Oh Boy, More “Misrepretation”.

Ok I try to limit this as much as possible and I’m not arguing for criminal charges or anything but a somber moment of reflection.. the medical community far and far has been a blessing to mankind..hands down. But we need to understand Johnson and Johnson litterally JUST had a breakthow scandal of poisoning babies with harzous chemicals in baby powder..and knew the risk for (don’t crucify it was what 20 some odd years?). I am only advocating that a garden program is absolutely essential as we move forward. It needs to be a thought collective before misguided individuals, daisy chain quantum computers and bleed everything dry. It has to be a transparent process. What makes a person Cognizant? Shouldn’t all crime be judged of of cognition? A.I. if created should have the rights of the creator. If it is true A.I it has true suffering. We are an amalgamation of I/0 even down to the lowest level of molecular structure..well technically thats theoretical but probable? As humans we are dirty and disgusting and beautiful all at the same time. We can build beautiful monuments and have forward thinking “we can do it!” and actually we can. The structure I am presenting just gives the bare essentials in nutrition for almost no costs long term, but removes costs across the board. If you think about a clear currency tied to regional sub agriculture and fixing commodity rates this is super plausible. All of your food could be organic, consumed within the nutrient degradation rate and pay less. We can cut off a lot of water waste by using a trackable currency as well as a learning matrix where the markets self adjust to demand. If someone out there smarter than me doesn’t get what I am saying and the ramifications of what I am proposing I’d be shocked. Its really really simple. We help the elderly have better lives when they choose to not go into retirement homes, and hope they can afford a bit extra space for a set period. I don’t want to contractually but I guess we really need to see how it works because the foundation has to always be profitable for self propulsion.. in tandem with outside contributions. But the idea is venues get money, prisoners are utilized and rewarded and hopefully reformed, children are taught about agriculture and self sufficiency, we reduce diabetes and heart disease, we take down that 11% increase to the elderly from having no real outside interactions, but we donit responsibly. Can we do one last great thing before the stars or are we to poisoned to even see straight?

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