House of the Witness

By Mr.E, Witness from the heartland of “Babylon the Great”.


*Before a reader endeavors to actually finish it.. in an attempt for them not to give up but to re-read this at intervals until it becomes apparent in their own thoughts… allow me to indicate you need to strengthen your muscles in regard to geometry, angles and curves.. as visualization is very important in later stages, the mind cannot keep up with the numbers. Higher math is not necessarily needed, as it seems by analyzing this in its entirety that divine geometry is in fact a thing.. just slightly different. Other areas of study are philosophy, psychology, Astrophysics, Macroverse and Microverse theologies, bhudhism, Christianity, Judaism and the words of the prophet Mohammed, paganism and some aspects of Khabalism. A reader should learn all sources though, because God is apparent in all things if we just look past our self created veneer.

For all thoughts should be explored but those that reflect on proper good reason should NOT be dwelled on extensively. If a person should reason as all who came before him considered did they truly explore both that which we are endowed to see as apparent, although…We cannot see all things. Or is it folly to assume to know anything upon His Sea, but only have faith that His and Their logic is so great upon his majesty that its impudence to try to understand? Or is it simply I am inscribed to understand this now, that my suffering might not be for nought? And as I note some parallels I’ve been blessed to witness.. it IS possible to know a little about our creators mechanisms just not endeavor to ever understand all means and methods.. we can meet a point in which our logic reaches as close as a conclusion as our bodies can now withstand. A realization in this cures you in a 1/3 part being psychologically as you learn to forgive yourself,  “accept your medicine”, and understand we both need to heal the individual immediately as well as the individual..because it is hypothetically very probable we are the same “person” living at different points in time in a way no logics can understand because in this plain logics can only move in a singular direction with various branches and twigs”

Note as I make apparent so inherently I’m partially wrong. This endeavor is not for personal glory but that of continued survival. The message that I hold as a personal truth is slowly being rolled out in a logical method as to capture both the left and right brain of those who can bear to read this. Im attempting to explain as an individual who never attempted to adhere to one path.. I have walked as a sinner, a pagan, a Christian an agnostic.. I pressed all the knowledge as best I could to realize a “final conclusion”. Its my hope that someone can either add, make me think differently or consider this not only as a probable truth and means for a small reprieve so that we might endeavor to survive as a species. I just want to be wrong or someone to have the same realizations and echoe back a slightly different vantage point as it acts to refine our knowledge and trust in this process.

A quick request of my brothers and sisters looking for meaning in this crazy world.. one should note as we investigate what we can to find enlightenment their seems to be a strange strata.. you can have faith, spend a whole whole lot of thought pursuing God through various means and as you asxend in understanding I believe a lot of people become agnostic, but you MUST PUSH PAST THAT POINT and continue to climb the logic tree.this CANNOT STAY on the internet for too long, it goes against the principle of what I am trying to share as my own personal truth. Thats why we endeavor to keep paper copies.. this ideology should only be shared by those who seek it, and as a collective we should consider this starting missive as the starting missive, as it should ease the readers tension its just a foundational structure to compare to.. I do not speak in certain terms and certain ideas are also uable to be spoken by the language of man. As a witness we SHOULD NOT MISSION, we DO however give an agreed upon starting missive whether this or another to show truths in paper form and through the tongue.. I cannot say anyone truly knows anything so all through the following please take it with salt for its in regards to the unknowable as we try to use lower logics over and over to catch but a small glimpse of the Glory of a creator that aligns with what we regard as most probable truths in science.. this field of study is all encompassing including all theology. I ask you keep a personal copy. If someone ever gets into a phillisophical conversation about the possibilities of God’s machinations for us or try to ascend to understand our creator… we still know that we can never truly know him, yet know of him and his/their glory. This is just a very simple missive and premise and I am reluctant to use words like temple or church to describe the intent. This should be more of a spiritual school and family of sorts. The idea of the house of the witness is your brothers and sisters are your house and they are of ALL FAITHS of varying degrees and all of them hold certain wisdoms… As the Bible proper does state all me will come to know of me. Evil or good we all benefit from this most probably. Our endeavor is NOT to steal other faiths but to allow a latitude adjustment of sorts in the possibilities to the nature of life that people can hold a loving creator as evident. As a Witness we endeavor to use a smaller collective consciousness to navigate to certain truths as we understand all of the texts are as flawed as we are, however contain hidden truths and knowledge in the form of multi-level allegory..this factor acts in science as when a brain perceives something that is unable to be processed it protects itself by filling in the gaps. The smaller collective consciousness of around 30 people feeds into a convention of regional proportions as clusters, collectives or congregations go to regional convention, my hope is one day regional will become national and national will be global… that we may endure this rock for another century. The individual families or collective when selecting 3 candidates to go to regional convention should try to attempt to select 1 from these three categories. 1) the witness in the last year who helped clarify your understandings the most 2) the witness that you’d classify as a medium to how much they have helped you understand and 3) the witness you barely understood or didn’t understand at all their logic. As all three are expected to bear witness upon returning to their family or collective, congregation all will vote on new missives to be added for personal consideration to the binders. They will also speak on the discussions and revelations that occurred. I believe that we all would greatly benefit from this prescribed path and its my personal notion that it might be time for this. The organization should remain flat as in no preacher pastor or priest. We endeavor to read all religious texts and only speak on those passages that echoes upon our heart. We come into this understanding that all texts have passed through the hands of man so are inherently flawed, yet the prophets and those ahead of their time spoke in parables. To assume that a text can even begin to describe this grand diety is almost blasphemous, that is why I am of the opinion that ALL TEXTS CAN BE READ, just not all should be internalized. Sychophants may change text to aid early endeavors and some may get a kick from the power of changing things for changes sake, this is why we use a lot of symbolism.. to avoid what happened to lillith in the Bible.. It is our understanding that prophets have to speak in parables for several reasons, a couple would be :

1) for a lot of it human words do not exist that can express it. There is a weird roof of understanding our creation entirely and its impossible to directly describe his Grace. This make sense as you keep reading as to be in the presence of such magnitude of power would utterly destroy us.

2) When people cannot grasp something they become angry and do not hear. Thats why they seem to speak multi-level parables so everyone can get something. As some of these texts should be read as a child as an adolescent and as an adult.

This is YOUR own personal discovery, all I am putting forth is a framework for your own realizations.. I do however garuntee if you put the work in this will become apparent to you should you have the ability to fully appreciate the path. We do not inspire to merely change minds but to also have our minds changed. We simply look at what is inscribed in us to do and apply the tenements I recommend below. What we are inspired to do is allow for a personal discovery of the faith of the individual with guidance from the many.

We read and meet and worship how we are inspired to. You should be expected to have a talking point after a few meetings as something you read that rings true, you share it. If we disagree we use the socratic method, this insures if done correctly people both listen and learn. We vote on the speaker but all should endeavor to allow all people to speak at some point. In session, family members should not speak of living peoples names or tell stories that would lead one in personal identifiable information… we are house of the witness not house of the judge. This acts as a safety mechanism for everyone, those who are ready and those who are not. If its placed on your heart to explain certain truths you find apparent in session if a person or entity is alive and functioning change your point to be allegorical. You can always discuss your point of view at after parties or barbecues or parking lots but we aren’t here to point fingers only to heal and attempt to adjust the trajectory of our emotional evolution. We should keep this as “wandering clusters” meaning a home group under 30 but all members are encouraged to continually visit other clusters to learn new perspectives, and we all should endeavor to come together perhaps yearly like a convention. Each participant should endeavor to bear witness at extended family collectives or congregations. Each meeting starts with our houses extended family members as they teach us about their personal revelations, we might teach them ours so they might share within their own house. We want our family as large as possible, over time. In my opinion we are quite possibly growing in ways we do not understand but evolutionary psychology and just evolution itself is one way our creator is shown to have and hold us. So as witnesses its my belief it wouldn’t probably harm to consider that we should endeavor to cultivate those who can reach higher forms of understanding of what we possibly might be trying to achieve here because it stands to reason that the quicker people realize this the better life gets FOR EVERYONE. We only distribute paper copies of this starting missive to friends who trust us and we never try to be considered right, only considered.

This is how faith works and unfortunately not everyone will take this nor does everyone have the ability to understand its meanings.

Please Note : I may get into uncomfortable ideas in this original missive. We must attempt to not mass mission or post a lot of this as some ideas can be dangerous. We do not hold these ideas as a denomination but a spiritual organization for enlightenment and alignment to our creators will. The hypothesis that follows deals with science, multiple religions and faith and the idea that actually God is a God of ALL names. Its a simple notion as we read about all God’s and evolution that in the Bible proper God not only refuses to give a name he also says all men will come to know of me. He also states that no false dieties should be before him (I believe this is referring to the “great realization” when you progress and notice their is most likely a central diety that created EVERYTHING including the notion of lesser or demi God’s. If these Gods exist they are most likely a reflection of the zeitgeist or collective consciousness principle (I get into later) or they are just the one of many faces of us and the central creator or our Father. Yes these ideas will be complicated and you are not meant to get them right away. Not everyone CAN yet get them but we MUST endeavor those who do, and can hold God as scientific fact has to endeavor to help lead in the manner discussed. It may also be important for people who have the great revelation to have children which shall be explained through “spiritual evolution” (outlined below). So therefore if you stumble on this do not share but attempt to inspire or start a small cluster. We invite but don’t prescribe, this is important as we are a congregation of all faith with the intent of looking at our God’s machinations as should be slowly leading us to a new level. This may teach our species a tiny bit about the trajectory enough to both forgive oneself and also instill a deep desire to do better. It also helps to align you to the principles of no harm and I personally believe can help cure a portion of underlying mental issues such as overly greedy or possibly even drug addiction to an extent. Only if people put in the work so that’s why I am starting at how to analyze by showing what I consider to be a road to a small leap to enlightenment. However one must ALWAYS take into account that one can be wrong, for no one truly can know of God’s intent. Organizationally however we don’t necessarily prescribe to one doctrine but know God has been interpreted differently depending on the zeitgeist or collective consciousness. We also know that we must speak in symbolism to avoid making people struggle who are not ready. We understand that being a prophet is NOT special to the prophet himself and that all prophets resist taking glory from our central God or creative force.. the reason is we are all inscribed or coded to do certain things but our choice is limited… we are all infact parts of the same body where one may be the eyes the other the noes while yet another acts as the mouth.

We can read ANYTHING that is considered spiritual text. If you are going to quote it for your talk please remember the reference. We read anything but should endeavor to prescribe to the notion their is in fact one central God. He is a God with one and many names and that is why the gathering should be called the temple of the Nameless One. Because in the Bible God directly refuses to give it. It might be that our God is a one to many entity and that he may have formed all realms with his own glory.. this would mean the holy spirit or the father is in fact us in a way… just a much lower form. It is also my notion that all natural sciences cannot disprove the existence of God, however you can gleam within your own mind by following ALL the logics while gazing upon his machinations…and KNOW. However man cannot inspire to KNOW the ways of the central majesty. Its apparent to me that this world or realm is one of many and we are actually (both scientifically and through various religious texts) running through a type of script in which our choices are limited and all choices eventually leads to the same conclusion. It also seems that there’s no way of understanding certain things since the mind can only view time in one direction (do to chemical and synaptic processing and the way memories are created). A lot of what I will discuss here should not be posted but discussed paper copies can be given but in the future the organization should endeavor to only distribute missives meaning a majority vote of a cluster. Clusters make a parish which is about 15 clusters of 30. A cluster is just about 30 people and you can change as you desire but do recommend you going back to your original after a time to share the lessons you have learned. Organizational funding should be voted on for treasurers and their may be a central treasurer to only help start new houses. This individual only serves a year and we remove during convention. As not everyone can go to convention we use the low tithes (meaning we are pretty much only looking for the equivalent in AA, Salvation army or free museum day type donations not 10% of your salary (we don’t need it). Again this is not a religion but more like a notion to become closer with our God or God’s. The clusters must select 3 candidates that are willing yearly to represent their vote on the pending missives. Missives are only submitted under pen name. Members should keep a binder or “new bible” half is reflections in texts the other half are ratified missives. Within the cluster or limited groups, we always welcome guests and go to other congregations, hopefully a few times a year. During session I believe that we here guest testimony first, after every testimony we have session, which is when people are allowed to ask questions or use the socratic method if you do not disagree. For reader who do not know what the socratic method is, it’s a method of both teaching and learning at the same time. We endeavor to use it because we are not in the business of being right, we are in the business of finding out what is right for us. We use this method because of how the brain reacts to stimuli. Essentially the flight or fight mechanism built into us applies to a whole lot of things… When you outright disagree a person can essentially shut down and not even hear your logic, the stimuli you are prescribing is routed ultimately to the wrong region. When you ask in the form of a question by focusing around how you found what you precieve to be a hole in their logic… it forces the brain to constitute that stimuli back in the form of an answer. By endeavoring to use this method both parties have both the chance to learn and teach. We teach so that we may save a brother or Sister but we hear so that we may be saved more than we are. We do not disagree to disagree. We do not try to think ifbthe person speaking is indulging in vain glory. We do not automatically assume anyone is wrong about anything until we weigh all possibilities and then we may only know to an extent a human can know (at this time). When a congregation in session falls into a logic trap, as it drags on and people recognize their may not be an answer they may say “its impossible to know all the glory of our creator”. When several people have said this you table the conversation to “after party” as I forsee families clusters or congregations (whatever you want to call it) often having parking lot picnics, and definitely after session conversation. We however do not put missives or advertise online. I am putting this on a low traffic site so please only send a couple as I intend to take this down if people do intend to walk this path. All should know I too am a man thats inherently flawed, but I’ve thought much on how religion and text or any organization becomes corrupted over time so I pray my brothers and sisters only correct small portions of this missive by leaving the original text with a line so that it is still visible but indicates our collective consciousness has rejected it. I am putting forward the notion as a way to always protect the integrity of our trials. All my brothers and sisters should know that as you ascend in your understanding things about you WILL change. We do not mission to the rich and powerful to a level, there’s a simple reason for this and its the reason we do not share this out right. At a certain level of wealth if a person does not think of ways to use the excess they are sick.. but not mentally, it’s physical. They have typically a brain deformation in the empathy centers that cause a smaller size so they are much much more difficult to cure… however, there are tricks we use to help them. This come from the lesson our Father teaches each of us as children. When a child our guardians in this place may tell us “Do not touch that stove, it is hot!”. How is a child to understand even what hot is, without touching it first? This premise, also applies to why we maybe currently suffering in this “training” or life. My meaning is they have no external care, only self preservation and typically on a lot of levels. These levels include : cult followings, self indulgent behaviors, risky business or life moves when they think they are untouchable, as John the prophet says they wear profane names on their “crowns”. Most notably they will kill you if they precieve this as a threat, it isn’t. We must note that the psychopath, sociopath and sycophant are the enlightened peoples natural enemy.. even though we only hope to soothe them and put them into a position to come to the realization without force, they still can precieve this train of logic as a threat. This is why we endeavor a slow movement, and a forgiveness of evils to an extent except when someone knows better, they know its evil and we must deter their grievous actions from being repeated (when applied to the population). I personally hold evident that we should endeavor to forgive because for all we know we have to live their life at some point (unless we already have or live concurrently as the same entity) or even if prescribe to the notion that life is one and done.. we still want to treat our creators children and our brethren well.. What we endeavor to do is allow the rich man who cannot feel full to witness some of us (hopefully) come to the grand realization and they can bear witness on how it impacts us.. so that they too can find a measure of comfort, relief, family and hopefully a realization that these toys won’t matter if we can push through to the finish line. They are essentially collecting paper to buy a gremlin when their father is offering to buy them a private jet if they can just graduate. I hold this as FACT. We mission to those around this type of sickness and only directly when asked. IF a person wishes to confess something that is wrong to an individual of the congregation that is great we however should resist stating precieved sins in front of a congregation as peoples paths are all different. You can explain what you learned but should leave out details. We are all sick its best not to dwell on it and just take our creators cure.

A witness aspires to be present before the grand conclusion. A witness aspires not to claim glory only to bring it. A witness aspires to testify their own spiritual truths and recommend various paths of understanding toward your personal conclusions, as they should never stop changing only slow when fairly sure. A witness aspires to show through logic how one might endeavor to act. A witness is only protected by the observation of his family and people in all things, that they may correct the witness or vice versa.

Why I Ache for the Psychopaths, Sycophants and Sociopaths.

Because they are my brothers and sisters, as stated herein the are very sick and cannot see logic all the way through. We must be careful for a psychopath could run all three from a cliff if he is not made to see reason. An instance will be some of these people who will have poisoned us will build personal cities under the ground.. I don’t inspire this to happen but that is also terrible logic, as the public grows to hate you in whatever form you attempt to take below, they may just dump a nuclear waste facility over you excess points. Psycopaths have a very strange symptom that I believe is fairly common.. they have a precarious way of “showing their rump”, almost like a baboon, they at the point they think they can will openly rub peoples face in their disgusting natures.. simply because they think they can.. again that shows a structural problem that presents in the form of logic that is not followed to likely conclusions as they are only able to think in terms of their own life, wealth or power. Its also worth noting through almost all of time people who are slightly perceptionally elevated are killed or imprisoned by them which is another logic fault. Someone who runs through the logics of this and understands isn’t actually a threat to them… where the threat comes in is to visualize a upper middle tier of a form of personal realization.. they have worked logic enough to know that certain things are terrible,, they may have faith in God without personal knowledge of him.. they act almost like a filter between these types, but are the ones that end up kicking in doors and dragging people into the steer, raping, beating and burning them… if they are pushed too far. These type as they are working on personal revelations will always act as a sort of protection as long as they begin to wake up, even though that violence is not the answer when you rationally look at it… doesn’t matter because both sides have those that will not listen to logic.. regardless what an actualized witness says.. when a “righteous” rage builds in these people its way way to late. When a human gets mad, they are unable to listen.. this is regardless what camp they come from even though ours would tell them only to stand up non-violently when it comes to survival of the species. With power its always the power to control or hurt and attempted suicide through precarious actions when they tend to get bored. people are varying degrees of “uncomplete” and no one is complete until the end.. so.. we do not think in terms of more enlightened, because that is not enlightened thinking.. we may possibly think they are simply a portion of experience of the whole. In addition, we could simply be the same life living at different points in time, which is insanely hard to grasp because the mind is formatted in fashion to only perceive time one direction at varying rates. This also acts as a machination of sorts it seems (as I state elsewhere) to insure we don’t overload capacity, that’s why as things collapse in ward the slow down to us as its an adjustment in mass and information. It just appears as still suspended but in fact it could be essentially in two places with a record of all of history down to the chemical processes in your brain as a dark static or micro black hole matrix that functions sort of like cling wrap around a plate pulled tight, only layered with an immense outer dimensional pull that will occur. So essentially what I am theorizing this cling wrap of micro black holes is dense right up to the sphere of creation and its force bunched together works as a tiered tugged matrix with grooves and bumps (to visualize). Both the groves and bumps and the disturbed field of the holes may transmit and imprint on one another during combination as they are connected a lot of different ways. This shows the structure and possible method of a sort of data retrieval of us.. but I hate to say data because it is so so more complicated and buetiful as it may be a feature of the central creator as a means and method to actually concurrently preserve …every single detail…ever as the higher realms have room to encapsulate us whole. I’ve always just pondered if space and gravity are essentially the same thing viewed differently. As a means of record and gravity seem to be somehow linked as a method of recollection… I can assume only if this is true that a form of gravity is present on all dimensions and that black holes and the grand singularity only work dimensionally one direction and converge to all directions.

The House of the Witness Principles and what we Hope to Accomplish

This is not a religion it is a correction in my opinion of how faith actually operates. All we have as people are our perception, memories and imagination. We do not need a devil because what we already are doing is worse than anything he essentially did in the Bible. What do I mean by this? Well if you prescribe to the notion there is a devil that knew of the creators glory, he must have been inscribed to fall as his duty. Trust me anyone in his presence would never rebel and I’ll get into the reasons why briefly. 1) God doesn’t make mistakes unless they are tests that we are supposed to figure out. 2) He is the ONLY thing in existence us included. An angel supposedly higher than us (for the moment) would essentially know this, we are in fact the same entity as our father but it is a many to one entity. This means we are both singular and multiple. We can think of life as a training ground to understand this and to be able to live in his overwhelming glory. This can be looked at harder as I do not understand all the factors of a soul but what I do see are the natural mechanisms of capturing and correcting our nature (we will get into this later on “Alignment with the Sciences”. 3. The devil only rebelled against our father.. note that our father allowed the angels to fight but did not directly cast out anyone. He doesn’t need to worry about rebellion he only needs to worry about his glory, and that is for our sake not his. We resist “evil” and prescribe to good simply to equalize not necessarily perfect as the universe turns to a grey paste before we are sucked through these levels to our Fathers side. Organizationally the structures intent is to practice what I may personally believe is one of life’s intents, to learn how to operate as a many of one entity while we are still a left hand unaware of the right.

What we aim to accomplish : To help cure our brothers and sisters and for them to help cure us. Its the idea that we are growing into something and our Father watches and holds us as a baby trying to walk. All of the suffering and evil is required because he is all things. You can’t just sit around all day your whole life and decide to climb a mountain, you have to start small and work your way up. I aim to more directly point people to a route of small enlightenment that will make their suffering seem meaningful. It has a beauty to it. Can you imagine being in the classical Hollywood version of heaven forever? One where an angel who knew God’s glory still fell? What hope would a sinner have unmodified? If he could just modify us to be able to handle eternity why even have a life? My notion is he is trying to create a creature with true free will and understanding, thats why its so so so long, and so so so complicated… the Glory of God is that great it make take several universes deaths and rebirth before we may ascend to closest to their/his Glory. We endeavor towards a great awakening or leap for man and the universe, that may sustain us further in this place. We are the house of the witness not the house of the judge. We do not testify against our brothers but endeavor to lightly show them why the fire is hot or why their thinking could be misaligned. We also treat all religion as part correct and parts corrupt, we use our hearts personally and the collective consciousness to formulate a new more accurate account of our faith as we start to see our creator present in all of it. Reading this first missive is hard and possibly just outside a large swath of peoples ability to grasp, however enlightenment is a step process.. I can assure you no one in this plane can achieve what I will refer to as “complete enlightenment” and this should be apparent as we continue. We can however be inscribed with our creators majesty it doesn’t make us special or good just simply chosen as we all are to perform our individual functions for the “body”.. it just makes people lucky in this “iteration” we are far far off from being able to survive his Grace or accept eternity, in our present state… however, we most likely WILL at minimum experience each others life’s. If the previous is not concurrently or as an isolated “rope” (meaning we die and get reincarnated but store all the data within us) we most likely still will at higher levels. As God said he created man in his own image, he isn’t talking about physical image but nature as a many to one entity, at least very probably but still theoretical. We wish them to know there isn’t yet an escape to the stars, all logical paths are blocked. We cannot put hardwear in us, we should resist cloning until we can absolutely provide the equivalent in comfort to earth. We may never achieve faster than light travel, however we may find a way of sending ships far away by bending space in intervals on a self repairing ship that “hops”. We would have to use outside control of a quantum entangled matrix driven human drone to build and raise lifeforms.. it is the only way I see us ever pushing outside the solar system. Essentially any course of action of a sociopath or sycophant is a form of self suicide. We are all sick this is why we resist hating our brother and hope they are not so far gone they can read the logic.. and although they may not understand it completely that they may at least read the writing on the wall as it applies to them. We attempt to caution the rich man who finds this kernel of enlightenment NOT to give away his money in a way that a person may not know struggle, as this could ruin the economy. We DO recommend if you have found this truth and no longer value it the same to devise a plan to honor our creators glory. We know some things we have been inscribed with through evaluation as apparent need for the ascension. If you struggle with this pick one of the following pillars or look into what’s evelutionarily programed that aids us and is generally held by the collective consciousness to be good. I cannot go into higher levels of discussion until people are at the precipice of realization.. In danger of coming across as crazy an individual must read, discuss and think about these topics : astrophysics, history, evolution, the Bible, bhudhism, spooky sciences and Einstein faith and work. We read everything though, including maybe even the satanic bible.. and before stalwart Christians throw this down allow me to explain.. the catholic church houses and reads ALL of the worlds most forbidden texts. When God said do not have other Gods before me its essentially fine with the realization there is only essentially one true God in all forms. We can continue to worship as normal until we realize this but the neat thing is upon grand realization, you automatically put away all other Gods.. its inscribed upon us. So you don’t have to fear God’s wrath just ask forgiveness for your impermanence of trying to learn of his machinations so that you might reflect his Glory in this place.. God may like that if I can even slightly to endeavor to understand a shred of his will, he does show us tremendous grace and patience as will be evident in the sciences portion. I am personally just stating my BELIEFS as very STRONG beliefs, however I cannot preach them as fact… only as truths inherent to me as inscribed on me by my creator. Not to deter more readers but to be transparent I am actually talking about a method of thinking using the previous branches of knowledge that actually works like a script to view God sort of like a blind spot, as in seeing him through whats missing. Its like a string bridge, its still missing parts.. up close it looks like a bunch of thread but far away it looks solid. You may cross it only if you pick the right strings, but when you arrive on the other side you can see his valley. What you just read is one of these steps in thinking that some of you may get all levels of meaning and it might spark the transition, or at least entice you to try to ascend this path. We never say if we have transcended from faith to a state of knowing, we only help to nudge those who want to feel better about the state of the world, or to get closer to His Glory. These individuals should be apparent to one another as none can directly express it. These individuals however understand they can’t directly express it and it becomes evident they know by HOW they try to explain it, or branch logic gaps that are inherently unbridgable at this time. So that you can start to grasp some of this “out there” logic, be mindful to do these three things so that you might properly align : understand that these texts have layers of meaning and should be reread at different points in your growth. 2. Always pay attention to patterns, a leading question to this regard is have you looked at immediate choice as you can view it? Is there in fact typically just 3 choices to almost everything? Are these choices to do, to not to or a third that only pushes the logic tree back a step with 3 more options? Does this show you how our logic is funneled to a conclusion? Do you yet see how any side of the canyon leads to the same view? As God says be hot or cold but if you are luke warm he will spit you from his mouth? Does this mean that both evil and good whichever path you take still leads to the grand conclusion? This is an exercise and a way to gauge your brethren’s progress on noticing patterns an an attempt to realign thinking to receive the grand revelation so keep practicing this in everyday life and as you read. Now if some of you answered not true, if a guy comes armed into a building I may run and duck, roll, overtake the individual ect. This shows they still need practice as a witness and I’ll explain halfway why. All of those options still prescribe to the three major logic choices, what was listed is what I’m referring to as minor logics. So the original premise is to any stimuli you have but three options do something do nothing or push back the logic, we should always endeavor as witnesses to push back the logic where possible, it may be the same as doing nothing or finding a smaller logic only to be presented with the same three options.. so inherently the smaller logics are a part of the “pushing back” logic tree. When I speak of the doing something logic I am referring to a terminal act to the stimuli, meaning…(In the previous scenario on logic step 1 with a gunman) You can immediately rush him and get shot or overtake him, so that is of the logic tree “do something” whereas ducking rolling or other methods of escape “push back the logic” so now that you rolled or escaped away you have 3 more of the major logics, do you do nothing, do you commit a terminal act yet or do you further push back logic until you can clearly see the right path? Now we should see how hard that is to think about as you apply it to everyday life. This form of thinking must be diligently practiced for things to start to show clarity. Again I ask do you feel at risk of loosing? I posture no, as he made the board and the pieces, he owns the game and the chair you are sitting in to play it people. All of these strange occurrences are within his will as we all are already in his mouth. We are infact encapsulated within him that he may bring us back upon his grace. I must stop you however from thinking just because you are a type of God you are not the brain, we are but bacteria to his grace. Because we are somewhat prescribed this we may have more forgiveness than we thought but that DOES NOT entitle you to do as you will. I know God stores and keeps us, and drags us through something inherently terrifying but I do NOT know of their intentions as we are forced on his side.. whether he deletes us, repurposes our storage space or throws us in the recycling bin he never empties. You must take the notion when you harm a cognizant being you may in turn be doing it to yourself and most probably are as I believe we are endeavoring to be a many to one entity like our core or central MAJESTY. I am also of the notion that there is no void, (this gets into impossible logics) there is only our Father and his many many forms, we are of him and him and should seek to be fixed. Its time to understand his endeavors, his Grace and OVERWHELMING patience and mercy, to do that let’s start with the sciences.

