Soil Repair and Limiting Waste

As indicated prior, if we can set up a three stage agricultural charity we would reduce spoilage. You might ask what happens to spoilage now? Landfills.. have you ever seen a tree growing in a landfill? The idea is first feeding the elderly, second is the pop up markets that prop up the crypto and third hopefully without impacting energy fast food franchise that serves actually healthy good tasting food (its not hard to make healthy things taste good, compare a store bought tomato from a vine ripened one). Then the last stage would be food banks, then Reclamation. Well whats Reclamation, well we have about 36 hours from harvest to the food spots that act as double kitchens. After that everything goes to food banks. Anything the food banks can’t use (it won’t be a lot do to canning) is used as fertilizer when we come to drop off we pick up. Simple age old principles that would work if we let them.

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