How we help to Create a Fair Market Value While Repairing Soil Integrity and Lowering Resource Usage…and Another Too llLong Article

Over a period of time and releasing weekly reporting statistics we can create a “Fair Value Index” essentially we gradually change certain crops market price, to reflect 1. Demand 2. Water Consumption 3. Space Usage 4. Time required to grow 5. General weight and size for shipping costs 6. Move industry to more exportable goods, we grow more but collaborate on exporting. The idea isn’t quite communistic, it’s simply fixing the value of what is grown to what will be grown per farm. Arid areas will grow mostly things that can’t grow in arid climates and vice versa, with some similar staple foods provided by the gardens. By trying to get some of the infrastructure bills I’ve preached about previously we can cut our 40% waste of time and material in half (almost). By us staging harvest we maintain a stable market for a long period of time, we may consider selling jarred goods as well when not donating to food banks. The overall idea is that people trust the organization enough to allow us to keep operating the system for a small percentage but we adjust their savings to match or closely approximate. The markets should return to the people supporting the system. Its returned as garden build teams move out to new areas but, we still need to support the elderly. As stated smaller farms that don’t want to cooperate we will still give free market stalls for a period we just ask you to take both coin and fiat (if a market is voted to be 100% turned over without using the system you would need to man your own booths and coordinate your own fairs within your community but the plan is to provide everyone with fairer market values. Corn is great, I love corn. Its useful for fuel, tastes great and grows easily.. its just not great for cattle. It causes them to have higher levels of bad gut bacteria and disease. A large portion of the rain forest was destroyed for corn and palm oil to fatten cows. We give them hormones for growth and milk production. We give them antibiotics which lowers the effectiveness of our antibiotics as well as their antibiotics. An infrastructure bill would be expensive as I was recommending but the dividends and G.D.P. gains would be great, long term. If we were to go to the extent of directional drilling every other on ramp to being down ramps within a city (the down ramps would have to extend around the sewers and under them a good distance). Doing this not only let’s us scrub the exhaust but easily build or expand to more down ramps (or basically make a triple deck high way system. This system could do several beneficial things 1. We could also pump electricity through a system that would power smaller battery cars for use in city, and instead of gas we pay a utility to the city . 2. In 10 years or less we can make these incredibly cheap cars with an on board computer, that is essentially running calculations through just a graphics card connecting to a quantum computing system. 3. Piping wifi the phone or on board computer could be better guided using tunnel markers and one navigational system we can get rid of traffic and the capital waste of waiting in it. 4. We can repurpose parts of the highway for cattle loops, or garden ways for food programs. If turning highways into cattle loops we could calculate the needs and costs by population of the cattle. Growing wheat and foods that other farm animals eat we could implement a tagging system, in a year or more. Doing this with either an infrastructure bill next to highways or re-purposing the the highways themselves we get these benefits. 1. No added hormones, so we stop damaging our daughters development (girls are starting menstation cycles younger and younger, I’ve heard [don’t quote me on this] that girls a couple hundred years ago didn’t start menstruating until they were 16 or 17). 2. We lower the chances of contracting some illnesses that we can get from livestock by using antibiotics when its needed. Human Dr’s have been restricting using antibiotics so we should consider the same thing for what we eat. This occurs through staging the cattle in waves, we’d have tracker ear rings on 2 cows per wave, and there would probably be a few or more waves daily but require proper spacing, as rangers or livestock wardens drive them in one direction. The wardens also maintain cattle health and checks for disease. 3. We get healthier grass fed meat. 4. The livestock in most instances would be happier as would animal rights activist. 5. If living close to the loops to where it wouldn’t be problematic for you to pick up livestock, then you can transition your farm into more exportable goods. 6. If they would decide on the “next to highway system” the diaphramic drainage idea (using rubber diaphrams with a specific pressure threshold to hold water while allowing some to drain when full) using the grade at a very slight decent, and the white stone (or white charcoal paste if we can figure it out) we scrub rainwater every 15 miles for the animals, but this can also potentially in some areas be used for aquaduct systems. By using a down angled grade and diaphramic drainage we can also run through carbon filter diaphrams when they turn over for agricultural use. This possibly allows for cheaper more dispersed growth of staple crops like rice, or other water intensive food like cranberries. 