Average Cost of Food and why we would be Ignorant not to Implement and Support the Garden Project


That’s 355$ a year for an American not including that we subsidize corn unbelievably. Its actually $3000 per household. (Building a garden for two people in one location is actually cheaper as well). https://www.creditdonkey.com/average-cost-food-per-month.html could pay for a garden with just 2 years of yields if someone donated the same amount that we are growing for them. We even will buy and sell it for them although we would have to take a fee. Just 355$ a year when they give $200 a month for food stamps doesn’t seem right. Americans have to spend more than $355 a year right? Or is that what we are actually spending not subsidizing? That’s only 10 fast food meals. People at sprouts spend $200 for two weeks of groceries. Do you see where I am going with this? Its not only possibly it downright irresponsible not to promote the gardens project. So one year of successful produce can pay for the garden itself potentially, the rest is profit for growth.

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