The Errors Apparent. And The “Morning Prayer”.

Trying to limit my opinion I MAY STATE, That I am a follower of our father (For those that still believe in God or family). We went from one king to making hundreds and we are getting in the grey. “I PRAY THIS DAY, that  I MIGHT TRY to SOLVE My personal transgressions with OUR FATHER, as I Wish for ALL to be in the divine creators mercy. As is PROMISED we should retain some freedom.. as I STAND witness to God’s glory. I do not think our days yet done, for he has NOT sat a seat at his table for our side…quite yet. It is the value I hold as your mercy grant be breath this morning, that I shall SPEAK of your value. I hold dear with all intentions, that as my sins may yet be forgivable you also seek to cure them.. please offer us guidance at your leisure to this accord and may the righteous pray on it intent.. Its the idea that if we would have valued the elders words we might live. I am a wicked and deranged individual, but we may yet be afforded SALVATION.I PRAY for my brothers and Sisters and those in-between that your waters of life wash away the grime of my crimes against your words, and that my heart tries to dein your desire but will fall short. FOR NO MAN KNOWS God’s true intentions or glory, and he is a VERY ANGRY and RIGHTEOUS GOD. I do ENDEVOR to intercede as I try to KEEP your waters from being murky of our filth. hallelujah and Amen.

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