7. Construction or adaption to the system is good for farmers and the industry. This method allows cattle farmers the luxury of driving their trucks to loading areas, backing them in and a rail that’s used to divide/divert part of the herd. Farmers can just roll out of bed or send an employee for their tag allotment. A farmer could choose if he wants to spread out his seasonal tag usage or get it out of the way. It enables the farmers to make additional money farming exportable crops and drives down the cost of meat. It allows farmers to wake up at noon if they want to. It also helps with smaller farmers retirement, if they are reliant on the cattle into retirement..its a lot easier to pick up cattle for milking or slaughter then having to take care of them. The price of beef should not be subsidized 1 to 4 or $20 actual cost per pound Vs. The $5 we pay. We pay all that because we are feeding them things they are not naturally supposed to eat (corn subsidies we eat too much corn sugars as well). This is what caused Mad Cow disease (or was it hoof and mouth?) It was farmers feeding cows to cows.. this is disgusting and barbaric practice and has health implications. Human also can get a brain disorder from eating other humans, its common sense. You are what you eat, and what you eat is what it eats and by transference, also what you eat. They grow faster with corn but also fatter or less heart healthy meat. This also provides the cattle more generic diversity. It theoretically reduces harm caused by methane release by spreading it out over an area instead of concentrating them. We can allow the population to grow as large as the system can handle, giving regular citizens the ability to capture, take and eat a limited tag number as well, the current cattle farmers are already making a bit more if they transition their land (we should help with this, along with the government) so we can reduce what each cow costs. Farmers can also start a slaughter your tag industry where they use their existing slaughter houses but the public can bring in cattle for personal use by paying a farmers butcher fee. I do not want cows to be less expensive per pound of meat though. I would like the savings from both corn subsidies and the fact the cows are cheaper to raise to go towards schools and industry support. This is a personal view but want to see hamburger to reflect what the actual cost is. Theoretically this system would reduce the cost per pound but we should keep paying a minimum of what we are currently, in taxes. If hamburger was 2$ a pound our heart attack rates would spike. This is opinionated and its up to the industry to decide but a pound of hamburger meat or fattier steaks should cost MORE than leaner cuts. At about $7 a pound we can curb eating so much of it, as a person should only be eating meat a couple times a week (like our ancestors). We could make lean steaks cost less than fatty meat, especially since cattle would be healthier and less fat themselves. Farming manure would be way more effective. If using the next to road infrastructure we have an additional benefit of not having to mow nearly as much. There are a lot of benefits to infrastructure that improves quality of life as well as future financial dividends. This model also could make it easier to export if we divert a portion to bays. The hyper rail proposal that also uses compression and suction on a magnetic rail line would be so beneficial for our nation, I can barely grasp it. We have the technology to directionally drill through mountains and if we can survey 4 straight lines (either true North directions from a mid American hub, a northeast southwest direction or lines with slight curves around reservoirs/aquifers by having the U shape of the magnetic track by gradually changing to a neutral shape it can glide based off mass around curves using the compressed pressure. We could take day trips from the east to west coast. We would just have halfway terminals and split usage by making it a 1 stop route (the main hub), later in the day we add the stops for passengers and at night we do the same for goods (the G forces of maximum speed might be hazardous to people with heart conditions, so commuter trains would have to go slower. All of these things coupled with the garden program will secure the American dream and future, I truly believe. It also would allow us to export more goods that are both healthier for the international markets and can be sold cheaper by managing shipping channels and fixing market costs internationally. We could improve country to country relationship, empowering Africa to help manufacture technologies helps us and them. Its important to realize slavery would have gotten replaced by outsourcing. Why? Because it’s cheaper to pay someone a non living wage than being responsible