Could we have Geo Synchronization of a Space Port? Using just Pumped Fuel?

22,236 x 36″ .50 wt. Is 221 lbs per sq ft. With kilometers converted to feet it 117408100 lbs of just regular .50 weight pipe. But wait we are forgetting. The segments between the pipe stretch and maintain a vacuum they are so densely woven. What else are we forgetting? Oh yeah we can reduce the size of the pipe to be largest on to and smallest on the bottom. Since the pyramid isn’t structural you can have multiple loop lines feeding the orbital structure and keep it slightly outside of geo synchronization. I believe by powering from the ground using a huge amount of engines and pumps and reducing the wall thickness along with cathodic protection and a powering current for heating elements this could work. We just need more weight further out and a ton of perpetual Thrust. It could never be allowed to fail which is why we should have safe guards on safeguards. Maybe instead of sending all that weight via a rail cannon let’s try to use whats already there first we can capture asteroids and smelt space debris on the moon. Regardless of how we get there, we need to go.

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