Why is it Political to Ask for Proper Medical Procedures and Metrics?

If you are religious we are commanded to be good shepherds so please read this with an open heart.. If you consider yourself a person of science please read this with an open mind. Do not read this if you completely trust your government to always look out for your best interests..If this article prevents you from supporting the idea of the garden program please tell me and I will pull it off. This is simply to show why its important that we take some control over the food supply. Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely. I want people to understand why the project is do or die for our species. I do not pretend to know everything but follow respected sources and try to think for myself.. the project is way way more important than any aspect of Covid so if its preventing you from taking in the major point of discussion I would much rather ignore the facts I am providing, just as long as you can agree we need the Garden Project. If you want more numbers I have them in a speaker draft page (I don’t want to offend or run off pro vaccine people) im neither pro nor anti. Read the C.D.C childhood death rates I beg you. Select the column between deaths from occuring to the unvaccinated to the vaccinated by selecting the row and putting it in ascending order for age. The rate appears to actually go up or can I get a fact check?.I am a pragmatic vaccer. First please review this..https://data.cdc.gov/Public-Health-Surveillance/Rates-of-COVID-19-Cases-or-Deaths-by-Age-Group-and/3rge-nu2a review the reporting data here from the C.D.C.https://covidvaccinesideeffects.com/vaers-covid-19-vaccine-adverse-events-data/ If your taking this statement as being political, you are wrong. Tbey do not break the metric correctly for children they have the group set 0-40 years of age, and if we trust the government numbers is far more dangerous to vaccinate your child. I completed the math but it angered people like I am some anti vaccer. I’m not, I just have experience with the government. The Garden program would have prevented so many deaths from covid and would have protected the supply chain.. so no matter if you are pro vaccine or anti vaccine we need to view the risk reward metrics like we have for every other medical procedure. Why treat this different when its about as lethal worldwide as tuberculosis? Why risk hurting your child for a 1 and 13,180 chance of death but over a 1 and 1,647 chance of hurting them with the vaccine.. im not counting the amount of people the vaccine may have saved as we don’t have those metrics but I know the rate between 1 vaccine and none is less than a 10% death rate. The reason I am posting this is to show Government bodies, the media and industry all act to separate us. They keep poorer communities down with the inability to get healthy foods or proper education. With the pandemic they close churches and not McDonald’s, why? Heart disease and obesity are the largest killers. Its proven that gain of function research took place in Wuhan and the Fauci has lied three separate times to congress. This isn’t fake news if he owns stock in Pfizer. If Robert Kennedy Jr and all of these doctors are lying about the Vaers reporting of injury from annoculation why doesn’t anyone sue them for slander to save more lives if they are right? If the mortality rate is even 25,000 children (and not 0.0 to .03% (0.03 the theorized maximum deaths for children is 1 and 9,885,000 or 0.3 x100,000 [if thats the scale its referring to 100,000× .03 =3,000 or  100,000 goes into population= 3,295 x.03 it would be 98 deaths for children per year] so the 0.03 should be in percent  3,295÷0.03 =  109,833 also not correct as figures show a total of 50,000k have died (but the data age groups are all messed up and some are 14 to 24 and others are 0 to 40 years old) ms are 0. shown as a statistic 0.3 is applied to the  total population as we’ve been told since the start. Thats still way beyond the risk threshold for giving it to children. If you disagree look up manufacturer directions. They state that they need to be administered with a “dry pull”. This is to make sure the vaccine is getting into the blood veins. I’m not saying what is right or wrong, its up to you to protect your child’s health. My problem is with how they mislead and present the metrics. This is to show why we HAVE to start the garden project. Technically since the 1980s vaccine act they could legally put bleach in the vaccines, the bleach kills the virus (and you) and technically they are off the hook. No class action suit can be lobbied, no one would go to jail and they’d get our races to kill us. I’m not saying this is what happened but regulators should NEVER be allowed to hold stock in companies they regulate. Its common sense. When corruption can occur it will. So do whats right for your family, make an informed consent. We have been poisoning babies with Johnson and Johnson baby powder for 80+ years. You cannot trust everyone to always do the right thing. Im not blaming anyone or saying anyone is right or wrong. I am just providing the governmental data and sharing an opinion. This in no way reflects what I am trying to accomplish with the Gardens Program. I am simply showing it is possible for an authoritative regime to bypass our rights or for a foreign power to take us over. Its possible to loose electronics and the supply chain. I don’t want to scare you, I want to inform you this is dire and important. America can never be America again with the dark money pools that are used to operate certain sections. We need to reduce the evil and corruption that entities feel are warranted in the name of security. You should be scared of the market falling apart and not being able to feed your family.  The Garden Project is a social experiment, regardless of my opinions its to benefit everyone. Even though I am a person of faith and believe our creator demands us to be good shepheds, I’m not missioning to anyone. I would feed atheist or Satanists alike. We are all brothers and sisters and we continually divide ourselves and allow ourselves to be divided. Its a fact we funded gain of function and caused this, for some strange reason China didn’t declare war. China requested the formula for the vaccine and were told NO. Even though our taxes paid for it, Pfizer (who caused the opid lying about addiction levels to Dr’s) epidemic gets the largest contract and is partly owned (supposedly) by the director of the NIH.

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