for their health and needs. Slaves would cost more what some of these people are making, its not cool or really even needed if we are smarter with industry. Its more than possible to feed the worlds population, without a lot of cost compared to individual yearly cost. Adjusting domestic costs of domestically grown foods to be higher over time (for food we can’t easily grow ourselves) we can reduce the amount we charge on exportable goods. Allowing us to move an empower new foreign markets as well as promoting peaceful trade and communistic countries to gradually enjoy more security and capitalism without being a threat to the governmental bodies. Doing all of this using a transparent crypto and a voting system (by continent) we can match trade and value. We give China cheap food and they continue to be heavy fabrication and technologies. We can get lower prices (without) using a method worse than slave labor. North Korea and all these places where food is scarce can be trained and utilized benefiting everyone. Your sneakers shouldn’t cost too much more as just providing the basic nutritional requirements greatly reduces the cost of living, this in turn also increases the populations health. So the local governments would have less overall health costs. It would lower crime in some areas, lowering associated costs. China operates (I’m assuming) like a bubble, or the most energy efficient or cost efficient way in which they can maintain their population under current circumstances. Neither Country is moral, us or them. Nations do what they feel is right and their is corruption in both. However when a country has the ability to provide equally with support just the minimum, over time you can see a change in policy. The less likely it is for a population to rebel the less authoritative you have to be. They are already trying to scare industry and politicians into not being corrupt. We don’t do that for some reason though? We reward companies that almost singlehandedly started the opiod crisis with the most lucrative covid contract, while being owned partially by the regulators. I doubt that China would put up with Dr. F’s lying 3 times to congress, or him owning stock in a company he’s regulating.. this is our major problem that we need a handle on. Runaway subsidies and rewarding industry that cuts corners and make unnecessary risks. The Supreme Court rules that corporations are people and have the same rights, yet a citizen has caps on campaign contributions but super pacs are ok? They enjoy the rights of people without the risks? Since the 1980s vaccine bill they can put anything they want in a “vaccine” heck they changed what the word vaccine even meant to include an injectable profalactic, essentially. Since the 1980s they haven’t performed a double blind study which they do for medicines and you see how many class action lawsuits happen over APPROVED medications that had a 5 year study. My point is this, capitalism is a great thing, the market would be self regulating if we didn’t give out so many subsidies. Beer should not cost less than water, it’s just common sense. The FDA should not be funded 45% by big pharma. Big pharma should not be allowed to directly sponsor college studies, if a company want to donate to a college it should be handled by an intermiary that allocates funding from a pool to decrease the influence large corporations have.. we will never cure anything with this model as its not financially beneficial to do so. We need our colleges operating how they did before corporate greed stood in front of scientific advancement. We are the best place to live on Earth but everyday we get a little less free essentially for no real reason. We allowed the patriot act to go through from (a terrible but in the grand scale mild) attack, most likely from our partner in Saudi. Without asking the implications of what that meant for Agencies that were limited in power based off of operating outside the border we created an entity (homeland security) that essentially bypasses this which was a dangerous and slightly stupid thing to do. Point being sometimes you have to take your health and beliefs for yourself and not listen to the static. Yes these ideas are expensive and a lot of work, but they ACTUALLY benefit the world and everyone in it. What did the gain of function research provide? A good pocket lining to the people who were supposed to protect us. Pretty wild that you can “accidentally” poison millions, meanwhile manufacturing a cure (so its not classified as gain of function for some stupid reason) and then sell that. Its like McDonald’s putting lethal doses of heroin in their burgers charging 50 cents and then charging $300 for a shot of anti overdose drugs and everyone being fine with it. The garden program aims to reduces this sort of stuff while fixing the environment and improving the quality of lives. It could be a free market system, that has no room for corruption. Its a currency that really can’t be used for human trafficking or the darker things and could support the world forever in theory.

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