Why Investing in Poorer Markets are a Good Thing.

Because in a few years of empowering these people with proper nutrition and agriculture projects to undo the damage a specific charities involvement in trying to stop malaria caused. We make new markets, they have lithium Ion so does South America. We give them cheaper food in their areas that only have resources and grow food the same way within their communities. We come to an agreemenymt of how much it’d take to allow food to go to them. In 5 years you can bet on that these areas will be more stable. Being a man that believes his word is his bond, I believe coupled with the warlord benefitted we can turn him into a labor union representative. Same thing almost lol. I jest but no it would allow more security in building pipelines, empowering the people we can train them to fabricate a lot of things. Especially in Cuba and further benefit their lives. This allows more ethical business to move in giving them more G.D.P. as their G.D.P. increases so does the coin. The more charity the higher the value of projective gains, intern more coin. They can see our cost and gains and the prices can be fixed to local fiat worth, cost and the going rates of what agriculture is worth in local economy plus a fairer exchange rate to get them self sufficient. In 3 years of stability industry will move in and the worth of their coin will go up. Their start up coin is also 1.2 coins for the initial investors. Garden coins are separated by continents. Continental coins are traded via the continental coordinator to coordinate larger trade channels. As the develop quickly by being giving them empowerment, they become new markets and those values will also continue to clime. So a stock market based off of what countries can make this work. It even would lower human trafficking that provides funding to evil evil entities. Reduces the need for war, and redirect that to new space technologies and ethical technologies. By showing warlords over time it more beneficial to to set up a fair regional tax rate and fix prices gradually, we would eventually gain trust as long as they are making as much or more money. That is where it helps industry. Pipeline companies have to pay pirates to not cut or damage lines.. its no different except its actually feeding the indigenous population. Funding is stipulated to ONLY be awarded if the food supply doesn’t create a market un hindered through militarized groups. Theres some hidden things we can do to ensure this works but I’ll end here for today.

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