Theory is Everything Breaks down at Subsidies or the Hands of Man.

By having a system ran on an uncontrolled system with voted on parameters. We could show how it functions without being a security threat because of the staged E.M.P. shielded back-up servers or in emergency the wifi to wifi add-hox system (maybe blue tooth?) We wouldn’t have to worry about things randomly going up 20% because its all reported. People are assuming this is harder than I believe it has to be. It sounds complicated but we use subsidized farming methods and act as a community to take bake justba portion of our food source. It can act as currency in worst case scenario if everything went to plan. It will take time but it WILL work. We will make incentives and a P.R. machine just like the greedy people but for a good purpose. The purpose to feed. To help take that strain from parents. To not replace the agriculture market but ensure their livelihoods aren’t hurt. I do believe in the heart of man and I think we can do this and depending how (we are willing to go) far could see us to the stars. Both political systems fall apart because if greed or incompetence. There is a saying that all man will reach their own level of incompetence. Its true.. by creating this market we are ensuring at least we have a food stock when or if supply chains fall. We are already sending the ships so why not grow 90% of Chinese rice and save money on shipping channels. Can anyone point out problems? Please.

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