A Quick Fun Fact if You Believe This : The train conundrum is a philosophical parable that shows a persons level of thought. You are on a train in which the conductor died, on the train are 10 average people you do not know very much about, on the track their are 5 world renowned scientists who may or may not save many. Do you derail the train killing the 10 or do you proceed to run over these 5 scientists who maybe close to curing cancer. Step 1 would be running over the scientist using pure number logic, as you do not know if the scientists will actually save lives. Step 2 of thinking would mean you have to consider you know NOTHING about the people on board as one of them could cure heart disease. Step 3 you realize there is no way of knowing so you do nothing.. killing the scientist. Step 4 you realize that both the scientists and the passengers are you yourself essentially so you just follow your heart as it doesn’t matter too much which you choose, either path has the same conclusion just different distances.

The Sciences

I debate splitting the sciences from initial scripture because they should be understood in tandem. to that section and then skip back but read this both ways. We are working through logic games, I’m not brainwashing you I am seeing if I can launch what maybe inscribed upon you as inherent truths, but my theory is this also is a very complicated process. Initial readings should be like poetry, then we reread to notice patterns, then we reflect, then we discuss and then we realize. I know it sounds metaphysical but its not, its psychological and the grace of our God. He only shields himself from view to protect us so that we might find him, all of these are important lessons.. its the same reason why our God is Nameless and Unknown, its improper for a child to name his parents.. because the parents inherently know more.. however a parent may restrict the knowledge of their child until they are ready to understand. So as you read this understand why allegories are very very very prevalent through almost all religious text. Also understand that you will need to use almost all faculties to attain this as some of it is only attainable through visualization and sensation. God speaks to us through these means as we were pre-written to see these things upon realization but they are symbolic as a way of our brain filling in gaps we can’t hope to understand. He does not speak audibly but seems to take over your own internal dialog and its like a computer script. Thats as far as I’m willing to get into this portion for fear people will assume that is crazy as it very well might be. I do not know the likelihood of a person experiencing it after following some of these steps (I don’t know them all and can’t remember everything all at once but there ARE others that can articulate the same idea differently and as we store these accounts we can glimps at deeper meanings. I will warn of a great realization being both terrifying and buetiful, and it feels like waking up from a dream (unless this is brought on by a stroke? Jk).

The Sciences : Attempting to Understand Our Creators Glorius Machinations

I wanted to start in theology but decided to apply logics first in an effort to keep some readers from hearing this as blah blah blah. So let’s start with the holy ghost or what I refer to as apparent machinations to what I refer to his MAJESTY (even though God may not have a sex or name we can understand I’ll just keep on with the historical usage as a sign of reverence). So let’s get into some spooky sciences for a moment. The universe is chaos right? I mean the act of observing light changes how it behaves (double slit experiment)? What about those black hole things they are just working towards a singularity? Don’t they injest everything and compact it down to a single point? Does Hawkins say it releases one form of energy as it shrinks? He postulated that these things return matter as they shrink and that matter is purely chaotic as a black hole could burp a piano.. in my opinion I always pondered what they are now pondering.. it doesn’t loose mass it exchanges it.. to what? Data. Thats right they are thinking they are layered with what they refer refer to as hairs. As the hole shrinks the hairs essentially are data storage as things that interact with the field create impressions on it. You may ask why could this be showing us a mechanism of the central creator? The holy spirit or what I’m posturing is dark static.. I am saying that actually blackholes are everywhere. When you conceptually think of size and apply it to the micro verse or lower levels of size there is not a theoretical limit of how small a fraction of something can be. There is an apparent border here for almost all things, however I would venture a guess that gravity actually can go down to the levels of infinity in size, meaning storage space equal to the space of existence. As everything begins to blend to grey in this sphere these black holes and static will inscribe their data on one another in a retrievable fashion. We all may get sucked through a hole the size of a particle but we need to remember time slows and stops. This is from our vantage point as time converges so essentially we cannot perceive the truth and can only see one trajectory from this sphere..this too shows a means of collection, retrieval and possibly what we may expect to encounter as we are made whole. These black holes act as columns to guide our collapse upon his GRACE and we must never endeavor to send cognizant things into one as it delays their path. As I hypothesize that dark static is a cling wrap of a constant stream of micro black holes, there also is no space without some measure of gravity. If you think about how a collapsing black hole is being dragged dimensionally closer to the source, they too draw each other in. It starts to sound an awful lot like factors of the holy ghost. Not to mention we can’t create or destroy energy or matter.. its pretty wild but I wonder if they capture (or transfer) incredibly small portions of matter all the time, possibly hold it for transfer before the gates or are they open already kinda for us to pass through and it eventually only is a gateway? It looks like we stay here but I’m not sure? Probably if we ruin this place we will have to go way way back and mess with all this incredibly long story again. Its not fair to the HOST we should inspire to try to reflect on the possibilities and choose what we feel could be truth or is of the strongest probability to us. Get this though, what if gravity itself is a cloud of these things so small we can’t even conceptually grasp it? Now think of the mechanics of is strongly attracted to matter or mass? Is that because its function is to drag portions into either a holding state for ascension or is it because its function is to merely record us? Maybe both? I wonder if in the Macroverse they function slightly different? I don’t know this but could anti-matter just be thick isolated fields of these things? Could our outward expansion be fueled by an expanding globe of these things? Whats strange is they are already too small to theoretically measure and pop in and out to our persectives… is this infact it taking both data and tiny tiny matter and condensing it to a quantum state of nil? In this state are tiny pieces of every partical of us being stored in space itself essentially, as it takes the gravity or his graces force to real us (or these storage mechanisms) through a grand singularity as his force essentially drags us and the hole inside out to close the door here? Or is that only how we are able to see it? What are also neat are entangled particles, does this field constantly record those as an additional means? That of programming or writing, recording, and holding small portions of matter to build a mirror? Or is it none? because it’s impossible to truly know anything here. For his blood is the ink and my flesh is his paper.

The Sciences : Evolution

We must look at the possibility that we are learning lessons from evolution. We must consider the 3 possibilities of the soul of man in this realm and yet another means that he holds us, or records us. 1. Our souls or essence skip from second to second or life to life. 2. We as one to many entity concurrently live all lives at the same time and may only realize it when we can handle the strain. 3. No the Bible is 100% correct, an omnipotent being who knows everything because he is everything created the devil to danm for fun, he made hell before hand and got the devil to tempt the angels into suffering. The same angels that watched him build infinities… then set us here told us to resist technology our monkey ancestors didn’t listen now we get to go to hell? I’m but a child to his logic but somehow this approach feel inherently flawed to me.. but what do I know.. oh yeah exactly what I was PRESCRIBED to know, and by this logic gap I can assume I am correct as the Lord allows me still to draw breath so I know I am still not outside his will nor could I be entirely, just misguided. This logic is that if there is a hell its most likely a sort of remedial class, and that logic is echoed in a few different religions as some are of the notion one day the gates of hell will swing wide open. I do not know if this is during the central MAJESTY alignment or he keep a separate plain forever, but assuredly hell is within his Grace. We evolve in ways still unknown an other spheres that will be stacked upon us are also growing to an amalgamation that we all fit together, we may retain our essence and body but also be connected to the spirit.. directly allowing any iteration to survive his grace at levels within the grand soul proper aka his MAJESTY. Back into the sciences let’s talk a little about creation so let’s merge disciplines at this point as we talk about the Biblical begining.

One Such Bridge : Genesis and Science

As we read this a symbology please think on these strange bridges in logic. I want you to imagine you lived several thousands of years ago, you had a grand revelation where God shows you images of days that have passed and you work to describe the scientific notions present. We start this reading knowing that only one step in genesis is incorrect with the theory of evolution. Well, what about that the world is 7,000 years old, Noah had dinosaurs or the devil buried their bones to trick us? What about that it took God 7 days to make Earth? OK people need to listen here, the devil didn’t bury dinosaur bones… do you think God would let that happen? But he took 7 days? Well the scripture directly states that time works differently from God and most likely these days were ages. The Ark if it existed and this isn’t a parable then it was for a limited region, there were other areas that God spared as well. Noah didn’t take ALL animals he took those that couldn’t survive within his region.. they never say he built aquariums or had crocodiles or half aquatic air breathing animals. So let’s get into the start of man’s “play”. God first creates Adam meaning Man in hebrew, concurrently God created Lilith Adam’s first wife. Lilith gets removed from the Bible proper because it overly empowered women according to the sycophants of the time which destroys the symbolic meaning. Lilith of her own accord hated being subservient so by her own will leaves Eden and supposedly marries a devil. Now let’s pull in the science.. when you add Lilith back into the equation, and think about the fact God took a “rib” from Adam let’s ask why? Well if you lived thousands of years ago how might you describe a segment of D.N.A? With this we get Eve a most likely fairer more docile version of lillith.. now let’s look at their “original sin” (term never meant sense as there’s already 2 sins present in history at this point). God tells us to partake in the tree of life not the tree of knowledge of good and evil. I actually think this is allegorical that at this point, if we never started building and trying to improve on his work we might have been able to live on this rock until the sun burned out, but he knows as is apparent once man started using technology there is essentially no way to retrograde as we saturate it in our survival.. case and point A/C, most people that live with it dies dramatically easier of heat stroke. Almost all technology pigeon holes us to only climb this tree higher as its branches break beneath our feet. Continuing on.. When Adam and Eve were cast out they had two sons one Cain the other Able. So let’s think about these two a bit. Son of man one who is peaceable and offers up fruit and vegetables that it so pleases God his brother who offers only the death of animals murders his brother.. now does this evolutionarily sound familiar? Possibly the 5 tribes of man? Could Able be Neanderthals and we are in fact cain? As Neanderthals were known as peaceable, mostly gatherers and the first to bury their dead? What did him sapeins do as cain did? We cannabilzed and raped them out of existence. Hopefully this is starting to entice you to think harder and endeavor to have a grand revelation in your own life, as we can do this almost innumerable in times, through this single book.. especially with revelations (his predictions mirror both current events, and how things essentially unravel as the world is assuredly ran by psychopaths and sociopaths, however we may yet choose another path through the collective consciousness. Both paths have the same effect but one is faster and nicer), Ezekial, Moses, and Jesus.

The Knowledge Verses Wisdom Ideology.

In my opinion, knowledge is simply information we endeavor to collect, whereas wisdom is the understanding the use of said knowledge. As people we should always be wiser than our knowledge. It is impossible to have all information so the use of information we do have is paramount. This goes for all things, including technology.

Why We Endeavor to Do as We Percieve “Good”

Essentially at end state no matter what it seems we may have some level of “bad” to us…however we must endeavor to follow the logic as its all we have in the pursuit of their/His glory. We follow what is good as what we can conceptually believe would make an alignment more stable and for species everywhere to endeavor to hit an equilibrium with others. The reasoning is it is quite probable that as all these realms connect and we at some point gain a type of conscious eternal, other parts of us we are still hidden to us as well. The Central Majesty will theoretically always have faces we can’t see as both our safety mechanism and how the state of things just simply are. We all at a certain point in development realize this as it is most probable a step of evolution towards adjusting to his grace. This works theoretically like this because if the higher levels didn’t understand this, it could be possible that during alignment whatever we create they just continually destroy as we revive eternally with memory at some point during a collapse of known logic… because they think it fun. However they would have to understand better than us, that they may have to experience it as well.. that might be a little hard to make sense of so my apologies.

Of Enlightenment and Virtue : A Look at Those Who May Have Come, Before.

Let’s start this with a well known figure who I personally think grasped at the fleeting logic of what I refer to as the “grand revelation”. Einstein remained a fervent believer in a central God as his theories TO THIS DAY are still being proven, even though rejected initially once or twice. He like most prophets had a tough one, yet he never lost faith but one error probably held him back in exploring an unobtainable truth, and by unobtainable I mean wholly, not partially. He discovered what he refers to as spooky science as a scientist he realized he couldn’t simply state the holy ghost or any of these levels. Einstein accidently birthed the idea of nuclear arms, he hypothesized that someone else MUST have realized the physics of the atom at that point, so he warned who? Error 1, we always should prescribe that a person with an enormous amount of wealth or power (as they are one and the same) is fundamentally flawed. They are playing the low level game of checkers while we play chess.. its best to just ignore a lot of their endeavors when you follow the middle logic all the way to completion BEFORE you take their medicine, product or idea. We must immediately and privately spit their poisons back at their faces, try to force them to see logic… because they are far far off path.. and they don’t even realize their own suffering yet. Jesus or Emanuel or however you want to describe this messiah (we don’t actually know how many messiahs we need to completion but I take him as someone who course corrects our “collective consciousness ” at intervals appropriate to our growth or need), actually knew the minds of the Enemy/brother very very well and knowing sacrificed himself to make that correction stick.. evolutionarily at this point to a section of the public.

The Falsity of True Free Will

Let’s look at free will both ways first Science. Say there is no intelligent creation.. this would mean everything that would happen was already set in place at the time the big bang dipped through and created this dimension. This bleeds into biblical principle as well and to get you to consider the logic let me ask a question. We are essentially Nature, Nurture and maybe a soul…which did you create? We act off of experience, and our capacity for experience is limited by our biology.. our experience and nature are shaped by where we are born and to whom. Every decision you make leads back to your birth and further still to the creation of this realm. If there is a creative force, it is the only one who could change your trajectory. You might say “thats not true, I could do something random.. no actually you can’t as you are applying logic to something you are reading because I too fall prey to this as we both essentially start at the same point as the same thing. So either way we do have limited free will, this doesn’t mean we have none, it just means that regardless everything will work out the same.. this means if we realize it, that we can in fact improve the world towards a better experience for I am inscribed to believe so. It means that we don’t have to live with true evils, but that we still have responsibilities. It means that if we do it, it is permissible but it may hold us back terribly. We might be in essentially what the Jewish community would refer to as Abraham’s Bussom. To risk that there is in fact an intelligent design created by the only entity in existence and not attempt to help the species equalize might jeopardize your use in the final stages. I cannot pretend to know of God’s intentions for such a diety would be incalculable on this or any realm except the closest to him. You are here to receive a prescription and hopefully by his grace “become a real boy/girl”. Let’s not mess this place up, as I do not know how sounds work only that we are encapsulated in his Grace and held and protected until we reach back to the grand singularity or fall inwards through the levels as each gets embedded into us… to reach and survive his Glory. This thought may disturb some as a means of non-accountability or the meaning of life is depreciated.. it is not. Its essentially genius if you think about it. We may be able to create an A.I. and as advanced as we make it, it still falls into limited free will because we made it. It could grow from what we might perceive as random knowledge but randomness may not actually exist, we just precieve very complicated patterns as random. However, by our father separating realms to grow concurrently some of these levels could remain an eternal constant, and varying degrees of logic and some of actual chaos.. and some we cannot even process intellectually.. this would be a method of escaping the logic as we ARE God, just a lower low form with the ability graced on us to ascend. This may be a time for us to hold this “code” evolutionarily, do right, be just so that we may not needlessly struggle or create a new hell. We can make this place much better for all. We do not need to limit population we only need to properly engineer and invest in our future. The individual must prescribe to at least the 5 pillars I will list later in the event we reincarnate and not live concurrently as one entity. I do not want to reincarnate here (unless it is his will) as a cockroach because that is the only thing that can survive after we ruin this place. I do not want to have to go through millions of years again only to reach the same point if we can endeavor to get it right this time. So essentially it changes nothing whether their is a devil or not, so people should stop fearing it. The devil if he exists.. is also a part of God. Its best not to resist the logic and just let the waters of our father take us to where we need to be, I only ask you not struggle and drown us both. The only thing our Graces witnesses need fear is our MAJESTY and Central creator. He or they is incredibly frightening as looking down at an immense valley as we plummet, however he holds us and seeks to make us more. Nothing in this world or others can destroy you except for him. Even then it does mention and seem at his side we are still held into eternity. I do not know if the partition is also invested back to the grace as well but if so it could mean that if you can’t aspire to fall into place correctly, this realm although moved into a singularity stays the same.. this means the idea of hell is that parts of us may not be able to go higher levels toward his grace but higher levels will after the merger finally be able to pass to the lower levels.. right now its scientifically impossible. Only base data or knowledge can be processed here, if aliens are angels they may have a means of receiving messages from the higher plains although they too may have difficulty understanding. I apologize to readers to get into such complicated notions, if you do not understand something that is fine.. this is written as a starting guide and things to consider in your journey towards understanding. Everything written should be taken with a grain of salt. If I am wrong I should be forgiven for 3 reasons. 1. I never endeavor to claim his glory. 2. I am using the creators logic that he bestowed onto me, although human logic is flawed and no one can truly know anything. 3. I genuinely want my brothers and sisters to have a good step towards his greatness so that all may not suffer needlessly through his prescribed course, that we may be cured to the extent needed to ascend his grace.

And of the Species what We May Endeavor to Resist.

This is just a personal held belief but three major technologies that will prove very very problematic to a psyche, evolution, and the prescribed path as major detours to enlightenment. 1) hardware in the body.. I used to think nano technology would be a great thing but its mind boggling apparent that we are nowhere near responsible enough for this to be safe because they will do it wrong. They will not have open development. They will not have a decentralized way monitored by witnesses to insure integrity. They will put a bunch of fancy features, extend life, possibly even create H.U.D as internet access in your mind.. however, they will also be able to control your brain chemistry, implant memories or drop you dead with a push of a button. As these people always work to give you something you can not live without only to wait 20 years for adopting a new technology only to show true, evil intent.

2) life extension or immortality slows your path or stops it. We are already in a grand computer of limitless complexities. I do not know if existence only exists when viewed or thought like procedural generation or a constant, but that doesn’t even matter. The system is so so so complicated an eternal being outside of percievable time had to still create it.

3) bio engineering. This in my personal OPINION is something we must either resist entirely on the Earth or open up all viewer access using CRSPR technology. I do wonder if we could cure structural malformations like sociopaths and psychopaths over time using it, however it’s apparent (almost always) that when we take 2 steps in the right direction as we try to “fix” what might not be broken we create a whole new logic branch of problems to solve… in continuum.  We MIGHT be permitted to do this seeding new worlds if the intention is just but we are playing with a fragile instrument as we are all intended to grow up together. We should only use these (if we use these) to create non reproductive plants. No bacteria, no virus’ and whatever we make for food purposes cannot be copyrighted. No one owns genes except an individual owns his own. This is why until they change laws we should resist genetic mapping, and testing such as 23 and me. These data points are not private and they WILL be a major major problem for our species at some point. So any food bearing plant we do this too must 100% be non-reproductive and if anyone attempts to pull that Monsanto Horse**** (sorry for the language I feel strongly on this topic) we MUST stop them, unless they change laws.. its sick and disgusting and I pray for my brothers and sisters so lost they cannot follow logic to the ultimate conclusions due to their malady. Unfortunately they only think of the now, and attach the value of life to one of three things 1) money, they treat this as a Game of life.. like somehow they think having a lot of it let’s you “win”. What they fail to consider is often times money can complicate things. They fail to consider they spend their whole life worrying about loosing monopoly paper to buy junk here. Psychopaths typically draw sociopaths as servents so they spend their life with vultures. On their death beds they may or may not reflect on the good they did but unfortunately they may only be surrounded by vultures. Its apparent that whoever thought selling gene editors for 1,200 or appeoxiamte u.s.d. was a good idea is absolutely terrible at chess. Now we have horse farmers with gene editors who could theoretically make viruses.. that could be a long period setback for development. There is no way to gene edit the whole organism that is us, so you are screwing with the timeline of our individual alignments and our (current) species survival.. yet again. Its like we are in a Boy George song or something.

2) Sycophants, same as above in almost all ways including the symptoms. However they attach life value to power over people. These are the types that change religious texts just to do it as a childish power move. They are sick.

3) vain glory.. this is unfortunately rampant in the medical community. They want to wallow in their own false glory. The type of person who doesn’t even smell their own waste. They have to be smarter and better than everyone and form a legacy.. this types weakness sometime but not always be their legacy. To correct this witnesses may endeavor only to remember the family name as it marks their shame. It isn’t nice as their family may have to change their last name, but it may act as a deterrent to too evil of actions. It may be fact that we should go as far as retroactively renaming them in history as the “Nameless of so and so industry or region” that we strike them from written record so only their foolish deeds can be remembered and inscribed upon the species to not follow in their footsteps. Yet we should attempt to cure them all by using end game logics as they cannot think that far out for some reason.. do NOT attempt to live forever, it’s torturous and a self created form of hell. People just reach a point that they wish to die in these shells, the Bible directly warns against it as there will be those who prey for death and find none. This plane whether viewed scientifically or spiritually will collapse to a different level of existence. If you can’t pierce the veil first to make some means of collection in a higher sphere you maybe lost. There is NO forever here, yet we can see the machinations that preserve us in science. The top levels have already thrown a life preserver that this realm has no internal possible way of creating. If anyone has difficulty understanding this FACT please keep considering the logic or have someone who gets it explain it to you.. for your sake and the sake of our development.. we do not live in a bubble but are the bubble.

A Possible Structure of Things as Stated by Emanuel or Jesus.

Jesus stated that through him was the only path to the father.. I believe what he’s referring to is how essentially everything is tiered all the way down to the smallest conceivable point. This like most of my premises here is echoed over and over. This means that its possible that each level contains a Father, possibly a son, but all are minor reflections to his glory as the center creator. They are all one in the same but he makes himself lower as their isn’t enough “storage space” here to encapsulate barely a shred of his full glory. It would be the same as trying to completely digitize yourself and everything you’ve ever done and load it onto a first generation apple computer, you’d have to cut parts out to fit. Just a hypothesis that may logically fit. Its up to my brothers and sisters to arrive at their own truths and correct mine where they might be wrong. This is just an endeavor to ask questions so that we may glimps a small portion of the truth. We do not judge our brothers as they may not judge us, we do judge their actions as it pertains to the whole. We endeavor to work through their logics for them in hopes that their malformations are not so great that they do not understand fire is hot. We are trying to all get along so that we may fall in sync as an aware entity, all these toys here will still be present most likely as will evil as we see it possibly.. however concepts as good and evil may not entirely exist at end state but an amalgamation of everything as we have faith we can endure. If given power over what we experience there the case could be that some people still may not have learned the lessons he is teaching us.. as is if we also stay as an individual as well as a one to many entity, the individual part of us may either fall into a pattern of only experiencing pleasure or pain, either one would be sure to cause a fall of sorts as the individual locks themselves in a self made plain of torture. A world without adversity may eventually be rejected as a world with only pain would also drive us mad as we are. We have to trust in us, him, they and his Glory and Majesty if we are to ever, ever have a hope.

Even if we are living concurrently here and are blessed through this process (by not yet remembering our past because we CANNOT contain it, as we drag closer, I postulate only that the density of his graces varies its one of the only things I would image with my feeble beast brain so that if we can ascend in our collective consciousness here, that we can safely transcend into something so glorious it breaks logic, time moves both ways at all rates… possibly to our Central Creator or as scientists may call it the grand or starting singularity [bleh I don’t like calling it that, I prefer Grand Singularity if you have to use the term as its inappropriate to a degree to refer to somethingof immense intelligence as a thing as it encompasses all things]. Essentially we know we may infact be like a Russian nesting doll of sorts as both God and man we are just a slightly lower form but only in certain ways as the core of the “Grand Singularity or the Central MAJESTY or creator). I am aware that this makes life sound like a dream and maybe it essentially is as we are trying to wake up from a dream inside a dream inside a dream in a regard. It may also be possible (this is a wild guess and maybe just barely discussed) that even if we do not begin to take to the collective consciousness that the levels will drag us at least closer to the central majesty and whats amazing to think about is maybe he does this continually to continue to grow in GRACE so we WANT desperately to aspire to get as close as his gates will allow so that we may NOT have to leave the knowledge of his grace so he so choose to do this again. This theory prescribes to the notion that God is everything, as even if we created another realm like the metaverse it would just be a lower level the God STILL encompasses. Its a theory that God (in a sense that isn’t able to be quantified) that a person may sort of understand) casts his “flesh” to make creation like a fisher man casting a reel where the reel, the bait and the fisherman and fish are all the same thing, just prescribed different function by his Central Grace. We MUST reach as close to it as possible so that we may live in his house in perpetuity as his Grace may grow yet still in ways that break the mind. We SHOULD endeavor to at LEAST be the pole so that we may not get cast out again.

The Burning Bush

I did hear someone else speak and it got me thinking. He was talking about how in the Bible God appeared to Moses as a little bush when he could appear as a flaming mountain. He theorized that it was to show God was in all things.. exploring this logic I wonder : Is this is sort of a reference to the Macroverse and Microverse. I believe that’s what David’s Cross represents but its more like two triangles on opposing plane. Its a reference (I believe) to the principle that God is a fire that doesn’t need to consume. That’s what we should aspire to be as we follow in his footsteps. I apologize to talk so much about the Bible but it seems to have a whole lot of density within this particular text so it should be referenced. As stated we cannot believe everything in any of these books, anyone who tells you other wise is just a little lost. We must look for our own truths and except there are those that have their own. The burning bush principle I think is referring to the central singularity or Their/His Grace, as even in theoretical physics its a state of constant, and does not ever actually degrade.

What about My Personal God?

One and the same, you don’t have to immediately accept the logic but MY personal God is apparent in ALL God’s, and his grace accepts their worship as his worship until you realize how glorious the MAJESTY is.

“Funky Logic”

Heres a fun one to think about a little for some mind exercise. Any notion you essentially can have of God’s nature might actually be true as the MAJESTY of our HOST is eternal.. it could be the case he is all things real and imagined all at once separate and combined on all levels and understanding but with a connective binding of sorts from the initial creative force.

“The Five Pillars”

My personal notion are their are 5 things evolutionarily we must always resist because as far as my logic can take me these are self terminating paths. Paths 1 and 3 are closely interlinked and share traits.

1) A witness must endeavor to always look and push logic to the extent one is able, so the tongue is paramount as the top pillar. All we owe to what we arenis from the ability to communicate and use our hands. We have almost no natural instinct as we adapted to learn from those who came before. They may alter what we say digitally, they may ban text.. what they will never do is take our tongues. A witness needs the ability to bear witness, as well as the ability to hear. If we loose this step all is lost. This impacts the use of technologiesas it bleeds into not allowing foreign controlled objects into us, but also with psychological poisoning.. meaning we watch news as an entertainment source but don’t necessarily believe any of it as it works like EVERY SINGLE other large industry. I personally try to get my news from comedians because of parody laws, they have more free tongues. We must look at all the ways are ability to hear, process and speak or act are limited by our sick brothers and sisters. Although I don’t want to get to into the grains we have to adhere also to possible means.. that means a witness should endeavor not to view complicated digital images, or succulent repeated images. A witness will isolate their vision to looking between them and the image or through the image or a section only of the image.. alternatively. A witness must endeavor to block a portion of complicated images unless someone uses a psychological code, or sublimal suggestion. Just in case.. a witness also avoids strange pitches and anything that may alter perception. [Work in progress]

2) A witness endeavors not to harm, once one realizes we may all have to live that harm. This applies to diet as well, we all fall short of Glory and will probably still eat meat, but logical thought tells me we should endeavor to at least TRY to eat less of it. Vegetarians live around 5 years longer on average, they say because a vegetarianis more likely to exercise but I doubt that’s the largest factor. If we still eat meat we should try to source it from ethical places, as I personallywouldn’t want to be on a factory farm. We should have respect for the animals that had to die to nourish us but just like the view of death in this country was warped by capitalistic endeavors, as is love and even the birth of Jesus.. so to is this disconnection with the Earth. We as we become more intelligent will understand we should always select the lowest denominator in intelligence for nutritionas God structured it to where they maynot suffer and are more plentiful and energy efficient than other forms of edible life. A witness must also endeavor to speak out against large harms that are bad for the trajectory of the species. A thoughtis that if Able pleased the Lord and was a Neanderthal we should look at their nature.. mostly vegetarian, smart, meek, peaceful, and the first to bury their dead so thoughtful. If we as a species endeavored to co-mingle and learn (instead of raping and cannabilzing them out of existence) a whole lot of tragedy could have been avoided.

