You can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks.

This idea is completely wrong. I bet $1000 i could train a blind golden age dog to navigate a maze for food. It just takes time. We have a frontal cortex which allows for some strange mental activities in humans. What is marriage? Well we are smack dab between binobos and chimps, but our young take more effort (almost) than any other species. As far as physical effort and time I think elephants are 2nd, yet there’s major mating sacrifice all across the animal kingdom. Marriage is just the idea that a male should make sure their progeny are secure, its made up ideology based off need. Is it wrong? No, marriage in my opinion can be a beautiful thing. Are their temptations outside of marriage? Always the hard one. Does every spouse cheat, or think of cheating? I can’t really answer that due to a lack of a lifelong example? I do know that the elderly tend to get a little riled up in retirement communities. I do think that old dogs can learn new tricks, I just think its incredibly easy to fall into old habits. We aren’t babies, we can blame our experience, our nature or maybe a soul? But really though if we believe that, what is the true purpose of even existing? If all things are out of your hands.. Its a very defeatist sentiment. Its all in the Dog.

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