Corporate Malfeasance

Does anyone remember the news story about Cherokee Energy Former C.E.O? He built up and sold off assets and almost ruined Cherokee, left started a new start up.. Then it came to light his company was ripping off Oklahoma families on gas royalties by price fixing with another competitor. A day or so after that news broke his car slammed into the side of an overpass going nearly 100 miles an hour. It was ruled as an accident, even though there were no skid marks… my point is, why was the other company left out of the news? Never heard another word about who was price fixing. News stories or court cases.. has anyone heard who the 2nd company was or if they even were prosecuted? I met the guy a few times.. seems strange we shared a building and rode the elevator a few times together.. I wonder if he really was distracted or was it more nefarious? I doubt we will ever know..

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