I’m ready to put my life and Body on the Line..I am so sure. If I’m wrong someone better save me.

Here a news worthy article, I am selling body parts to prove my theory that we can fix the U.S. if we follow the steps I touch on. I need to check with Go fund me but if you need a kidney, want to throw down capital for the thrill of watching me disfigure myself to prove a point..whatever it doesn’t matter. Its all def ears. For $50 million I can enact this. Giving away non essential body parts, how much would I have to ask for? 2 million for half my liver 1 million for a kidney? Maybe just throw me in the ring with a U.F.C fighter and if I can last 5 minutes fund me? I don’t pretend to k ow what’s right, I do however know what’s wrong. I am 100% committed to proving my theory and taking back this country for the benefit to all. Especially the children.. who its too dark to even discuss here but true. So look for a new go fund me I suppose since I can’t get anyone to review with rational thinking, ill let them decide with their animal brains.

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