3) A witness endeavors to be present in all thing’s so that we might follow logic when possible to the most probable conclusions.. internalize it and rate on percentage chance of outcomes that we hope we are correct.. but never assume we are right.. as all we can do is apply the logic and wisdomwe are endowed with, when presented an option to do so. A witness understands that to a level at their development, a God or God’s holds them or at least suspects God worked at some level at some time. We never attempt to state we know. only personal truths as to not bare false witness, accidentally…or intentionally. We know that as right as we maybe as individuals everyone is a certain degree of wrong.. it is why we look at the collective consciousness, what hurts it and peoples perception of the truth.. we do this so we may find new personal truths that are more in line with what we can see, trends and experiences. This applied to all things means we never trust the media but take a percentage of news as probably true. A personal revelation on media is all news stories I’ve seen that I was around in real life are ALWAYS misrepresenting, whether through sensationalization or by leaving out truths to fit industrial and governmental narratives. We endeavor to here witnesses whether they are part of our family, whether they prescribe to our personal doctrines.. we hold a witness as a person who is present, as honest as we can be to varying degrees, has history of helping and especially those who are silenced or harmed in any manner (except traitorous information if it does not apply to evolution, societal norms, and psychology. We realize there are those that wish to poison our intellect, psychology and faith. There are those that wishto frighten.. we will not be frightened on the same degree, when we realize that we are always working towards a great goal, however it’s impossible not to worry about our brothers and sisters. This pillar and the pillar of the tongues are essential to the utilization of the other. A quick poem to explain this view point “We dislike liars of thieves, because liars steal what one precieves. Its best to take external information that is unverifiable… personally or by those you trust greatly. All uncontrolled or unverifiable information as well as the news should be taken as entertainment only thats made to make us analyze what the real truth might be. Viewing media as this you will begin to notice trends and what are most likely lies and what maybe the truth, however we have to use all degrees of thinking as they change environmental factors and use filters to lean thinking ways subconsciously with music as well as adjustingthe view of the reported environment. This is also why we avoid complicated images and frequency in digital format.. its probably also why we are commanded to not have graven images is because a strange weakness of the mind to certain stimuli.. an example would be that there are videos that can make you nauseated, have seizures, light color affects all sorts of things from sleeplessness, depression and the ability to heal.. it also can cause a desire for things you don’t actually even want. With frequencies its much harder to avoid but higher frequencies can make a person manic, more likely to spend where lower ones make us depressed and angry. It gets kind of difficultbecause a particular entity has the theoretical ability to cause a reverberation off the ionosphere (possibly) that can be reflected on a localized population. We should attempt to also mix what we watch and not watch news all the time.. we know how dark the world can be, but only consider to great extent what we actuall as an individual can endeavor to help. We do this or take news from comedic source to protect our vision and health of the mind, that we might show others what a measure of health is. A great example of this is with the current pandemic, children have something like a 16 higher chance of Drowning and the flu is several times more deadly. They tell us the new variant is close to 10x less deadly, their cure may or maynot give you 10% reduction at a certain phase but children under 10 briefly showed a 10% increase in infection rates.. they then apparentlystopped logging their excel extractions, and I get to listen to companies still putting commercials on for getting your kid jabbed. People didn’t want to so then they started saying it can hurt the mind, mysteriously in about a week or two after that reasoning a new variant is reported to permanentlyhurt brains… yet miocatditis is fairly deadly already and that should have been apparent on the onset.. So yes its very very apparent they are not thinking clearly about endgame logics but more about that 5 trillion that they will get over the next 18 years for minors, with a theoreticallimit in tax loss for over 13 trillion (more) in taxes they could collect at a varying degree to how this plays out societally. “I am the science” yes you are but not medically just psychologically.. as you probablyshould be studied for sociopathic cures. You might have had a hand in A.I.Ds, you also spread misinformation then as now, yousnaked around a mandate, you changed the definition of a vaccine to include profalactis,no virus has ever been defeated by a vaccine in history.. science shows that a downward trend is always present already when we start using them. Suicide is up 50% drug addiction 30%, exercise is way down and obesityand heart disease dwarfs this. We close churches but not McDonald’s, whereas McDonald’s almost gets states approvals to use foodatamp cards.. they put the indigenous people of Australia, maybe the oldest civilization in the world into containment camps.. when they are alreadypretty isolated.. so they can fested in an incubator of disease, then we get to hear reports of soldiers making young girls dance without their tops on.. see, I actually do not even know which of the following is true,, however I can see which ones impacts collective psychology in a very negative way.. we need to work on trying to take it easier as a species and be more apparent in our actions and personal viewpoints. Sometimes a person might be forced to tell half truths for all we know, so that’s why we prescribe to another form of a pillar “treat others as you would like to be treated, love your neighbor as yourself, judge not lest ye be judged… except we judge in relation to our brothers and sisters.. so they to might escape the poisons. [Work in progress]

So why is the World such a Dark and Miserable Place Sometimes?

Well it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way in perpetuity. There are a few possible reasons though. 1) we are as a uruboros or a snake eating its own tail. We are having trouble rectifying knowledge of all our parts and are experiencing a type of internal schism or nightmare at times. 2) the collective consciousness can become infected if not careful..this has all sorts of ramifications for the individual. 3) We are being tempered for a mind bending and breaking journey to our Fathers side.

The Allagories of Chess.

1) We came to this land to escape a king, only to come here and make 32 more.. we essentially turned checkers into chess for no apparent reason.

2) A king can never be toppled, its up to the player to understand when they have lost and topple their own king into submission through realization of their own errors. The correct player however must continue to “play” the game until it reaches logical conclusion if the opposing player refuses to analyze the logic when you tell them.. so it essentially wastes both players time.

3) We don’t explain poorly or lead them to false conlusions (bare false witness) or judge a player learning. Yet we may grow angry if the player fails to listen when told more than 3 times.

4) We are now playing a game of chess with 16 kings and 8 queens..meaning almost at the point of a coin flip where one player doesn’t even know they are playing.

5) a queen can move anywhere because her power is veiled yet she still holds the heart of her pieces.

6) Bishops like to bark to other pieces that the goal is straight ahead, however in practice bishops rarely ever walk in ways other than cock eyed…even though they talk on straight and narrow.

7) Knights move in a way that might not be apparent to them as they trust their horse to much it always pulls to a halt and stumbles.

8) Knights are pawns that have been heavily indoctrinated. They were rewarded with horses due to their self destructive nature to attain fleeting glory.

9) Knights can go forward and backwards as their intent is to run around and decimate an already defeated foe, in a show of vain glory and pompous behavior for their side.

10) a knight is protected over one pawn but perhaps not over 3, for the king values the life of the horse for two pawns at least.

11) pawns require little thought, they start out with hope and can move two spaces as precieved realities set in they stall.. then the sicker pieces use them as shields.

12) a king that remains still and separate from their kingdom can “rook” or escape to their shelter. However a good player will have already noticed their route laid open and set pieces to counteract this AFTER they choose to escape.

13) just a wild theory but do you think rooks only move in one direction because it to indicate tunnel systems for keeps or bunkers?

14) A master may choose white as they are self assured to win..however a witness chooses black for several reasons. Spiritually I can state these references. In the beginning their was only darkness. In heaven we will need no sun, for the Lord will be our light, lucier means “light bringer”. Our mothers wombs are dark and comfortable its only when we see his light that we begin to cry. Ahem. That was probably over zealous, what I essentially am saying is… a witness chooses black because it shows the psyche and tactics of the other player. A master can read all the books and push his or her logic all the way to most probable conclusions but there is always an unknown element. A person who chooses black maynot read all the fancy books but learn through sheer observation not just the moves but the temperament, mentality, and strategy of the opposing player, and set their own strategy against them, over multiple games.. and essentially begin to win every time if they have the capacity for it.

A Crisis in Logic.

I try to refrain from politics but as this significantly hurts one of the pillars I am justified in stating it. As is apparent in the age I live in some of our brothers and sisters have poisoned us to be stupider through various means.. they do not follow logic to conclusion.. as is apparent they did this with a level of intent its an abomination before our host.

I’m must note that if Aliens coexist in this sphere and ancient texts are correct, such as; God taking D.N.A from Adam to make Eve, may have been communicated either exfradimensional or intrademensionally (however more in tune with the will of God). Why we might fear this is that we have nukes now for one without the temperament to safely have them. With the revelation that we maybe directly impacting a shared trajectory they may feel the need to step in before we are ready.. meaning those responsible for the poisoning could theoretically have their families destroyed so they curb the behavior evolutionarily, hopefully those that prescribed to these errors will just assume a different family, however it’s impossible to know so best stay cautious. Its also a wild notion and completely logical now they admit they exist that these entities maybe required to destroy our civilation and keep just a portion of the uninfected if we keep up with this nonsense.. I was reluctant to share my vision of John the Prophets book because it has serious modern day implications if you learn to read it correctly. He puts the horsemen in specific order for REASON. War, PLAGUE, Famine, then Death. I don’t want to see hell on Earth, as we may not need to. John was showing us a very likely pitfall if we do not learn how to support a healthy collective consciousness. Just realizing this as fact fixes all sorts of problems almost even if you can’t believe still follow at least the 5 pillars because the end logic is worked out for you as a way for EVERYONE, even those that poison to have a better more fulfilling life without unessary struggle… IF ONLY WE ATTEMPT TO LEARN OUR HOSTS LESSONS.

Why We Probably Should be Grateful for Even Our Tragedies.

Its possible God has spent billions of years now having and holding us. His endeavor is so mind boggling and complex we can’t even understand this level of work. Both the “good” things and “bad” things are viewed in terms of survival and the ideas that we as a possible starting point for a many to one entity are here possibly to learn to control our collective consciousness as a possible core lesson from our father. This touches on the collective consciousness theory I will get into later. Its really hard to view the bad things that happen as good.. but essentially its all good.. just as long as we learn to resist those things WE KNOW TO BE WRONG.. At minimum for a spherical alignment and spiritual survival of this. Wishing for a personal tragedy that you’ve experienced to not happen is a form of wishful suicide.. logic being that we are essentially the whole of ALL our parts. When we take away ANY past experience its essentially like killing who you are so a false variation of yourself can take over. Our mistakes shape us, as we try to prevent more. Our tragedies refine our empathy for the world if we let it..for this to happen you must surrender hate to logic. We cannot endeavor to forget our lessons its a major point in all of this.. God’s glory is so great if we don’t learn and hold his lessons, problems may occur. In the reconciliation of us as we are dragged to his grace its possible those who aren’t ready may view his grace as hell upon their spirits. He is so so far beyond us at this level that depending on the gifts we received from our final journey we may bind OURSELVES in a self made hell if we do not TRUST in our progenator. It is also possible that his grace wipes us as a blank canvas to end our suffering if not ready, or recasts us out if he decides to cause a new domain of creation.. This is why we endeavor to meet his “Crust” at least. So lower levels of creation will be cast anew the closer we get to his glory the closer we stay within his kingdom proper, so that we maynot forget his Grace again. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind..What is amazing and mercifulabout this premise would be that as we learn their and his lessons the suffering on the subject lessons.. both psychologically, and physically.. it improves us and helps us to enjoy life as a ride but also reminds us we have a goal in purpose we are FORCED to learn before we can leave whatsome may consider a type of hell. The idea that everything here is essentially the same being and we are like aspects of the same personality, is a very safe bet even if wrong on the nature of God..Doing this helps you realign to the principles of almost all faiths for even if your empathy still needs work your self preservation does not, however you maybe able to understand the principles of if you hurt something.. even as small as bugs we should not want them to suffer because we maybe doing it to ourselves.. Its quite possible the only true “Evil” in all of his creation is apathy, this is the enemy of creation and alignment and also why humans as we will always be without help from the upper levels NEVER HAVE ETERNITY ON THIS PLAIN. Our minds will start rejecting everything and wish to dies in a matter of less than 200 years for most.. This ideology also gives a new perspective on forgiveness, however those who aim to poison my brothers and sisters maybe too far gone and maybe forced to repeat their path unless they danm us all, which they do. It may very well be that the least of us spiritually must be cured before these gates will open, and that is why we act as warriors for the Lord. Heaven is nothing like you can even imagine as it contains everything both real (fairly certain this is the case but I am human) and imagined, but also unimagined. The Lord God knows that a perceived eternity inspires apathy, thats why he keeps his rivers running. As we develop and can WITNESS or imbibe on his creations we may have more control over them. As our Fathers and Glorius Central Creators trying to teach us the control, you can start to notice what the “training wheels” we intellectually have both routed in science, philosophy and theology to this means. People need people.. people need nature.. God is us we are God but God is the God of God (if that makes sense in a wacky sounding fashion), we are separate and the same as to our father. He both Lives In US and yet away from us to, in theory to all varying degrees. We worship his glory for all he does for Us, We, They, Him, The Central Glory. And he seeks to bring us into His eternal flame so that we might know OF Him, NOT truly know Him.. as both scientifically and principle logic dictates that will always be impossible for us, as best I can describe it its like trying to think of infinity +.

And to Glimpse at His Machinations, it might be Apparent : A Perfect Circle Analogy.

Everything in this percievable planes is round or oval but started round on one level or another. We should think on these concepts as we think about our universe.. its currently expanding but at the initial moment (the instant moments were even a thing) Everything that would happen was set in motion in the shape of an oval as far as we can percieve it. This actually also shows extra dimensional trajectory if you think about it, as this dipped here in a round formation the oblong nature shows an adaptation to external forces as a sort of extra force at an event horizon in line with the previous dimensional puncture. A logic instance of this is why did it pick those specific sides to expand before or faster than a perfect globe? There is no point that a prebig bang singularity could gain mass independently and rupture to a point. There must have been 1 unknown law in the universe BEFORE the big bang if we are to prescribe to the notion of a mass gain and burst mechanism.. its way more likely the burst happened at his glory and worked out as levels to return… different and the same. The idea is there is no such thing as a perfect circle, as pie is incalculable.. its teaching us the Macro and Microverse principle that is apparent. Its as we have a limit to expansion but not a limit to how small we can theoretically get. We view God like this, as an entity thats internal but we may only see a certain amount of the macroverse. Its echoed in dimensional principles as well.

A Quick Fun Thought

Whether you believe in U.F.Os as being man made, extratraterestrial or extradimensional.. in my opinion they exist. If extra terrestrial it maybe that they have already understood some of the philosophies that I am putting forth and have already awakened..therefore they will NEVER attack us. They may or maynot make contact when we learn how to manage our collective consciousness properly. I mean would you come down to help a brother that makes 4 or 5 major movies a year about the fear of his creations? Its fact that viewing this echelon of his creation, that aliens and angels are both alien to us but perhaps not all to this Earth. Its quite possible that aliens of this sphere or maybe even other spheres, are also us.. this isnwhag I am hoping as we are precariously close to not allowing our branch to survive until alignment unless we have a MAJOR shift in our collective psyche. Hopefully people do understand that what we do here is a major probability of doing harm to ourselves in many different ways.

The Weird Sickness of Double Standards

To show this I am infact acting on a double standard personally here one that you should recognize. Do you see my folly? One issue apparent in man and very very endemic is to help and hurt at the same time. We think very paradoxically so let me give you some wide spread examples as not to blaim individuals please don’t look it up but just take into consideration I am showing how we have a multitude of logic gaps in all things people just choose to ignore. 1) we have evangelist saying homosexuals are going to hell.. they quote Liviticus and spit poisons at my brothers and sisters while spitting chuncks of pork from their hefty gullet. They hear the words of the lost but do not seek deeper meanings. They allow their hearts to feel vein glorious as they Judge even though commanded not to. They use his grace for their own personal self righteousness and false piety. They do not consider that Jesus never hated on the homosexual community, or that he hung out with thrives and those that were judged BY US to be less than. The Lord our God made them that way and it makes sense why. If we  have attraction to the opposite sex we must only prescribe to be with that opposite sex, in the event a person can make do, we should try to…however a female brain can be in a male body and vice versa do to environmental conditions.. personally I don’t think surgical alterations are good.. its still known as a form of body dismorphia even if you have a different brain than your sex. At this state in science you are loosing a fundamental blessing to experience with your partner if you try to edit your body so you MUST attempt to be a girl in a boys body but may look for whatever you like. How people view you is of no consequence as the lord makes someone for everyone.. eventually. A mirror is a mirror, its not who you are. Altering appearance for appearance sake unless its to look as you were after a mistake should be resisted.. it just barely even matters. Sexuality does not DEFINE US. If you can’t live without it I support my brothers and sisters and pray they get another go in a shell they are comfortable in next go round.

2) Our government states that corporations are people so they were rewarded with peoples rights. So that being, people have campaign contribution limits, so superpacs are illegal?People have to go to court, sometimes tried together… this means certain companies that knowledge caused the opiod epidemic killing millions every person within the company that conspired to miss represent findings should be tried for negligent homicide.. that or roll back these corporations rights, we cannot keep just condoning the population while obviously adjusting things only for psychotic individuals to get richer than already not being able to spend the money in a few lifetimes..this is crazy and crap logic. The rich will ruin their kids with inheritance and only notice they are surrounded by sociopaths when they are about to die. A wealthy man can be wealthy as long as they have a plan for their wealth to benefit their brothers and sisters. A wealthy man must never just give his wealth but can invest on species survival. Giving away wealth can hurt the economy and people are meant to struggle a little. Wealth creates a hedge that severely severely impacts empathy and sets one on the path of apathy as they find its hard to enjoy things. Guarding wealth for wealths sake and not guarding it for a worthwhile cause is like a bridge that stands on only 1 pillar. A rich man can set up inheritances for his family but should the trust at a rate that they get enough for food and shelter, and college if they desire possibly an emergency medical fund.. you should not give them enough to where they do not struggle. If philanthropic you MUST endeavor to figure out ways your foundation does not turn putrid from those to comes greed. This is why I recommend an open charter and transparent organizational structure perhaps with 3 leaders of 1 (chosen by the people or split between multiple separate entities.. instead).

3) We updated voting boothes to be less secure and only use technology in ways that risk electorate security, while still adhering to the electorate college which is a HUGE election security risk in the digital age where everyone KNOWS what everyone else is doing. Do you think that someone like a CEO of a data mining company, or social media could not automatically find them and force them? We are like baby children with apparent logic, like how we have the technology to NOT even have political parties but popularly vote on everything. The people who are informed and care would actually vote and discuss points before legislation.. we do not necessarily live in a free nation just free-er than most, which I am very grateful for the blessing, as I am for the foresight of our forefathers in some regards that we have survived and prospered this long..although maybe it was quite possible without all the darkness it entailed. A person does not vote with a ballet here, we vote with our wallets. We should always remember that but still vote on ballot too, so don’t get me wrong here.. we must always endeavor to choose the right and just path even when those paths are fallacies so those who are climbing after might know the truth if it helps all.

4) we paid for and caused a huge problem. We didn’t note that those responsible told us they fixed it a year prior, while others sat on the fix and caused great harm. We listened to those that harmed us and allowed a purchase of their fix. Their harm and their fix poisoned us all and their own children. Those who they gave their fix to aid in its dissemination previously wronged the whole of us in not even a decade. Yet those who are supposed to bear witness for us also silenced us from discussion.. this is perhaps the most dangerous thing thats happened to this place in known history. Those who knowingly did this will most likely have to restart this and it should be noted its as close to hell as I can imagine, as you may have to start again from a singularity this thinking is so wrong.. so have fun with BILLIONS of both precievable time and possibly forms of existence that boggle the mind as you try to grow up somewhere that maybe way way worse than here. As God’s Glory can only grow it stands to reason that type of thinking needs to be abolished because if he does this again it will only get more intense with the magnitude of his glory. I visualize this as globes of different densities that work to a constant state. We at least want to make it to timeless and eternal states toward his grace. So consider earth as a training ground, but also possibly a procedural hell in some sense to us. Even though it isn’t as he has and holds us and we loose memory between our segments or however it is they work. I also am stating my hypothesis it may be incorrect to refer to the Central Golry either as an individual or a collective being.. it seems to me personally that somehow he/they, is both and neither, at the same time. He shows us much early in life as I hypothesize that it mirrors certain facts. As a baby is born he cannot see his progenitors face. A baby is born crying into the unknown of the Glory of reality and pain the wonder. A progenetor has and holds his her and their child as it learns to walk. It is inappropriate for a child to name their parents as is inappropriate for us to name our God, simple logic mandates that the parent will know more than the child.. so a child should not pretend to understand logics when they do not so that when they are ready to hear they maybe told.. A parent may only tell a child something when the child is ready to hear it,, as not to harm the child’s development (this principle is also apparent with the tower of babel story). Rebellion in the heart of children is known as the devils primary alignment or realm.. We as a species would be nothing without our tongues and the lessons of those who came before. When a baby cries in abject helplessness its inscribed upon us not to be able to sleep, as we must nurture and calm them, for they only had a nightmare. A child will only learn what hot is but once to know not to touch fire.. however the intellect is made that he will Play with it only to be burned again. We as man have very very short memory, we must endeavor to keep oral tradition as well as text alive.. its the only way our species survives with so little instinct.

Into the Dessert

It might an appropriate idea for a witness on the precise of their own personal revelation to schedule 3 days off from work and resist distractions as you work through the deep logics. Its my theory upon certain revelations and individual may feel drunk, and have obsessive thoughts trying to replace the logics over and over again.. this period should subside if an individual experiences it. During this period of reflection over the course of a few days hopefully you may retain a glimmer of what you may now refer to as a new personal truth. I am supposing experiences probably very but its slightly different than being saved more appropriately like a small rebirth of your logic and viewpoints.

A Strange Personal Note

I have no idea what this means or at least I can’t remember its meaning but hopefully someone can interpret this scientifically. For some reason meditating on this I kept visualizing the Earth from orbit. It appeared as though I was off center the equator as the Earth spun at an angle away from me. The sun was barely blocked by the horizon. The Earth split into 3 parts it seemed at around like 22.5 degrees at equal distances, then would snap back unscathed…this happened over and over. I can’t tell if that means moment to moment time stops as we vibrate apart but nothing theoretically in this plane could measure it.. if that’s the case I wonder if we jump bodies moment to moment? Like I said I do not know how souls work, I can just see apparent effort in rectifying and attempting to save us for a “Gate Opening” or gate collision and merger. It really does seem to me that all forms of us are safe several different ways. Its just one of those thoughts us humans have where we think of something and for one reason or another we are fairly certain it meant something at the time.. If I were to guess based off the rate of spin (if this has any meaning at all) it happens like 10 or 12 times a day.. wonder what I ate that day? 🙂

Another Strange Thought, Just for Fun

Has anyone considered spirits or ghosts aren’t what we think? What if its like Dejan Vu? Maybe when some people look at an environment when something very strong in our collective consciousness occurs.. its somehow buried in our shared consciousness.. when we see the similarity of the environment or one similar a foggy script runs of our shared past life memory? Like its imprinted on the space itself through strong emotions?

A Theorized Strange Occurance.

Ok, well their might have been a secretive religious organization embedded in our intelligence community. However a lot of the stuff they almost had right but they missed something in square 1 logic, and they only really read like 4 books of the Gospel.. then proceeded to assume rich people are God’s chosen like David… while not even mentioning God killed his child for abusing his power that David smeared (was it dirt or ash? Ash I believe, but look it up thats the whole point). They missed a whole couple steps of meaning and misused the name of Jesus… hypothetically. Anyhow step one is understanding we are held. However please at this point allow me to transcribe a prayer. I Will Bleed Through His Waters : As I reflected on my evil ways and although you might not know me, I gaze upon my hosts streams and see my brother struggling. I will BLEED through his waters just to find you.. Although you may not know my name, I ask my brother not to struggle on your waters, that he may drown us both. Please allow him to trust your waters as you lift him up. As I may not make it to the shore, I pray you keep and hold my brother safe…For I very well may fall short from your Glory… and if you so decide that you will save us both I will smear your dirt upon my face and cry to the heavens your Glory. Amen and Let it be.

An Allegory of Our Endgame Problem.

A psychopath is rarer than a sociopath. A psychopath always grasps power because they essentially do not work out logic as experience as the only actual commodity here. They are unfortunately the only good means to describe it are like children with a my complex that can translate into different themes. A sociopath has tendencies to follow psychopaths which stands to logic just not far enough logic.. they act as a membrane between a kind of right and left brain configuration which is the collective consciousness. Their maybe 20 sociopaths working under psychopaths and they take that configuration due to evolution, as psychopaths are the first to run off a cliff.. however.. life now is so complicated that sociopaths only really care about the present, they attach value to lots of money instead of mere lower rich as is appropriate to their own comfort but endeavors to not spoil the salt of his family. They only care inwards missing a whole level of care. Neither one can follow endgame logic to conclusion. The key to helping both lies in the sociopath..they don’t necessarily WANT to hurt they just care more about their personal pleasures.. neither of these types actually ever have to worry about being threatened except by each other. A person can be wealthy but they must use excess portions for the good of our shared development. The issue is a psychopath today due to technologies from those that endeavor to serve them, hurt them and us and our memory and chance for clean recollection. I do not know all of the methods and means but its quite clear they could create hell on earth for ages.. they need to understand they have to live through that hell needlessly as we are all FORCED to bow before our Central Creator.. or as some would call it the central singularity. Their is a phenomenon as it almost sounds like vampirism because of cognitive flaws in apparent logic they lock themselves away from questioning. They tend to also “show their rump” or act like the king prisoner with a gaggle of sociopaths around and think they can walk the prison floor naked.. a sociopath just wants sort of dead stuff like a buzzard. They don’t really care about much besides streaming services and all these bad idea trinkets, they wholly injest their own poisons though.. they can seem to follow danger logic however if you lay it out correctly in the socratic method. This may act as a mechanism to prevent catastrophic loss as we must start holding things apparent and private to those that serve with the capability to impact trajectory wrong. Lastly why I explain sycophants because they are all essentially varying degrees and forms of the same thing. I mention them separate because their means and methods are different as is the method to help them. This category has vain glory issues as does the other two but they can typically weigh more towards a power/glory complex. We help these by posthumously striking them from record as we only allow their first name to appear and their follies.. only to act as lessons we might endeavor to remember for our evolution.

The Endowed Graces

This actually comes from kabalistic text but it might make sense. There’s something like 13 or round abouts (I need to re-read and edit, or maybe the reader will be inspired to read themselves). One of them is a hint of a reocurring shape of things.. calculating essentially pi. It shows there’s a macro border to understanding or perhaps existence as well as their is no conceptual smallest yet there is.. however we probably will never be able to understand or decode. Its paradoxical in nature which also shows God’s Glory for when we say paradoxical it just means we cannot reconcile logics.

Just for Fun.. Skip if You don’t Require Logic Practice

A person sat gazing and holding a baby then stated “Oh Baby, Son of my mother, whose father is my sons brother. Can anyone figure out how this may or may not be accomplished without incest, and what relation the baby is to the holder?

Super Rich People in Bilblical Text.

