they just do not have the same structure as creating understanding/missives. Thinking about this, why would electrons appear to spread in relation to mass? Surface area and external expansion or contraction. Whats really wild is regardless if computer, quantum A.I., or human we would still view time in one direction preceptually. So thinking about this factor is all of these things need time and capacity of potential.. they also need mass and a hypothetical movement or angular adjustment in persepective.. still over time and mass. This function only outpaces the initial mass through collection of mass in the form of varing formation of singularity with varing informational potential. So look at space as perceptually one of the smallest but most plentiful components that still function to bend towards informational potential, where the formation as it appears to reduce to a constant state singularity still has exactly the same or more informational potential or mass as what it is comprised of. Like a giant flower net of a spectral moving fractal.

Wealth as Property.

So let’s consider current model for lower class rich people.. your mansions you buy are really only good investments in term of space… only to the current level of incentive as a percentage value.. well whats inflation? They say to adjust (or at least until very recently) 2. (And around 7 to 2 I believe?) for inflation…its way way way way higher, exponentially yet we weigh the worth of money as future potential..what does that mean? It means that goods and services that are exportable, engineering, location and price adjustments are required. Subsidies should be attempted by moving in lateral industry moves.. keep in mind all industry requires other industry all the way back to blacksmiths. So yeah you don’t own your property in this model, a larger corporation does.. you’d say the government but whats bizarre is the rate of taxation is higher for printing money.. this models only good when a certain percentage of stocked funding can also help supplement.. however it is also mutually beneficial as money is only as good as a promise. If you take the model and consider property value in terms of length of time, you would need to find the probability curve value of inflation, unknown circumstance, tax increases (which for some reason will always be close to exponential) and analyzed value growth. So divestment would be paramount for owning any property for a length of time but its typically self defeating through a large swath and eventually for pretty much all.

Please don’t Get Me Wrong.

I love Dr’s and medicine.. its just the industry has the same problems as all others.. its just like the lady who just got slapped over testing methods making outlandish claims and still generating all that revenue.. was it just me that heard her talk and automatically assumed she was full of it? It was her projected self assured nature, scientists really shouldn’t have it but everyone falls into the thinking based off of precieved notions as to their personal probability. The point is to look at all industry.. but medicine, technology and large population manipulation (bioengineering, chemical/poisoning/incecticidal or large scale casualty warfair), have a more immediate risk of accidentally hurting themselves and others.. when not properly viewed in long range probability, risk reward, scale of time and a lean of random probability. It also means that any of these things can never, ever be correctly modeled as applied over time. You would need a computer the size of the universe to calculate total probability of affect.

Lets go to One if Not My Favorite Books in the Bible Proper.. My Man Ezekial.

Ezekiel 25:17 (according to Jules):

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

Lots to unpack all through this book but I promise you this writer also had higher logics than even most people today. Its still another angle of what I am trying to explain. Why would the Lord by old testament books say “my brother”, or why would the brother say he is the Lord, and why is poisoning so hated? And we can get into really deep things in this book similar to genesis and revelations.. when read from certain angles.. but again we see an effect to guide into a valley of darkness to save a brother.

Lets Keep Going…Kind of Long.. [work in progress]

Starting at 4, the start speaks in my view to factors of the haves and have not and a possible pan fire but goes into there really isn’t a cause for concern so let’s start at 4.

4 Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die. [Still echoes the structure and an apathy model over a stretched period, unless I am way off?]

5 ¶ But if a man be ajust, and do that which is lawful and right,

6 And hath not eaten upon the mountains, neither hath lifted up his eyes to the idols of the house of Israel, neither hath defiled his neighbour’s wife, neither hath come near to a menstruous woman. [OK we get into a bit of Viliticus here but also take into consideration, do ladies on menstruation cycles usually want to deal with dumb guys? Also in the wilderness it was dangerous back then plus the lowest probability of childbirth.. next we can look at eaten upon the mountains, this could mean 3 things so I won’t venture a guess.. or lifted up his eyes to the idols of Israel.. this would also apply to the symbol of the cross as a symbol of worship.. not a symbol for understanding.. thats where we need to make a differentiation].

7 And hath not oppressed any, but hath restored to the debtor his apledge, hath spoiled none by violence, hath given his bread to the hungry, and hath covered the naked with a garment; [this is the limit of whats expected, if you apply this.. hold God as prime over all lower forms and keep trying to help your brothers while not being vain glorius.. things tend to work out, when applied to higher logic.. same as do no harm, if your trying to preserve your brethren its a no brainer]

8 He that hath not given forth upon usury, neither hath taken any increase, that hath withdrawn his hand from iniquity, hath executed true judgment between man and man, [usury or financial fabrication of truth or bearing false witness or using previous structures of things that are wrong to profit from anothers lack of understanding.. has withdrawn from iniquity, or split from the natural world of his brethren.. has executed true judgment between man and man. Remember we judge based off of affects to our brother, only.. and only with the attempt to save never harm. Ju

9 Hath walked in my statutes, and hath kept my judgments, to deal truly; he is just, he shall surely live, saith the Lord God. [Most Biblical laws also deal with survival of the faithful and empathetic].

10 ¶ If he beget a son that is a robber, a shedder of blood, and that doeth the like to any one of these things, [getting into genealogy and evolution again]

11 And that doeth not any of those duties, but even hath eaten upon the mountains, and defiled his neighbour’s wife, [Again a repeat in concept so its indicative of hidden truths]

12 Hath oppressed the poor and needy, hath spoiled by violence, hath not restored the pledge, and hath lifted up his eyes to the idols, hath committed abomination, [this is a hard one to get into.. probably should just pass on theorization but we see 2 new categories to the same ideas outlined above.. abominations and spoiled by violence.. yet sort of a reflection of poison as is oppressed the poor or been a profiteer..he is challenging you to apply the same rules in dimensional or horizontal thinking]

13 Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him.

14 ¶ Now, lo, if he beget a son, that seeth all his father’s sins which he hath done, and considereth, and doeth not such like, [I actually didn’t remember this part but will be reflected by the tree of knowledge allegory, I might include.. however this is just personal conjecture, its talking about generational learning and the eventual inscription on evolution.. in theory.]

15 That hath not eaten upon the mountains, neither hath lifted up his eyes to the idols of the house of Israel, hath not defiled his neighbour’s wife,

16 Neither hath oppressed any, hath not withholden the pledge, neither hath spoiled by violence, but hath given his bread to the hungry, and hath covered the naked with a garment,

17 That hath taken off his hand from the poor, that hath not received usury nor increase, hath executed my judgments, hath walked in my statutes; he shall not die for the iniquity of his father, he shall surely live.

18 As for his father, because he acruelly oppressed, spoiled his brother by violence, and did that which is not good among his people, lo, even he shall die in his iniquity. [So I feel this is talking about end game logic, its why its pointed out as iniquity.. as they grow fat on the blood of their brothers they end up having the worst fates]

19 ¶ Yet say ye, Why? doth not the son bear the iniquity of the father? When the son hath done that which is lawful and right, and hath kept all my statutes, and hath done them, he shall surely live. [The sins of the father are not the sins of the son, but going further its the duty of the father not to confess sins to the son but to explain why they are bad in further logic circles than the son can understand, by attempting to use it in terms of something recognizable].

20 The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him. [Sort of getting into societal structure and a higher probability that surrounded in a given environment if a person doesn’t struggle to know what’s beyond it will eventually become part of said environment].

