Outsourcing, is It Worse than Slavery?

I’d say it depends on the situation. There are 3rd world countries where essentially the are a slave to another nation. Some of these regimes are incredibly brutal and treat the working class terribly. In slavery throughout history terrible acts have been perpetrated. It was common practice in some cultures to force males to become eunuchs.. They would beat, tape and torture. One thing slave owners throughout history did know, slaves cost money. Not just to buy but to provide anything they would need to survive. Clothes, housing, tools, cooking pits, stoves, outhouses, drilling wells, medical care (if they care to protect their investment) food and water. Today their are authoritative countries that will kill you and 3 generations of your family for disobeying. They starve them and do not even provide enough to survive, or barely survive. They live everyday not even knowing that the rest of the world is better off than they are. It can be so bad in some countries the resort to cannabilism. I heard a story about a lady who escaped North Korea with her mom. Something happened and they were afraid of getting sent to a “work camp” (like a re-education camp but it sounds worse if we call it like it is, a concentration camp). So her and this young girl had to travel through a deserted region hoping not to be spotted by gun towers. The soldiers rarely check the area as 80% of people who attempted the trek on foot died. They wanted to bring her father but were told that only women. They ended up being transferred twice. The first transporter (if I remembered correct) demanded sex from the child but somehow her mom convinced the man to sleep with her instead. After that they met the 2nd transporter and he dropped her mom of to whoever had purchased her. Then the driver drew his focus on the child again and wanted to sleep with her. She started crying and she supposed it made him feel bad, so he told her if she slept with him he would buy back her mom for her, so she did and he was true to his word. Somehow or another they made it to China and I think ended up marrying the driver for a time and they were able to get her dad across. Another story to drive across a point was a story told by another Asian woman. She had witness an execution of a 13 or 14 year old boy, the crime? The people were starving so bad, when one of the community died…they decided to make sausage from the body. It was 10 to 15 people executed publically, in which officials lied about the child’s age just to hang them. North Korea is Chinas slave labor and a way to make Chinese citizens think they have it good (I hope it is not the case though). 200,000 North Vietnamese women get sex trafficked or sold as wives every year..So they at least think slavery is a better option than governmental use of its citizens in such a manner to support American outsourcing. So hope when you look at your fancy Nikes you remember that 14 that was hung so that you can pay Nike $120 for a shoe that cost them $4 or so. You know what else is possible? Feeding and enriching them so they can support a free market and have more industry uses. I bet you anything that if you went to offer as much good nutritional food for them and a wage to keep necessities going they would work harder than any American alive. I don’t think most slave owners made their slaves worship them either. So yeah we are supporting a form of slavery worse than slavery in a lot of instances. This allows this regions more industries in general to get cheaper products, cheaper software development, cheaper mined resources, cheaper pipeline maintenance and as they slowly grow so will their prices that are charged, but you know what? The value of our currency will outpace their economy if done right. Its ethical business and supporting new skilled labor and investment opportunities in the global economy. and face it Nike doesn’t need 3000% profits.. itd be nice to get cheap goods and be able to benefit the people who made it. So what if it’s 10 cents higher? Or 20 cents when it’s still 500% percent cheaper? Really we need to legislate this in the instances where profit margins are that high, it should come out of profits. It would promote more things being made locally which supports small businesses and reduces the federal drain. If they would adjust the median income yearly with the rate of inflation, their are still markets we can pay them 20% over the regional average, or more. When you have a conversion rate like the 2019 chart below..

We need to ask whats up? Cuba is $34.26 and we opened up trade with them. The medium income is $51,480 in America with a real median income of $35,977 yearly. Americans make 1,502.63 times more money than in Cuba. We could reduce that to 1000 times and enrich them by 33.33% and still pay 1 to 1000 for labor. Does this seem right that these companies need such crazy margins?

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