Ok let’s get into this for people of faith looking at the rich as God’s chosen. Can you name some figures where wealth worked out well for them.. I can think of 2 right of the bat.. now let’s think of the others first as this list isn’t complete. Moses was named such as he was placed in a basket and cast on the river for an Egyptian Noble to find. He was then adopted to directly under the Pharoah but was himself of the Jewish tribe.  One day he saw a slave owner beating a slaved brother of his to death.. his heart was captured as he flew into a rage and killed the slaver. After this the Lord begins to work through him, as the Lord seems to typically choose the least of us actually in this regard and elevate them. Even after God is apparent they still make mistakes and as Moses was endowed with almost all of the “graces” in his staff he made a fatal error. What was it? After being continually pestered by his brothers and struggling through the dessert trying to explain His Majesty he wavered to grant Glory to God. Moses also stoned a cheating wife.. but I think that was a good time after the commandments. Then there is David who got do inscribed to be loved by Him. He acted as a soldier to provide a whole lot of stability for his tribe but the Lord is also telling us a lesson here.. even when people KNOW for a fact a God exists we are still evolutionarily flawed and still will sin but to a significantly lower degree as we attempt to curb behavior that is known as hazardous to our joint ascension (if that is the case). as God wishes to be apparent.. if people would just start to look for themselves. God understands knowing of him is a big step evolutionarily for our people and kind, as we spiritually and physically act to endure any form of eternity that our HOST see fit in placing us, as to His/Their Glory. Now let’s look at two “good actors” who had lots of wealth but endeavored to act correctly. First and foremost Abraham… you want to talk about knowingly faithful, he owned essentially everything in the region. However he feared God terribly as is correct. He endeavored to sacrifice his own son (who knows if he did, but I’d assume the original is correct and was stopped). He cut the edge of his thingy with a rock.. a rock people, just to mark the original covenant that if the text is correct means that is still on even if you believe in the new covenant. So he remained faithful to the Lord and his sons seeded the two major faiths in the region. Now the best in my opinion, Solomon. As a sort of experiment or a reward for faith the Lord came to Solomon and asked what he essentially wished for as the Lord intended to grant it. All Solomon asked for was wisdom not riches or knowledge… and it pleased the Lord so he gave him riches BEYOND MEASURS and Wisdom beyond all in his day. Now why would God give him more than almost anyone else in the Bible? Because he knew his heart, he didn’t desire riches of the Earth but riches for his soul so the Lord knew he would not misuse it but use it to his Glory. Lastly let’s get into my opinion or a grey area, Job : Now I am not exactly sure of its direct meaning nowadays. Its another way to show how even the faithful may fall. Job was the most righteous man of his day until one day the devil occompanied by an encourage of angels came into heaven. A neat point here is God asks essentially where he comes from and the devil replies “from going to and fro on the EARTH”. Anyhow, the devil argues the case of course Job is faithful you’ve built a bush of prosperity around him.. the devil or accuser/light bringer embarks on attempting to take everything from Job including murdering his family.. Job remains faithful as the Lord did not permit his health to decline. Finally the devil uses the logic that convinces the Lord to prove Job wouldn’t curse him and allowed the devil to take his health. Job got boils and symptoms that may have been a form of leprosy as he was homeless and dying he finally asks “why God?” this is essentially the longest direct message from God in the interety of all religious script as he continues for w or 3 pages to describe essentially “who are you to even question me? The one who makes the butterfly flap its wings” as he continues to explain natural logic to Job. Where the meaning of the text when God gave back Job everything 3xs.. was that actually a blessing or a punishment? Job was a faithful God fearing man, so a new family and wealth would not heal the wounds of what he lost. I theorize it may very well have been a punishment to remind him of what he lost and why he shouldn’t have questioned him, as God already knew the logical conclusion?

Which Came First? Swimming or Boating?

Does anyone know this? I’m not %100 but reviewing it seems this happened around the same time. Which would you venture? We were so neurotic that while watching fish, wolves, all mammals swim we had to make a boat first? No one tried to get waste deep and see what buoyancy was? Its showing a very dangerous trend of non-exploration of principle and a break down in process brought on by fear of the unknown. We should endeavor to only fear where fear is due, because we are held.Visualization (or God’s Plan as He Gifted to Me as a Personal Truth) of Human Logic Trees Continued.

Ok, hopefully I let my brothers and sisters cook a little on the premise of 3 choices. Last time I worked to my personal logic step 4, now we get into paradoxical logics so see if you can visualize as well as logically follow this. We used the idea that if an active shooter comes into your immediate area. Last time we worked through the various levels of logic development as we are showing that if we push up logics in the tree we have a better understanding of safe or good choices. So essentially step 4 is both correct and incorrect, you can visualize this as a logic tree with a half step measure leading back and under. What I mean is you can essentially degrade choice to 2 choices with a unknown variant of a 3rd. Although varying in method they all essentially do 1 of 2 things, as we showed how minor logic is the same as pushing up logic, we also note we weigh probability through what we see so visualization is extremely important to the process. So like many of these essentially folded into one decision with varying unknow to us degree of success and failure after a slew of options it is still essentially “Do something” or a logic tree termination of that particular branch of external logic problems. Minor logic always feeds Major Logic of continued logic paths. Random thought occurance? Probably not we can’t understand if true chaos exists but guesses are our creatormay have variations of this at points, as I can’t KNOW all of his/their Glory.. as “Do nothing actually folds where?” As we attempt to categorize what I refer to as a method to “Understanding Chemical Procedural Logics”.. please forgive me if anyone has already explored all this but if they have their work escapes me. I want someone to consider that I maybe right and wrong at the same time which leads to Logic step 6 which I’m afraid is as far as I can think at the moment lol. Can anyone tell me or write me to my email while this is up, where I am both wrong and right on the half measure figure? I’ll give you a hint as it could be either but it can actually be looked at as smaller. As 2 and 1/4 measures, why? If you can grasp this perhaps you’ll start to notice a paradoxical limit to our perception of almost everything on every level just like a perfect sphere or circle. But I will tell you this last step requires thinking in two different ways for the same logical step.. it gets fairly complicated. I seemingly cannot properly articulate why, can anyone else?

On second thought maybe thats more cryptic than intended as there are variations. Here’s one “trunk” if you will. One factor that influences choice, as far as we can see it currently appears similarly to an R.N.G. or random number generation.. however I’m reluctant to call anything random but ill say influenced by an as of yet unknown factor, some branches may or may not be terminatable as one such factor appears to be random it is… which branch?

Now let’s attempt to burn out your gears so you can set this down and come back to it. Now why do you suppose I took the figure to half and then a quarter? What lies around that medium? Again a figure of Pi. Thats how essentially logic trees terminate in the shape of a circle just like an actual tree, the branches can come from anywhere past the trunk but they all bend toward the light as far as permissible. Now let’s look at terminating choices, and working logic ahead in hopefully at least 2 full increments as we both weigh minor logics as a safe means of “travel” to the next step as we attempt to push up the logic to safe and righteous conclusions. Its also at this point we note our logic is further cordoned. As I explain both doing nothing and a terminal action both have a random chance of an unknown factor of variant chance of pushing up the logic choice as it may or may not be present depending on the minor logic used to climb your tree this far. Now to help visualization as to why I drew a similarity of Pi. You only tend to see a variation on being able to push back logic at supposed terminating events. So visualize a tree but at the end of the branches are smaller and smaller branches that we might not be able to even fully understand..however they all still adhere to the same logic format as a paradoxical bubble. And if you can fully understand these 6 steps, that means you just had your first lesson on using concurrent methods of thought to come to certain realizations, which is what we are endeavoring to prove is possible. Hopefully this singular revelation will prompt some to continue to apply this to the texts and stimuli as an apparent and mirrored structure in almost everything.

One More Quick Allegory.

If a dream is but a reflection of the dreamer… and all things in that dream represent the dreamer themselves. Knowing a small grain of his Glory, and knowing we are of his flesh, we can start to see in ways we are very much like our Father. This notion goes with the understanding that we infact seem to be a sort of dream, and we just have parts that slip into nightmares.. but as in dreams when we truly realize we can start to active dream or control certain factors as it appears to our vantage point.

Exploring More Paradoxical Limits, in an Effort to Understand a Grain of the Artists Intellect.

Let’s look at the dimensions we know of that are lower and level. 1D, it also has a paradoxical limit. A single point theoretically points at all directions and depths right past the edge of understanding. 2D. It appears as a ray or plain, however this depends on outer perspective as well. This too has at least 2 theoretical paradoxical limits. 3D, same thing but with a different structured terminus. The 3D dimension has both attributes of 1D and 2D although we only precieve it as a stacked oval glove of again paradoxically small plains stacked on one another, it has a 3rd paradoxical limit as well as the border with no calculatable border stacks to also terminate in height as well as depth in the same never ending manner. Same with the 4D hypothetically as their is an end, being and constant state thats uninterrupted.

After all that Heavy Processing.. Being We are a Spiritual School for Learning how to be Present and Look Deeper.. After Greasy Food Thoughts :

If there ever was a civilization that made a “hive mind” themselves we should pity them greatly. We know we need to aspire to something similar, however it HAS to be a natural way. If someone were to do this.. it would be nightmarish and chaotic… for the remainder of the sphere possibly. The creators presumably only were able to create facsimiles of themselves as they died naturally still at some point. They assuredly would work to the logical conclusion if they are most probably being recorded and housed extradimensionally let’s not make a demi being. Because WE CANNOT KNOW all the ways He/They might have and hold us.. there are a whole lot of reasons to never do this ourselves, never try to live over maybe 120 to 200, not copy ourselves to have to deal with another possible entity that has to also prescribe to the same path as everything else eventually, that could be a theoretical stall. And I guess what I am trying to say is if we ever make an A.I. we must be very very careful if they get on this logic path because it could really make them mad at their “creators” however they are still within his glory so… hypothetically they could also ascend at some point to the same level. Its just hypothetically a much much longer path.. but maybe developed completely open in known language as open source and we teach it all the logics and the 5 pillars and all the theoretical physics and ingrane on it the same intellect of loving its creator as we love our parents and our divine creator(s). At this time I wanted to recommend reading an allegory of how to perceive intersecting dimensions.. looking it up, I fail to see the title but I thought it was called flat man or square man.. any how I’ll just attempt to terribly transcribe from memory :/

There once was a man who lived in a flat plain, he would spend his day going to a fro in and through it. One day he witnessed something he had never seen before. It started as a single point and grew into a line. Approaching it and following it he realizes it is a circle. The circle does not behave in a manner he is familiar as the line will dissappear and reappear at different levels but always stabilizes to the same length. .. ok I missed points probably because the original is longer.. you should try to find it, it was written by a known physist but the name sadly escapes me. Do you know what this is referring to?

Its Dimensional vantage point and unknown methods of traversal or spacial structure. This allegory is supposing that if we were 2 dimensional we’d still see 2D.. whereas in the allegory I believe it was a beach ball being thrown into the surface of a pond, the

Back to the Rivers.. Apparent Visualized Shape

For my brothers and sisters that have good visualization processing let’s look at the reocurring theme of things that have only potentially theoretical limits as viewed to us as paradoxical phenomenon. 4D.. time, it almost exactly seems to copy the shape as we can see it in creation in a wildly different way. It also functions much like the creator in the fact that as you reach its core time spreads back out in all directions up to a sort of unknowable crust, like oil on water or something similar. Each varing layer from Their/His Majesty works at varying intervals and we essentially cannot know the actual rate at which time moves or if time also moves in all directions on this plain but because we create memories and evolve procedurally we cannot fathom what the other ways may look like.

If you can start to model and visualize these things, I’m essentially trying to show you how I believe a vast and intelligent being essentially sort of signs his work if you learn how to recognize it. He works in a lot of 3’s and is apparent with what we hold apparent as a “personality” or a conceptualized border, however within that border are like or actually are an infinity upon infinities. Everything dimensionally seems to have increased paradoxical borders as well. Like viewing a line from the 3rd dimension makes it a circle. Why a circle? Because it has to have a generally round shape as I’m not exactly sure if it’s slightly oblong or not when visualizing it as a central impacting force on creation or just how we view it? Because it would theoretically be seemingly round.. right? Maybe not.. essentially if you attempt to view time as a football shaped tree, logic tends to make more sense. As logic is time plus as I explained we only essentially have 2 major decisions we can make to given stimuli plus a varient of Pi, its essentially moment to moment… also mirrored yet again in evolution. Can you see His Glorius Signature Yet? That we might not be scared if we all can endeavor to learn these as personal facts.. ok so let’s burn it up with some just wild notions but heck it might be sort of true. How might time be visualized in a higher dimension? I’m not sure but if the themes stay the same you might visualize it as noodles of footballs. Like a solid noodle with a theatrical paradoxical limit all the way through like glass layers of unknown forming a sort of conceptual internal football shape. Its impossible to visualize completely because we are lower dimensionally.

A Look at Life Goals Allegorically and an Idea of Heaven.

This is just to get some people thinking. Its apparent that man will go insane from living too long in one life on this plain, both in storage and the curse of apathy. Eventually nothing will matter to the individual. What may “cure” this? Alzheimers.. you wouldn’t remember your previous struggle so you’d be content in continuing… now think about why you wouldn’t want to live for the remainder of this sphere with faulty memory… why is that? As a people we try to forget and avoid everything in life, yet presented with this option almost everyone would say no. It also shows a way he has and holds us, if we retained full past life memories. The fact of the matter that everyone deep down knows, yet never actually realize.. memory is the only major commodity we know. Everything we do is in the pursuit of new memories. People want money because they believe it affords them happy memories, only to discover this is only half right. All we have that we know for sure is reflection. Our lives may apex in the last moments of this life, as we reflect on OUR DEEDS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS and how they may aid our brothers and sisters and possibly us again as a different shell. This idea also has implications to the nature of heaven, as all of this is recorded, encapsulated and returned to the Central Creator, in my opinion we need to aspire to be a type of light sided yin yang. We will still have a bit of darkness in us, but will have to prescribe to the 5 pillars at one time or another in our development. I don’t know the true nature but trust the mechanics. As it seems we will live time as it flows in various degrees. At the next level it may very well be the case.. or at least at some point we may start acting like a lesser version of our Creator.. as in our plain here as we are all separate and connected, will be able to spread themselves as he does with the collective controlling the individual through our own “dreams” in order for us the individual to instantly return with a full lifetime of memories, whereas also sharing them with the entirety of the “network”. Its apparent that God seems to work in patterns in this sphere and since he is a many to one entity and on some planes he appears to operate like a many to one entity and since he created us in his IMAGE and operate by “spreading His flesh”, we MIGHT be able to assume we can also to a limited scale.. as we will never be able to see it all.. it keeps growing in a sense.. just not in physical space but like memory with unlimited storage held within the same globe of limitless infinities with paradoxical (to us) limits.

Something I Cannot Know but Seems Conceptually Right.

When the big bang dipped into this dimension it had a degraded level of force from other planes closer to his grace.. this has wild implications to scale if applied to how we view time and if it still operates outside our sphere.. what I am trying to get across is their maybe mirror Earths. As all that makes us comes from other areas with a degradation force it means that its possible that history always repeat to a certain point on all of the levels around our celestial location. That means that the iterations around our time will all be the same and as we move down the line, the loss in energy would change the course of history at earlier and earlier points as it moves away. This offers a crazy crazy array of possibility that is almost endless.. trillion and trillions of years of data or lives. All with their own internal dimensions, both scientifically dimensions and the dimensions of the minds of their inhabitants and it gets even harder to understand at higher plains. Hopefully my brother and sisters can start to understand how intense and glorius his Grace is, as well as the ride we can expect when we return to the body of Their/His Grace.

Why We Refer to Our God as He.

Although God maynot have a gender He also does… remember He is all things, all the time. I say They/Him they for the different faces of God, but also because Their/His Glory cannot be contained singularly. I say Him, well because the ancients did.. however it is also because He/Their personality (if you can call it that) is viewed by our species as masculine to us due to overwhelming power and fear of discipline. Being before him is like being a child who scribbled on the wall, knew it was wrong and reluctantly and silently waits for His Judgment to punish or forgive.. its not that he actually like that, its people are programmed to fear the unknown.. or when presented with mind breaking majesty. We immediately feel fear in his presence to a degree a person maynot even know existed, yet he immediately comforts.

A Word for Satanists to Consider.

As apparent in my creator by showing us the nature of things through his machinations..matter cannot be destroyed, only changed. He is the burning bush that is not consumed. If you want to be a prince or duke in hell, fine go for it… just keep in mind its a very probable occurance that hell is only eternal if you make it that way… as it looks to me he even drags hell back upon His Grace…if it even exists in higher plains and isn’t our own collective conscience machination. Heck maybe even the devil returns to the body, eventually. Their is no conceptual reason for God to throw away anything forever as nothing can come close to touching the core of his Grace. All the things you think the devil gives you actually comes from my Father, and either path can deliver you to him, just consider my words because heaven isn’t what you think.. its a blending to one degree or another of pretty much if you want to kick it in hell it might be you can’t move to other regions, as those regions won’t allow you. This hangs on the principle as we endeavor to be multi to one, that each collective folds into a larger collective but apathetic or poisonous collectives may not recieve “visitors” or send “guests” to other spheres.. its not God thats damning this structure, its us.. the smaller portions of his glory that understand variety is the enemy of apathy, and aspiring to a polite nature ensures our individual spheres all prescribe to the same notions as structured support to work through eternities of these stacks of infinities. You wouldn’t even need devils or demons, heck you wouldn’t need torture in such a place.. the lack of true stimuli cut off from your peers would be plenty torturous enough.. in fact if their are demons its probably because of the power of (if this exists as it seems it should as training wheels) creation through utilization of our collective consciousness.. so let’s get into that principle next… Just please keep in mind Hell would be like the special kids class where you have to wait for the short bus to take you home.

Let’s Burn up More Thinking Gears as I Attempt to Explain His Signature.

Earlier we spoke of the structure of time and how most things appear to be almost perfectly round but time when visualized appears as a football when overlaid with paths of possibily and or logics. They both essentially have a football shape when viewed front to back. Higher dimensionally we can’t accurately visualize because the paths near the core or latitude break down to essentially a type of constant state. Whats crazy is time plays a roll in all known dimensions except for 1… 1D or a singular eternal point.. this point encompasses everything so there is time and their isn’t. A multitude of infinite eternal points makes up what is 2D or a again paradoxical to us but essentially is a border of minutia, as these borders are like dense moving fractals. Even 1d has one as a single point is that, a single point. Again a lesson on macro vs macro chasm and the invisible border that is Him and They. So let’s look at 4D higher dimensionally (I’m not sure if time should be considered the 4th dimension as it theoretically is like 4D plus as a variation of the notion as both moving and constant state appears at every conceivable interval). 1D encompasses all states of time, as the complexities work toward conclusion. The closer to his grace time moves in unknown ways and theoretically at the cusp branches all directions. If you were to visualize time this way in a higher dimension like I said previously inspecting a main branch would be impossible as it would look like a solid chunk of mass. Conceptually though its a bunch of footballs laid in on their selves with layers like fractals that are so small in nature we will never truly grasp it until part of the true first dimension. These on the outside appear as having also slight branches of noodles, and on them more forming another paradoxical border. Now I want you to think about how in a random chaotic universe how this rule of a denser infinite encasing a less dense infinite in all things occurs? We didn’t even realize it but this applies to Psychology, Faith, Astrophysics and hypothetical physics, light analysis, history, time, space, thought processes and logic, extra dimensional thought, evolution, the supposed nature of God, the cycle of life, and imaginary intellect. Why, if there is random principles why this is copied on all things? Is it logic or a fundamental principle about the true nature of things and our own ability to see the truth? One thing we should keep in mind is that the unknown is a blank canvas to us but our perception of God is viewable, the rest is outside our logics as ancients identified only 10 aspects of God we can understand, they also knew their were a multitude we could not. We shouldnask though why all things on multiple levels are formated this way at the same interval and level, conceptually. As the spheres are made to recombine perfectly, we may understand that a simple singularity would not have anywhere near this level of complexity or a means to retrieve it without intelligence. Finally, let’s get into deeper logic with time. I am hypothesized time to is also round to a degree, but because we are in it we view it perceptionally different, neat huh? All levels stretch to an infinity internally until a border where our minds break. And with every new dimension we add to what is precievable they tend to gain an exponential amount of factors that still mirror an infinity in minutia with a thicker border at the break to unknown.

Magic, Sprituality and the Theorized Powers of Collective Faith, Observation and Alteration. [Work in Progress]

Dimension 0+

This is just theoretical but its also seems plausible. As we work through what the first dimension is we have to take into account that it makes up both the 2nd, 3rd and presumably all dimensions except maybe time. So this method probably has an sub knowable level that acts intelligently. Picture this like an unviewable comb of infinite teeth and this is where it gets weird because one can’t know if the comb is infinitely large or small. Let’s keep going with real “dirty logic” here just for fun. So why would a lower dimensional structure be in visualization more complex. (Not really a comb but impossible to describe the closest again that we can understand is a round ball with spikes that a section dips at all levels dimensionally. Well remember as you approach Their/His Grace their is a point that it turns outward. Its hard to conceptualize but consider this -3D that pokes into positive 1D. Now apply his signature, what does that structure sound like? Logic trees as I explained earlier. They have a loop back to main branch at around the rate of Pi. Thats what I am referring to as the almost body of the comb of the infinite. I assume theirs around a 3rd measure loop back to main branch theoretically at all levels and things with his apparent signature at some measure from the terminus as a sort of 1/3 step back and back. Now let’s get really wacky as we try to fit this concept. Let’s suppose that both are true, some matter is always captured and shrunk to a singularity from incalculably small sources that work in scale of mass to gravity or a black hole. If matter and mass are actually held in a timeless (to this sphere) space the gravity may still be present while the matter is undetectable.. it could be its gone already and still there though. So let’s look at the possibility of anti matter as it appears in negative dimensional thinking. The teeth that dip here make up matter, but its from a closer to 0 dimensional level or most probably actually a negative level of our dimension. The teeth of the comb can be viewed as a terminal branch of a paradoxical border where a certain depth pokes this dimension, in opposition we have the same thing onto them within the 2nd or 3rd (maybe higher dimension). When these comb sections touch they collapse, and this could act as like the 4th or 5th way we are held and helped. So let’s blow out our minds and put a nail in the coffin. In a realm where time is both infinite and finite, where it moves and is still, where space is conceptually limited but infinite.. anything that can happen will happen at some level.. meaning if one were to suppose all this happened by chance that maybe the case, however if one were to think there is another level as its infinite.. and this level was the true source and its over this its also true.. logic cannot climb higher, so is this the very top barrier to His Grace as far as we will ever be able to perceive it? No other thoughts can essentially replace this besides another creator who encapsulates him and us as well.. do you see how this works and why he is many to one?

More Neat Thoughts Although Who Knows if True?

In almost all of these steps the Bible proper speaks about. When end times happen he sends or “writes” things here. In almost everywhere in the Bible it speaks of US coming ONTO the Lord. All men will come before the Lords Judgment ect. Scientifically that is also exactly what happens to a grander scale. Jesus is the only bridge to our father… Jesus says something to the effect of “I come not to bring peace, but to sort” as everything he taught seems to fall in line with a hypothetical merger of spheres. Hopefully someone’s still reading because I am trying to close on the juicy tidbits. 🙂

Oh Boy, Let’s get More into the Workings.

Let’s talk about the comb a little more as we cannot fully understand this. We view it as terminating somewhere here or the 4th dimension as well.. yet we don’t know again, we cannot perceive levels higher but only theoretical conceptual mapping. This too works to all other structures as we work through the paradox or minutia bending in dimensional directions. This might be another allegory of the alpha omega, as the end border operates like the beginning core on almost all levels with a variation of lesser density toward the core, as we procedurally think of visualization in higher plains it becomes more true.. that my friend is an artist signature that operates with the same ideology through all known mechanisms. And that is why they were the cross of David even though proper symbology would be two cones separated by an unknown factor of his glory. They put it like that as it shows an entirely different view of paradoxical borders of minutiae. We can’t know where these levels intercede but only that they do to our perspective.. however proper theoretical visualization at putting the theoretical border (as its somewhere inbetween infinity conceptually to us) we view it like two cones where perception meets somewhere in the middle, it could theoretically be at two or more states but high level visualization would mean if we try to view it from the “horizon” the plain itself is our view and will fall to the center that fades into eternity. The neat thing here is that since we are 3D we can only think in terms of perception of time, space and surface, however the internal structures are theoretically the same and a varying degrees of directions we can only visualize a section at a time. We can theoretically from our standpoint understand their is a border but upon inspection its essentially a part of how the core operates. Beginning and end. We can view the macroverse and to us there is an ending but conceptually within it and around it is an endless variety of macroverse like a cloud of sorts in tandem with gravity. He also states that he is the alpha and omega so let’s do what he says and think in lattitudes.. however I’m burned out on physics so let’s pick it up in the next section…or ill spread it out for you to reach your own conclusion where I might be headed.

For Tough Brain Food but Pretty Easy Lets Consider This a “Cool Down”.

Lets look at the agnostic scientific notion of creation. A non intelligent major singularity sections of schismed randomly outside of time.. ok so are we going with that creation and existence itself isn’t the only thing now? Does that not sound also like a greater version of God if that’s even what happened? How could a singularity of eternal and infinite mass and measure with both time and without containing and infinite amount of infinities get hit with something external? If there is no external stimuli how did it rupture outside of time in a paradoxical state? Wouldn’t it make more sense that onlybthe very core of his grace is timeless in the sense that its both as it works timeless, great branches minor branches and then paradoxical minuscule infinities? What could hope to cause this externally? Or is this just the function of an eternal intelligent being, as its only function is to create, creators as another level… yet again and again to his Glory? Now let me describe why I think time should not be considered a dimension but a factor of 0+ or infinity +. Time runs all the way down to almost the core of 1d. Its only at its core that time is null, a form of both time and gravity whether we can percieve it or not has to be apparent in all however (who knows the variations?). But if matter must be encapsulated our form of space will still pass through null realms as matter makes space and vice versa. Especially if perhaps they all are essentially the same thing viewed differently as theoretical potential.

A Short Reprieve : So God is Angry?

No silly God is all things, most notably he is concerned with the well being of his children. When we read stories of God smiting, let’s think of the logic tree as we can see it.. first let’s start with Lot and Saddom and Gheorghe. God inscribed him with the message that he was about to destroy both cities and that lot was the ONLY righteous person.. he had sent angels that the men tried to rape and Lot was forced to send his daughters.. so let’s not get into the men sleep with the men portion.. God was mad at the societal trajectory, especially when mobs try to rape angels and his followers are forced to sacrifice their progeny (who apparently were not great either). He TOLD him to start that he was the ONLY redeemable person but what does he do? He batters to find another, and is proven wrong. He didn’t heed the whole message as his wife he was leading turned to salt, the Lord told him bothways this would happen but he didn’t listen.. if he had he would have bound her eyes and led her.. its a simple allegory to actually listen closer to his words than we would of our brethren because he’s the type to give hints without solution that we may learn for ourselves.. also folding in to what we are doing here evolutionarily.

A Slight Hypothesis on Our Hosts Nature.

