This Blog is a Personal Blog of a Joker Just Trying to Impact a Change. Foolhardy most likely, opinionated probably, does it Affect what I am Trying to Accomplish? No. This is a Thought Experiment.

Everything I state is both false and true, its exactly like the media. I am a person and although I am decent at knowing where to look I actually do not have any REAL knowledge. As stated history is written by the victorious, and is usually a glowing review of how they nicely raped and pillaged regions for materials, food or women..Or how they bravely subjugated people? Modern day slavery is worse in a lot of ways than it was prior. What would be interesting to me is the data between suicide rates of slaves and those of sweat shop workers? This whole idea is a thought experiment to put forward a semi working premise and allow you people to pick at it and refine it into something new. We have the technology now. Why is the only update with technology for people in the government a voting machine hooked up to the internet and the ability to print out tax forms? They can read every word I am typing and analyze and route to human eyes and we can’t vote from home securely using biometrics? Even though we know for a fact they have them and its more than possible? We still have an electoral college (I’m sure they are all smarter than the average voter, but do you think that people can’t figure out who district leader are?). There are essentially no laws or protections that have not been abused over the last decade with 0% accountability. We almost impeached a guy for a bj with a secretary.. thousands of civilian murders due to drone stikes is A OK? Lying about why we are in a war is fine, no tribunals? Also even if you did Hitler level projects don’t worry, presidents always get pardons. They are just puppet mouth pieces but thats just an opinion. Id actually like to start seeing “and now presidential candidate Joe “coca cola” Fergie vs. Phillip “Pfizer” jerkoffsy. Maybe we can put clown wigs on our ground forces brought to you by McDonald’s. Its fine though, you can only donate less than 10k as a citizens, corporations are people, just more rights. Afterall they can form superpacs?

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