Meals on Wheel and Opiod Epidemic

Meals on wheels is struggling. This article is mostly right except the part about Trump not assisting on program budgeting. Most people don’t know as bad of a president he was, he was the main force in the mass action lawsuit against phizer when overdoses hit 50,000 daily and the F.D.A said “maybe we should stop lying about addiction and killing millions” they forced a rule change making it harder to get pain medication…even for those that need it. The fees Pfizer had to pay funded drug rehab facilities all over the country giving FREE subtext a drug to reduce opoid dependency with using methadone (a more addictive and deadly chemical than heroin, its known as liquid handcuffs because it is so strong it forces the addictive to ONLY use methadone with doses being prescribed up to 140mg. To give you an idea 60 milligrams can kill an average person. Methadone was originally known as alphone and was created by the nazis when they had a shortage of morphine. Its the hardest opiod to stop. Only 20% of people on methadone ever get off the rest bloat up and dye young.) So even though he was a bit of a %^%^ head he at least wasn’t completely in big pharmas pocket. As doon as those rulesets changed we pulled out of Afghanistan leaving behind that sweet sweet opioum..because of the Chinese manufacturing of fentonyl. Good times. Meals on wheels is struggling and they only get 3% of their funding from the government and look at all they accomplish. Can you imagine if the Gardens Project got that 3% the donations and a futures market backing itself? The amount that would be accomplished over time would be staggering. But that’s my 2 cents.

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