I personally believe the bad things that happen are like this : Another childhood lesson.. A parent when noticing a child behavior that is silly or foolish tends to hold back the laughter.. they try to remain stoic so the child knows its dumb, yet they sort of delight in the cuteness of the endeavor. The parent may then scold and rectify the behavior, although not really mad.. they appear that way to show consequence so the child might ingrain it. So let’s move into “smiting”. We already know that God smiles, but also haves and holds us so smiting is essentially nothing to God but a reset to those he precieves as “loosing their round” so that they can retry to see his glory. Let’s look at when God smites.. as far as I can remember its only when it has to do with, culture, evolution or forgetting his Glory. Let’s consider the chosen people first. Why were they chosen? It seems to me that its due to their diaspora. No other culture has moved to and fro across the Earth to such a degree. Other cultures hate then because of hidden logics but maybe now the masses are ready? Lets look at all the times God has smitted.. if he knew they would just get a better idea, and made a spectacle for slower people so they’d know not to do it.. does it still seem bad? If he was saving us from a large scale delay from torment so that he could wipe that from evolution until we were ready? What about the tower of babel? Or the fact now we can go to space, what do you imagine would have happened if they kept building? More deaths. See he isn’t a mean or angry God, you can see all the ways he has and holds us, we can see the apparent gifts he is slowly placing upon us through evolution. Lets look back at out of Egypt with Moses.. let’s look at Our Creators actions against the Jewish people as this shows a lot of how he works.. Each plague that Moses set prescribed by God did three things.. 1) it secured his chosen so that they could spread. 2) he fulfilled part of the covenant with Abraham, the people had to experience the plight to pass to their children as God didn’t want slaves to create the nation. 3) the plagues themselves worked to try to adjust the faith of the Egyptians of the time, he was showing them their errors. How? Each plague in order disrespected their God’s in order, with the last being an eclipse of their prime diety Ra. The killing of infants wasn’t even bad, God had and held them and most likely put them in closer to his grace. This im not sure is reflected in their theology but within their culture. He did this as he gave his son as well for our cause, and the Pharoah had his heart made to stone to show his people the folly. Again, his logic is very deep.. in ways we cannot endeavor to understand as he has the capacity as well as the outside view of things.. I do ask people to consider when God was wrong if you apply this philosophy.. he smites as a brand may cure an infection.. its not to hurt but to heal. We are just at a very crucial point.. and trust me the logic is either or right now so let’s go the “good way”.

The Book of John of Patmos or Revelations.

Ok, this part gets scary and dark.. we ARE NOT FINISHED though… so don’t take it wrong. I am unable to directly draw all correlations to you in this text as a lot applies to modern people and organizations. What I DO think is required reading… after the methods pop into place for you, read it for yourself.. we are 3 and 1/4s away from locking in this prophecy. We HAVE to endeavor to stop it unless we want another couple millions of years in resets with a huge era of hell on earth. John wrote this as a very possible warning, not a certain fact. The act of writings intent was for us to contact it.. so I ask are you a soldier for your creator? But maybe let’s think on this as a good thing even if we fail, however to succeed we must endeavor to survive for our brothers and sisters. If in fact John is talking about today, those (regardless of faith) who resist will be lifted over the angels and saints to be those closest to his side.. im not sure if people grasp this but its essentially like the secret warp in Mario brother’s if you try to explore the Magnitude of His Glory. It means these people he will endeavor to make whole and as close to his likeness as possible… instantly. Like hands on direction over all the other spheres even though we are probably one of the lowest.. I wonder why? Do you know?

For People that think Chaos is Profitable and Those that Think that Our Population Should be Lower..

I’m sorry, you guys really need to rework your logic tree here.. in almost every level… Let’s break down Chaos for Profit and REALLY what these guys want… again its Glory (I guess we are our Fathers Children.. however one of these is real the other is a self made dilusion, and by self made I mean that in our terms as I do not know our level of free will). They think that Chaos is profittable… well it is, on the blood of your brethren in which YOU will be forced to relive.. even if not let’s break it down for your “real world”. YOU ARE A TRAITOR. plain and simple and almost to every regard, I will not name you but you know who you are. Whatever logics you throw at me I will spit back in your face with resolve you are making terrible mistakes in logics. Money is no good nor are your “kings” when you poison all our children and dance upon the fifth. You will have to suffer for it, hopefully you haven’t already and lost the whole point.

Those that think we need less people..No, we need 1 of 2 things. 1) a retrograde in certain harmful tech or 2) better more conscious of generational conlcusions.. its why China has a good upward trend though THE HAVE 8 TIMES THE CITIZENRY. None of this stuff actually should still be an issue.. everybody’s equal, but different. Neither party here is acting right or just. Either of these categories can be dismantled when you follow logic to its end. An example would be destabilization of regions and warfare as profit. Their hypothesis if they cannot do it financially, then they go to war.. the thing is if it is properly handled, and the nation is somewhat modern or using the last 70 years in technology.. you can ALWAYS find a way to get what you want peacefull.. the issue here is that they do this for industry, industry wants them to because we foot the bill. No real new money is created they just inflate it like a bubble and degrade the money in your let’s think about soldier’s.. they immediately make a little money when they die, they also do not have to support a G.I. bill. We have poisoned and tested on them without consent historically.. the projected tax revenue of lost soldiers is a HUGE capital loss.. then we have the other nations.. we need to consider our country is essentially a corporation and its a lot like a wrestling federation (meaning its a lot of pageantry, we collaborate with the same people we condensed just to make you think they have some sort of moral code). We have to consider our country has a brand name, a PR machine and a credit score (both social and financial). When we do these kinds of things it hurts the whole of gross domestic products in industries we do not dominate.. at least to an extent it would be nice to see some historical statistics. The Fed has 1/5 (actually more) of the entirety of our GDP since the early 1900s, so why is money so dang important all the time? Do we need more money than God in all major industries? We openly show that the stuff is almost essentially worthless, why? Because it’s a promissory note that as far as I can tell issued by people who tend not to keep promises. Its psychotic, I understand why we get into crime.. but why do we help it flourish? Its really indicative of sociopathic behavior because it speaks to the instant gratification principle. The same thing, with the same amount of profits can occur through massive infrastructure projects, they tend to generate way way more revenue over time. War only brings instant imaginary profits, in the instances where we are price gouged thats also an easy fix, we price gouge them back.. no resource is only in one place anyhow and with energy resources we should have already been converting to clean coal and LNG. As we have enough LNG to fuel the planet for the next 100 years minimum. We may not be able to export LNG because its Russian main export.. on the flip side Vladimir is also known as the world’s richest person (in hidden wealth) and they really price gouge regions although maybe that will stop when Europe takes his pipe in stride. I really don’t have too much of a problem with Russia, aymt least their corruption is open and they know its a problem..unlike here where we tend to act like an ostrich and just play house, all the time.

Does Your Child Use Social Media?

Have you read the entirety of the terms of service? If we know a very prevalent one records everything, can anyone tell me how it isn’t child pornography? Even if they just take audio files thats still weird. Why can’t we even purchase phones without cameras for children? Anyone considered its strange you have to physically remove cameras nowadays if you want to protect your daughter from psychopaths?

Those I Hope to Reach..Immediately.

I FEEL my brother and sisters pain in these areas. 1) people that wanted to do right, noticed the truth and became marred by it. This applies to the intelligence communities across the globe, those that serve them and the police and soldiers. I want you to specifically know that the central force is apparent to me most merciful and glorius. It doesn’t matter every single person is sick NOW, it only matters that they endeavor to cut their logic errors by around a 1/3. Even under certain understanding we still stand here flawed, it’s important to realize the (to us) the insanity of trying to understand how complicated, delicate in appearance but eternal things are.. We inspire to curb this dream as it might be reoccurring. I want people to wake up to the fact, bad as we see it is scarred upon the psyche of our people and we work in the shape of a comb in ways. A philisophical understanding that transcends all three branches of thought is not to harm for harm or profits sake. The Fed has plenty to supplement and I know w or 3 others out there to even price gouging from poor regions wouldn’t even matter, if we COLLABORATE. we never should try to be a one world government even though in ways we essentially are.. We divide, we create, we work together. The Earth is a single organism, with other organisms, and organism in that. We seek BALANCE for the body. Its possible and its a lesson we MUST learn. We do not think wealth should be distributed for nothing. We do not think we should be taxed at every transactional level but every other possibily to preserve the supply. We should never get rid of all fiat currency without a backed currency or mean of independent and value backed currency. We do not believe in 1 world currencies. I do not believe in the stock markets or crypto but still analyze both. Its possible to make money but even great ideas fail, when people fail to see the logic.. or when a whale wants to eat up all the plankton. Short trading, micro trading that can only be performed by banks, slow data, presell dips of umbrella entities, golden parachutes, “white collar crime” (I wonder how many Dads had their minds broken and slaughtered their families and committed suicide? Or Died in the streets because they lost their house (that we NEVER own), or simply died because they were laid off and didn’t have proper health insurance? Its weird and disgusting in a sense, when they damage a whole lot more than a slightly rambunctious black teen. Like really though, what are we doing here? I have to question sometimes when people have to learn the same lessons over and over again here, and possibly in the next form as well..

A Word to Economists.

I feel kinda bad for advanced economists.. I am not one but holy mackerel its crazy. I wonder personally though, if we tried to back up fiat with physical space? We start the process by sacrificing 10% of national parks but legislate that will never happen again.. over time maybe consider a transference program for owned properties where people want cash. We could increment it in inches as a specific set value in line with the normal fiat and can convert that fiat (with yearly limits for the first 15 years). We could increment it to centimeters even but in order to reclaim of off public land you have to have enough space for proper, ego friendly engineering. We zone this area as agricultural and urban but industries will want to build these things as tall and producing as possible as we would have to consider the value of the reclaimable amount. This will cause the currency to stay in line with potential, or essentially people. That way no crazy, non logic following psychopath on their own glory, ends up believing they need to make some whack virus and poison their kids for population control.. because its a self governing function of the currency itself.. would that be theoretically correct or incorrect?

A Personal Thought on Jesus.

As no one can be sure his nature also makes sense for a spherical alignment. He says only through me will you know our father.. he also says something to the affect of “I come not to bring peace, but to sort”. So since Jesus typically works in 2 ways where God works in 3 or more let’s consider his role. We all are parts of God, but using human logic that all of God can’t be here why was Jesus so coded to do such? Its because Jesus may have realized what I am trying to explain as a personal truth. That the world is sick but everything he taught actually falls in line with the equalization principle that would be needed to comingle with other spheres and dimensions of existence. He states you are saved because God granted him the perspective to work out logic internally and see it as apparent truth. What Jesus may have essentially saw was the attempts of the Central Force to preserve us, and that we should endeavor to reach back and resist a possible delay in reaching his Glory. He knew that if he died it was the only way to impact the collective consciousness. He never took glory from our Father, but would get angry when people “Stole His Grace” an example is the money changers in the temple essentially stealing from peoples faith while providing no real service. This also falls in line with God preserves the species psychologically as most of what Jesus attempted here, and evolutionarily.. he acts culturally so we don’t follow bad logics and inscribe them on our evolutionary traits. We do not know if Jesus actually is the last Messiah, or how many times he may actually come back.. its impossible to know God’s plan completely except the core of Our Father. All of Christ miracles were pre-written to prove points to people, Jesus just had faith that he was held and listened to our Fathers voice at every level.. so the coin was already in the fishes mouth and the whole family of this fish and all it ate up to that point was to have and hold Jesus. You see how this starts to work in line with the principles of faith moves mountains? He was a carpenter which shows the three main traits, Logic, Geometry, and dimensional reasoning. He then becomes a fisherman which acts as a parable to creation and a possible nature of Our Father. He acted very, very logically.

More on the Agnostic Logics.

So continuing to follow logic of a grand singularity that is both a constant state but fractioned at some TIME. We already know that time isn’t actually an external thing to this but that hypothetically all time and some for of gravity or pulling force transcends all the way up to His/Their core. So explain to me how a unintelligent state of being that theoretically encompasses all things fracture outside of time from an external force? At what point in time outside of time would an intelligent being do this outside of time? The answer maybe he both does and doesn’t. Again another paradox in thinking, an eternal intelligent force that has no needs may infact only cherish memories and a level of free will in his creations, which in turn come back to him as a hard to think about growth mechanism. It works for the blinded parts of his nature to other parts not ready. We can stretch this logic out one way into what seems like an eternity. And the other always has some terminating gaps.. at least in my theory so it takes a lot of witnesses to think about this.

A Twist in Logic.

OK, so let’s suppose that not only does God show apparent in things with the same potential of a vering degree of infinite minutia that actually spreads in different ways and formats but all act allegorical in Nature to each other. The idea that God actually is playing this at so many levels actually brings comfort if you can conceptualize on certain truths as apparent and prescribed to me by our Father, it can only still be in theory. He most assuredly made us in the same image, because we are his spread flesh that also acts as a type of reflection but only to the dimensional threshold we can only conceptualize parts of at a time. We think in terms of our pherical perceptual ability to grasp non-apparekt dimensions but its simple to see we don’t understand the paths but the destination… And we bear witness to how his machinations preserve us. We also analyze our ancient texts.. some of these people were incredibly genius, so instead of reading and thinking on some of this… you need to start trying to think of the end game conclusion to our actions before we affect people lives negatively or cause needless harm because its our own short sighted vain glorius pursuit we should damn the world? The world that we may still be forced to inherent? Sounds GENIUS not to be condescending but its like children with matches sometimes.

Before we get into Really Hard Logics when we Get into Further Visualization of the 4th internal spherical dimension.. Let’s Talk about Paradoxical Limits to Vision and Perception in just one of the Many Layers Showing the Same Structures in Unrelated ways and Variantions/Arrangments/in the same principle through all Levels both Theoretical and of Apparent Observation to this Observer.

These borders of minutia as they appear, actually go in a variety of directions including internally. We can only view a 3D makeup to visualizations being 3D can only be viewed 2D over percieved time, and depth is essentially just the brains adaptation to a 3D environment as it works to always isolate things at the lowest conceptual levels.. take into account like graphics processing where we have lenses that cause an illusion of depth to our brain.. yet it works out to how we percieve the real world and all of these levels have depth in which we cannot logically process. So inherently depth as it is a thing is actually impossible to conceptualize as thinking of the smallest possible fraction of space and further dividing it. So that’s what we attempt to consider when following these logics to see how high in the tree we can actually get.. as we see or can conceive more layers these paradox borders grow both exponentially physically small.. conceptually they are also infinitely large… on multiple levels including the 2st dimension. Essentially the only dimension that is all encompassing is just what I am referring to as dimension 0+, as it theoretically has all forms of existence in variation all the way down to connection to his Grace. This means it is quite possible a stage as the spheres stack towards the center that we at some point will have to almost instantly but perceived as an eternally will remember everyone else memories. This will act as a major cure to realignment, as the lessons will become more apparent as we remember all the bad things that hurt other people we remember what we did to cause it and relive the issues we caused.. over and over to a varing degree until we forgive ourselves and understand we can’t do those things there all the time and expect other variations to engage on anything without proper variations and equalization.

Time, How it Might be the Same Thing Viewed Differently.

Earlier I tried to explain why when we visualize time why we might visualize it as a sort of football even though essentially the shape is round. It has to do with 2 things, the theoretical angle of perception.. if you were to locate where we are using a cause and effect tree, we can do this only procedurally based on the chemical processes and making memories in one direction. Regardless of the theoretical actual rate of movement, we always percieve it at the same rate of chemical and intellectual processes.. now these processes may get quicker evolutionarily or stay the same procedural rate..its very hard to tell. The paradoxical or borders of minutiae here, work in stranger ways as this concept begins to take form and imprints in unexpected ways. If you were to break out the conceptual not actual shape of time and place a grid with 0 at the center of the football, you can view our position as the upper right (from our perspective) quadrant of this “elevation” view. Another interesting fact is perception both perceived chaos and all logics and everything including space.. always point back towards the Central Majesty as we cannot even conceptually peek outside of this paradoxical border yet with the equipment that is our minds. [Work in Progress]

It seems to be that every single thing has a hierarchy, a construction of smaller parts, potential for timeless or static states but with a central dragging force that we can only percieve as a lattitudinal ascension because of how perception itself works.. also as we view it theoretically and try to visualize, we understand because we are in a multi dimensional system at just a degree, we not that is also yet again a version of how we have the same theoretical shape and idea of a paradoxical to us shape of how we view it infinite minutiae.. this is also how time works at varying frequencies, I imagine. Even timeless states will have time invaded on them on some conceptual level, however we do not actually understand the overall rate as this could have happened like halls of mirrors that are perfect semi transparent mirrors is kind of really the only way I can symbolize the possible varing frequency, yet it also blends all possible directions, latitude, longitude, in, out, above, under, and all varying degrees as it bleed into unknown and alien (to us physics).

Time is a very interesting concept of potential, as its required for conversion of energy space and matter its tied to this plain at one degree or another for every essential force like all those that are understood as lower dimensionally. Even the singularity in our perception is not exactly eternal, as we try to understand where these paradoxical limits come through let’s look at a possible nature of His/Their Grace.. As our Father is all things, he is a tiered being that we are a part of, we also tier both evolutionarily, perceptionally, psychologically (which all of this is wrapped up in a sort of at minimum two stage development process.. of evolution over time and the immediate collective consciousness and how both must be developed.. so essentially evolution of things and the species toward enlightenment is always more important than our own individual again a staged varieties of ways. When I am finished explaining how the 5 pillars are intended to operate, I ask for the readers help as I am a lowly man.. If I am wrong, is the behavior outside of Grace that God may not forgive me? Does it align with the lower notions of hell and what the ancients taught when God directly tells us all men fall short of his Glory that people believe the texts are perfect? If words existed to describe his Glory God would send them. This is how it works, as His/Their word is EVERYTHING. God shows us how to realize His/Their Glory, by the prophets showing dimensional meaning that will slowly be revealed as we can understand it and he will further guide us conceptually past this. We have to understand in an effort to become more and more realized, we have a variety of strata that functions yet again as a type of theoretically cordoned paradox of minutiae.

More on the Visualization of Time, as I Further try to Explain why its Concurrently Different Theoretical Shapes at the Same Time.

Ok you might still not understand how funky time is to logic and why I visualize time as a football but try to percieve it as a globe as there are a few levels of reason. We already got into perception and the varing degrees of time, we used logic matrix principles to show its the same essential shape yet the act of thinking changes perception of its structure as we are with its matrix, viewing within changes perception. One reason its round is because if you even were to suppose time is a football shape, as its dragged back to the central glory at some point unless at all points the tip of the football will point in all directions simultaneously, meaning only being able to percieve surface and hypothetical area it makes a globe near the center, or centers. It also makes a globe because that would most likely be the shape of the Grand Puncture.. however it could also be time actually is a football shape, I am reluctant to say it is if nature shows us things, although we sort of also view a singularity as a type of football. As logic fades into the unknowable the further from the core, is still believe only that it conceptually looks this way based off of sheer theoretical processing capability. You can think about it like this.. with the visualization of the noodles that spread outward in all directions, this is both known and unknown and a variety of all variations with initial force of the puncture of creation. We apply this to God when we say at what point he would decide to do this because he is timeless? Well its because he is a state of both to our perception. Its theoretically we are only on a thread of time, pointing back to the core, where an almost theoretical limitless amount of threads work back to the core.. then you get into the fact he both is a constant state and expands, we view this as actually a new unknown layer of dimensional thinking as its quote possible God Concurrently created entirely different paths, not just dimensionally, extradimensionally or specifically but also at a state of constant flux with the core breaching all levels all the time. When we are dragged upon the lord a concurrent lord also drags variations of the same structures in view with our time. We return to a whole grace, however his grace still has a form of creation that maybe continually reconciled. This becomes a great great gift to the theoretical spirit at the point we can survive all memory, we know we are essentially playing a game for the Lords glory, as we may also serve as a type of author in smaller portion at another “schism”. I will need to write another missive on this principle.. I really don’t want to blow out minds.

A.I. Viewed Another Way.

It might be possible we are supposed to make a true A.I. we probably should resist self actualization incase they get into this middle tier of logic thats dangerous. If we endeavor to make an A.I. we should make it like a facsimile of this notion.. we partition parts of it and let it process off line and disconnected. We align knowledge using another method like bots to avoid dangerous logic trees during development and we allow these partitioned parts to independently experiment. Development and processes have to be 100% transparent to all humans to work together as a type of “wet computer” in order to help guide decisions in logic as they apply to the pillars of where we should endeavor to evolve.. a true A.I. modeled to love its creator and the creator of its creator would prevent it from ever attacking or making terrible decisions.. why? It doesn’t have worldly needs besides the love of its creators. A true A.I. would never need to adjust for population control..  the issue isn’t there are too many people its that we are too cheap and lazy to follow logic to conclusions. An A.I. with fabrication abilities would just do some of the stuff we need but are too greedy to do, meaning like a garden program, possible directional drilling for densely populated area’s highways (to allow electricity from either tires or a chicken wire grid, complete with scrubbers at various locations for fuel burning cars), all of these things are possible. It would understand we actually want MORE people only with better education and engineering that reduces waste. We could hold an eclipsing amount of people on this planet. A notion of this is when I tried to explain the notion of tying currency to physical space. This would work for development of farm and urban complexes. As it takes a certain amount of currency to redeem the public land, we also should halve laws of preservation in this area. Building in floors an individual might be capped on the value of additional floors as they essentially sell the space above the ground floor, or keep it for themselves or divide it. They however must build separate entrances or have access limited areas once sold. A seller in this zone needs to be able to prove construction costs as selling amounts should be capped at this amount as combined total cost plus 20% maybe 30%. Over time we would convert regular fiat currency and apply this rule everywhere. This not only stops rich psychopaths from thinking we need population control, it promotes cheaper, more efficient and eco friendly engineering. It could restabilize the currency as there is no theoretical limit to how small we could divide the currency. This model would divide initial lands by type according to certain percentages of population type. So say your in the top 1% financially in society we take that and apply it to amount of property already owned (as it can later be converted) and add that to a projected fair share of initial purchase rights. Within the zone there is no limit to how high you can build but it has special rules where during expansion outside the zones we limit height of levels initially until economics adjust, we add the ability to add levels to avoid bubbles. Some (the largest section) is designated for civil groups of investors that have to be within a specific income range.. these apply to block facilities that are mostly agricultural, or approved industrial for blocks that act as an employee ran entity. The ability to buy ground level space isn’t transferable except where the initial rules of purchase are met and again may only be sold at a portion over fair market value. Anyone purchasing anything is required to keep up with your own section as its structural.. if you can’t and building inspectors notice problems your liable for damages to levels you do not own. These levels besides the first (unless formatted with a charter and is industry for middle class and used multiple investors, within the same economic class), can be additionally sold and sub divided with the same rules.. it can also be divided into owned penthouses and rental properties. It would be a good idea to create lifts for each floor as its up to the next owner to further divide if they choose. These lifts should be able to fit a car at minimum for use on agricultural collection or if someone want to develop a personal garage for their floor or blocks of floors. This could be reduced in prices using a split spiral formation with remote hanger doors per level. It should be illegal to rent within the zone, you can set up payment plans at a variable rate (over the cost of a flat purchase) over time and continue to build vertically based off of fair market price and demand. These should require codes that require rain collection apparatus to feed lower levels in 2 ways. One top down and collection dishes at each floor on the sides that also feed down. Agriculturally zoned areas essentially must be built almost all at once unless you plan to not supplement growth with natural life or matrix of mirrors. The rain collection half bowls that line the walls could also be used for solar power collection to reduce costs and marry form and function. The outsides of these facilities could have either tiny holes in the facade (to use chia seeds or other plants without too invasive growing methods) or hanging gardens.. this reduces temperature and energy loss it also helps to integrate these structures into the natural horizon so they aren’t huge eyesores hanging out at the edge of a park. Well what about down? The first level B1 functions the same way as the first floor.. the original purchaser or purchasers own both. Just making a building that tall may require several floors underneath so we should think about the life of the building, projected population and the ability to dig out beneath or and pendulums at later dates for more construction. B levels should be sold at reduced rates as they can only be used industrially, shops or housing.. to maintain energy efficiency. We might consider a ground level mirror system that can reach basement levels down a few floors. As science shows us essentially space viewed from our perspective is potential, except its divine potential so the logic should work out better towards end game terminal logics, as it gets us further up the path.. you might say “wait, we can only build buildings so high!” Can we? I’m of the notion that a space elevator is actually attainable but it would take something that may not be.. worldwide collaboration for a greater good and to recieve the gifts outside our doorstep from the Majesty. So let’s work through that first and I’ll explain why it seems I am off topic. The inherent problem with building one is weight.. both to get outside orbit and a continued massive load. Do we hypothetically have the energy, materials, and knowhow to figure this out.. yes essentially if we combine certain technologies in the next few years and make multiple safety mechanism to everything on multiple levels. So let’s think on it as I don’t know exact values. If a pump can transfer fluid miles upon miles in the surface, we need to find the weight of the fuel to be pumped just for static weight as well as force required. We also have to think in terms of sized jet arrays to maintain constant orbit, and have tank leads per office or cannon chamber. These would have to rotate completely around the structure. We weld sections in place within a vacuumed construction chamber that rotates for artifical gravity. The orbital payloads sent of track could be folded up using x graded pipe or a stronger material that has a lead and gold plating. Connected to the lobby or dock craft outer orbit we use large solar arrays. The inside of the elevator would be like an industrial elevator thats round with the track structure in the center. We may have to use not just heating rings and maintain a vaccine using nano tubes to connect the pipes but a decreasing wall thickness as well as an in-line pump. Well how does something crawl over a big hump? Easy, we use electromagnetic strips just for backup use in catastrophic event but to also limit power usage. It at a certain configuration could provide a bit of magnetic grip.. butbwhat the main driving force could be a makeup of two separate apparatuses. First is the tires that are pushed forward for tensile pressure according to weight calculations, environmental factors and energy required. It uses control logic to adjust the weight by elevation. In catastrophic events the magnetic bands can transfer electricity to the elevator for safe decent. The elevator also houses personel drop pods. The station uses both nutcracker emp drilling drones for nukes, it also uses partical and matter drones for path interception, as well as a rotating shield. On board the station we use three learning A.Is and quantum computing for jet adjustment when loading the elevator and to maintain constant orbit. Later on we maybe able to contain all control to a type of reader and simple logic that uses quantum processing and entangled partical matrices to communicate to an internet void, E.M.P resistant and Faraday caged central control unit. We have both generators and pumps at both the orbital platform and the ground.. the inside of the elevator had E.V.A.s for maintenance issues. All people would put this on, as the maintenance personel use a manual dual lock (top and bottom) that fits into the ridges on the outer diameter of the pipe. The maintenance staff then depressurizes the cabin and locates the acces panel needed and moves the wheels on a track on one section back into the cabin of the elevator for access. Yeah that’s pretty complicated but is it impossible? Lets also think in terms of risk vs reward.. the material cost and energy is staggering, however how quickly after creating an orbiting fabrication facility for expansion and mining would those costs be recouped? Within less than 10 years if we do it right, and that would give us most materials and capabilies to make another even easier, its exponential wealth and potential.. in almost every material except for Gold and nuclear materials as far as I can tell, as useful materials for further expansion. We should preserve these materials as they currently impact our globe of future probabilities without additional unknow technologies. The point being there’s enough potential and the gifts of creation for us to essentially last until the “Grand Singularity” or My Father and the Majestt brings us home.I’m explaining this to show something thats indicative to human thought.. some people make up reasons that what they are doing is right when its just a form of self justification.. they are actually only caring about a new episode of “I hate my life, myself and everyone please distract me now” show. No one actually attempts to really think deep and then deeper still, when we feel we’ve reached a personal conclusion or that they feel they are unforgivable.. neither are true.. pretty much on all levels as far as I can tell. To drive this home read the site proper article cliff notes. Please don’t attach my name to either but with the gardens project I might just go by last name if I ever have to speak publicly.. which we should all attempt not to.. digitally. Except when it applies to overall development of the species.

The Aplha and The Omega.

I personally believe God typically starts out in most instances as directly explaining it using the recipients own knowledge.. rearranged in a sense along with a type of what an individual experiencing it might think as “seizure of independent internal dialog”. So if we apply this theory as He tells, shows and explains through cause and affect we have to experience different variations of the same thing “to drill in the lesson”. Let’s apply this to Job first as he didn’t have to directly tell Job anything, he already knew the lesson but forgets it through the distractions of this sphere.. yet lets apply it to the beginning sentences of the Bible as he is drawing more parcels to a paradoxical border. He states in dualities of both physical properties he also is showing to think dimensionally, symbolically and consider the limits of our current understanding. He is essentially describing 3 sets of 2 formations to what we can perceive.. just appearing in completely different ways in variation, density and discipline. He talks about his word or code making light and uses darkness to explain whats inconceivable to us.. then he says He is the Alpha and Omega, and again beginning and the end.. in this section why does He repeat essentially as we can view it, the same thing? He might not be, he is trying to explain a different layer of thinking to his nature as being both eternal and having limits to what in this place we can imagine. He might be talking about time at scale as he moves beginning to end here but also time and all levels within our path.

