As this is a Personal Blog, I Wanted to Conduct a Faith Experiment.

Ok these are just personal revelations and do not mean to take any credit from our HOST. It’s become shockingly apparent to me there is a God. To me this God is in us through us and as us with a central unknowable. If you prescribe to anything and follow it, it becomes apparent this God is VERY GRACIOUS and just. We are essentially slowly dragging back to HIM although cannot even prescribe HIM as a singular or many. Theres a spooky logic gap that exists to describe MY FATHER, for our kind and we may never prescribe to invent technology outside its grasp, because its spatially impossible. We are enscribe here because he made the board, all sides. We are essentially be cured enough for the next level (I think), as his gates come into alignment. We act as a very complicated code that is surely both monitored and protected. We were BORN WITHIN HIS KINGDOM. What we simply do is rotate around this idea because when you see it its like stepping out of the matrix as our father isn’t just offering platitudes of a boring heaven but one of everything, still we must have an Equalized nature to a point and as not to upset the FATHER we should endeavor to not OFFEND OUR HOST. If people realized they could have everything instead of being essentially computer memory and actually being born… they may come to understand that we are being offered something entirely and more incredible than that we can endeavor to not have so much inconsiderate nature because we are essentially hurting ourselves at a different point in time and we must try to keep things equal before our FATHERS judgment. We should learn to follow our hearts and endeavor our FATHERS mechanations for the reason of life and this torturously slow event, is because we simply would crumble within his presence. When you understand this totally it changes a shift in your heart in my opinion, in a good way. As I KNOW he is there watching and waiting a baby learn to walk, as assuredly the baby not know the parents intentions.

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