Does No One See the Value?

The Gardens Project not only increases overall G.D.P. it also brings countries lower prices. How? Reoufit and tethering. By tething boats in slipstream formation and having the front boat haul the fuel(allowing for a retrofit in the fuel line you can connect the 2nd boat and continuein rang until boats require no gas. The crypto aspect allows us to mass export although internal and external coins are required. We adjust our exporting separately between importing.

The different coins are handled by completely different organization. Its pretty simple and gradual we may cut out 3 to 5% of shipping personel per year in tune with growth, so no person actually gets harmed. The shippers may need a slight subsidey though, as we ask them to drop their retirement age. See? Its not that crazy of a principle and it (I think) makes perfect economic sense, not only for us but the entire world. America in its foundation is an agricultural country, we have the richest in soil (well one point we did but killed everything that pooped and now…) the idea is that we do this WORLDWIDE though. We allow the trade of coins but set magin limits only internally as each Garden Project should mint its own crypto. We should not however exchange cryptos for “garden coin”, or “Farmer Coin”. The market essentially acts as a stock market but cuts out the B.S.. we will however exchange farmer coin with garden coin just an adjusted rate. Its a long slow process but a gradual method is best for every country. This reduces fuel consumption as well as lowers shipping costs as we only need maybe one or two captains and maybe two workers and a control logistics to run the whole existing ships. So maybe this gradually also hurts the energy market? So what? Listen if there is one industry that lands on its feet its energy. Heck El Paso Natural gas used to make freaking brake pads and all sorts of stuff, as well as housing a mini stock market (yeah they got slapped with Enron but not many people know about the Elpaso involvement). It actually ended up being a pretty cool organization in the end until Kinder (the smaller company) bought them out. That in and of itself is what we are trying to do. We organize internally and work with Farmers assigned project teams. We notify about 2 years in advance (eventually first growth is important) which allows farmers to decide to join the “new union”. We can create what I’m just going to call a rotational market. We take the previous farmers tax filing (2 years notification to make sure they properly pay all their taxes) and we adjust farms to be more rotational except rice cranberries and most tree fruit. This allows us to adjust market value prices that ensures the farmer no lost capital and gradually lower the cost of shipping to supplement it. The energy market may not even take a hit as volunteers and workers of the organization will be consuming gas we make up for this on shipping. O.P.E.C may need to adjust oil pricing probably just a tiny bit at first and as we transition to actually more eco friendly cars (its theorized the energy required to build a tesla actually is more harmful than gas operated vehicles) this will also decrease energy consumption for the organization. Well what about commodity trading? Well what about it? We need market analytics so we pretty much just buy that sector from wallstreet, even if it hurts a firms gross revenue their is plenty of action on the market and well we probably wouldn’t even HAVE to hire anyone as these firms will just trade on the EXPORT or farmer coin. This isn’t communism it vertical integration of one thing everyone needs. You get healthier food other countries get more food. How is this bad again? Farmers get more money by reducing the cost of shipping and even homeless people have existing phones so its not really requiring too much energy. The only hiccup is we need to lobby for an integration of large cities as stated the smaller the battery the better and cheaper car. That is why I proposed the directionally drilled highway system, to help offset the initial carbon impact. Like I said this is a transitional ideology but should be good for everyone. It’s not communism or capitalistic its a dual mechanism essentially that enforces the stability of the globe to an extent. So it might make the C.I.A. a little mad but I think they can probably recoup.

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