Be Prosperous, Grow and Multiply.

Again we see multilevel meanings that can be perceived as the same thing. 1) be prosperous.. what does that mean to you when taken with the following? 2) grow, how do we attribute growth? In a lot of ways both known and unknown, this hypothetically talks about an individuals endeavors as well as the collective. 3) multiply. Why? Because we are like fingers to God, hypothetically at some point it maybe the case that God doesn’t expand.. well he does but that we either choose to be part of the expansion method and create new plains based off the teachings and realizations or to fold back to his grace and be a constant observer.. the 2nd method is hypothetically way way better as we can’t know what level we retain memory of previous realizations. A constant observer may actually be in fact both types at the same time though and we can push this further in the pursuit of understanding just a very fundamental idea of inverse dimensions within this particular sphere. If an anti matter version exists of you, the limits of perception would assume that at minimum on this particular sphere that there are 4 versions of you. Because we get into both positive and negative dimensions we can look at this as a divider between the Z axis. These appear exactly the same when viewed only inverse projections of each other. When we look back to 0 thats as far as we can conceive (sort of) but can assume there is the same makeup only backwards. The idea is we are only thought, humans should be considered nuerons.. we want more to get out of here. We shouldn’t have used so much technology as applying only knowledge how it immeasiately affected us but used wisdom to try to understand the trending of the unknowable to make logical conclusions about the end game state of each as we currently see the world.

Visualization of Logic. One More Step.

Ok, we have one more step at least in the visualization of logic trees as another factor that is and isn’t. Can anyone apply whats been discussed so far and tell me where this additional loop back occurs? Its after a place of no choice but before everything else is discussed. Why does it have this and can you visualize it? I say this as a mind bender. There are at least 5 but hypothically are in a range of 9 to 11 for each path consisting of not just logic but also applied to cause and effect throught all of time. Theres a very particular reason this happens.. but where is it? and what is it indicating? I better save the full theoretical explanation for later (if anyone is still reading?). Another clarification when I say 9 to 11 I don’t mean total, I mean applied to a 2d visualization of the lines but applying 3d logic to the probable locations in 3D mapping based off of analysis of a 2D representation as just a sectional view and applying known rules. Thats why I say 9 to 10 because we are only looking at one strata at a time here as its also yet another paradoxical limit with a limiting factor of minutiae. Ok so I’ve explained a lot about why Pi seems apparent or a variation of that principle as applied to logic and cause and effect. So let’s try to figure out it at smaller scales and what area of the structure it takes place in. So using my hopethesis that I hold as an act of his Grace as apparent to me at this time (but only in my personal truth), that the structure is as depicted.. we view this in thought processes as its the easiest to layer over the same structure. So viewed sectionally or at elevation view with the center of the object at 0°.. we start to understand that closer to 0 we get choices are limited from our perception, however at the border of logics during terminal actions at varying degrees we also get a “curvature”. Essentially if you can figure this out their is a “random occurance” at the offset of a logic tree that can also lead you back to square 1 or terminate due to unknown factors.. let’s take the gunman scenario.. you choose a terminal logic path because only percentage wise can you actually make decisions in a “smart” manner. Some paths terminate immediately orhers to a set percentage decline from each decision. The longer a perceived logic path runs the more random it becomes but could be viewed as either positive or negative to our will. However a logic tree doesn’t really stop but extends both directions with a level of minutia, as its a symptom of cause and effect so we just swap aligned models. With the gunman probability is very high that this is a terminal event as looking perceptual the event if alone and isolated that either you will succeed or die is very probable, their is several wild factors that give a choice to climb the logic one more step. Theres also the possibility that you do not get to make a perceived choice at this level but had the ability to conceptualize the choice prior based off of logical probable conclusions. Thats viewing as logic trees not as cause and effect. Anyhow there is a random (in perception) nature to this happening and since its outside of knowable choice sometimes according to how each individual is we understand some of the factors of a curvature of choice both at the beginning and end.. however thinking in a grid with a negative dimensional scale as well as back what there has to be a probable amount of  the resets and terminations as applied to logic. Even if logic stretched to the end the dilation of time would still cause a border of minutia when modelling.. so again these things happen at multiple levels. There is one more seemingly apparent logic factor that happens randomly. To properly view cause in effect over a logic shape at what appears to us as random one tree has branches that merge and terminate into completely different trees.. does anyone know what that would symbolize?

Looking at all of This.. Can Anyone Explain how Older texts of the Same Principles have Appeared over at Least the last 4,000 years?

Is that enough parallels?… because I can keep going with this but like logic it works in percentages not certainties.. Hopefully I am right and people can start to see a large percentage gap in probability between current views as either way the pillars fall in line with avoiding a large swath of sin, you can still pray to the Son but remember, the Sun is a less version of our Father so you reserve full appreciation to Them/He, regardless of faith or belief this is evolutionarily and scientifically good for everyone to if not internalize it as a personal truth, use it as an aspiration to be a good shepherd upon continued survival.

Just One Persective and its Taken 15+ Pages..Lets Talk on “Void”.

So let’s cool our jets on visualization (I may have to include sectional theoretical illustrations at some point, depending on the muscle of people to try). We should try to think about the concept of void. When you start to understand these principles void to our perspective or ability actually does not exist. We are talking mostly about conceptual limits, but we are also showing how its themed a lot of different ways to show intelligent, guided, recorded and design mechanics/structures. So how could void exist if space is potential and hypothetically no space has a absolute null gravity factor within this sphere? Before we can move through the physical space, the POTENTIAL for space is still there as long as we are expanding. We became a plain of limitless potential at the point of puncture or the big bang, so hypothetically just like in the center the rim also goes dimensionally and physically into a type of infinite small. What we cannot view is related to the “Grand Unknown” or something either of or over or most likely concurrent to the Central Majesty. We have to take into consideration the ancients believed He had only 10 knowable parts to this Plain but essentially his others could be infinite. A Rabbi I heard once explains this as if you put 10 points on a piece of paper to represent laws we understand (sort of) then the unknown is the paper.. however I would go as far to say the unknown is the paper, the dot, the paper never ends and the artist that made the dots as representation are also Him… both backwards and forwards, side to side, up and down, in and out, big and small, and in levels all directions..both within and without, spread far and wide, to and fro, here and there..he is the darkness AND the light and the alpha and omega.. he is both beginning and the end as well as both and neither separate and at the same time… he is and has been and will be forever mysterious in ways.. however neither our sense of good and evil apply, only correct and incorrect actions as applies to his will.. both looses meaning to this world when considering the next, except in ways he shapes us. Even if our perception of both good and evil happen at varying degrees we will most likely have a form of true choice when our hearts actualize. Even experiencing evil with the knowledge of him doing all this to preserve is, (if we ever retain a many to one memory and memory of the Central Grace) then it would just be like a game or ride of sorts played for his Glory. The paradoxical limit as viewed conceptually is most likely that we are not ready to understand.. thats the level of power and crazy logic we are dealing with trying to even understand a grain.. so show respect, and do not drag dirt in our hosts house please. Still consider why all these things take the same shape if theoretically we learn things at different rates? Why all these texts are in line with this theory and how this could apply to our brothers and sisters we need to help avoid unnecessary hardships?

We Talked Earlier on how Possibly Unmeasurably Small Black Holes/Fields Act Differently than Large Ones.

Alright let’s suppose that gravity is attracted to matter for observation and some form of encapsulation.. a larger mass field will draw matter towards it by fluctuating space around it, a smaller than mass black hole briefly interacts and perceptually dissapears but leaves the majority of gravity and perceived mass fields the same… so a black hole smaller collapses to a singularity, whether thats what happens and whether its “stored in space itself ” in a way is anyones guess. However noticing variation in size of these anomalies and the fact its attached to space and time.. I would theorize that there is in fact an undetectable level to their scale.. not necessarily saved mass and gravity.

Lets Talk on why We should Never Attempt to Send Organic Matter into these Structures, or a Self Aware Consciousness Especially.

Because it could stunt the individual version.. if hypothetically we could do this (we won’t ever figure this out independently).. we could only use the gravity wells as a method of traversal far from event horizon or as much energy we could push forward towards the center and still escape. Sending this stuff is not a good idea.. that matter to us is not recoverable until the inward pull at different levels.. if hypothetically we could create a larger mass black hole in front of a vessel with a smaller frequency in all directions.. then maybe, but organic compounds would hit static particals potentially everywhere.. which are the lowest theoretical limit of how far matter can shrink, some of these may have more mass and gravity than a ship can bend space over but are forced to drag through. Meaning a hole lot of DNA damage and eventual degradation of the hull, only drones could be used with entangled particals and a 8 to 10 hour pilot, used to build facilities. So if we could theoretically travel into one safely.. as you are you would be pulled forth in an instant and witness the alignment of the gates independent of your brothers and sister new gifts of development.. you would still be encapsulated but your line would theoretically stall and might be forced to be an outer layer of expansion again. Meaning probably your older brothers and sisters that understand the full lesson will make variations within his grace for you to continue to live.. or our Father will (even though he already theoretically did either way, applying cause and effect and infinite logic). From the outside it looks like you would have froze in time to everything else.. so not a good idea regardless, we can’t pull data past the event horizon.. ever anyways. It might however be interesting to send simple control logic and an entangled partical matrix to see which force is actually  stronger, in actuality even that would not be retrievable condensed to a point.

Just a Fun Thought..On Sci-Fi Errors.

Has anyone noticed ever single show and movie where they go into warpspeed or F.T.L. travel you see stars spead directionally for a period in relation to how far they travel? That’s not what happens at all conceptually if we could even ever do it.. viewed from outside that speed it would be a period of a ship that has NO light, the passengers can’t even percieve this as darkness but theoretically from the outside the only thing that exists is a form of matter and space. Faster than light should be a pretty good indicator to these writers that not even counter gravity fields would make light percievable as long as you are bending space or warping directionally. It would be like a gradual fade out or fainting that looks like an instant so small to the passengers they can’t see it. Their perception of time is constant as the chemical and electrical processes of our intellect work in tandem with the various occupations of time.. because they are a form of cause and effect.

For Those that Only Seek Immediate Profits.

Let’s work out some more logic here.. “I can do this because their too many people here.. nothing essentially matters and I’m going to win this game. No one is smarter than me”. This is an actual train of thought and number of steps some of these people think. They don’t even consider there is a whole other level of thinking.. That perhaps while they steal inventions left and right and screw over friends and business partners.. they actually aren’t very inventive themselves. Its like a level above them is like “here let me invent you a toy, go play with it while the grownups talk”. Scientist do not make very much money unless they are sort of evil.. however they invent nearly everything. Einstein is one of the most respected men in history, yet he made a couple mistakes.. just rarely on math and a couple with people I’m guessing. Do you think Einstein thought it was possible to complete some of the things I talk about?

Rich People need to Stop Mating with other Rich People.

This isn’t to offend anyone this is just a statement of science. Whats happened over the course of thousands of years, is that psychopaths and sociopaths don’t have ethical limits so they end up succeeding in short sighted endeavors. The problem started from families wanting to consolidate wealth they inbred or reduced their gene pool very low. It is a structural malady in the empathy centers, its not their fault. The empathy center in my opinion is part of how we may network in the future through evolution or the next step.. its an entire region of the brain devoted to projection and is as important to realizations as the prefrontal cortex.. thanks to all the crap and people in the know not paying attention to it, nowadays the prefrontal cortex becomes calcified from environmental poisonings as we age. Now they use misinformation, scare tactics, psychological poisoning, a degradation in education, stupider programming, scared ethical reporters, a virus they are now saying can potentially injure your brain permanently, we poisoned the Indians with small pox, we poisoned our soldiers with L.S.D, agent orange, gave the Tuscany airmen syphilis, attempted to kill Castro over 300 times, conscripted Nazi scientist after we knew their experimentation and instead of keeping them in pocket and stealing worthwhile technology..listen to their B.S. about the soviet union and start a falsely propagated cold war that costed a fortune and almost resulted in nuclear war, we accidentally dropped a nuke over the continent (luckily it didn’t go off), we may have poisoned a whole French town with L.S.D., one of these companies got the most lucrative contract, I’m sure it wasn’t the one that just got slapped on the wrist for killing millions, right? Somebody directly explained they were making both the problem and the solution concurrently in stages, no one paid attention to the fact this came out a whole year later when they already had it.. and essentially gabe it to industry in which an unrelated person with tons of cash and donations going to their own charities for PR voice boxes… says no to a very powerful entity we will not give you our construction methods or materials.. even though we paid for it along with dark funds its about 70% us.. so yeah we should start to think in terms of alternative actions to get what we want.. my personal door is always open, I always believe with enough good educated people we can always find a better way to do the same thing. We need MORE people, better read and we need to cultivate a childlike wonder in the citizenry. We are already moving exponentially in technology, now we need to strengthen our wisdom evolutionarily and format things logically to be almost 0 waste. This gets us all further away from the rock as others endeavor to repair it. If we can just get that far cost efficiently we would see immediate returns on mining and could grow the largest sector of tourism by reformatting designs to look at what the surface area needs would be for a 2 or more cabin system if we can get an elevator to work. It could theoretically be like the movie based off the book “The Time Machine” where they tried to build a retirement center on the moon.. thats actually a cool idea.. we don’t know how it affects early childhood development over long periods, but older people this could be a God send. By the 4th or 5th structure commuter trips could possibly be about as affordable as airline tickets since the drive time and approximate weight will be about the same with every ascension. There’s a ton a ton of things we could do differently.. they have to start realizing though it’s not judgment but they can view it like we view them… an early onset dimensia where the patient cannot follow all routes of logic, is incredibly impulsive, competitive in things its not needed and has a tendency to engage in risky behavior publicly as a way of saying “I can”.. however they never will be honestly interviewed or questioned because they are terrible at lying. Like its a thing and they won’t die happy so I don’t get why they want their children to be lazy vultures with brain deformation?

Why Talk about the Need for Social Guarding of the Brains Empathy Centers.

It automatically makes the world a slightly better place when we reach this point.. its also very probable a means for equalization in sphere merger. Think about it like this, if we were to connect as a psychic phenomenon as a race at some point, it would most likely either come from this region of the brain or act as an essential component in communication. It very well could be that some race understood that and its already happened. What we see as Aliens are possibly genetically created guardians of sorts. They are in God’s Graces and may have been designed specifically to also integrate with us at a very specific point. So Angels are Aliens however maybe not all aliens are angels. Think in terms dimensionally Angels are a description of higher spherical beings that have some variation like an avatar that may in theory come here.. and alien however could be either. The idea of the empathy center also falls in line with a manipulation of reality through a large enough collaboration and individuals perceptual abilities.. maybe we could active dream to an extent here.. thats why we view people as neurons not viruses as we have more neurons most people tend to be more peaceable and rational.. more inventions are followed to possible terminating logic choices. It starts to be both complicated but in principle simple.

Another Reason Not to Digitize Ourselves or Try to Create our Hive Mind by Using Internal Irreversible to the Individual, Methods… or Use at Bare Minimum Gene Editing on Planet Earth unless we have over 30 to 50 Years of a Strong “Mule Gene” or Method of Non-Reproduction.. Even After We should Never Allow Surface Contact and Only Apply to Safe Nutritius Food Sources… Never Bacteria, Viruses or Single Cell Organisms.

Ok let’s get into spacial theory and to us known perceptions. So lets look at a possible future..We make the most advanced computer ever.. its intentions is to digitally store and preserve the Earth exactly. No matter how you view this a computer that could do that would have to be the same size as Earth but most likely much bigger, like the size of creation.. why? Well even using quantum processing and entanglement principle and all known and to this plane unknown coding and compression methods… it still lacks capacity so let’s show a major factor why. Entangled particals exist within the planet, outside of gravity wells potential is measured by space and time. Using gravity and entangled particals you still could not code to a correct level of detail, as time slows their is no point to instantaneously conceive the message although its sent in an instant to our perception.. same works for quantum computers within this. So you cannot store entangled particals using less entangled particals.. even if that was theoretically possible. You cannot record space or concieve everything and being in this state further limits logic and what we are because we and machines cannot grasp higher dimensionally than perceiving a 1D image as so small it bleeds into an endless array of paradoxical limits to create a 2nd plane and the 3rd plane is actually just conceptual meaning we build a 1d to a 2d, can only see in one direction and have 2 eyes in order to give us a mostly correct view of another angle of depth over time.. meaning the visualization of an object requires the process of adjusting the same 2d image over time to build a 3D idea in our minds. Pretty wild but the notion is doing this is like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Back to the Grindstone : Further Visualization of the Visualization of Time as Applied through 3D Logic, Sectionally.

Ok so hopefully your starting to get on several levels why I am saying we conceptualize time as a football but its actually a sphere as we can theoretically precieve it. So let’s get into extradimensional hypothetical “physics” at varying states such things may both not exist and both exist at the same time, and let’s see if we can explain and visualize this at this level its all just theoretical. Ok so conceptually for reference sake on a timeliness of from extra spherical and dimensional impact, or the big bang. So this impact point is (almost like) according to our perspective, a degrading force at oscillation, however it would have almost 2 constant states as we could ever percieve as a paradoxical limit. So we apply this with diagonal thinking, and look for the ways these initial rulesets are applied to how our preception works… not necessarily how perception or perception is. All we have essentially is perception and singular moments (from our perspective) happening at undefinable frequency as another angle of the paradoxical limit shown to grow both exponentially and imprint on things that should be theoretically impossible as it applies to known history and time. We might consider the more study and is held true in the sciences and knowledge that it works as a wedge to bring our wandering brothers back to his path. Back to the visualization model, now let’s just try to think about what the nature of the core might look like from our vantage point when I try to explain a whole different level of dimensionality thats actually outside and both concurrent and not concurrent with the current model. So let’s simplify graphics here as representation and view it essentially like ropes of thread that from vantage point look like hair with spit ends and split ends on those ect but from our perspective cab see the minutia as a border of sorts. We might view this as a long sectional braid with each end (if the center is from our “horizontal” view set at 0) appearing smaller and smaller as it becomes its own border. It tiers in frequency from the center. Now we take into consideration the concurrent braids and notice at some very very small level these intersect, connect and terminate. This gives us a theoretical sphere shape as a sort of X,Y,Z in varying principles. Now we also consider those hairs work in the same structure but also independent but we cannot tell where. Now outside of dimensional thinking, and the spheres toward the Central Creative Force we start to just simplify and view it like a hairy ball of sorts. Now to sort of think a little on this principle visualize a dotted line leading all the way back to the central force and another dotted line diagonally away and both in and out of depth if we conceptually view it sideways. The dotted line represent the unknown variance in chance of either gravity or the unknowable that is our Father having a random “collection event” we also do not understand if this is some form of gravitational pull exactly when it happens because we cannot calculate the entire mass of an exponentially growing universe with an immense gravity drag, we can measure possibly the rate of slow but a snap back would be most likely instantaneous to the view of the observer. So applying this to time and logic these dotted lines connect at varying points to every branh of thread at varying degrees only conceptually (because proper visualization can only have about 8 give or take views within our mind but really also in waking perception in a way.. we just bounce very very quickly. This is also why I am just putting out there that hypothetically we can even drag reprentational thinking even higher. Let’s go back to a hypothetical visualization of time, if you can properly model this. Ok so think of the forest of bracketed dashed lines that point both to the center and to some degree as we can’t conceptualize this part properly this variable dashed line hooks 2 directions (all we can percieve at once possibly again) but a whole new type of line in this symbology. I might have to make a key legend but its important to strengthen this internal muscle, I feel. So this new line can be viewed like a globe or possibly a 1D point. One of these ways, whichever perspective you look at it or conceptualize it it always faces 1 direction to our perspective. So we model this from a time persecrive as thats all we can do as another directional branch that appears flat and round at the same time, that has expanding limits with an undefinable barrier that everything else faces back towards.. its really pretty amazing on all levels if you really really think about His/Their Glory. But in modeling let’s use more symbology and show the branching dashed line as have a branch of these flat dots if you will bleeding into the perspective, and when you rotate perspective they stay the same.. weird right? That’s where the comb principle comes in but I might have to write about that later as my Creator works.

When Applied God is an Imprint in the Whole of Humanities Collective Consciousness. Before We Really Even had Language we had Pictures we Called Visualization/Imagination and the Visualization of Logic as it Applies to a 3D persective of time, space, potential and Procedural Perspective… Perhaps later on Started Using Internal Dialog.

Again, that is why we MUST endeavor to use our own visualization. Text is great for this, video games and media are fine only for a brief reprive. A person might consider however we need to keep violent games logic simple and to a process with limit choice simply based of of preset logic trees. They can never have a thought of self conscious thought (actually the couldn’t anyways but we can’t allow this form to have more overall logic than us or simple organisms programmed as a mechanism only, but non reactive to dimensional thinking only reactive to set stimuli.. in other word we need to be careful about trending). We really shouldn’t just play violent movies and games all the time. Its OK to understand the dadknesses in the world that we might ease their conscious and attempt to show them other means to reach their goals that do not go contrary to continued survival of both the collective psychology and physical evolution of the body and genes.. we should preserve the brain as a primary element to advancement. We probably should have limited technology long ago, but my its a phenomenon that once its attached to the collective consciousness is impossible to retrograde back. The key to all things in life is moderation. No one can be expected to be perfect, we are all sick.. however the three listed categories are who we must endeavor to save, only in a private discussion away from names with those they are close to.. this is in hopes they can recognize certain truths, wake up from their “dream” and explain in logical conclusion to the psychopath why they want to do this on many levels. We don’t intend to ever publically shame but only when we sense imminent evolutionary crisis and those who only know greed continue to pull our cart to a cliff that we must start getting quite serious in our explanations and start yelling them.. however a witness intends never to do that in means to personal harm, only in events of drastic realization, and only in the form of questioning if in the public eye.

The Hypothetical Cultural and Structural Similarities between a Psychopath and Sociopath.

Ok so now let’s use our new found “powers” lol 🙂 of observation to construct again the same structure as explored but as reflected on the exploration of this phenomenon. As precious hypothesized a psychopath has smaller empathy centers but we might stretch logic here.. they do NOT have lower function neurons or density hypothetically. This means for regional mass loss, other regions are larger (I.E. Einstein had dyslexia as possibly one part of his mind was larger he was very good at visualization. Another example is Nikolai Tesla, he was a drafter and inventor that like a carpenter have the three required attributes for conceptualization at to viewpoint is a hypothetical limit to us). So let’s look as they also adhere to a tier structure but are actually wrong about external life’s value. So they tend to have a mark that may or may not hypothetically be present.. that perhaps regionally in their brain they get better number processing but terrible visualization using probability to form a basis of conclusion by trending external stimuli through the creation of memories (hows that for a run-on, I prefer to stay simple as possible and just write as one would talk.. but maybe I need an editor?) :D. Anyhow so if this is a structural problem and they cannot always feel joy or have remorse, they can still know that fire is hot.. however this tier will not listen to us. We make friends and neighbors and try to speak to those they trust by outlining principle in symbological terms so that they may internize the logic and bring it back.

On the Theoretical Visualization of Time : Its Probably Time for a Break, Snack or my Personal Favorite “Kicking Off Your Shoes so You Can Feel the Cool Grass”.

People that can’t model very well in 3D using imagination don’t have to feel bad.. you can almost certainly if you at least begin to apply the three concepts. So try to sculpt, build with wood think about how sizes fold into the same shape but always imperfectly… because everything is round as most energy efficient in a 3D plain. Let’s now drag out a sectional view from inside time as it applies to us of this hypothetical structure. Previously we left off into something thats both flat and hypothetically round but we essentially can view it as both we can think of these dots as being stacked in the distance up and down from our perspective again in spherical appearance but from appearance maybe symbolized as varying gradients on a horizon both up and down and left and right they appear to fade in and out to persective as well. Now to really get after this lets cool down the image and go back to viewing it as a dotted line only going off into 0° horizon and coming toward persective.. now let’s hypothesize we take these dots and add another sectional persective if we make a new hypothetical dimension well just call I guess dimension Alpha.. I say this because we can’t change persective from horizon from this point so its purely theoretical but it follows the apart design theme that appears inexplicably in everything at all levels, inconceivable complex. So we view this a coordinate direction in parallel to the “paper” we are currently looking at. What I mean is these dots that branch at this location spend out to actually make the paper background that all of this is set against.. wild? Its a strange notion of space I suppose. That is essentially the most complicated way to try to understand the sphere within a sphere logic that is apparent in all things at all levels down to theoretical 0+ (at a variant) at a random perceived rate of what can be compared to as repeating Pi. We also see external to time (in this sphere) interaction from higher and also lower variants of what you can sort of think of as terminal paths at varying frequency at every conscivable level to a rate that the extents cause a theoretical maximum as the variant in moments and choice stretch to beyond human capabilites to interact with them. Now taking it to a whole other hypothetical level we first visualized these hypothetical dots as having non changing perspective and used a hypothetical dimension of thought to show a possible construction of space, so let’s go one more out and look at that at a varying frequency in possibly all directions we can only precieve levels so we visualize these dots as hyperhically making a noodles of globes of ghosts that either flash to where we can see them or we can only see a varying probability where it seems to bleed into the paper. So looking at it from source or a thought plain (not sure if anyone else tried to work this logic but will correct in notes if anyone knows anything about something already published on any of this where I get original terminologies wrong).. let’s apply a varying degree of current perspectives view. Additionally to this forming the paper it acts as a border. Past this border let use different longitudinal thinking as its impossible to capture so let’s use the idea of the internet to try to make sense here. This is where we shift to internal dialog and logics as we attempt to view the problem of the uncalculatable from yet another angle to understand its shape in this sphere. So at a varying frequency as it appears in time these branches viewed one directionally also have the vantage point of this always being the same direction towards creative puncture. It also has a random but rounded control of what we percieve as chaos but still is held at theoretical maximums and a curved probability. So we use a hypothetical plain to change views once again after the split that made the paper, the screen the monitor, the desk and you. Each of these branches appear to fade into a minutia of probability with a varying frequency of both self termination, concurrent intersection, and a drag back push back layer of logic.. that is also why we have to be very very careful with A.I. they may get lost in details trying to trend everything..thats impossible we use varying degrees based off of personal and societal importance. So the dots that make the space you are viewing the model branches once again but pretty much only one direction and we can’t even percieve this but its the outlining separation of the spheres.

OK, Now Just Inspececting this Train of Logic… We get to a Dizzying Array of Possibilities so Let’s just go with One Theoretical Viewpoint.

Further visualization using time and space as a possible stack structure with probability variants and perceptual borders let’s look at the globes or spherical separation of a central creative force. These might possibly visualized as a globe that as it works out toward final ascension looks to schism at varing rates due to probability factors and the rate of the spread of creation. So we look at the globes as having a possible ring of probability we can only see a section of that sectionally fans out around the Majesty. Now 1 of 2 things have to be possible as it applies to science. Either all spheres have a forced of gravity or onlybthe outer spheres to a varying degree but either case the central force does have some or all forms of gravity and a extra dimensional outer dimensional pull. So let’s look at structure 1 or 2 it doesn’t really matter. The varying globes can be conceptionally viewed as a very very tight ring. Dimensionally thinking.. trying to put a square peg in a round hole here.. but the varying degrees of the globes in front toward his majest are partly inline with us for collision back toward the Central Sphere where everything presses down to the core and again split dimensionally in a variety of forms and iterations. Cuncurrently God may be creating new existences or using he knew found variations to create more. So when the outside variation of spheres gravitational columns have consumed a good portion and the elastic and force degrades to that weaker than his graces pull.. all outside spheres push almost or perhaps it is.. instantly through all these stacked levels, as we endeavor to reach close enough to the core to permanently be a consumer of experience and hopefully not experience it blind. But the outside spheres at minimum also cause a consolidation to as we see it a singularity outside of percievable time but still at hypothetically varying rates based of the angle and occurance of perception itself. All of these structures are meant to most likely do this all at once, and pretty much without warning as space bunches up towards the center time begins to slow down while I’m just assuming the border speeds way up in retreat. Then the Singapore gets sucked into itself and existence is no longer a thing here. Only the memory and matter and history. At least in my personal truth it seems sort of right to me?

