Elon you have $300,000,000

If I gave you a leg to start this projects funding what would that be worth? Can you find friends willing to suppliment?supplement? My own leg off with a saw could that net me at least one million dollars if I throw in a tesla add? I need 30 million for this to definitely work so help me divide my body for my principles and let’s see if we can make this happen. If the people who are “good” refuse to help over me stating facts from the C.D.C. let’s go to the dark side. Anyone want a kidney heart or lung? My eyes are 20/20 and I have about 18 poor man patents I can give that with capital would be worth a lot. I know more than you think.. I k ow an internet provider bought M.R.I technology that can pinpoint cancer cells, but did not have the enough medical records for functionality. This company shouldn’t have had access to M.R.Is yet they bought the technology..why? To shelve it or for more nefarious use of personality mapping. 100% true. If VAERS is full of crap then remove it. Its confusing anti vaccers that see the stats as showing its more dangerous to vaccinate children than adults because you break the age groups into 0 to 40 years old… and your scientists. I. A data specialist and I KNOW just from insurance reporting you could correlate things in minutes. I could give me access. What percentage of children who died of covide were obese or had pre existing conditions? Why won’t you sue Robert Kennedy Jr. For stating all these inflamatory comments and protect anti vaccers from his C.D.C backes diluauons? Why won’t insurance companies cover vaccine manufacturers? Why was there a 1980s vaccine mandate. I only fear torture, or loss of loved ones. Nothing else do I fear devils, angels, bombs, the government, the wealthy what have you. I believe in something much stronger, rational thinking, the majority of people will good on their brothers and the era of the sociopaths is coming to a close. We will be able to monitor brain regions and have biometric lie detectors.. very very soon. Its lost before even fought, so let’s just save the lives we can shall we?

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