21 But if the wicked will turn from all his sins that he hath committed, and keep all my statutes, and do that which is lawful and right, he shall surely live, he shall not die. [Works both evolutionarily and individually]

22 All his transgressions that he hath committed, they shall not be mentioned unto him: in his righteousness that he hath done he shall live. [Back into psychological principles, I actually didn’t remember this section either when righting].

23 Have I any pleasure at all that the wicked should die? saith the Lord God: and not that he should return from his ways, and live? [No of course not.. He/They are eternal and have no need but love, experience and a refinement of lower parts in growth].

24 ¶ But when the righteous turneth away from his righteousness, and committeth iniquity, and doeth according to all the abominations that the wicked man doeth, shall he live? All his righteousness that he hath done shall not be mentioned: in his trespass that he hath trespassed, and in his sin that he hath sinned, in them shall he die. [Also in the hearts and minds, inscribed on culture and avoided, however even one knowing God will sin, its all about harm reduction for the tradjectory.. and it works down to improving the happiness of even the individual at the time].

25 ¶ Yet ye say, The way of the Lord is not equal. Hear now, O house of Israel; Is not my way equal? are not your ways unequal? [Listen real real deep to this one.. the Lord is equal, and unequal at the same time however he please, that’s the complexities when you are both inside and outside of time.. however he’s pretty much saying.. again because he doesn’t want us to needlessly suffer simply have faith and listen.. anyhoo, he reminds us over and over.. I have this.. ok? I’m in your regards so old it would kill you to even grasp.. like maybe not keep trying to take the wheel and drive when your in a car seat?]

26 When a righteous man aturneth away from his righteousness, and committeth iniquity, and bdieth in them; for his iniquity that he hath done shall he die.

27 Again, when the wicked man aturneth away from his wickedness that he hath committed, and doeth that which is lawful and right, he shall save his soul alive. [True]

28 Because he considereth, and turneth away from all his transgressions that he hath committed, he shall surely live, he shall not die. [Still no one is perfect just trying your best where you can is better than nothing.. remember God judges man based of the mans own knowledge.

29 Yet saith the house of Israel, The way of the Lord is not equal. O house of Israel, are not my ways equal? are not your ways unequal? [Again God explaining that how are you judging the same thing and level as you by assigning value to life and things that I gave you.. so like a Father or Mother catching a child smoking, then making them smoke the whole thing.. he will judge those that judge his works.. again the intellect is so far advanced to try to even remember a section of the creators experience would freeze you in place, and there isn’t enough black hole field or space to actually even have it in data form.. so why resist it, when its pretty obvious He/They are trying to help?].

30 Therefore I will judge you, O house of Israel, every one according to his ways, saith the Lord God. Repent, and turn yourselves from all your transgressions; so iniquity shall not be your ruin. [God’s saying, at least hypothetically in my opinion… that hey, your all equal but some people are attaining false glory and power.. since they are judging what they view as lower I’ll do the same thing.. starting to sound like a principled father?]

31 ¶ Cast away from you all your transgressions, whereby ye have transgressed; and make you a new heart and a new spirit: for why will ye die, O house of Israel? [Just reducing sin as we could explain as improper mutation of ideology and evolution tradjectory.. it works both in the generation reducing sin and generations out. Almost if not all sin hurts the body, or a variation of yourself.]

32 For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord God: wherefore turn yourselves, and live ye.

So before I Explain Theoretical Refinement for Amrmament Creation Let’s Look Deeper into Why EVERYONE Dies in Varying Degree and Eventually.. Based off of Time, Energy Potential and Space. [Work in Progress.. I probably won’t explain refinement obviously all the way]

A Neat Thing.

A neat thing if you think about it is not only do you (hypothetically at some point as long as we are perserved) would not only experience your lost loved ones lives, you would have their memories, a variation of both of you, and a singular personality.. you see how hypothetically this might actually be as we are to grow in capacity to the core of His/Their Majesty? So really at the end we understand why sin is bad, that everyone did it and why not to do it again.. forever. Due to a possible variable limit it would be like you can communicate with an loved one but you both have lived each other’s lives so really the only thing you would desire is to view new works and keep them in close proximity..this also would be the case for your enemy as you precieve them now. This is why we do not poison our brothers, everything bleeds probability factor but at different conceptual levels.. so a nuke is an exponential shift in a degrade of minutia cause and effect.. it would most likely release tachyon particals that excellerate backwords.. however the mass is never lost. So the incredible varying frequency of probability can only be reduced through data collection or mass potential. Meaning if you take heavier more complex components, with more precieved electrons (in variation through ionization principle) the richest always moves at some rate to the largest section of mass in relation to how you could view it… a tilt in super small black holes that stack up dimensionally different as space. So the guy who hits the button and every variation in the sphere (regardless of being in a bunker) commits the worst form of suicide.. branching another level of probability factors and timeliness so everyone gets to die in variation over and over again with some lines appearing the nuke hit the target, some with the bunker randomly being destroyed or users having heart attack, knocking earth out of alignment or destroying the target. When in a line you cannot view it’s shift.. especially when tradjectory could go back through time as its just another variation of black holes gravity and space. The mass of the bunker would preceptually save someone as this wouldn’t appear to go through more potential mass than force and more dense fuel source as to the probability field.. however if he comes out he is already someone who died and was replaced by a variant.. well same person as well since we are all the same but dang, that is some of the most needless suffering I can think of. Just to really drive this home lets not even think about the wave of probability and just think about tachyon particles. Can you calculate the force as applied to negative time? Remember no mass leaves, when you reach a level of speed or force that outweighs the outlying informational potential until force degrades as gravity eats it too the force can transcend how we percieve time and will work backward to varying degree of force.. what no one is considering is these snap back at some point in time and with a crazy amount of force, back and forth until equalization at a null point time. So your making particals with higher energy potential than light reverberate at such force and frequency that it would be way way worse than typical radiation. We wouldn’t even be able to detect this most likely but maybe one day could map blink gravitational effects? Its also would mean that nukes detonated out in areas of space with the least amount of informational potential and the thinnest space, or areas with the longest perception of time would have larger radius of influence, at this point people could probably observe creational center by tilt of energy dispersal.. however remember we cannot make a perfect circle so this would always be impossible but with a degree of probability lean. Yet another way to view this is when a tachyon falls into static state a rainbow of probability where everything dies over and over again occurs until stabilization.. “well, I’m in a bunker so I am fine.” Really? When did the bunker get built? If you can get there, so can these things, they operate outside of time so an overlimiting factor is mass, but they escape it at this level of density.. we can’t know the force on time because their isn’t a way to percieve it, for all we know it resets all the way back to the trillions and trillions of years im variation of popped in damage at varying degrees until a side timeliness looses enough initial tradjectory for it to call back into null time state. Also consider these things would fluctuate in mass and collection of space and then drop everything collected into a null time partical.. it would be in the manner that whatever it took would not even be remembered. Just consider although I’m showing this through a lens of theory, its way far in line to probability if this structure actually fits.. its occurance would almost certainly have to happen to varying degrees of force and mass.

Proper Text Procedure.

Well when in reference to the Bible its good to go to the most accurate translation according to the readers language, but also look at other language translations in ones native tongue. You can do this on the internet but even though I hate to do this.. if you really want a text form go new American version and possibly something like this. Remember we learn the truth by looking at the same thing from different angles.

