A terrible math error…

This one is embarrassing, I somehow incorrectly stated that $300,000,000 would be enough to give every American $1,000,000. I was off only by about trillion or so dollars lol. But still 300,000,000 is more than what is needed. But spending all his (Elon Musks) money I could use $906.33 which is 300$ from contracting the labor at $1,200 per person, I estimate by sourcing a large amount of these resources I think I could get it down to $550 (not including the $30 to $50 [or cheaper] rain collectors). But Jeff B. Or Bill Gates could split their money over time and simply donate to the charity portion. That isn’t even using crypto, 2 or 3 could front fund the whole thing as long as the proof of concept works. Which I believe will work if its viewed and backed as a great “American Revival”. This will balance at least the fundamentals of survival, and with those savings we can self propel this with even 5% of our population donating time to the charity. Over time it WILL work, its just a lot of work to start.

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