Space Elevator, Science Fiction and the World’s Largest Gun.

Just a fun thought. What if we made metal canisters weighing 1/4 orn1/8 or less even of a ton and made a giant rail gun? We use magnetic metals that we process and make a several killiometer barrel that propels similar to a super bullet train with multiple tracks that act like the groves of a gun to make bullets fly straighter. Using coastal and geo thermal energy I hypothesize we could infact launch metals for colony construction into orbit. That would go a long way into building a real space elevator, we could smelt and process ore to create fabrication facilities on on the moon. We could use the moon to harvest rare materials from comments and build these things everywhere eventually. No need for war, just exploration. I think having just that capability, using the power of the sea to shoot metal into the stars… obviously over the sea though. We could have it multiple chambered like a chain gun to create slip and save energy. The faster we can launch or, the less energy it would take. Each shot would break the sound bairer so it’d have to be a no man’s land but just imagine.. and that brings me to Science Fiction.. Again. Coming up right about.

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