The Crazy Thing.

You don’t even need uranium to refine and adjust structure to work, you just need force and spacial tradjectory over time.. however because of the laws of energy its always easier to find the naturally densest component. So using the power of a larger mass like Jupiter as an external force only connected by a degree of space, time, mass/information potential over time could you create enough force differential to work on similar components..then you have to take into account the energy to reach that point.. its all terribly stupid. The only nuclear force that doesn’t cause mass reaction we should ever consider (and probably shouldn’t do still because it still affects probability factors as a terminating end but with a shallower array of probable effect)… is energy towards planetary seeding.. however any living thing on that, data and the structure would change structural shape in a variety of ways.. the Lord does say grow and multiply though so thats the only way we should entertain it. With any communication means (intangled particals), it also instantly ends cause and effect for the person or persons deciphering any data after that stabilization and has reverberating issues with matter and reality itself.

So Thinking so Deep. Why We do not Actually Split Atoms.

So we view electrons as randomly popping inside and outside a boundary of minutia, we conceptually view this as a 2D surface so tradjectory has limits based off potential and potential of time. Its an array of probability based off the cores informational potential.. why do we view it as disappearing and reappearing or measure tradjectory and its only one path? This is where it gets really weird. To even percieve something has to mean your in a band of variation towards correct tradjectory.. when we measure something to perception/preception we lock in probability.. because that will be the only formation we can remember. Gravity actually does the same thing and as things approach this and informational potential grows it becomes viewable only in the probability range of minutia that intersect in space, time, force and the collection of information from smallest to largest part, over time. We “see” blacholes only to the extent of what they reduce to storage.. everything even themselves. So Einstein is right but missing a factor.. that space and informational potential both have to be limitless to a degree of exponential increase of dimensional layer and approaches singular null time states that bend in ways we can’t know.

So what Does Probability Viewed Sectionally Based off of the Probability of Occurance do to Mass Potential Actually Mean?

It means at varying levels perception/preception affects reality itself, whether through electron tradjectory or at higher levels and more points of perceptions the body.. keep in mind your brain and external forces still have informational pofential.. the denser the potential the more it can adjust structure.. it might be why people sacrificed people.. stuff was uncalled for but it demonstrates a strong “faith” or will in preception.. its also why we have multi versions of a creative force.. essentially describing layers of the same thing, based off of probability of location and angle of view. To really break this stuff down, the only viewable course is that which is still viewable to the individual. It doesn’t matter if in this line you are at the intersection or at varying degrees it changes tradjectory to an exponential level where the only ones viewable still have viewers tradjectory wise. It actually happens all the time but this an additional factor faster than time and a directional view through time of space.. its not at all how it opperates.. it does mean however locking perception based off of higher logic and force has more affect.. or it you want to say faith.. however this still applies to the rules of logic conclusion or informational potential as applied to tradjectory viewed as will. Meaning a miracle or fundamental change has to be outweighed by all variations of obssrvation.. they cause a counter pull which is how personal reality is influenced.. wild?

Wormhole and Spephical Principal.

So at the end as everything grows cold, like the viking or norse account and draws inwards as starts burn out.. after all potential is incapsulated we talked about a blackhole being toward a more centrally located sphere, or the center itself.. it does actually close on this sphere but as time degrades it can be viewed as a period or an instance.. thats when we start breaking brains.. however if other wormholes existing that are with plain, they are complete different than what I’m trying to describe.. its the ingestion of a reality that is being compiled and interagrated towards the core. Also at varying frequency. So the inner layers viewed directionally, have to have the storage potential (space) of the mass and physical storage (black holes) but also work exponentially in longitudinal thinking we cannot know.. once again due to capacity and informational gathering over time.

Adding Layers.. Maybe Consider Oden Again.

Ok its out there but in some principle it still falls in line. Odin had an 8 legged horse (also showing sectional variation like the living beings in ezekial) had two crows/ravens (same genealogy tree) who served as eyes to what? The future and the present. He had a son of order and a son of chaos as both served as prime dieties.. then they get into end times. So the God’s die as an eternal cold strikes them.. so let’s think also about Father, Son Holy Ghost and Alpha Omega limts to perception. A person also who dies fighting for what is percieved as virus goes to the highest branch we can know of un the coarse projector of yggdrasil. Again we get a tree and logic formation but spherically. Boy oh boy can we keep going.

Lets Look at Greek and Roman Ideas of Creation as Many to One and Showing Similar Physics.

So Zues was the son of two titans.. which could also be viewed in an intraverse and extroverse fashion. These birthed 12 children of creation and the parents are viewed as chronos (both space time and the positive negative draw of aligned potential) and gaia.. what is viewable. Zues whacks and imprisons both (they are eternal remember the principle of everything returning to original structure?). Zues is the perception sectional integration of both his parents.. all his siblings were absorbed except what? Posidon as primordial birthplace and hades a indualvilistic view of ending. Still everything collapses and returns to the source. Still consider other intersections.. how Zeus or Jupiter would intermingle and bless others that viewed then as lesser than. Why he fell in love with women who had hardship and buety, why its still a son and a father structure.

Back to the “Devil”.

