Science Fiction Story and Entagled Particals.

I wrote a science fiction story about this but here’s the premise. They discover that sending a comatruct of gravitational computing into a generated black hole and a duplicate of their device comes back programed. “Hello welcome to the bureau of interdimensional tourism. Please review the contract if you would like to join the bureau and see what other things lurk beyond your imagination.. the only rule? Only one of you can exist at one point in time in any dimension. So they would cryogenically freeze you and send a binary signal in made up of entangled particals through the void. We also started sending nano self repairing labs and bending space (it turns out even if you bend space which allows you to go faster than light, if there are gravity masses too strong, they will cut microscopic holes through everything) so every thousand years these things get solar energy almost directly harvesting from stars while the little bots fix the holes. Eventually these make it to a seeded planet, or a planet we seeded long before then the lab gets to work. It creates exact clones of our bodies and prints our neurons exactly as they were or are. Over time we could Theoretically jump from one world to another just using data from entangled particals.. wild huh? * its observed that when particals entangled and then are removed from one another if one is manipulated the other is as well…regardless of how far. Faster than light instant. That means your thoughts could be instant. Our real bodies could be in an entirely different universe altogether. Thats spooky science. Its weird but true.. yet we can’t feed everyone healthy food?

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