Rise of the Molemen

I understand just that one bad idea can completely put a person off a premise. Im just throwing darts and wondering why they don’t stick if I think I hit a mark. The idea of big cities adjusting to downways instead of highways is much simpler..and complicated then you might think. It pays dividends in the long term. Running downramps around existing sewers would be somewhat challenging but little more in most areas then it already is. By adjusting traffic around the highway system to act as a gradual feeder and reduce downramps we limit the amount of utilities we need to use. These could protect us in a war. We can use them to scrub exhaust. We can rig electric vehicles to be powered through a utility. When we build a new highway so much planning..with the tunnels you kust build down and out, concrete and structurally support. We embed markers so we can treat old gas vehicles like pipeline pigs. Meaning we equip your phone with an app or you purchase a device for your vehicle. This allows for a better flow of traffic, we could break.the lanes into speed and levels for direction. No wandering road kill or people jumping of ledges. A ruleset has to be enforcement if we were use municipal power that an operator is NOT allowed leave the vehicle (obviously unless on fire) but to pull to the shoulder and wait for assistance. Paring for this via drivers liscence fees keep cars from being abandoned and it means we can protect motorist better by coordinating traffic around breakdowns. No reporting the app just does it if you are on the shoulder. Phone dies it sucks but you’ll hit red lights and be relegated to slower lanes. By doing this just like if we could dream a way for the space elevator to be plausible, we also double (potentially or more over time) commercial fabrication with centralized scrubbers. We can use clean coal and I pray Tidal energy (it makes total sense, it’s so much energy just waiting to be harnessed [as anyone crushed to a shore can attest, water isn’t anything to sneeze at]).

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