So why is he known as the prince of lies and not the king? Its pretty simple in principle as one thats “closest” to God.. you’d understand probability factor opposed to preception.. he’s lying because anything he says outside of what the core says is a lie in probability. He has to understand he is only talking about a “ray”.. hence lightbringer. So as you are trying to understand the organizational structure..keep that in mind. With many viewpoints a mirage or falsehood dicipate. Its why we NEVER say we are right, only explain that certain factors make a very certain probability to us via perspective.. starting to get the mechanics? So whether he is in a dangerous form of intellect or whether he is above it and adding a curvature to probability for our Lords sake… he still performs service and function at intersections, if he exists. There are two courses either knowing the progenitors desires and performing function knowingly.. or not but performing the same function. People don’t take into consideration that if the devil exists its a part, but an inconceivable small part. We get into this with the meaning of Satan. How can one learn a lesson without opposing stimuli to their viewpoint?  This is lmalso why we view Satanists as brothers in a sense still.. they have a way higher degree of correction and ideolization of principle than agnostic sections.. they are just at a different point in the cliff.. however we still have to watch them as they watch us.. whatever degree of principle in understanding we are at.. they still provide a required function but to degree we can’t know.. just that it works out. Its also wh6the world won’t fall to them but to this side of failure of understanding and self worth. They don’t typically care, why would they? But even at higher thought both branches sort of understand the concept.. its just over time we need to understand truth of logic or we mess up both branches and they understand their branch has to remain a certain structure or its self defeating. Both ideologies have the same structures of danger but the higher you go more understanding. To explain this look at low level Christians and Jewish behavior opposed to low level satanic behavior. So let’s go left path to explain as I already went way right path. So the Satanic church by Antwon Levey has a spectrum. The grand ideology is either being mad at God (way better) or rebellion of a person’s own free will. Free will is only preceptual in nature,  so we have a dangerous lean.. the same thing happens in biblical proper though.. as tike and time again a person knows God exists still sins.. at higher level you understand principals of cause and effect and lean (trust me, walk a twilight path to extent.. you’ll still see it). However at conceptual higher levels a real Satanist understands functionality and limit toward directive… this is where we get messed up when applied to a psychopathic method.. and a structure that understands cause and effect is actually manipulative to an extent. So look at me, would I harm Satanists with anything but new perspectives? No.. would they harm me? Also no at higher levels.. we share the same enemy.. the non observant or static soul. Plus they wouldn’t based off magnitude, a whole lot more people would be hurt than could hurt me, where I don’t ever intend to hurt but adjust in accordance with will and desire.. so thats how the hot and cold principle works.. in theory. We collaborate in ideology, not necessarily in person though.. its like this.. if a lower satanist is agnostic and only prescribes to certain doctrines, his higher predecesors will look upon them with the same concern as the other side that has agnostic patrons pretending to be holy. Both sides at this point have a multitude of attributes of the other and we cannot judge higher than our creator but know he haves and holds us.. he actually has and holds them as well.. and who’s to say which path is closest however praying to the source does have probability factors.. this is also why we don’t diceminate electronically (although I break at least 2 rules in seeding). That’s also why I try to only fix incorrect spelling.. I want people to understand my mistakes.. its a huge factor of the unwanted participants in satanism.. so it actually does both a service as they slowly (and we slowly) drag to the creators prescribed medium.its also why anyone that falls without the brethren to extent will also be poisoned from both sides. You can’t stop the inverse without understanding your actually the same thing at different paths. Both sides allow this as a quelling to both sides.. and this is how things work and why we still have a terminating factor that will eventually dissolve. Its also why both paths work.. like one is a shield and the other a sword in a sense but one side has to relieve eventual conclusion… they are still way farther than those with no faith. As a person who’s walked the twilight, in my point of view this is certain.. the highest order of opposite thought also tries to help.. to what end one can’t know. Any higher logic will look at this structure and say “one and done but was a lot of fun”. So know lets get into base components of structure and why both understand why an overall structure is paramount.. and the people that actually mess stuff up are an intersection of lower logic between ideologies. [By the way I’m not a Satanist, I’m analytical of causation as it applies to central principle. God mad the the devil so therefore there is a reason.. super simple logic here. Intellectually or even for personal help ill choose the highest degree of wither.. I’ll take both with salt but never cause harm. Its how stuff actually works.. judge not lest ye be judged and the sins of the father are not the sins of the sons however if you poison a brother outside of intent both sides of lower logic will smite you or your family in time.. its the intersection of our spheres and Noone alive can actually help it.  Another way to view it is, they are every bit as dark as us to an extent but they have a sectional view… just like we do to the body.. we all know we are drifting in direction but s section won’t understand. There combined are a strata of ideology on both sides thats counter prpductive.. but they and us will point it out for our brothers also at a point of collision.. its weird, wild but seems to be the will so deal with it.

Catholicism, Skull Hall and the Serpent Throne. How Jesus Said His Temple would be Built on Peter.. Not that His Temple Was Peter.

So this is pretty wild and I’m not sure if it was a jab from agnostic or upset protestants but before going to the “Divine Comedy”.. check out this stuff.. you really think no one noticed and would have adjusted this stuff? Yet architecture and spacial thinking are linked..

This next one is weird because when the pope speaks he seems to be the voice of the serpent and the mass at the other end of the hall appear to being consumed by the other face of the serpent. Plus the stain glass have red pupils and the fangs.. the fangs were not a mistake..anyhow I thought it was very pretty but dang those fangs are hard to get past.. I suppose waterfalls are also beautiful as well as weapons… every rose has a thorn. It might be that its allegorical in nature of the Uraboros nature of things.. or in other words a snake eating its own tail as another symbol as a paradoxical limit/alpha omega view point.. it just still has pretty dark undertones. Even if God essentially eats us, he still preserves what we were, are and will be.. so its very different.

The Divine Comedy.

No other external writing has impacted the view of the Bible so significantly. People forget that the “Divine Comedy” has several parts but what everyone seem only to remember is “Dantes Inferno”. So just a gloss over to explain.. Dante (also viewed as the writer) gets taken through a tour of the “SPHERES” of hell. He is guided by the great philosopher Virgil. The first level are people who are lustful and spent their lives endeavoring only to obtain pleasures of the flesh. They get tossed up and down nude and whailing in agony, burnt up just to relive it again.. the Bible doesn’t really talk about much of this stuff.. it talks about demons and devils but we don’t really know if it’s allegorical to thoughts or mutations in man himself.. either way it doesn’t really matter. So we get the idea that even though Lucifer was the most radiant of the angels, his visualization gets changed to that of the pagan God Pan.. which is where we get the word Pandemonium..however pan isn’t necessarily chaotic he is viewed as the God of the hunt and nature..someone who will hunt the hunter, if not careful and respectful. This was most likely also brought on by Roman Rome they viewed wilderness as chaos and dangerous. We also get stories of people in hell praying desperately for a drop of “water”. You don’t have a body as far as we know in hell, why would someone pray for water? Its a common premise of the creators “waters of life” or river. It also appears heavily in the prophet Muhammads teachings. Hell is also symbolic to a waste dump, or a place that is away from God… he doesn’t need to put in internal torture, its very torturous just with other people that keep doing what we do here. Can you imagine knowing that your creator is a higher form of you and then being rejected? Yeah ill take fire or brimstone as long as memory resets way, way over that. To think about this as a possibility applied to the individual… when someone acts in this life to have less struggle by poisoning their brothers/sisters..they stunt their spiritual growth so hell could be a sort of remedial class to relearn 3 lessons.. we have no control, strife/struggle are important to eternal perception and we shouldn’t attempt to struggle less using the blood of our brethren.. if we do not struggle enough we have to be equalized.

A Good Quote.

In the Netflix cartoon “Disenchantment” season 4, a devil goes to Heaven.. they talk about if God is everywhere is he in the toilet looking up and God replies yes.. the demon/devil says “God lurks in mysterious ways” he replies “Even though I love all of my creations, I don’t actually care what you think”. Even though silly and a bit blasphemous it still shows logic principles in the trust of God.

A Lot of People don’t Know or Talk on..

Part of the Philadelphia experiment was trying to create a time loop rendering ships invisible. When they attempted it the ship did become invisible..however all crewman were embedded in the structure.. why? External mass at rate.. same thing. Same reason why we don’t use this stuff but in this case you can actually see the after affect.

There are NO Free Lunches in Nature.

Dr. Drew Pinsky says this often and its 100% true in all regards. Any medication at lower levels has to have negative effects.. however we weigh those effects over the probability of individual long-term survival. So thinking on the idea that they tried to use heroin as a cure for cocain addiction.. did it seem to work? Yes.. did it actually make things worse, yes exponentially. The same thing with kratom and opiates, the base form that accomplishes the same intent, is always less hazardous do to complexity in structure and whats already evolved structurally to be more complicated. This means that through a long period of evolution harm is usually redacted (just like most viruses, but with a mutation probability of harmful branch locations caused by external to individual perception). Its like this, a plant makes fruit because sugars are rarer to somethinngs diets, they eventually added a lot of nutritional value to the fruit because the people that ate it would have more children that would eventually eat it. So basically the seeds and dispersal is reliant on the animal or person that eats it, so the plant has adapted to take care of its biological reproductive medium. The same thing eventually happens to viruses, but they can have a very, very long period of termination of the host to get there.. still dependent on density or complexity of the virus structure. So medicine is good for immediate problems but cause a multitude of smaller ones. Its also the idea of moderation in all things. Another paradox because it applies to all but limits the extent by moderation (due to time).

