Sorry Ladies..

This is just from personal perspective so take it with a grain of salt. You would realize I want equality in both ways. If a lady can do the same work she gets the same pay. We need to account for its a speciesies need, its pretty simple actually and I welcome debate. On the other hand, there never will be a point in the foreseeable future where girls aren’t better at some things and boys are a little better on others. Women live a good at least 4 years longer usually up to or surpassing a decade (whether this is a blessing or a curse, is in the individuals spectrum). Women have the ability to control men, whereas men control women through violence. I refuse to believe the claim men won’t come when they don’t hear rape? I sure as s*** would, but I’d also get a lay of the land, make sure I captured the occurrence (this is if there are too many or more than one in this instance [for me]. A males prerogative is to have a shorter hard working life to allow its progeny to flourish, yet our frontal cortex and advanced psychology gets in the way? Its very very simple… you will die, how you live on is impact. We all love each or partners systemic or not. Whats exceptional is I think almost every human goes through A sexual phases, why would that be? Because it takes a generation to raise a generation. That’s half to a third of your life, don’t screw around. Its how you live on, even if there is a singularity. Please take this, men spend their entire childhood adolescents learning not to cry “we are weak”, “tears are a sign your ***” whereas you are told “a woman’s place is in the home” and “your weaker [that’s rough there are definitely female U.F.C. fighters that would absolutely crush me.. yet I’m an pretty adverse in fighting even though slightly disabled I would fight two maybe even three people if warranted on another’s behalf, and I’ve done this in the past as a liberal non violent hippy. I fought my way from elementary all the way to young high-school..I actually only started one and I apologized profusely on retrospection. My point ladies is if a guy cries its either 1. He’s a drunk 2. He failed completely to provide 3. He failed in defense of you (think you get either meaning) 4. Something he thinks you need to be protected from but afraid to tell you or 5. We are almost STILL entirely judged on merits of worth that have a quite random effect in the market place. Do you think the McDonald’s manager trying to support a family by feeding a lot of not great foods into a population is “grand”? Its exactly the sex psychosis I am saying is a large blame of societal issues.. don’t think i am aware that Eli Whitney’s wife most likely made the cottengen i reject any implications of male dominance, actually. Maybe women are more frightful of physical violence but there’s a very F/N good reason for it. apolo

And seriously we all pretend to be something we aren’t at first, don’t we? There’s barely a difference between semesters thats noticeable. Evolutionary observation, I can guess 3 major reasons women have lower centers of gravity. Can you understand why guys don’t cry? And in no way am saying that guys don’t have more benefits in the workforce, hell Lilith was written out of the Bible for possibly inciting divorce.. thats not cool. On the other hand you gals typically go for the physical over the actual quality of mate, its all evolution. Their are quite rich noblemen that want new partners, yet the age is changing. Not as much as physical force is needed. I’m just asking as you are patient dealing with your partners that are male, we have a childlike lust and we can go through either list… although both seem pretty accurate. The deal is we transgressed and know its bad now, I don’t think I’d fly with a better man designer than a woman, it is time to understand we essentially feel remarkably close just with 2 or 3 serious differences.. in which both have been inscribed upon us, we are all trying to understand how rapid the landscape has grown in under a decade. What am I getting at? Women now have the axis of power, don’t do what we did and thing [I think to promise] will sort.

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