Dont bury your Head in Sand – Pro or Anti Vax READ THIS you are both wrong. Either Sue the world child health foundation for slander, or go after Fauci for Lying to Congress. Either of these Things will save Possibly Millions.

Either there is malfeasance from the government and little if no benefit to vaccinating minors, or Robert Kennedy Jr should be sued for inflammatory claims. Its simple whoever is right will win in litigation case closed. Why is this not happening? If 400,000 injuries were not reported via the reporting apparatus and it wasn’t more injuries than all other vaccines required, wouldn’t Robert Kennedy Jr have purged himself? Couldn’t either side clear this up and save more lives immediately? If they would have pushed what Joe Rogan was saying at the offset on vitamin D could have saved thousands, potentially. The problem is why do the statistics target 0-40 years of age on injury reporting? They have systems that can instantly connect insurance claims to vaccine batch numbers.. thats a fact. If your phone can hold audio recording for the manufacturers and Facebook,turn it to text format for text find capabilities then show you divorce attorneys just because your phone heard you and your wife arguing…I hate to tell you buddy you live in lah lah land. China can make drone birds, real birds follow in formation with its on Netflix “spycraft” and I am sure I’ve seen ours. You need to take each item and independently review it for yourself. If your mind is made up before a real verifiable point can be made…You are no longer a growing mind. Your incapable of growth in understanding and therfore exist only to exist. Its why I ask to be proven wrong.

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