A Weird Spiritual Belief.

I do believe in lay oneself bare. We are all lowly yet seek to climb higher on the backs of our brethren. I believe a lot of things and had what I think was a spiritual encounter younger.

After my mother committed suicide, I looked into all religions. After Greek, I became a geek (sorry for the pun). But I realized to me personally genesis doesn’t fall outside evolution. If you include Lilith first wife, the Father had to take a rib from Adam to make Eve. What does a model of a segment of D.N.A. look like if you lived thousands of years ago?. God refuses flat out to give his name, for he is the one of many names. All men will know him. All men will be judged by their own knowledge. Jesus changes no laws including the covenant with Abraham so Jesus could potentially be in Abraham’s Bosom guiding good jews, and men shall seek death and find none is because the messiah is on Earth unable to guide the good Jewish. Like when did the bridge of the cross close? Most the people who wrote gospels hardly got to read them, and in letter format a lot of times. Did Jesus only wait those 3 days so the world that never heard of him go to Hell? Does missioning doom people to go to Hell? I DON’T PRETEND TO KNOW. The will of our creator is undiacernable by man. But I will tell you a story of meeting something, I am sure was an entity. Knowing this i KNOW I am wrong, yet I am right about being wrong. That is how we approach problems.

It was ezekials wheel, and its a crazy story for a new article

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