For the Naysayers or People that Think This Would Not Work. Please Think of More Reasons.

No one is going to let you build gardens for free food in their yards with an agreement to allow harverst.. Of course not thats why its an agreement not a contract. We look for participants who seem to be men and women of their word and just ask that they include a time frame to allow us to harvest either through their will or by who they sell to.

It will cost too much money to do all this and no one will donate. True thats why we use the crypto futures for funding. If etherium is up to 2,000 a coin and only 2% is being used, a crypto that allows you to buy food with no network fees would crush it.

We should be able to allocate tax right offs to regular citizens if they have enough room to spare. By aggregating the overall costs (land to grow, water, soil composition, ground water, the previous years yield, how hard it is to harvest and the area it can grow in, the common spoilage ect. We create a point system. This allows us for you to get the same amount of money if not more, and we slowly adjust the pop up market to reflect that. Think of it as a farmers rebellion but controlled by no man, its controlled by a transparent system, controlled by no man ever (since one crypto wallet allows one vote).

No one would volunteer: not true people would volunteer out of the goodness of their heart and for discounts or even free produce.

You need more than just visiting two houses a week.. maybe, but we can rotate as well and coordinators and harvesters can fill in. People serving community service would help as well in the crop rotation and building the gardens themselves. Along with the non violent prisoners with guards we would have construction leads that ensure the gardens are properly set up.

We rotate even the elderlies gardens by moving the nursery cans over one spot and formulating the garden structure based off of nutrition.

What about the water costs? Well the local government should subsidize them but if not we use melon totems and rain collectors. We get the carbon offset credits adjusted so more melons and guards are grown to increase ground soil.

What about moles ect?. Well thats the beauty there are two programs. One you as a young person are responsible for the other we are responsible. We grow less and more of certain things per garden when we are maintaining it. So you might grow a lot of carrots but will be returned peas or whats requested based off of the agrigated value.

What about people getting hurt on my land? Voulunteers are asked to sign a waiver within reason. The organization would represent the home owner if its determined the volunteer did not follow safety procedures they agreed to. Now if a homeowner buried nails on boards or made traps in order to harm volunteers they should also be required to sign a waiver. The property should be safe for our workers, if not we get a special crew to do a safety analysis to see if we can help you. It goes with the soil analysis.

That would take way too much room! No not really, there are empty lots everywhere, by allowing us to build these gardens and be profitable empty lots can gain you some extra money in areas where the garden market is weak. We can also do tier gardening where plants that need the most light are on the top step and gradually work down to lower light plants in areas we need to.

It will take a lot more than a couple hours a week. Not if we divide and conquer it would take less. Keep in mind younger couples will be gardening crops for us for continued support of their own garden. If a garden has a bad season thats OK, you can still be fed from the excess before we sell it to the market because we have volunteers in charge of the crop yield. You shouldn’t be held responsible.

Its still too much work. No, older people we support gardening themselves as therapy. Its only when they no longer can garden WITH us we ask if they would like to conversation from the porch.

People would donate land for taxes, as well to help people. I believe most the elderly would like the company as they are shown to live 12% longer. The elderly are more likely to donate more space for the garden and possibly even give us a plot on their will to continue to benefit future generations. We would also work with apartment complexes for community gardens eventually.

An hour a week to visit 2 people is all it would take. Other volunteers and coordinators will fill in the gaps as well as the elderly. Community service crews would make sure in areas without volunteers that they are doing it correct.

How do you plan to make a market off of little backyards.. We prioritize by land size and by how much donated land they can give at first and work our way down. The tax right-offs and the middle class are a big portion of making this more efficient.

Elderly people can make additional revenue. If they donate over 100% of what we are giving any additional capital will go to them. So if they donate 125% of what it would take to feed them a year and donated 250% in land any additional land will be paid for. When the garden pays for itself all proceeds go to the land owner (unless they donate it to us) they can either use our market for profit or sell the produce however they like.

Can anyone else think of reasons for this not to work? The volunteers go through a short training and are expected to review the safety handbook and waive rights to sue if they follow these procedures.


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