Limiting Trade : The How and Why? Preventing Whales to an Extent and Nerdy Explanations of Why this System Could Opperate More Efficiently than Fiat Currency.

The idea is to allow agriculture and existing businesses time to adjust to new markets. The only way this could ever be legal is with complete transparency. The crypto principle would have to be run on its own market, so no coimbase. Its too hard to monitor and it would have to be quantum supporting. I believe, the easiest way to do this is from a type of logic tree (or transactional tree). Meaning we would set maximum allowable transfers, which we will need to decide on would be sufficient to block trades. If the coin is used past how many branches of the tree we set up the funds are unrecoverable. There maybe a way to automate this so the coin flags the system, so when it hits the “pool” or returns to our server new coin is actually issued on a 1:1 basis and we take user data from the original coin before deleting it and setting the new coins maximum trade. Doing this makes it harder to bot trade and should make the garden market more stable. By limiting people to one wallet the people who buy more coin in the beginning will have a larger chance to make more profits as we will adjust the budgeting as needed. By adjusting to as needed we start out an area with more open coin and reduce or increase depending on the growth we have had. All of this is so we can be able to issue gift cards potentially as a way to avoid having people pay for prepaid credit cards (if government regulators allow us to, considering its a “clean coin” and pretty hard to use for nefarious purposes). All of this is to protect the projects integrity as everyone can see what the metrics are per commodity, how they are performing and how locally we should rotate what we are growing based off of a rotation of the total number of what plants we are growing where (we would have preset garden arrangements and the number indicators allow us to know which configuration is to be used next season, the configurations rotate within a community). It also tells us about dietary restrictions or special garden arrangements. This is all to ensure that small farms if they decide to use the services would not actually have to pay any stall fees ect that come from their money but from new profits by properly managing the market. This is also to ensure that no single person ever controls one sector of food resources, thats why we should use the one crypto wallet one vote model. We only take fiat and this crypto but we might be able to take other coins like tether (or stable coins). All other crypto charges transactional fee’s or “gas” fees. When comparing value bitcoin uses so much energy that they are mining the stuff using geo-thermal heat, Etherium is a bit better but you have to pay for intermediaries to transfer coin, and only 2% actually use the crypto for development purposes. This is another reason we have to limit what can be bought or sold by season (you’ll have more selling freedom than buying but it may take awhile to sell all of it if you are buying the maximum allowable amount yearly, this is to provide a measure of stability and to reduce the risk of a depression of funding towards growth..we don’t want investors to freak out because of an areas one bad harvest.. the point is to sit on what you are not using to buy food in a pop-up. If we open some fast food or restaurants to compete with healthier food, to attempt to make kitchens in areas we don’t have a lot of options, these should also take garden coin. The coin itself can be loaded onto a U.S.B. but will not be active unless selected on the system for “offline” storage. When offline clusters are added to a new wallet the new wallet has the same issues as always, if you buy more than you can hold it goes to a hold account. You can sell from the hold account as long as you do not exceed your maximum selling allotment. We may have to lock funds as a hold though and not allow selling if you run over, we will have to see with developers whether it would be price restrictive to add this function. So picture a stock that acts sort of like U.S. water with better returns. Small farms or maybe even one day factory farms that like our model and want to coordinate or use our support may need a separate wallet market.. the coins should not be tradable between markets as the factory farms and small farms would need way higher restrictions in the ability to sell and trade. As long as we keep the finances separate the gardens will always act as a stable back-up market. In the event of emergencies we keep your records only based off of your user I.D./issued user number. I want to provide shielded boxes for backup devices to regional coordinators for emergencies, allowing them to switch devices without risking the ad-hoc (if possible) system. The ad-hoc idea is important for certain areas in the world to have functional systems, as you could run it with a “jail broke phone” with certain modifications or a P.C. as long as they are running a V.P.N.. the issue with this is quantum computers married with computer learning to hack individuals systems. This is only a problem if their government goes after users with daisy chained servers crushing peoples personal devices. No criminal organization would essentially attack because the coin is useless if stolen. If anyone has an idea that could make running an ad-hoc version of the community viable and secure, I am all ears. I am assuming we should only use ad-hoc functionality (because of system lag and internally storing blocks of encrypted data on multiple users devices when you move in approximation to their wi-fi or Bluetooth range. Meaning the data will only tunnel back when one of the multiple users holding each section of data connects back to the system). This means that several hundred people may be holding one section of data that is encrypted. As each person holding that particular cluster of data (or imaginenary fraction of your coin) hits the actual internet the system takes these data clusters by restricting duplicate named clusters, the same data is generated for each section cluster and the funds transfer when all clusters are returned to the system. If in the event of a catastrophic loss (all users in an area loose their access or a solar flair takes out a large swath of devices, a community coordinator from a monitored account can still allow you to access your funds not in transit. Creating a daily mock backup can help them recover the funds in transit (this would be extremely rare occurrence, but we should plan for authoritative areas to have a means to expand with us as well). The cashless premise in more dangerous areas is needed, gas stations have 300% higher prices in some of these areas to account for theft (or sometimes justto price gouge). We can have lower prices with healthier food, but we need to be permitted to take fiat in some areas and only crypto in others. Ideally you can order a refillable gift card and locate a fiat location that sells them if you do not have a bank card. When we first are testing the area we may not have the same amount of produce available as we should stage the market growth in more dangerous areas until we know what our exposure is. I think over time we can take fiat everywhere as communities realize its detrimental to everyone to run us off, as well as offering a percentage off for using the coin will probably stop this from happening too much as the amount of cash on hand will be pretty low. If you don’t have a bank card but have a food stamp card, you can reload those. With government permission we should be able to take that as fiat but cannot allow you to hold coins purchased from a food card to be “held” so the transaction method would be different as we can’t issue coin. These are held on encrypted ledgers held by the local coordinators device, also encrypted and backed up by ad-hoc systems. I know it sounds confusing and we may need 2 law adjustments to do this but there is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to. Just as long as everyone has the same buy and sell capacity we may have to include that if you buy coin with a credit card it can only be used to purchase food, and will be a non-tradable coin. The second is it may technically be illegal not to accept fiat, but in this event if we have to (which is why the communities are suffering) you can expect us to only have $5 in change. If you are not good with tech, don’t worry. You don’t have to know any of this, our coordinators will set up your device or profile. All you need is a government issued photo ID, and allocated funds should be able to follow you based off the barcoad on the back of your ID. As stated prior a cropped photo pings back of you and your user ID after that you just add your pin code we set up for you. No names needed.

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