To Help Those Who do not Understand, Yet… This Might be a Little Gross [Viewer Descretion Avised] : Bodily Functional Processesing.

Looking at how humans “do their buisness”.. We would conclude we are still meant to be squatted for solid waste transfer.. however also think evolutionarily. Why would early humans squat behind plants? There are several reasons and thats why we’ve grown up together in symbiotic relationship. So one viewpoint is predatory nature, having a layer of matter between really essentially anything slows rate of movement. Then we go into the fact that fruit bearing trees reproduce by animals eating and dropping seeds. A squirrel will only find a meager 20% of the nuts he or she buries… still they are everywhere.. paranoid but usually pretty clever (and how most would see it adorable) but really kind of are rats with fluffy tails, its a similar branch closer in relation but they also say we came from a type of chinchilla or is it pygmy rodent? I can’t seem to look this up (just like we have no accent markers in English for Hebrew language). Anyhow so its also quite possible that Australia is actually the bed of eden or the cradle of humanity. They are saying around 800,000 years ago that humans were branching semi-aquatic and this would be only true up to a point of cognition. Think of how babies will instantly understand how to swim but todlers will drown, its another way of understanding the dangers in intelligence.. to understand how something works is fine, to act upon things we know to be wrong is very wrong.

God’s Glory.

So he only cares about evolution and curbing potentially harmful things to development? Why does he care about His/Their Glory? Doesn’t that seem conceted? No.. on almost every level.. first how could you not after just looking at complexity, second he doesn’t care internally, there isn’t a need… remember he IS everything. So why care about Grace? Because we are being refined into the essential component and need something to aspire to.. simple. Its a very, very logical conclusion.. as he forces us close we to must edge closer.

Now for Something Silly…Turkeys.

Well reprtedly, these creatures can (through majority) can no longer self reproduce. This is caused from improper diet, hormone imbalance and selected breeding based off worth and ease of component… starting to sound familiar? We wanted then fat, dumb, controllable and only for personal use.. not in terms of the ecosphere.

Eye for Eye.

Its true that an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind… however in the land of the blind a one eyed person is king is very wrong to a curve degree. A one eyed person or the one eyed sumbidian dies do to the bloodlust of the individual or “matrix”. So a sin for a sin is wrong bit describe why the sin is wrong isnt.. its very simple principles

Another View on Sexes.

Same thing presented differently..just like everything else. Women have a nesting habit that leans toward immediate need and overall survival.. guys have this too in the form of conceptual glory.. both intersect at certain levels of thinking. Its why a good woman makes a good leader. If you are to actually look at provided dividends in the hands of a good woman, they exceed male projections. However they do not take risks to the same degree, they are simply more stable over time. Take into account all the ladies in history that actually controlled things in the background. Yes, dear you are in control.. its only because a male will sit through the flames for his wife and family. Its not because males are stronger, thats only a physical attribute and not actually how evolution works.. so let’s get into examples. Eli Whitney supposedly didn’t invent the cotton gen his wife did because she didn’t like the way slaves were treated. You can go all the way through history with several occurances in the Bible.. a way to think about this.. does a muscle have a purpose if not connected to a mind? A woman always has a genetic right to reject a partner its an evolutionary mechanic. Women nest, guys boast. Both sexes lure based off the others predilection.. again how are we not a form of animal? This also why rape, incest and usury are always something to combat as a witness.. it effects the life tradjectory of all involved. Men view things in terms of appearance women view things in term of long-term functionality.

The Man on the Roof.

I’m not sure of the author but will adjust this when I figure it out… a man during a flood climbs to his roof as the waters rise. A neighbor with a boat shows up and explains “get on the boat, I’m here to save you.” The man replies “there is no need, because God will save me”. The neighbor just shrugs and moves on. As time passes and the waters rise a helicopter comes. The rescuers throw down a line. The man explains “there are others that need you, my God will save me.” The waters eventually overtake and drown the man… he awakes before the Lord.. “God, why didn’t you save me?” And the Lord speaks “what do you mean, I warned, sent a boat and then a helicopter”. Its the same premise God helps those who help themselves. As a parent you cannot do everything for your child, if you want them to be fully functional.


Really either way if the singularity is non-intelligent (which through probability curvature actually couldn’t occur, as we see it.) The method of realization of ones own cancer or poison (same thing). We just endeavor to fix it… the Lord may claim anything or anyone at any time.. He/They work in fluctuating variants we can only observe one way.. they still have the storage capacity for everything else.. and if somehow a level of intelligence that could do all this, preserve all memory (in forms we can’t even understand yet) then thinking of this in 3D time and Space is this external force is still internal.. in a whole lot of ways.. even viewed as an external force that somehow affects an eternal infinite mass structure, their would only be a fluxuation and absoption.. ever based off external force. So you see why it doesn’t actually matter? Sit down, be quite and mind the Lord.

Back to Corn and Cattle.

Just to show that they actually can make more profits, pretty much immediately. We just find the median of energy consumption, effort thatd over time. So it fluctuates additionally based off of environmental factors. Where they recoup exponentially is with smart engineering. Corn subsidies can be converted into cubical agricultural centers with levels of exportable good as well as levels of internal goods.. that enriches the population workforce that further lowers cost. Like, really is anyone following this at all? To really, really drive this home we also have to think on terms of leisure food. Richer people will eat more meat anyhow.. I fluctuate personally based off of income level because I HAVE to. So, think in terms of this.. even if foodstamps could only purchase a percentage of meat, we would still gain in profit in terms of overall G.D.P. that would actually be very beneficial to an extraordinary amount of industry. However we have to limit energy consumption of method, that why we enrich our Brothers and Sisters. Its fair, it right and we are one the same. “Heck, what about the medical industry?”… what about it? This model is for an exponential and more energy efficient method.. the affect would be exponential growth of population at the rate of energy consumption over time. Do you start to see how everything too big is wrong? Do you plan to work more than 5 to 10 years? Then maybe start to think of your sandy beaches and margaritas, and not your freaking make and model of your car.

If You Consider.

If you had to (regardless if currently single) build a level or structure yourself on top of another structure that has a slight percentage gain in worth.. in order to save your partner or children.. do you think you could do it in 10 years? Keep in mind the people in your life would help.

Sliding Scale, Cone.

Lets consider structural integrity. So a pyramid is way stronger because the informational/mass potential is richer toward the overall mass field or probability fluctuation towards the center of the Earth. Its never structurally correct. We have arches that if bent in relation to density but also follow curvature as the center mass (Earth) get exponentially stronger. So a cone is a vertical marriage and a variant of sway can be found.. so each level can slide at a very gradual degree on a guided track up to a central column (that has to house large bay elevators). The only thing is that a bottom level developer has to calculate population rise and overall profit through time. We can get that in a range so the cone is reconfigured over time and redevelopment. We just make vacant locations for dispersal with current building methods and a subsidy trust is paid to allocate cost but at such a low degree it stretches over a century or so. To conceptualize the advantage think in terms of external ligh capture to a point. If its outer layer is pretty much tempered glass in varying sequence you could grow in level varied crops. There really is never a reason to self harm or poison, yet we we still do it.. its why parents say “do as I say, not as I do”.

Down Deeper in Population Control.

