How Much Should I Charge to Die for Your Pleasure?

Really though. In a hypothetical sense…if making all these points on how to make the world less dark don’t take hold of peoples hearts. How much should I charge to make a spectacular death for myself? Would $5 a vote go fund me on vomiting my mode of death cover 20 million dollars? I could use that 20$ to build the block chain and the app but not the gardens and grow from there. This is a serious question. What is my life worth? Sex trafficking children are worth 6 to 7k$ supposedly down from about 12 to 20k. But to pay to brutally murder someone legally had to be worth something right? How much should I Charge for a vote to get as close to 30 million as possible? $3? Its morbid and sick and this is where we are but I am 100% Willing if it changes things. The majority of you have no idea how dark this world is, or how bright it could be. You that profess Jesus saying no man can fix the world… that is your devil saying you fall short so you can’t. Our covenant never says we cannot make Earth a paradise, its just darkness will alway be in the heart of MAN. Thats why we take it from man, form a charter, keep it 100% transparent, and vote. The crypto block chain and contracts keep it from being ruined by the evil of the hands of man. Ill tale a bullet for this, I don’t care if you think I am a charlatan I will be proven right…I will die for this.

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