Way to a Space Elevator

If we shipped all the components via cubes on shittles to a moonbase colony we could make more lift tubing easily, with the reduced gravity. Mining from the moon and salvage could be an industry if we plan correctly. Building these tunes with heated rings and staged C02 and back up fuels. We construct longer than we need. Make a chamber that is vacuum proof in which this huge tube holds hoses and pumps fuel to a tic tac platform. It has double staged boosters at 360% end from end. When we feed these tunes through the outer orbit station, each side is welded into the vacuum chamber. Then they cut the excess pipe rope. I assume we will have 3D printed extremely dense nano fibers (so interwoven they can hold a vacuum) connected to numclear/ x graded piping with electronic heat rings. After welding they easily calculate the area of the desert and have a smaller denser internal guide in which drones also correct the connection lines path). Allowing a a heavy duty robot arm or 2 to fix the connection through a twist lock mechanism. Ground crews then weld to length. The loaders from the moon won’t need a whole lot of fuel if we do a good job on creating plenty of Diaoxide.

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