Holy.. Did you Say we Should do a Hazard Study of the Legalization of Prostitution?

Well as expressed earlier with how the country with the lowest addiction rates got that way. Im a flawed and not a perfect individual but I do understand that a worse submarket occurs when not regulated. After all prostitution is the oldest profession, I don’t see it going anywhere.. I do see people being afraid of loosing liscences for using underage or under derest victims.. is that crazy? By making prostitution illegal you are empowering whoremongers or pimps. Body guards make more sense, the ladies pay an independent contractor if it makes them feel safer. Regulating the whole thing would make it safer for the spread of STDs. and before you give me religious rhetoric, its said their was indeed a Gospel of Mary. Almost all the people in the Bible didn’t do good things until called to. Its like why God appears as a tiny burning bush or refuses to give his name. We share a form of herpes with Gorillas I believe? Probably Banobos as well just guessing off their proclativities. Its a simple notion if a person wants to sell their body it is their prerogative. No one should be forced but by not regulating we ensure that happens. Peoples hearts can grow dark, some people are liberal enough they don’t care. We aren’t stopping it but we can slow sex trafficking through legalization. In the Bible Mary was thought to be a prostite,prostate, am not sure if this was to discredit her but she did what she felt she had to, Christ understood that.and as lowly of a place she was, she washed his feet with her hair, lacking the proper utensils. Its as chriay said when the poor woman gave two of the lowest denomination coins as people loaded the coffers chrisy said to the effect that she gave more than all combined..because she gave all she had.. why did this lesson loose its meaning to most?

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