Elderly Participants Vs. Inherited Gardens.

It would be a good thing if elderly people that are grateful for the care allow us to harvest for a period long enough to pay for the garden. Just a few years.. no contracts just agreements. I think a lot of elderly people may just give over vacant lots that aren’t doing anything anyhow. I think if we could calculate an aggregate measurement of the worth of plants, ensure everyone makes the same over time and have market prices reflect that we essentially would always have a back up plan. Inherited gardens we may help with seeds advice, classes (including safe jarring practice). Among other things. We publicly announce the circulation of crops. Its a way even in a down season we can convert our exportable crops more easily to that of domestic. Highway systems under roadways make sense. They’d have to use several bunker busters probably. It sounds crazy but only moving pipelines every two miles to make way for a downramp really isn’t that hard. The befit of being able to scrub exhaust is great, then we can grow plants that replace nutrients as well as moisture to the top soil. We can make retention creeks with diaphramic drainage on charcoal painted white rocks atb(just a guess something like a 2% grade over an area).. this allows for more rice crops. If China is the manufacturer we go heavy export and start paying off warlords like the pipeline companies do so they don’t blow their lines and pay so they get fed and educated. Show they can be blue blooded capitalists.

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