Are You a Radical?

Yes and No. I do think there is a lot of malfeasance, bad ideas and things we can improve. I also believe slow change won’t hurt anyone financially. All this does is take back one necessity for democracy that can’t be tainted by human hands. I’ve put a lot of thought into this and a lot of you are wondering is this possible? Yes it definitely is. A company with a vacant lot getting tax breaks to allow us to grow food for poorer people as well as the affluent (my intentions are just regional healthy foods, the markets have to start middle class and work their way out feeding people with lower incomes and eventually building them gardens as sections stabilize). All these things I am discussing are just future proofing democracy and we have the technology to do this today. Just as long as we work hand in hand with existing industry to not hurt their well being but allow for a wide birthing range. Even the people in charge doing the worst of the worst still must see a need for balance and counterbalance. Even child traffickers can have families, and I willing to bet most don’t get into the stuff because they want to. So I’m a nut with a shovel talking about financial warfare and a way to at least protect the future, and reclaim a little power for the average American. Such a silly notion, gardens are hard. It won’t work like you think. I understand it seems overly complicated but it has a threshold that if we hit it will work gloriously. The main challenge is figuring the data and a slow market fix. No matter what 1 garden taken care of pays for itself in less than 2 years. Everything else is “gravy”.

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