Wait, what? Our Freedom of Speach has Erroded?

Most definitely it has since about the early 2,000’s. The federal court finally struck down one of these from what I can tell, but have you considered panhandling liscences? What a ridiculous premise.. of course that is covered under the first amendment. In Tulsa, Oklahoma (for instance) they tried some measures at first but here’s a fun story. Tulsa had a Northside encampment just North of the Downtown area with what I’ve heard (but not verified) of about 5,000 to 10,000 people. Gross thats ugly, let’s get all those tents out of here so a vacant gross lot would be slightly less gross? What did they do? The police forcibly destroyed the town and forced the homeless out of the area.. because that makes sense, apparently they just vanish. I know, I prefer to have homeless people wandering around all over the place (I am being sarcastic). When we allow values and rights to degrade, it will never end up being a good thing. When Regan was in office they shut down a whole lot of mental health and how did they handle it? If you weren’t violent they litterally dropped you in the middle of downtown areas. So again, how is asking someone for change non-aggressively not protected speech? It reminds me of the saying “you can judge a society by how they treat the least among them” (I’m pretty sure I misquoted but you get the idea). Here’s a good article, I’m not sure if the Supreme Court ruled on all of the municipalities but they have struck at least 1 occurrence down.


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