What’s so Great About this?

Well the darker the entity in question the more means of attaining capital. Slowly stabilizing resources will lower cartel exposure. The market in the U.S. would go up, making drugs more expensive also acting as a deterent to younger children’s exposure. They wouldn’t necessarily loose a market cap just have to snuggle and poison less. Rich people love drugs too. It also reduces the hatred of the people and hopefully one day they can be a non violent organization where drugs with approval and ingredient lists (with possible side effects can be sold legally by prescription). Its the same with prostitution, child sex trafficking rarely if ever is in areas where prostitution is legal.It also can require monthly checkups from health officials to ensure S.T.D.s are not spread. It could also allow sex slavery to be a thing of the past as you can’t get a minor with an liscence to prostitute. It could allow no more abusive pipes or forced prostitution because they could escaped their tormentors via the police. Decriminalization allows for better health of street workers, and they work to get these people off the streets. With the drug market the lowest addiction rate in the world is where they decriminalized all drugs and had court allocated sentences to rehab facilities. By regulating these things we add harsher punishments for driving intoxicated or corruption of a minor. We also get to tax it and make sure there are no traces of fentanyl. We can curb the ludicrous figures of over doses. We essentially corporation the cartels and price adjust them as well as provide incentives to lower manufacturing rates in tandem with the market so they don’t loose capital. We help them to diversify portfolios so they gain money by signing accords that restricts violence between the families. We provide subsidies to help them get into businesses with their capital that could help people while making the same profits or more.

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