Affirmative Action.

Sorry to use sensitive subjects to try to prove a point here.. If I am wrong please correct..I just wanted to clarify what I meant by saying that the gardens project would be better long term than affirmative action (for colleges) was this:

We have a multitude of somewhat impoverished people (for local standards but still way better off than a lot of places). Now by just generally empowering lower middle class to poor areas we not only take burden off the parents somewhat but also provide more nutritious food for children’s early development. When I say more beneficial its all related to how many people we can get supporting this..I have tried real hard to include every reason for every industry as well as age group.. this also includes a work after prison model for non violent good workers to learn what it is to benefit another while being rewarded (special commissary items).The prisoners will help local farms that may need additional support to rotate crops seasonally (they would be accompanied by armed guards in areas we can get reasonable rates from the prison industrial comples). It also uses halfway house residents that are required to immediately find a job (with a non-violent background), who previously may have had substance abuse problems. We would pay a fair living wage to the half way house residents but they would need to fill out a contractor form as well as sign a waiver that home owners will not be held responsible, unless directly responsible for injury (assault or purposeful physical harassment). We have to Annalise what profits we are actually yielding, if we further divest I would like to also have permanent workers (after a set time contracting without incident). Usually it would be one permanent to garden construction team, they never can have any violent charges and will be required to keep the project manager informed. We may also institute a random capture on the app that while working the phones will make bursts of 7 second videos randomly.

I am not trying to say that affirmative action is a bad thing. What I am saying is why not try to make a world that one day its not even needed? The garden project over time should hypothetically lower racial tension. The act of making it mutually beneficial to cooperate with other communities will cause people to interact who typically wouldn’t interact. Its hard to be racist or hate mongering to a general group when a member of that group is taking care of your parents as an act of fellowship. I’m just proposing we take race and what we think would work or are told what will work and analyze what is really going on? If any of the political parties actually cared about race they would do something actually beneficial to curb it. The issue is everything is taken over my the media and the establishment from the inside. They can say things like affirmative action will help the African American and other communities but does it? If the problem is because of systemic racism you don’t depend on something tacked on to a failing system, that historically failed you and it makes it all of the sudden better. If African Americans are more impoverished in some areas it impacts early education. I would like to lobby to adjust any medical subsidies that are saved by the state (we just lost a large swath of healthcare workers anyhow, so a scale down in state funding for emergency operations shouldn’t hurt the industry) be reallocated to poorer schools, up. We should start with primary/elementary schools as we would like to use them also for plant nurseries and teach about self sustainability and the science of agriculture. Providing healthy foods and lobbying for additional funding (I personally want them to teach and reward more reading and adjust the books they can read, to be more open when they are in middleschool. I also would like them to teach mnemonics (like forming subject matter into a representative story in their mind) both of these skills will extremely improve a students foundation, especially when taught early. We should have them completely familiar with all forms of learning skills and integrate learning plans to use specific mnemonic devices until they can do it second nature. The opening up of literature is almost crucial to have children more interested in adult topics (a lot of children that are challenging are because they are too smart and get bored) they know more than we give them credit for and parents sheltering them from specific literature socially cripples them to an extent. To keep up with media they need to read books they would consider “as good as breaking bad”. It only takes that one book to completely change someone’s life, I think open literature (not adult magazines or anything but solid print, no pictures) should be the default 7th grade or higher and if a parent wants their reading materials censored they can request it.

Nutritional Theory and mental health : in poorer communities it becomes more dangerous as more people are likely to steal to make ends meet. When people do not have walking distance access to a healthy store (and healthy food that grows from the dirt is more expensive than greasy chips and crap food) it is bad for their cognition. When a person has low B1 for instance they can have brain conditions as well as congestive heart failure. By offering the poor community healthier food at a discount (with food stamp cards) we also enable the parents to be more involved with their children’s development and less likely to abuse or feel like their child is a personal hindrance. I also think (not this generation but the kids being born now) should not be able to get a driver’s liscence until 18 with a high school diploma or a G.E.D at the age of 16 (its a pain I know but it would reduce the total number of dropouts, we just need to have a version for individuals with learning disabilities). If we do all these things and the garden program can make additional funding we should invest in areas for market penetration, by allocating a portion to schools we plan to grow to (all the way to high school). So yeah, I do think overall this idea is a path to reducing racism, the smarter and healthier someone is the less likely they are to be jealous or hateful. By separating students into sub classes we are actually propetuating the same systemic ideologies that haven’t worked too well the last 30 years. Just doing these few things instead of rioting will see immediate benefits in and around the community, and we would eventually save so many health costs that schools can pay teachers more in poorer school districts. We should incentivize these teachers because they are awesome to start. They arent usually in it for the money but in really difficult schools its easy to loose the will, we should all understand that. The more difficult a school is, coupled with test score improvement and student surveys we can pay the good ones even more than richer districts. That is where the good teachers are actually needed. So the garden project is just about elderly people and taking care of them but its also about empowering the next generation to always be free. It’s the ideology that most of what we think we know is wrong but we can learn what’s right from each other. All of this is possible with cooperation and a soft hand with industry. It will lower crime but we ask politicians to fill in the gaps for industries (that may over time be effective in new industries). I make the comparison if the project passes to other countries, that the military industrial complex should be subsidized and incemtivized into making new technologies and space travel in a more peaceful geo political structure. We subsidize corn enough that it and palm oil has destroyed a good chunk of the rain forest and there are infrastructure projects that we could complete that would see huge dividends eventually but they always seem to subsidize programs that really don’t tend to help people all that much (depending). I’m just arguing for a ground up approach to racism, its ridiculous to be “color blind”. Even children who play together will eventually notice differences and just need to be taught we all came from the same place but have changed do to environment. Thats it, its a simple premise. We don’t forget our culture but understand that we need to also move forward if things are to EVER change. If I could even get 5% of B.L.M. to cooperate that is actually doing something to eradicate racism, while also being mutually beneficial. Ground up is the only way to see real change in anything that’s within the political system and the only way to really vote is with your money. The garden coin however will appreciate instead of having inflation problems, the gardens stay so it would also be a way for impoverished citizens to make a buck just trading the coin at peaks, or simply sitting on it will yield returns.

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