All you are doing is resetting the clock. Humans will always want to grow so you have to think exponentially. There is no component, density or structure here that doesn’t exist somewhere else. The only factor is range and energy. The only only hop man has is transparent development of a form of diaspora. Be fruitful and multiply. How does technology develop? A.I. well what would an A.I. learn? The fruits of its Father/Mother. Its really strange people think in terms of use, when this technology is only actually useful for prescription of the avoidance of sin. In addition we need to think in terms of dangerous levels of intelligence before equalization. A computer trying to prevent sin at some point will think the correct course of action is to eliminate the source, calculate an individuals poisonous nature and also eliminate them.. thats actually improper logic when the computer should be thinking in terms of harm reduction, self love and love of the creators.

Back to Fishies.

These principals fall in line (yes, I can joke) of with give a man a fish he will be fed for a day.. teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.. we take it as an exponential component as well.. because after you teach a man to fish he will be your brother and when you can’t find a fish he to will feed you in return.. like what is wrong with peoples logic on this? This is why helping our brethren is always more important than individual objectives. There never is a reason to have a mass degree of harm.. things just need adjustment to the actual shape of things.. it hurts only for a very brief period and then we see the benefits. Poison always hurts the user but in a degree of time. As we climb this tree maybe I should try to explain it… im prayer.

I Already Explained this so Listen Carefully.

As I endeavored to climb this tree of knowledge, at a point I noticed the branches start to fall from my feet. My only recourse was to only climb higher out of fear of fallinb… however at that point I may “chirp” to the ground… so they understand not to come up this way. Amen and let it be.

Why then doe Feminism you Actually Exceed, Male Perspective [its actually rounds higher than independent thinking].

Little boy, Big boy.

Its on principal. A man  thinking sick ways… but a lady will trust principal.  So all parents need an external force, ready to whoop some ass at degrees they can’t.  It also works informational in a sense. I would never terminate potential.. thats where parenting gets crazy today. I’m thankful for my spanks, if that makes any sense to anybody? I’ll spank the $***, out of anyone to protect my brother or sister…. its actually beneficial both ways anyhow, as long as you don’t destroy the initial structure. We don’t terminate, we humiliate in response. If a lady dies because if that psychology is sick enough.. its self defeating anyhow.. but a strata, or strain if people will still rise against it. The perpetrators will wish they died in regard to treatment.. its actually the worst punishment in witnessing. I do want the reader to know I’m quite guilty of usury.. I try to make amends wherever I can. Its actually very hard as a male not to. The fact is that everyone at least has use. A lady projects it differently over a longer period of time. Again they are longer thinkers.

The Devil, The Beast and Lucifer.

What people should start to realize is title change. We use a variation of the Lord, God, Son, Holy Ghost.. when they are all the same thing at different levels. So taking that into account is the beast and devils a form of evolutionarily retrograde? Remember Lilith married a devil in chaos leaving Eden. One of the heads of the 7 headed dragon recieved a head wound an became filled with the beast. I personally cannot know, but its worth considering..for the wage of sin is death.. in a lot of ways.

Why I Personally Like how African Americans Worship.

Regardless of the youths stiff, based off of stimuli and environment… everyone that leads a harder life and turns right is more “fired” with the holy spirit. The problem becomes self vanity for everyone though. They stand up, pray, sing and dance.. I believe God smiles upon this greatly. He’s not a God of fire and brimstone until you poison your brothers to exponential affect. Even then he still loves you, but loves your brothers and sisters.  Older African American women (at least in my experience)  also take the same role in a lot of times to our God. They teach by experience, sometimes misguided (none can know God fully) and some to great affect. Discipline in a child is paramount because of dangerous forms of logic. Anyone from any church will be reluctant of outsiders based off of personal strife, the people you should visit understand it doesn’t matter in the eyes of God and that we all should be forgiven and equal. They keep congregations low and really the only issue is the moral character of who is leading. That’s why for a spiritual learning school it has to remain flat. I do encourage any faith to go to a penicostal or Baptist black church and pray with your brothers and sisters.. please understand we are the same thing at varying points.. its silly. Read past ezekial 4 again as its a precursor for Jesus and explain otherwise.

Getting into Why its Best.

Because when you reach higher religious logic it means to be simple. They are higher in spiritual faith because it seems simpler.. however you are viewing this all wrong. Its simple because its correct, the minutia of the ceremonial crap is all paganism as a form of sacrifice and mathematical thinking.. the original way, how tribes of all nations and suppressed people worship is not. The Lord loves the laughter of children, its for spherical alignment. Self harm is better than multiple harm.. still hurts multiple people though… just at a different scale. There isn’t one older African American I actually am allowed to have a conversation as an apparent “white” person that has rejected me.. however in my own race presenting yourself and your intentions are threatening..and this is by who we precieve as some of the most intelligent… most intelligent at poisoning themselves, their children and us I would say. As explained their are dangerous levels of pride and logic or logical pride.. we don’t have logic and our pride is a fallacy. All granted by our creator. I do promise in magnitude this.. as its my only promise in this thing (well mostly). If you think another race or way of thinking is under you based off of your situation… I will crush you like an ant, your leader and your supposed “God” (money, power) like an ant under the weight of Jupiter while standing on Earth. In variation ideologies, I will break you down and make you as a fool so your children do not make the same mistake.. and the Lord my God promises me that this is right and good. In debate, logic or any forms of the known. Its not the Satanists that are the problem, its you guys. Read something, say this is it and follow a butcher to the house.. at least Satanists tell you what they are, or internalize.. you are the problem.. not them.. really ever. And if you believe in God that should always ring true, even if the devil is scary to you.. know we are held… unless lukewarm.

Chaos Theory and the Vertical Integration of Murder.