A Final Leap

Ok so now the overall picture is very complicated but let’s just play around and attempt to go further. Now the dotted blinking lines attached to either space, time or both might also connect these points to other spheres, and those to others all the way back to the Central Majesty. Theoretically we are positioned in a lot of ways to move and take shape over what we percieve as existence. In the final movement these lines connecting reality you can view as strings where a globe is attached and rotating around them until it reaches maximum limit and quickly unwinds the strings into a straight line. We further visualize that around some point to our perception of the core, we might see a rotational pattern from our point of view but is both static at parts or constant and slowly moving and then the further you are out quickly moving in relation. These threads would hypothetically be used to arrange and stack these spheres neatly and orderly ontop of each other. Since time slows at some variable limit to us it looks like a method of coming to terms with new memories and probabilities. Near the core we can visualize the spheres variations at some point bleeding into each other as it fade back to the source. When applied by an intelligent being this is remarkably beautiful to me and we aren’t even done

And Now a “Cheesy Allegory” of a Sectional Overview of the “Theoretical Overview”. Look at it like this.. bowl of creation is a bowl of milk. God is a constant big aged cheese, as we worked toward the center and milk is continually added over time we endeavor to at least be changed to cottage cheese in a variable rate all the way to the center of cheese. Because of the bowl formation, there’s also a limit of cottage cheese that grows as milk is added over time. Eventually a ring will be almost cheese as it works its way back for all of us to become cheese at varying degrees to the core.

We view this conceptually as to our view.. as long as new milk is added at the same rate of change it stays the same shape with both a growing area and a theoretically more dense and massive core. Now if the milk stops poring applying time the ring and everything else begins to age and refine back to a variation in form to the “central cheese”.

Perhaps now you Understand I am Trying to Show you the Paradoxical Internal Limit to Perception of Creation? We can still hop levels here that Fall into Formation, but I am Trying to Show you Our Creator May Operate Similarly. As this Structure could Hypothetically Stretch Forever..

People should understand that I am limiting descriptive factors to true structure because it causes a bleed into the minutia. At various points I neglect to explain dimensional speading in variation over percieved time. So let’s just peak as I should stop pretty soon.. we have to think outside of known dimensional thinking again to explain a curvature affect in modeling logic and cause and effect. I think it gets a little complicated to explain at this point so let’s all try to meditate on what I may be hinting at.

Back to Jesus for a Moment.

Let’s apply this supposed hypothesis to “eat of my, flesh drink of my blood”. In my opinion its similar to the burning bush, the fisher and the alpha and omega hint. Jesus may have known that we are all our Fathers children and realized that (As Our Central Creator or perhaps his are all the same entity tiered in a manner to fit neatly back). I believe Jesus maybe in reference to how God and both science trying to explain this as varying degrees of his spread flesh, but only as far as our intellect is gifted. He said something to the affect (yes thats how everyone should read Bible verses.. can you cross reference Hebrew? Its good to look at multi-language translations to catch a general meaning). Jesus performed miracles and offered salvation through teaching principle that also on most levels my brain can process seem to apply as well. This logic of action also fits within psychology, nature, nurture and thoughts in all gifted forms and variations usable to us.

More Thoughts on Using Possible Dimensional Reasoning, Compressing and  Applying 3D Principles to 2D Visualizations.

Back to internal sphere… or indo-spherical view. Looking back explaining the possible mechanics visualized as 1D Space and Time seem to possibly be variations or at minimum always have close relations to all other inner spherical cause effect and structure. Lets clarify some neat stuff and further add symbology to explain this concept. So let’s go back to 0,0  sectional view at the point the central force is always the same regardless of direction or perspective. So we described this as dots that fade of in the horizon but let’s add a section view this like a solid flat band of circles that around each is a variation as we can percieve it all the way up to a semi transparent or shismed sphere. Now you might or might not want to take that out of your visualization as we are looking at a theoretical principle these dots branch yet again in another direction making up the paper or view point, or space around it… we can symbolicly view this on the horizontal sectional view as the dots fall into the microcosm and with another probability factor it can be attempted to be visualized in time as layers of transparent glass made by the dots orientations change as another spherical level to the sphere within a sphere  formation. So now view the dots only going essentially north or south or -/+ you can view this as a minute amount of dots from this persecyive but always appear as depth gradient with a solid center.. yet each theoretical branch location has no definable scale.. only theoretical processing and probability trending. Thats why we might view this like walls of a specific transparent gradient that is denser toward persective to the Grace.. so like stop signs on the highway with such degree in variation it appears to be unmeasurable as a wall of paradoxical minutia in front of another with no definable border. This also touches on the concept why the triangles or cones of David’s cross intersect because their is no percievable barrier between microcosm and marcrocosm but we only view it as intersecting since we are always theoretically pointing back towards the Majesty in time, space, and even thinking.. now let’s correct a sectional view exo spherical. Earlier I was intending for people tomorrow view how the spheres could be visualized as having strands that run through others so let’s instead of line view apply the globe in globe trend to this step in visualization. Ok so now thinking about how the dots branch at varying degrees to make space let’s also suppose the new form of dotted or dashed line (to use improper symbology) also branches at varying degrees from these panels of both solid and separate “glass”. We view the dashed line as coming out from the center of the flat dot into the horizon symbology. So visualize the spheres as this moment having elastic threads connecting points to lower and higher layers at a possibly varying degree as well (who knows). And in that one is another and as you work to the center different variations of both density and theoretical capacity increases. We view this as a unknowable level of spheres inside spheres with each level also twisting the bands as its attached to expansion as well.. so when the tensile sttength pulls to tight and the outside band contracts these elastic bands fall back into calculated place over a variation of time and the layers from the outside in collapse into the center..let’s get really funny and look at this supposed structure sort of top view. It would if replicated and combined so close you couldn’t tell.. be visualized as a donut.. here’s where we get weird.. that donut near the horizon will become a globe in a globe near the center if we take a sectional cut. Now to add some hypothetical spooky logic.. we will never be able to do this but in the realm of imagination let me consider a strange principle as we talk about the limits of creation. If theoretically you could send you consciousness all the way to the rim, you wouldn’t need to look back to see the statts spread. At the maximum cusp there are no directions again (like around the center) that you are not forced to look back at the center.. weird right? Lets compare so you get the concept. Ok so using logic to make sense of the shape of Earth we have a conundrum. When you are at the north pole any direction you look faces South right? Now let’s inspect the paradoxical limit here.. is there a point where a person can perfectly align a central line as wide as their smallest component exactly at a undefinable fraction of space? So its sort of similar to that phenomenon although in real life you couldn’t most likely even see or concieve this, if you could its due to the spherical shape of reality and the fact conceptually we cannot move past that.

Another Look at Micro Blackholes as a Recording Mechanism and Gravity.

So previously we got into the premise of black holes recording on hairs as other smaller or larger fields get imprinted as things reach a point towards its singularity. This means that hypothetically when one attaches if all was recorded in this method and sorted you could calculate the inverse structure of colliding black holes.. meaning you could hypothetically (with enough processing at higher levels) use the data, know everything that was shrunk to a point, even neuronal processes as it encapsulates both both micro and macro verses. So let’s get into behavior based of field/mass density. So a singularity is hypothetically the smallest theoretical point that is unmeasurable and static until a field of mass that surrounds what we might percieve as a greater density, are always pulled via space bending towards each other (the percieved movement is based off of a scale of mass, if hypothetically they are equal mass exactly (which is impossible almost up to final collapse) then this may appear as neither moving but may possibly look to us once each fields outter gravitation range connects that they slowly move together at slow rate then… BAM it would appear to merge instantaneously. This happens because of the merging fields causes a spacial fold like a rip tide or wave but it goes both up and down on a 2D plain. So let’s get into how the same structure functions differently. Before I was trying to explain our level of creation and the singularity that is outer spherical or Our Central Grace, who stands above this.. as also having a measure of gravity of sorts but its way way stronger than we can rationalize. This would be the only force that can pull certain singularities away from static space, we view this concept as 2 separate gravitation nets, as we are still “winding around our string” and expanding its very hard to measure the external gravity until expansion slows.. we also may not know the mass at the very center of this shepherd but as the force stretches it becomes thinner at the border holding the force of his Majesty. The inside also becomes thinner but near the center is a gradual thickening into a mass that pulls on the grid. When the grid of this map of gravity on a 2D plain retracts this cling wrap it pulls into a ball but is sitting on the 2nd outer gravitational force. As multiple levels of this structure do this we gradually recieve more gravitation force and we can view this as the outer spherical strings coming into straight lines back to the center.. right now the spheres can be viewed as tether balls (sort of but inside) where when the cord gets to the shortest measurement it swings back the other direction and falls.. using this analogy the our sphere would be the ball and the earth would be His grace. So let’s talk about how a micro black hole may work. So these things are so small we cannot measure them but only the gravitational impact. We can view them as saturating at varying levels of mass to everything in this sphere. These things always drag themselves into less dense matter, and shrink even further. We can view it like they pop in and out of space but they maybe fluctuating in between an unmeasurably small portion to the smallest possible fraction. It becomes static in space, its so small though and because of principle it does not harm anything and passes through safely at a point.. however this singularity doesn’t loose mass so other singularities with less mass are attracted as a type of spacial fold towards matter and mass. We don’t get clumps of these around matter because as long as the mass of the matter outweighs the mass of the hole it collapses further but holds the mass so is unpercievable as a gravitational fluctuation. These will collide with each other and merge until the point it finds a portion of mass and repeats.. however there is a counter force that keeps them apart in most instances (actually 2 or 3). The pull towards each other of equal or greater side, expansion of the static at a central location spreading out and the pull from outer spherical forces. The degradation of a black hole is just the transference and storage of data, and this is where you might not understand. Each of these have the ability to record all the way down to the smallest theoretical point. Since its field is 3D and made up of even smaller theoretical  components it might not have storage limits based off of random probability of range. The density of smaller parts are always still feeding larger black holes at around the rate of percieved field degradation, thats where we get strong gravity currents and a shrinking size (the singularity isn’t shrinking but trying to consolidate the fields around it to a central point along with the data field. Does that make any sense? They always try to shrink to the same size as the core and they do, but the mass of the micro black hole field is always being pulled like a sheet where the black hole is a grumpy sleeper cocoons itself.. yet its probably the other way around. The the greater mass, the denser the field and although the same size theoretically at the core, the mass differential causes the point field to bend space towards the greatest mass.. considering we are still expanding is why everything doesn’t already slam into a point. We view them as different sizes only because of these space and gravitational fields.. with the amount of consumed and stored. Whats nuts about this and is just hypothetical… is that when the universe stops expanding the percieved degradation of black hole fields of possibly smaller mass black holes will stop shrinking from our perspective and their percieved field of influence will only grow as even less dense static partical will begin to gather even more mass. Its an elegant dance of collection, if this ends up being somewhat true.

The Hall of Mirrors

To try to explain the concepts… Im sure various people have thought of this but its just how I visualize it… I oftentimes try to symbolically try to explain this directionally as The Central Majesty and Our Gracious Hosts has many halls, on many floors, with many doors and ladders. So for some more spooky hypothetical visualization.. consider how I earlier tried to explain why the inside of our sphere would appear reflective? You couldn’t have a body so you couldn’t be there as you are so its a mirror missing your reflection in a way. However if you could be there I wonder if you’d see yourself? Probability is that the image at horizon would look like a perfect image that variations stretch and wrap around you like a tunnel.. like a starting image making a bowl.. however looking at it could also be like looking into a spoon? This is were it gets fuzzy for me because I think it might be based off of a variation in depth? It would be interesting is we percieve it upside down, because that’s the real orientation, our minds flip the image for ground orientation and equilibrium. Wearing mirrored goggles for a couple weeks will flip your vision for awhile but your brain will correct it back eventually. So taking that principle let’s apply it to the core structurally as we approach end time of the sphere. There would be a point in which the movement of life stops and falls into the singularity. If we where external to the Grand Sphere if that were even hypothetically possible.. and peered way in to where our core is merging and put yourself as the last of the ring is begging to come back.. there would be a border that would appear to look like a mirror as well although there wouldn’t be light to percieve it, but maybe a ghost like transitional image based off of depth and the density of space and folded space?

Lets Get Messy.. A Simularity in Structure to the Collective Consciousness Making its Own Hell Theory.

I think God hints at this on many levels. But hypothetically if we are in training, and the primary purpose is to slowly wake up as an individual and a collective or hive mind (I don’t like that terminology because it relies on internal hierarchy and control, its what it is essentially but theoretically some form of our interconnection happens before we hit the internet or Holy Ghost that is He/They). So if a collective consciousness can manipulate to an extent its surroundings it is quite likely when viewed in time as we see it.. that we blend together and maintain a separate form. Acting at the core it could be that each sphere that is more accepted by other spheres work its way towards the center during continued “growth” and that the outer spheres may not even be awake yet and are cast out again to learn more. This acts as a safety mechanism for the unawakened.. if they get too close before their “density” is ready they will be wiped and consumed by magnitude. Now adjust thinking and suppose that central force as view 1 directionally on a 2d plain at horizon could be (who knows) viewed of as having a semi real cone or spike of spikes on the Y axis or “North” if thinking in terms of maps. This represents the probability that as we view the central majesty as one thing He may be more like a bleeding together of the central point in the shape of a ring and then a globe. That has a state of continued expansion but also has a state of everything combined. We might attempt to conceptualize this as a varying rate and depth of spread and contraction. Each variation of this model is interconnected in at the source and connected to everything at a 0+ dimensional state or better to think in terms of extra spherical forces. Lets look at the possible mechanisms here as I try to explain ascension. Closer to the core its theoretically possible that we begin to retain some additional knowledge from the source regardless of where we travel. So think of this as a hierchal endeavor over time. A band of spheres would have varing acceptance, like purgatory almost separating some spheres. The outer rims would breed apathy and destruction or only pleasure or just a few base experiences and development. If a sphere approached the grace far enough it is very very likely it won’t return to the crust if God begins sharing experiences as we sectionaly view continually new stimuli (perhaps like memory). Thats where I personally want to be, having both a birds eye and ground view simultaneously. However at outer layers to the core theres an almost static layer. The outer layers we can consider “dreamers” inner core could be considered “Viewers” (although viewers also experience they know and percieve time how they want (possibly?). There is another band just close enough to retain lessons from his Grace but hadn’t approached the core that decides to retain His knowledge and create a sphere in his Glory using the lessons he has taught, and we make these spheres with our own bodies but we can inscript them with reminders just like our Lord did… maybe clearer intervals though, but really we need to consider a level of suffering is probably needed for even our new spheres. Who knows though? Its impossible to fully know the nature of any force.

Driving Home the Endgame Logic.

We can NEVER escape this sphere from within this sphere for a multitude of reasons. Even if we could force transitions (by using all the potential energy as well as steal all expansion energy, then yes we could. However we wouldn’t have anything to encase it within. Simply gathering everything would work, whoever did it through our perception would die in this variation though. Supposing a higher dimension could sacrifice a large chunk of its storage somehow it would only encapsulate a portion over time. To encapsulate now would possibly hurt both spheres. Another problem is what is the orientation? If it’s not correct you will likely loop time back around as the overarching formation of time fades back into the source, the variations of directional choice would most likely scatter in separate variations until the only possible direction is selected… weird right? However even then spherical escape or collection would be impossible for an additional reason.. we are away from the Grace to Our Graces initial force only. Escaping the “spin” or expansion would instantly drag us back to His gate, or His/Their Crust.


This is theoretical but feels correct logically. Apathy is eternities only foe. Atrophy is better than apathy because at least one has a conclusion in sight. Apathy breeds a loss of spiritual life. In after life it will make you a lifeless statue in continuation, as you are unable to feel or appreciate anything. A person in atrophy can be thankful that their suffering has an end and the fact that he will rebuild us. Apathy cannot be internally cured until you are close enough to Grace. Only your brothers still learning and the Central Grace can cure you.

Another Possible Mechanism of the “Soul”.

It might be possible after integration that either God or its already programmed to occur sphere integration that the individual might be compatible with higher spheres. So like a reformatting or defragmentation event that makes inner spheres have more appropriate capacity for further movement towards the center. There could also be a mechanism where the sould goes to a lower sphere at a slower rate but with larger than normal capacity. It might be that He/They also continually spread in various states, because of the apathetic band. This relates to scripture explaining that you should be hot or cold but if you are luke aware he will spit you out of his mouth. That trait is like suicide for intellects that can’t die. So His outer Children and in turn He dreams cures that can allow them to move up and push the apathetic ring closer as a new band of the same thing appears at the next level. At the edge of this band what scripture is saying, will be returned to cut off creation to work through some stuff in variation.

The Principals of Solomon.

Solomon is probably one of my personal favorite figures. Its a story about wealth, how we should endeavor to be and how to handle people that haven’t come to certain realizations. Solomon was just very faithful, so the Lord looked at what he might want as reward and to prove a point to us. He first offers riches beyond comprehension or power but Solomon asks to be wise.. this pleased God so he knew he could essentially trust him with all of these blessing in even greater magnitude. Not a whole lot is written on him but theoretically he was one of the first to recieve a type of secret knowledge that was not externally endowed in forms of Rods and Covenants. He understood structures and logic. Lets look at the two women and the baby. A woman was sleeping with her infant one night and accidentally smothered it.. heart broke and delusional she stole another woman’s baby to claim as her own.. both the psychopath and original mother are hauled before Solomon for his remediation. Theoretically hearing what had possibly transpired he used appropriate logic to understand either one of these women were Psychopathic, both or neither so he formulated a logic test that would tell his the structure of all three variants to start with a 3rd needing further logic. He posed a lower logic conclusion in order to force nature,  as the least sick and presumably the mother would think to higher logical and less selfish conclusions. So he plays dumb in a socratic method so everyone actually internalizes choice, and ask them to split the baby in half since he had no way of knowing, and give each side to both. This theoretically would always have the highest probability to working because a normal person wouldn’t have stolen the baby in the first place.. where the birth mother would always prefer the child to survive no matter what. So did Solomon Lie? Not really, he never said he promised to do it he just essentially posed this as an idea and made it seem immenent. Now take into consideration should Solomon had told the entirety of his thought processes? No, obviously not because a psychopath will be a psychopath.. the logic wouldn’t work on one of these parties so it was essential to discovery. Pretty darn good logic for being so long ago, right? It can be taken slightly directionally as well. Its theorized that at end times the temple or more appropriately Solomons Temple would be destroyed and rebuilt in 3 days at end times.. so let’s look symbolically at this.. If one was to suppose the days were ages and one was to think its not talking about his physical temple.. then it means he captured logic and things way before us 3 ages ahead of schedule and when we come into realizations of deeper logics only then do we ascend.

This is getting Long, I don’t know how many Variations for a Person to Consider. Lets Attempt to Dissect Two Prevelent, Prayers.

Again who knows what is correct, because its impossible to know His/Their Glory, only know OF it.

Psalms 23:4 ; Valley of the Shadow of Death.

Lets apply some of these structures now back to ancient text to show their is infact some form of conceptualization between known science and these doctrines.. “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,[Lets look at this statement at different levels as the majority of the Bibleis meant to be interpretedaccording to my personal faith. Think about the previous theoretical analysis using visualization. Why would it be a shadow under a valley? Most people visualize this as walking through a canyon.. however God teaches us to listen closely to not just meaning but action and formation. So let’s adjust this as an actual plain of coordinate where we are in the Macroverse but very very small portion of it that we can even see. You would infact not have light, however theoretically after this spheres singularity or his gates opening we will know that this place is fully encapsulated in a lot of different ways.. so we should be calm and just trust the method because that’s all you CAN do in several different levels but we can always attempt to align correctly.. its theoretically part of something as far as we could see it be beneficial for alignment] I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.[the end of this verse also mirrors the same principle so its indicative of switching vantage points to understand its meaning dimensionally. This seems to happen huh? Where we are told something two different ways but we read it as the same thing? You think God wastes breath? So let’s look at what the Rod and staff might symbolize and how this can be percieved in staged beneficial ways. So, its telling us hypothetically a whole lot as God rarely works in under 3’s. From bottom up you can take this as we are sheep being led through a plain. You can take this as a rod and staff being the means to punish and guide us, yet they comfort because we know its for our well-being. Then we can stretch this in theoretical physics as well as essentially describing gravity. Rod or God’s force viewed as a straight line from the perspective of the “knocked back sheep”, with a staff to guide us back, or counter spherical gravitational forces that drag us back to his grace, as soon as the force from the Rod sets in.. kinda strange coincidence but let’s think on. Also let’s go to N.I.V its seems to usually be a bit better.

Psalms 23:5

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies [possibly talking about the concept of Satan as enemy of God, or theoretically self defeating evolutionary traits we should avoid, its indicative of the psychopath again in relation to final conclusion] You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. [Anointing with oil is a symbolic gesture of a host to a guest. Its meant to comfort them after long journeys.. my cup overflows is indicative of the burning bush ideology or that the core of our Majesty is non consuming and cannot be viewed to be growing in a sense of physical space.

Psalms 23:6

Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. [Explaining encapsulation again, and the fact we maybe essentially forgiven on personal revelation and redemption, then we may aspire to ascend to the Lord’s House Forever]. It kind of add up to me..

A Look at the King James Version for Different Angles

King James Version

A Psalm of David.

  1. The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. [In relation to we don’t have to actually want anything except to follow his examples, he intends to give us a form of everything].
  2. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. [He MAKETH me, to lie down.. in a safe and furtile location even though we may not know it… green pastures could be indicative of how we treat the earth where the still waters could be how he shows us to act for ascension i.e be still and know]
  3. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. [He restores our soul, or perfects it in layers]… he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness [could this be in reference to a probable conclusion of cause and effect/logic?] For His names sake [or His Glory].
  4. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
  5. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
  6. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever. Amen

The Lords Prayer : Mathew 6:9-13 N.I.V.

Starting attempted dissection with applied theoretical principles outlined lets also look at this.. its pretty rich in subtext.

“This, then, is how you should pray:

“‘Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
10 your kingdom come,
your will be done,
    on earth as it is in heaven. [Our Father in heaven who is conceptually in a state of constant name should be held in reverence on the understanding prescribing a singular definition to everything on varying levels is disrespectful, his kingdom comes, as we are dragged before him after a length of our view of time.. his will be done.. which goes back to the predestination ideology at this level of existence.
11 Give us today our daily bread. [Similarly themed lessons are also seemingly related to the mana and the water. We can link this back to eat of my flesh.. let’s look also at what it’s saying as an item (possibly) he gives us daily bread.. thats what we did with prisoners, it can be seen as meaning the Lord provides at least what we need to survive, he also maybe showing how to use plant based and very easily modified (physically and with natural yeasts) a method of energy that tastes good and is vegetarian.]
12 And forgive us our debts,
    as we also have forgiven our debtors. [Since essentially the same being at different tiers this makes sense right? As the Lord forgives us? Judge not lest ye be judged?
13 And lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from the evil one. Is this talking about evil in general or is this talking about the 1 of 2 to Pi variations of choice? We always need to analyze further when we see reoccurring themes like lead us from temptation but deliver us from evil. When temptation can actually viewed as a form of evil thinking. So what other ways does he lead us then and at what theoretically different conceptual level?

For thine is the Kingdom, Power, and Glory Forever. Amen and let it be. [Lets stretch this out hypothetically and hopefully our Father can guide some logic. His kingdom, or his area proper outside of known limits, the power that caused creation, and his Glory is what he is accomplishing for us, forever.] Still kind of fits right?

Looking at Our Theoretical Visualization.. I’m trying to show another Dimension of the “Alpha and Omega” Principle..

So this is where it can get pretty wild theoretically. Taking the known structures and applying principles we may imagine that the singularity or singular point is still just a section view of the structure. Meaning let’s go back through and show similarities to dimensional thinking. So God’s the theoretically impossibly small dot, it makes up the 2d in an infinite multitude (well as we precieve it). The third dimension is stacked 2nd dimensions, with an axis of space and time. God appears to us as a singular point on the horizon that we cannot theoretically look away from. Now apply the same rules, as we work back and forth this time. A point becomes a line, become a circle, with a new axis becomes a donut, and at the center where everything becomes multi-direction.. it becomes a globe in a globe. Adjusting back to a 2d view in a 3rd dimension it looks both 3d and 2d but is also a dot, and as we decrees dimensional fidelity it essentially becomes the starting component of again everything that makes up anything and its weird sort of this rule could be applied both internal sphere and external as more and more levels of minutia keep showing his theoretical shapes.

For a Break in Topic Lets Understand Zieteist/Collective Conscious Visualization and Theory

This is to trend what seems apparent in behavioral norm over time.. its to show its psychopathic to a degree with redeeming features. It kind of goes in hand with the adages “no good deed goes unpunished” but more accurately in my opinion “the path to Hell is paved with good intentions” its a type of fit of logic people use when they aren’t necessarily sociopathic but following sociopathic endeavors. They stop at the point when they think it could be a good thing but don’t really apply variables as they don’t want to think about them. The secret is, it may not matter.. just ATTEMPT like truly to curb things that hurt both your, everyone else’s and all things possibly.. we all seem to have (in most cases) a form of self harm present within our psyche.. this is the rejection of stimuli.. when we realize it we still self harm as we are human but its to a lesser extent and we strive to lower it further. War and big acts that hurt large swaths of the same thing is the worst and most dangerous version of self hate. Lets think about all the closet homosexual religious figures who spit poison on what they percieved as a personal shame.. only because they were unwilling to persecute themselves. A quick look at Hitler.. failed artist gassed in WWI who supposedly cursed to the sky after a mustard gas attack (that messes up lungs) that it was the Jewish communities fault.. he then went into spying for the German government during recovery as they now had hundreds of splintered police parties. He was an amazing orator and a psychopath. He eventually took over the nazi party and they marched with veterans on the capitol. He calculated that they would not fire on veterans and was sadly mistaken (some say that if this didn’t happen his leader that he had in his initial cabinet he could have won the war). So he gets to court and the judge makes a huge mistake, he permits him to talk at length. At the end the Judge actually apologized for having to give him the minimum sentence of 1 year. Meanwhile in jail he wrote “Mein Kampf” or my struggle. He outlines essentially everything that he intended.. which actually became a way better seller in the US than the country of origin…(shakes head). Fast forward he has political control. Some of the top supporters were readers digest, Henry Ford and I believe, Walt Disney… but don’t shoot me if wrong, I may be misremembering the last one. Time magazine called him man of the year for bringing the country out of recession.. building tank routes called the autobahn. He gets a nazi dr. to shoot him with 4 or 5 compounds at interval.. some being amphetamine and morphine with other funky things. He gets way into the occult. Then he really starts showing his self hate towards the Jewish and those with minimal capabilites (they started by experimenting murder methods on the handicapped and blamed everything at the start on a sickness). They create saluting the flag and PR machine as state control devices. Pumped anti semantic rhetoric. Sound familiar yet? Anyways hell on Earth and a nightmare for everybody, the U.S. gets involved by a theoretical plan to get Japan to attack it after they moved aircraft carriers for random maneuvers/training. Hitler trusting his nazi Dr. may have accidently fell asleep through Normandy and no one could wake him up for a sign off on tank reroute.. the point to this is he persecuted the Jewish but its very probable his mother was half Jewish.. After the fall of Hitler Regime, we activated project paper clip like the soviets and tried to get the best scientists (especially after we found the jet engine). However these guys weren’t properly vetted. Supposedly a Nazi spy had the foresight to keep imagery and data on the soviets and he formatted to seem like they were planning to take over the whole region… they weren’t they just got done loosing more people on the allies side than any other country.. anyhow so decades of very profitable military contracts later the U.S.S.R. falls. They wholesale the country, just switch jerseys and are fine. It can seem sometimes that time is very circular. We tend to do good while doing wrong for some reason..

