The Generational Gaps.

Have you ever noticed the older generation has to explain how the younger has better circumstances. A few of the circumstances would be 1. Well we had to use slide rules 2. Computers took up whole floors and you had to understand punch cards. 3. In my day we had to walk everywhere. OK but you also had the cheapest housing, baby boomers came from the “Golden age” a hyper bubble of inflation. One working person could support a family of five on medium income. Seriously, I’m a millionale (I guess I barely fit in range), yet I don’t like this stuff? I want to work the board, back when it took 2 floors of drafters to do prints. Isolation of people by simply making them obsolete, yet I can’t say managing a project I wouldn’t go cheap. We need a governmental subsidy for people to get re-trained in a new industry supplementing tax write-offs for the hiring agency. We have around 700 programming languages only 7,000 have EVER existed. When did we get computers again? Things never become simpler.

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