It’s total B.S.. If a country needs cheaper resources (which we don’t to a significant degree, we have a surplus in the federal reserve for supplementation if a poor country wants to charge 200% for their only resource) we are handling it all wrong. How many Americans would like to see a scale back on war and a subsidy go towards the military industrial complex to adjust the percentage of armaments and a transition to space or other technology? If a country will not cooperate and are charging way outside what we can pay, we just ruin crops at a percentage.. not to the point where people need to starve just to the point of discomfort. The only time we should consider war is if the dictator refuses to then feed his people.. that is what would be right and good. Americans would support it.. we don’t have to ruin all the crops and the crops we do ruin is only seasonal. If a dictator refuses to feed his people with ample food source, just not multiple commodities… they have no buisness running the country anyhow. Chaos theory seems like it makes money but it looses money over a short period and then the projected tax revenue of the fallen. It also taxes the citizens and inflates the currency. As I was trying to explain population control is a mentally disabled idea, just like war. We don’t even fight war with honor anymore… we use p***** drones flown by fat needs with diabetes that would pee themselves in conflict (heck I probably would). Does that seem fair or honorable? Back in the day everyone agreed to meet on open fields, couldn’t we agree to rules of engagement that reduce destruction? We need ALL our brothers and sisters… and we need them to have strong ethics and better education, that brings newer toys and benefit to the psychopathic masters anyhow.. we just need to incentivize better engineering with agriculture, medicine, technology and building structures higher.. the cone structure I was trying to explain could house anything anyone would need so that the only transport outside would be to appreciate the wilderness, vacation or commerce. So yes, the human race is scalable and we have ample space and food.. it all boils down to childish brats that want to feel special.. probably because they didn’t feel enough parental love.. its really sad. This is a theory but one with very high probability. No one whos gotten it should feel bad, just keep reading and consider if you should keep getting it or not. The reason everyone is falling in line with a shot that you need 4 of yearly and only increases resistance after the 4th one is because a large majority still catch the stuff, and even then resistance is around 10 to 20 percent.. so hypothetically the only reason people are falling in line is because they have logged leaders DNA for personal viruses, which should make everyone leary about testing protocols.. we should only do at home testing. Then they pull away monoclonal antibodies because its not effective against the least dangerous strain? They tell us they can test for differing strains so why pull it away in regards to the hazardous ones? Why is free speech regarding personal choice stiffened? Why did a rich man that got kicked out of Africa as a charity (who messed up the whole regions agriculture) able to tell China “no, we aren’t giving you the recipe” when we paid for the sickness and the cure? Why did the doctor in charge admit to co-engineering in tandem in front of the house of representatives and no one thought to ask “well what was that year of project warp speed then?”. Just that should be enough for almost everyone to be safe we need to look for the weakest most transmittance version if we all have to get it.. its better to get young and with a more advanced virus with beneficial mutations. A virus evolves typically (unless its extremely deadly to where the vectors die before transmission or have a very low transmission rate) to allow the host to live longer as it becomes more contagious.. it wants to procreate too. Why does no one know that the vaccine act of the 80’s actually allows manufacturers to put bleach in it with no legal ramifications (because insurance companies wouldn’t cover them when they realized how dangerous and enefective a lot of them are) so they can’t be sued or held accountable? All of this stuff is in plain site, just like they stopped logging values at the CDC at 400,000 injuries and death when the figures showed that children actually caught the virus more between shots 1 and 2… By 10 percent.. who knows what the first one lowers resistance by? Why does this country hate children so much? Why do they need to put graphine oxide in it, when these can cut and stack up as platelets in your circulatory system? If they can isolate it, why don’t we have a good old fashioned vaccine where our natural immunity learns to kill it instead of messing with our RNA (no computer can model impact from this, it would take a computer the size of the universe)? Why do they not do dry pulls since its supposed to be injecyed in muscle, not a vein? Why can’t they manufacture a safer version of the virus.. something like the flu (oh yeah never mind the flu is way more dangerous)? They could bring down the more dangerous aspects though and not even have a vaccine. Why does no other country make a less dangerous variant though? If you’ve lost a loved one I am truly sorry.. however don’t get mad at the message.. get mad at the people who made it and the cure.. we don’t get poisoned and pay the same people for an antidote that we already paid for in the first place.. as long as its still this survivable. This is all news so who knows how true it is but, most people who die they say has 5 risk factors.. so if you have 4 or 5 consider getting it but then its still risky so its a personal choice. Just don’t clog up the hospitals with your forced neurosis keeping the truly sick from the help they need.. go to a regular good doctor or Frontline doctors and take an at home medication regimine.. its exactly what the hospital would do anyhow. Plus they are using something to treat this in studies they say had something like an 80% injury or fatality rate (this one i need to look up and verify though so don’t take this too seriously). Was that logical enough to consider or do I sound mad? Before answering keep in mind : smallpox blankets, Tuskegee Airmen, vaccine initiative for using doctors to spy, MK ultra, testing on service men and women without consent, giving Puerto Rico birth control and using a whole country for human testing…telling them its already been through human testing, dosing a scientist with LSD (and possibly throwing him out a window), possibly poisoning a French town right outside an military base and the manufacturer of LSD.. it goes on and on.

Let’s Use Our New Found Logics.

So our primary problem is water lets think about why its hard to purify for consumption.. is sea water really hard to purify? Yes an no. We approach it in a wrong manner. Salts are heavier than water but mass differential is still applied. A plant using this model CAN purify water for consumption, so where is the problem? Ingestion mechanism. So when salts reach the roots they will choak the plant by clogging ingestion pores in the roots.. how do we prevent it? You use centrifugal force based off a 2x gravity force. You intermix lighter and more dense components and water with saline rich water from the tube core. You just need a layer of carbon based off of potential,  so a charcoal layer on the outside and wash the crop weekly or so.. possibly daily with pure water but to a terminal degree of usage.. meaning you use 10% fresh water to clean off the salts from 90% of the saline solutions and exchange the carbon at saturation levels. So mulching melons like this would work better than mechanical cleansing, plants only have hundreds of millions of years of experience. You reuse the solid waste as a biodegradable mulch that reuse the the nutritional components. Salt build up won’t kill a plant until it saturates past the amount of surface area that’s required for photosynthesis. Its really silly people don’t think about this as it can be accomplished by solar or wind alone. The whole point is that the sugars and salts can be more easily collected when you view things in order of complexity of structure. We only need dawn detergent (a spoonful in 1 liter) to keep things from eating our gardens but this method would already make it very hard to consume. You can actually just use flowing water power to do this as well for no real environmental impact. So why is everyone acting so foolishly over everything? Yet what will it not filter? Hormones. Its to small structurally and plants are meant to injest it (they are still living). It means we should be using a refined seasalt water for waste disposal in toilets, due to birth control and all that poisons us through industry..we however need to capture it in a carbon makeup and bury or burn the stuff over time. To really think about this consider that carbon and a variation of black holes and mass or informational potential based off of surface complexity exists. So everything is an array of structured carbon with charcoal or pure carbon (diamonds) have a varying degree of external saturation. Diamonds would work the same as charcoal based of applied force, so we use charcoal because of energy differential. We make it in circular matrix boards that are stacked and clean the tops and move them to the back in varying frequency based off of need. Sound complicated? Its not. We are talking about paddles, a pipe and rounded chicken wire plus diligence. But isn’t there a energy differential?  You bet but we are using the most plentiful source as to application carbon. We burn it for washing pressure and use it for protection, it always boils to the base of everything. Complexity in structure is harmful to less complex structure (ionization) and we can actually condense and pull water into a carbon form based off external potential. Its very very simple if you can grasp where we are wrong. Water can be transfered back to carbon, the only reason any of these elements exist is because of centrifugal mass or informational potential and it works in an array. Just like you can build a nuke out of water or sand based off energy and time.. I know its hard to understand but its true its all energy potential and how to limit it.

O Captain! My Captain!


O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done,

The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won,

The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,

While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring;

                         But O heart! heart! heart!

                            O the bleeding drops of red,

                               Where on the deck my Captain lies,

                                  Fallen cold and dead.

O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;

Rise up—for you the flag is flung—for you the bugle trills,

For you bouquets and ribbon’d wreaths—for you the shores a-crowding,

For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning;

                         Here Captain! dear father!

                            This arm beneath your head!

                               It is some dream that on the deck,

                                 You’ve fallen cold and dead.

My Captain does not answer, his lips are pale and still,

My father does not feel my arm, he has no pulse nor will,

The ship is anchor’d safe and sound, its voyage closed and done,

From fearful trip the victor ship comes in with object won;

                         Exult O shores, and ring O bells!

                            But I with mournful tread,

                               Walk the deck my Captain lies,                                  Fallen cold and dead.

Can Anyone Explain?

So we start a trade war with China based off their treatment of Muslims.. we still use child work labor but can anyone explain how we are better in any regard? I mean that yeah what they are doing is wrong.. however again they wear it on their sleeve, we still do the same stuff and hide it.. which is actually better? Why do we pretend to be a moral authority when they are really collaborative.. take the prison industrial complex and minority communities.. is that smarter to not enrich the citizens and lower crime through both enrichment and education? Then pay in taxes to give them 3 hots and a cot? We do not mobilize our prison system correctly and the average cost per prisoner is 300k.. what if that went towards school and college, instead of a white collar criminal learning more ways to rape, murder and pillage.