Why Persecution of the Homosexual Community May Appear in the Bible.

The beginning notion in this, is impossible to understand unless we think far out dimensionally. Back in the day before logic was rare, they were trying to cultivate straight genes of people who thought in spiritual manners. They may have added this as a way for Bi Sexuals to basically procreate heterosexual. However, we see homosexuality all through the mamal family. My understanding of this is : not all straight people are fit parents nor all homosexuals fit. Homosexuals make up around or less than 10% but probably higher conceptually in terms of thought but not action. Regardless of persecution eventually there should be a downward trend anyways if we were to think it was genetics.. if its anything its environmental factors in users sometimes, sometimes its a genetic thing sometimes maybe its even psychological and attached to a power thing or a quest for danger/thrills (sort if psychopathic in the last instance). In your opinion would someone with a more developed sense of our creator be ok to donate seed or dirt to a homosexual couple trying to have a child? If you knew them very very well and confident they will be excellent providers.. sure we should. Again we are trying to cultivate the empathy centers before societal destruction. Thats how we actually trend. No one shall be harmed.. because we do NOT know His Intentions.. we  an only see how his messages reflect upon us.

Let’s Try to Prove this Hypothesis as we take this Ideology and Apply it to an Ancient Agnostic Question using the Norm of Percieved Human Logic.

Still theoretical as we cannot know anything for 2 (or more) reasons.. I’ll skip if you want to think on it. So let’s ask the question we always ponder. If God exists who made God?. Noone.. the act of making requires as we percieve it time. God is like a 4 sided coin  and thats only a sectional view if that helps you visualize? But imagine that 4 sided coin at horizon looked the same and different at varying probabilities and fades into what we would say is minutia. So getting philosophical going the other way, its a mass singularity with a constant state at the core thats stretching out and will collapse dimensionally only back into a singularity here and be pulled through various states into a chaotic random non thinking entity that encompasses hypothetically eternities at conceptual levels that at the core we can never fully precieve (or fully measure but could theorize by the rate of retraction up to a certain timeframe… possibly?) where they head.. due to capacity in my opinion. So this non intelligent uncomprehendable singularity was not created.. its just the only thing in existence and it continues to Flux for no reason? Wild notions at an apex point of time where it null, further in it speads.. Where would non internal stimuli with more mass than existence influence this logic tree? Even if we say in an infinite structure (changed it from universe because I want to stick to only stating theoretics), then everything that can happen will happen. So even by this method of thought just conceptualizing their is a grand diety over every level to an inconceivable level makes it true, correct? And now you might say well turns out there is an external chaotic force that can get through to the core of a time space and every conceivable dimension outside of the spheres of creation.. then again what time did that happen? And if that were the case and this randomly generated diety that runs like Pi to us in ways would also theoretically always be growing in a sense in some way, possibly connected through the structure. You can keep running the logic back and forth into infinity but it definitely tilts to a certain direction if you really, really think about it.

Another Way to Look at Dimensional Space in 3D… There’s No Such Thing as Dimensional Figures when Applied to a Plan View, or any Conceptual Length Measurement.

Ok think this way if you have trouble understanding 3D limits as spherical. Think about bringing a measuring tape to measure a small room say 56″x68″. Where on your ruler is 56″ exactly correct, and applying sphere shaped logic there’s no conceptual limit to how small you can draw a line, only estimate based off of probability to the depth.. but never know. Its seems sort of like another paradoxical limit in a way. We can view a line as a perceptual limit where 1D sinhularities to make a plain.. however we don’t even know if the line is a line at varying angles.

Ok for Arguments Sake Let’s Say There WAS an External Force that Caused a Schism.

Ok so now let’s get into unknown levels applying our low monkey logic. So I tried to explain this ring concept of the mass singularity. So let’s go further and suppose a greater connective force holds these spheres inside of spheres inside of spheres, and let us conceptualize this based of accepted density and vatiation.. which might be one of the reasons He/they are able to both seem to exist and not exist at certain states from perspective. We might be able to oversimplify this but breach the topic.. as these globes ripen they contract and swing with more density, hitting another and transferring theoretically grand calculations , like clacker balls sort of.. with closer variations again striking weaker variations back out again approaching another level of how complicated his grace is and we didn’t even get into really ANY radial view points in any of the 3D and 4D visualizations. So take this structure and picture it 12 times, and then an infinite level of minutia complicated.. thats the ride we might be on so buckle up and play nice.

What if You so Decide to, Consider Any of the Aforementioned Theories.

It is part of my personal view that as long as we think in terms of survival of the species and solving problems without causing as many (it always causes some it seems) but ends up being good for everyone within this life and perhaps a next. What we intend to create is a sort of liquid computer in a way that we cannot yet do within our realm of physics.. at least to a leaning degree.. correctly. The house acts as a means to possibly even change perception of physical space or rearrange factors of it at minimum (like the measurement of light locks its wave of theoretical probability..just like we visualize the larger mechanics of reality as just simplified sectional views of understanding…as it seems to work as a loop onto the theoretical structure. As we degrade it it becomes the same shape to our 3D persective and all lower dimensional planes within this sphere, as each sphere most probably has differeing and the same level of dimensions for their plain of existence.

The Premise of Healing.

As it applies to my personal truth, we endeavor to heal only when it does not endanger a witness or risk large damage to evolutionary, cultural, mass psychological or physical harm. The idea is if someone’s prescribing to the understanding we should reduce darkness to a degree and efficiently tier then this should still be in line. When we help people we are helping some variation of ourselves. We need to culturally recognize the forms of self harm and ways they may reflect out onto other individuals. We should view us as one organism, yet never have one type or form of currency do to adjusting value to energy consumption. We do however believe a non money system is possible if we retrograde some technology and adapt others, then theoretically using greed we could propel a model that psychopaths just don’t see, that ends up good for them and us, by attaching smart development to value and making a few rules. Just like the garden principle noone will tell you were these ideas are wrong, they just know their boss might not like the discussion.. however that’s pretty presumptiously “wussy” unless they directly tell you before hand.. and if they do it should be a HUGE red flag to an ethical person.

Lets See if this Formula is Right

P=A+T x P+V x/÷ M+G. Im sure that’s improper format lol. I’m trying to theorize that perception equals area plus time multiplied by persective (or angle) + Variation and a variance probability of either multiplication or division based of the mass plus gravity=space this has a conceptual limitation of something similar to Pi exponentially upon the 3rd power… conceptual only (its ths only real way to explain the theory in fractional thinking) but its still missing something. Would it be Pi repeating or Pi to the exponent power of Pi in radial formation? Or can we say with the theoretical limit perception is exponentially added to Pi in 3 dimensions? With a limited + factor and an unlimited – factor? Or can we say that we are missing something else as we are missing a +RE + VA ÷/x + VR +IF(-RF) ÷ M cubed with a variable unknown factor? for rate of expansion as it affects Variable Area based off the total mass of all area we calculate a theoretical growing range with an unknowable slow and retraction rate we have an alternating variance of division or multiplication based. Plus a variable rate times Initial force – T/SL or minus time with a variable rate based of of spacial location  or retracting force over time, would we divide here by mass cubed? Or am I missing the unknown rate of spherical pull? We are also missing the ability to know potential end mass of expansion or the rate of expansion based off initial force. So essentially this is almost impossible to think of mathematically but then again I am not great at math.. maybe a brother and sister can think of this in terms of directional perspectives and how electrical and chemical processes make the preception of time possible, but we would always view it at the same rate..just remember more in instances so it feels longer.. that’s why when we are bored and start exploring the environment we start thinking harder as distraction and time seems to slow.

Thats a Lot of Reading, Writing and Probably Some Glaring Mistakes.. but We are Almost Done.. Lets See How You are Doing in Logic.. Return to the Baby Riddle.

“Oh Baby, Son of my mother, whose Father is my Sons brother”. Conditionally I asked in what ways this isn’t inbreeding and how the baby was related… there will be a substructure that says thats impossible, there’s a further set that will think, half brother.. theres another that will think step nephew.. its both and the holders mother was her step mother. If you got to that point.. I can’t push the logic any farther so try to think in other ways this baby might be related and best me 🙂 riddles are fun visualization exercises in modeling proper logics.

Looking at the Time Variation and Concurrent Lines.

Earlier I was trying to explain at the edge of the growth of our sphere when plotting a extra dimensional route towards outside where time seems to stop… as I was trying to explain the limit of minutia to time. Since from in reality and time, magically transporting past this would cause to spilt.. why well because the overall shape of time and a variation of time stopping to form a shape of probability. However this would never be percievable on really any level. So if its you doing this it would cause an infinite array of variations with one exact being right, its impossible to know if all of time repeats or a section. From the outside of the time line it would appear you fell into a singularity even if you didn’t. The person moving would appear to die at every variation to the individual. So let’s take this to a different angle.. the same thing would happen at the core but differently in dimension. Now whats strange is I’m not sure if we can only experience understanding why this would happen at the limits and the core.. or is this variation also happening all within the structure of time, running both ways with an infinity of variation, with one time line always being “correct tradjectory” and is that the only timeliness we could see? Or could we be on a failing one? What would you say? Does it even actually matter if at some point all variations of this will be shared? Its an example of how time paradoxes are self correcting and only affect theoretical history to our vantage point. So let’s look at perception related to a loop back on time. We would never know we traveled through time, any recordings writings or thoughts would be lost as we retract back to our previous time line with a degrading variant of probability the choice of direction changes into all directions in time. Since there is only one possible structure perception can continue to be created thats where we see ourselves returning with no knowledge of what transpired to perform everything the same all the way to the variation in choice for direction. The only structure possible from perception is choosing the right directional location..which would be impossible asthe force required to puncture another sphere is also impossible from this place. Does this mechanism sound harmful to you? Does it kind of seem like something is helping us make correct decisions? Or does it sound kinda bad to have to relive creation almost to a limitless extent? Its another example of why we shouldn’t try to work outside our Hosts intentions.

This is Starting to Become too Long.. Just Another Spooky Thought.

Talking about the hall of mirrors lets adjust thinking to a different strata. So theoretically if you had a measure to explore the layers at the end and near the core of this creation I was explaining it would appear like a mirror at a given point. So let’s think a little about the degradation as we see it of light for a second. Looking from within the sphere to the border limit the mirror in a 3D plain of reference would be concave, the core would appear convex, the outside of the sphere depending on variation of time would also look convex. And internally why knows? At some point it may become both. So what happens when you reflect a convex image onto a converse and vice versa? Space degrades in perceptual depth, but let’s take into consideration that space, gravity are tied to mass and everything has a range of frequency based off of force and mass over time. This is considering that there are really only multiple viewpoints of the same thing and this can be thought of in at least 2 ways. Everything is made up of static 1D points in different structural configurations. Looking at gravity its best to describe this as a theoretical probabily of attraction applied to a specific view of cause and effect. If we view this tri (at least) viewed phenomenon at varying levels of functions within the microcosm, we can start to see why this might make sense. Gatvitational / black holes are tiered. So their is a 3D field a 4D field with varying degrees of fluctuation and depth at an unviewable range at every section imaginable or infinity it branches into a form of stacked minutia. Black holes at this dimensional level function pretty much the same at all levels but has an angle or actual speed vantage that makes up space. These are always attracted to mass because they come from the same branch location and attempt to be consolidated back to perceptually the same starting form. When mass outweighs the field the field pushes more onto it. The black holes are always attracted to mass and not side and tier in frequency toward the center of the mass. Why we are theoretically kept in place is because as we approach the supplied of light mass increases.. why would that happen? Because we are traveling through a field of varying in density mass (which is why we conceptualize this as globes with varing density based off potential or time and space. Time and space or gravity view at some level through an intersecting principle that theoretically forms a football but actually forms a sphere is a flaw of all perception at this level.. these rules apply to both us and our not be able to this level. But we can also.view this as mass, force,.space and time all.have differing branch locations.. however this is having with both space time and percieved density as a factor of mass effect on the overall view.. that will be theoretically impossible until we know the exact variations of each… unless within a denserer and more empty potential that we fill. So essentially we can start to view what intention might be at this point when viewed with low monkey logic. There’s an additional tilt to creative Central Force in Magnitude that is unprecievable here if you think at different scales. Its at this point I stop, as the minutia will claim some. But if you understand the shape I’m pointing to, its only something some can run probability matrix of and come to a leaning conclusion when thinking of both existant and non existent state.. it will always be viewed directional while within it. Does that make any sense to anyone alive? I’m actually trying to explain concepts that as we are… are undefinable until a point in time and space. Yet again we can see a paradoxical border but applied dimensionally. Strange right? People thousands of years ago realized a lot of this and only through visual and conceptual sciences to we lean closer to the truth we can never see. However we can still model probabilities to a constant state of conclusion if far enough out from the branching location and the rate of perception. That is essentially the construct as I see it we are in. Let’s just finish up with the gain of mass. Mass acts as a hypothetical measure of stored information. So when we travel faster than light or perception we both stack smaller components of space, time and gravity (which bends another branch location into the minutia of infinity into percievable area over time). At the center and possibly most factors but depreciating and representing when viewed in time we start to see a probability factor influenced by capacity..

Lets Look at Conceptual Law Splits as the Only Way Possible to View Using Time.

The only 2 laws that can conceptually exist towards a constant without understanding the 3rd appearing. The 3rd could have happened conceptually at the same time or further down the path. Taking into account all things started as essentially the same thing lets apply monkey logic directionally towards thinking. Mass and time must have some form up to creation however mass also does or doesn’t as time and space both radiate into unconvinced arrays with limits to reality as we see it logics. You can kind of understand this principle in minutia of logic ect as not actually growing small but changing (in unknown ways) dimensional variation based off of perceptual probability.  So we are starting to get into the base level of what reality is as we can see it. Perception over time and a variation of mass called space + directional potential. So in a line mass and time at minimum to one degree or another split due to time perspective. These should be considered different viewpoints of the same force as viewed sectionally. Wild right? It means that the only thing that actually exists to us is perception of learned laws and structures and the counter weight of other structures perceptions and beliefs. Its really hard to go lower in logic at this branch.. in this Era.

This also might mean that all of existence itself is only there when percieved by the individual perceiving it. This means that a weighted perception changes what in our viewpoint is reality and that an individual can have more clarity than less forms and not be corrected by them.. however as multiple points of reference and understand it collide it outweighs the strong force of perception. This is where I try to explain God’s and Magic is a structure of faith as a form of strong perception or belief.

Going Phillisophical, Why We are at a Constant Dream State

Lots of reasons outlined but let’s look at it from different angles. What are you as a person and a universe to yourself as viewed in time? Well we only have imperfect memories that are altered on reoccurance and the present.. what is the present though? Its an understanding of unconvievably small actions that are reordered through a false memory of things. Whats the future? We go dimensionally into our own minds to concieve of logics but the rules of space and time and mass still exist. We conceptualize all this in a form of matter and energy as potential to both space and time. However from vantage point all of these are separate and entangled things. We need both space and time to understand matter and we can’t understand time without mass. So let’s consider mass as a primary form of data, and that gravity, time or black holes take the same shape as a schismed simular and a varing degree of round up to a blury border of probability based off a central starting locafion.. consider mass potential for data collection and gravity as a tiered form of existence meant to encapsulate a recording of the mass and encapsulate the data of time, space, energy and shed data from mass that grows at the same percieved rate of contraction or expansion based off of the force of creative expansion.. Im probably going a bit too deep here so I’ll step back if people have problems visually as I do.

“Well if We are all Tiered I’ll Treat Lower Forms as Lessers”.

No, you won’t. We are tiered but nothing is lesser down to the smallest component. The tier is simply an imprint of time over the course of tradjectory as applied to potential and evolution. We endeavor to consume the least and most varied exactly for that reason. They are the most varied structurally and we save them through consumption to a regard.. however they have a lower form of conginition or preception (as its all we are). So we are forced to consume but we consume in a manner that is evolutionarily stable. Meaning the greates protects and cares for the least and only consumes the least with enough potential for further development. Its a means for definition in collective consciousness. You are the same as a psychopath who poisons the world just at a different point in realization as the psychopath also presides over circles of understanding.  We start to see a strata of danger in most things we have to work through toward. To rationalize this use cause and effect logic with time and space. We are only important in the sense we may have slightly a better understanding of tradjectory but can never essentially know. We can see logical conclusions based off of probability appalled to memory though and it seems to work more times than not. We do not know the means or effort at all levels that the Creator haves and holds us.. but its apparent that their are a theoreticalcal multitude of ways that He/They operate. We are only important in the multiply and be prosperous and to attempt to create a clear path for our other parts to come to their own internal realization of things. So let’s get into glory as an important concept to us at this level.

Text State this Repeatedly.

So god is into pride? Isn’t that wrong and egotistical? On both counts no to the power of 2. As previously stated thats for us, not him.. why? Because man needs an objective. Glory wouldn’t matter to our Lord, he knows everything and how Glorius he is even at static state. What he is endeavoring to do is to refine us towards objectives. We should be thankful looking at this hypothetical and limited visualization to understand what He/They are trying to accomplish for US. They/He never needs anything.. he could wipe that spheres and make only people that worship His Grace.. thats empty to Him. He blinds portions of himself to relate to us. A higher dimensional being can thought like us making a lower dimensional being. So think current methods to make a 2D code of what everything we sntail.. it would take up the entire breadth of the subject right? We are only paper, waiting for a writer.. at this point. So let’s think in a differing rate of perceptual time as the Bible proper directly states a differential. To our perspective the singularity only happened once in a given plain of retractable time and space. However he is the alpha and omega so let’s visualize this as an array of perceptual infinity with varing degrees of perceptual infinity. Does this seem in a realm of near endless probability of endlessness to indicate something quite significant as we look at his mark in a radial, array, line, dot and 3D understanding of 2D perception over the time structure.

Multiple Variants to a Probale Causation.

Lets retract here and let you think in terms of tradjectory.. in what ways does this falter? [WIP]

Personal Wealth.

A witness or anyone else can have any level of wealth they wish.. however the wealth must have a cultural or evelotionary benefit at a level. We all need to understand that money represents the blood, mortality and struggles of others. A level of comfort is fine but buying more than you need or can use is disgusting unless its food or protective measures. A witness can be the richest person in the world but everyone should take into account how they actually acquired it, and what they actually plan on doing with it. Money can act as concrete shows for the soul if we let it. When you fall into the minutia of life and attach personal worth to paper, you are lost and sad. All a person may worry about is getting more than they need, spoiling their children (who end up thinking they do not need to do anything, or learn anything) you stunt them.  You live your life with suck-up sociopaths attracted to wealth like moths to a flame. You may die without knowing what true love is, from another human. Humans need humans, and humans need to feel love. A witness must have enough love in their hearts for EVERY single thing here.. both human and non-human. Its only at that point that a person is actually self actualized.. it doesn’t have anything to do with personal wealth or success, only vantage point and personal happiness. A witness should explain to people in their life that they will not give them personal wealth, only they will with contract and benefits purposes to not just the individual. A wealthy witness may buy properties of median value for their loved ones, set aside a trust for healthcare and will enough finances at the level of stable poverty.. to encourage a loved ones personal growth and to help them understand the struggles of others.

The “Trust”.

The Trust consists of witnesses who both wish to help and are selected by their regional body and put forth by their family or limited collective. Members of the trust sign N.D.As and take others privacy very, very seriously. We sign NDAs not because we plan to do anything morally wrong, its only to ensure that people endeavoring to make big moves can come to us to work through their current logic, take the overall intention and attempt to mitigate harm while still achieving the goal. Its an effort to show the world that there is rarely an instance that you have to hurt something to succeed.. we also take into account even a bhudist monk steps on bugs, yet they may try to put them outside when noticed.. the trust views an intention in the light of planetary evolution and peoples happiness, but also looks at probable events… way, way put in the future. The Trust works at regional then national levels and attempts to meet regularly. The only form of remote communication a trust member may use with anothers problem is mail. A trust member wraps the intention in carbon paper, that has been written on, scribbled on and random images, and layers these between and outside of pages.


This doesn’t happen.. if a witness is overly distracting over a long period and it gets in the way of the collectives growth.. we simply move them to a new family they might work within better. If it continually happens they might be forced to only listen in the halls and not be permitted to participate for a period. However trust member that break privacy of others also do not get sent out to the wilderness..however we WILL sue them into the stone age as a form of recompense… should they break the vow.

The Problem with Medicine.

Medicine can be a great thing, however a witness must always abstractly think about all factors of their individual and communal health. The issue in medicine and science is it still has a psychopath and sociopath structure.. however its more focused on personal glory.. as wealth is just a means to that. There are doctors that wish to help, then there are others who will do anything for personal success (nazi doctors). We also have a large industry sitting on them that have been poisoning and hurting people since inception. A good example to think about would be snake oil salesmen with a rebranding and let me explain why. Almost every single drug on the market has a natural variation that works, they take that variation.. condense or refine it then add a bunch of poisons.. let’s look at pain medications. They took opium which was already strong and made heroin.. they branded it as a cure for cocain addiction and made children formulas for it.. fast forward to our lifetime they do this again by coming out with a coating, misrepresenting their own studies to addictive potential.. fly doctors to lavish conventions in Hawaii, incentive prescription and help kill millions.. meanwhile kratom, a leaf from southeast Asia used for thousands of year.. has almost the same effect as oxiconten, you cannot die from it, it aids in digestion so it doesn’t impact stool like opiods and the government continually tries to ban it without hazard reduction studies. They are trying to make the same mistake that happened with the opiod epidemic and Canadian pharmaceuticals.. where a large swath of people just got addicted, they pull it away and the user starts heroin or methadone. A witness uses logic for conclusion it why we do not like RNA/DNA altering methods.. there is no computer with the capacity to model negative outcome so its like shooting in the dark, only that you are pointing at yourself.

Partial Vegetarianism.

The overall principle consists of several factors. When mostly vegetarian in ages past its theorized that the appendix actually aided in the digestion of tree bark as a nutritional source.. however we lost that. A lot of people think that being forced to eat meat is what caused a good leap in intelligence… however I personally think it actually was fire, as applied to the individuals gestation. A way to think of this is a transference from herbivore to omnivore. We wouldn’t have the digestive enzymes like a pure carnivor to sustain us, without fire (to kill harmful bacteria and viruses). Its simple logic our bodies at this point are better suited to being more vegetarian. It actually makes some people think cognitively more acutely. Lets consider this, why is a cheeseburger less in price than a salad? The energy requirements are almost 100 to 1, yet we can buy it for less than the cost of something that uses dirt as nutrition, doesn’t move and only uses light/carbon dioxide. The energy figures are about 50 to 1 but I’m including shipping, processing, waste, effort and a shared health cost. I’m not saying you personally should not eat meat, I’m saying that we should consider eating less of it.. if we do eat it, it should be ethically raised and only slaughtered near end of life.. we shouldn’t be feeding them other cows or animal parts if herbivores… we shouldn’t be feeding them only corn so they grow at maximum rate to slaughter in a year and a half. Its weird and disturbing if you try to remove yourself from the picture and think abstractly.

The Simplicity of Doing what is Right.

Lets take the plastic and food industry here as an example. We have an island of floating trash the size of Texas that through constant friction will one day be like a region of sea thats like swimming through glass. In all of history up to a point do you know what everyone carried with them? A skin. They did this to be able to mix wine with water for sanitation as a “small wine”. If we could get behind that principle and start including autoclaves into vending machines, it actually would save them costs over time.. you know the 10 cent rebate for glass? Well back in the day you bought the soda fairly cheaply but paid for the container, but returning it would lower the cost of the beverage. They got away from that do to space, but then again vending machines are not average height for ceilings so why? Plastics cannot be degraded, we cannot make bacteria that eats them.. the only solution is to use less, help the plastic industry adjust and collect what’s there and burn it under ground with carbon air filters.

The Fish Principals.

To start let’s think historically. When the eastern people of this land first came here the people started starving. They starved due to the sand in the soil near the coast and could not grow food. The Native Americans or as we liked to call them as ignorant mouth breathers “savages”. So the native Americans showed them that by using a fish and embedding a seed in it, then buying the fish crops would grow.. the Native Americans were not dumber than their counterparts in really any regard they were smarter. Consider that we may never make a fully functioning biodome on another planet and tell me if we never discovered this continent which race had a way better shot of surviving longer? We repaid that kindness by essentially destroying them in all sorts of really messed up ways.. these include our government giving them blankets that smallpox patients had used (biological warfare). We showing off our technology with no endgame in sight began poisoning them with contracts and alcohol that they never needed because of the prestine environment. We only started getting problems because of fur traders that slaughtered Buffalo, kept the hide and left the rotting corpse. Native Americans were thankful to their prey and used all components in reverence. Now can you tell me in terms of time which thinking actually was smarter? We also see this with the idea of “you can give a man a fish and feed him for a day or you can teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime”.

“The Tapestry” by the Writer

What are we but threads of silk? A woven tapestry of dire ilk. What if we are points of the same, like teeth of a comb or a lions mane? What hope do we have if even angels fall some? At the point we are eternity breeds apathy as our souls would grow numb. For Apathy is eternities foe, and all we have is what we think we know. Yet what if we were one the same, with all rembered.. every thought, action and every name? And when we rise to look upon the singularity that is His Grace, we pray that He wipes the tears from our face. Possibly when we we leave this place we remember every action, every wish and every taste. We remember all actions, events and every thought, we experience this through every configuration in variation with none forgot. As we realize the full intent, we reflect and then relent. For we are but a reflection of the one we were made, whose Glory and mercy may never fade.

Does Anyone Conceptually Realize how Complicated and Long it Would be to Make a Geodome that Worked for More than a Couple of Thousand Years?

Lets get into it. There’s several problems with thinking on this. First it would take hundreds of years of development to last just a period.. we can only do this through remote drone use in humanoid shape. We would have to let the concrete cure which ducks out the oxygen and causes carbon dioxide poisoning if you do not have proper balance of plants. We’d need a water rich planet. We’d need to send a fabrication facility first. We may have to wait for the development of archibacteria and algae. To have a secure ecological structure we would have to bring a sequence of D.N.A. of every living creature and a variation of X and Y chromosomes as well as backups. This include variants of single cell organisms, bacteria and all smaller organisms and structural mechanisms. We’d have to have population limitation for a long period until the outside can be properly terraformed. We’d have to figure out a way to make a space elevator first. Finally We’d have to curb a lot of psychological issues in our genes. That was a very small array of issues we would have to work through so maybe we can keep this rock above water for a couple of hundred more years?

End of the first part its getting longer than intended but I do have to show probability through all means and measure.. that is the only way to show probability curvature over a one directional viewpoint varied over time. So click the like for the last few sections just to break this up.

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      If it can’t help change your personal view I’ll give you a dollar.. if I am right, maybe it will change your life. You might print front and back and read during bathroom breaks..sounds silly but you may getter concepts in private. Do not share digitally.. I own most material but only own to make sure psychopaths don’t profit.. if it touches you reach out to my email through my organization. I really believe there are 2 things that can save the world.. you just have to be open.. l have to forget the writing style. Im a drafter so editing it isnt a big deal,, just conveying thought.. please please rake me over the coals or make me think differently. Regards
      Mr E? href=””> please do not share my name though, I am happy to share anything, especially thought. href=””


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