About the Vaccination Questions

Please don’t be offended, keep reading. There are no stupid questions just stupid answers. I’m not a medical doctor. I do know P.H.Ds are the highest unvaccinated group and we as a notion have horrible vaccination history. Make up your own mind but look at the cdc vaccine impact study BEFORE you vaccinate your children.. Why are we still hearing commercials? Please do put masks on when you bring them to grandmas/grandpas. We need to be sure NOT to cure omnichrome as we look for more effective natural or beneficial mutations to compensate for radical mutations. This is all just opinion based so take with a grain of salt but you should endeavor to consider as is man’s right. We need data to be correlated so we know what percentage of children died had pre-existing conditions or were morbidly obese. Areas where horse de-wormer were used do in fact have lower covid rates. Before we were supposed to use the vaccine they were supposed to prove no pre-approved drug was effective enough bot to warrant the risk. They never did that. Really just read the 1980s vaccine mandate before you disagree. This should not effect the goal of the gardens project, I am using the virus to show how they divide and skip responsibility. How they poison us physically and mentally, whether the vaccine is a good or bad thing. The increase in teen suicides is creating more deaths for that age group than covid. I am just asking you to ask these as questions? Am I full of crap? Look into it yourselves using firefox.

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