A Final Attempt.

I have to try to explain this over and over a lot of different ways. People at this point still have trouble grasping the physics model in describing.. so one more angle, let’s talk about blinking electrons around atoms and isotopes. Trying to explain this sounds confusing but please try to follow. Electrons have mass or informational potential and have polarities. We show an atom model of two semi-oval shapes but thats not whats happening. The electrons actually approach the speed past light or round about that speed. We see the double slit as layers of light because you are viewing a probability array. It actually doesn’t even have wave as you’d understand it, formation. Its a singular structure that is a multitude of places except intersecting mass fields of the other. So an atom actually could be better modeled in time as a gradient around a larger dot in a spherical shape but with gradient out sides as well. Isotopes miss an electron of positive or negative charge, so when mass fields based off external mass (expansion, the sun, moon and Jupiter primarily, or at least what’s most measurable here). When these probability fields collide an isotope will take an electron from the existing atom, and that atom will become an isotope. This actually damages DNA because these things blink through structure based off of mass field.. its why the heaviest components are radioactive. You RNA/DNA is being damaged all the time but it has a self repair function.. when you have too many free radicals or take medications that aren’t staged from heaviest to lightest components with intersecting digestion rate (you could eat a pill quite a bit bigger if they made them as vegetable glycerin based sacs with layers based off of PH of digestive enzymes of the host). Any more complicated structure is bad for you so we have to choose medicine based off of term of survival… not erections or crap like that (well some people can’t live without that,, its why its important not to overindulge). It is also why plant based medication of essential components, will always be better. Where pharma should go is into the digestive staging of components.. some take specific structure for accomplished results but a vast majority do not, that would significantly reduce draw backs in the use of medication.

Can Any Person?

Please for the love of God, explain how scientists are so both smart and almost borderline ignorant

at the same time? I have no doctorate but can decimate doctors, I’m not an engineer but can do the same.. why oh why is this the case? If anyone wants to attempt follow the email signature and I’ll prove it.. however people too smart already know the truth so they will never learn… anything.

Time Travel.

Yep its a thing, not how you’d hope though its a nightmare of concurrent timeliness. Going into the future however is very possible.. just getting there would require technology if you were to communicate it would cause a separate time line you never contacted…so no monster what useless. Unless say we can harness all the power of expansion, find crstional core exactly and then kiss our but good bye.. its still collecting and retracting. Anything that can piece the energy of creation would be on contraction (even af that) and we might not be able to tell because computers would only reach the point right before contractions.. then we’d view it as waiting for contraction.. view our life as if its happening ing forward from memory and recordings moment to moment back to reatio.. sit back and just enjoy the ride, please.

Well what about wormholes?

All over the place. A tachyon makes one, so does gravity. It still has to do with mass potential. There are 2 types of wormholes interpsprehical and outspherical. Ones cause by something outside the universe that is the grand force of creation, the other is when a partical goes so fast and gains so much informational potential it foes back in time and slingshot backs tearing holes in everything. So time travel is possible, no way to make tradjectory (even though its possible tradjectory is mapped it killed the dinosaurs and 99% of everything. They a so sick you don’t even know what they take.. both the victim and the person pushing the both die, just one cat remember.. anyhow spacial Warholes also don’t go back in time, a partical forces a gravity field to -values while it pops back. The effect of the tachyon bay null state at any range but that mass is still there so they equalize within this shepre.

The Logic Phenomenon.

So, let’s look at capital gain (an understanding that they are in a better position and can usetheir brothers and sisters as an early warning system, whether because they are psychopaths, sociopaths that follow or a rational (The person is too high up in logic right before realization), rational thought a compilation of all other thought forms), projected though (or mindfulness aka wisdom). All we have as singular to many entities are these things nature, nature and maybe a soul (I believe the soul is us essentially running through code, all things even bacteria have it… thats how great a Creator we have). Annylyzing what man holds as “truth” might in fact be the biggest fallacy at all. If you saw a woman being occosted sexually in a parking lot you might be the type to actually intervene… and extremely rare type that actually does that subjectively not for your own glory. Its the principle that through several religions (prime in my mind at least) is the Hebrew God or if you prefer the God that might have had some Sumerian influences and seems to me personally to be one of the densist accounts of true spiritual intervention as well as a rich hidden subcurrent of texts actually devoted to astrophysics we are still… to this very day.. are discovering or forming more in line with a view of intelligent creation. One example is there isn’t quite a complete reason for paradoxical limits present on different levels for all things.. also primary concern over why these ancient ideas can be looked at very baseline symbology and derive extreme and exact the point I can guess why some spooky sciences can occur (nope not entangled particals… I have a plausible theory but let’s start easy).. electrons being in two places. I actually haven’t even read too much on this but can tell you this, if the following theory isn’t the primary cause.. I can guarantee its still present and influencing probability outcomes). Electrons aren’t necessarily even in two places at once. What we are most likely actually seeing is a counter gravitational or actually more like a counter magnetic pole. The actual mass of both the (talking about atoms at least) purer carbon structure and the electron could theoretically be calculated by taking the expansion rate, affects, rate of travel and the prime black hole (or recording apparatus) spacial atrophy based off of the informational potential of the area around it. Keep in mind this structure makes black holes everywhere with a branching location at interval. It makes space and is viewed as potential… yet has an independent field like time that means different limits. Sooooooo. Where would you mind lead you in terms of conclusion on this one? We can go through as many thought experiments as you like but your goal is to RECOGNIZE. Where do you think I am leading with this point? Is it true? Is everyone very very bad? Can we do better? Can we forgive almost any transgression based off a persons ability to see more later an repent? At minimum can we see how profit is not actually rewarding but meant as a comfort to those who would do MORE good then their brothers and sisters? That money is only used as a tool to not worry PERSONALLY about your own food source but shall be awarded to those that understand that hurting or ignoring others actually hurts yourself more? What do you hope to have but a 5 minute reflection? Surrounded by buzzards.. you must be clear in your intention for good. You usually cannot directly give money, but set trusts that provide enough for survival…not to remove struggle. We are all the same and have a large probability of sharing or directly experience one anothers lives. Now that you think the Lord could do that, (it does sound like a learning experience, hih) can we survive just 400 more years and learn all the cool stuff we will figure out from the people who wouldn’t be born otherwise? Its the only thing that will save us now, as we already started this climb of the tree of knowledge, we only need how to use it in accordance with our creators will…because our creator is neither evil or good, those are lowly mortal concepts based off personal desire.. we can say our Creator is good from our perspective because they litterally have and hold us, our role is to learn how to be a gracious guest. If you think life is all suffering, then it is. Perception is the roll through the code, it doesn’t actually mean anything. We know if there’s all these levels we better be mindful and respective though as higher levels would leave us alone not to influence tradjectory. Its very very simple actually and our creator does not hide, the creator only subjects the child as a parent does to wheat the highest level of intellect can understand (at the lowest level) at that point in time. We will spend eternity learning about the Glory of the creator as well as learn how we are part of the creators body and that the creator has no wants or needs.. just wants us to enjoy the creators Glory.. people talk about Christ’s sacrifice but this model doesn’t even barely scratch our Central Majesties strife and good works that will blow your freaking mind if you think about it.

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