Decentralized or Not? Encrypted Memory Shared Over a Wifi to Wifi Network?

If we can create a quantum resistant coin, it would be awesome if the app could run as a network just using the users personal phone, the data is encrypted and stored across multiple devices. If no wifi or wifi networks fail their was a method developed for creating an make shift internet by daisy chaining wifi signals. When a user is connected to the network when internet is down, it could be a good while before someone is in range of a network. Theoretically it could work by echoing back to the main server, the server tags blocks of data and automatically rearranges it on our system. As long as someone is connected to someone (and so on) it doesn’t necessarily matter if a portion of your data is on multiple peoples devices. The unique I.D. will take the first Tag that hits the system and automatically should delete subsequent data clusters with the same I.D. This may allow the system to run without a central organization, if something were to happen. If loosing power kills your phone, you only need a 5% charge to buy things. Even after hurricanes the garden program with enough people would instantly bounce back to service in areas we can reach. In emergency events the app can be loaded to directly assume funds of coin holders in your area and Community Organizers can directly manage funds without a network.. or on paper if necessary although this would require someone at the back up server (doing a data backup 8 times a day or so would mean loosing capital for a couple hours worth of trading, but would provide proof of accounts. The fiat side should always retain 70% liquidity (of total circulating coin value) if we can be permitted to hold over funds in an emergency scenario. Or if we can get the government to assign us F.D.I.C. insurance per account. It would be the only if not the only coin that could not be lost in an electronic cataclysm. If we keep both physical and electronic data and although slow, we can at least safeguard what crypto you were holding..which is better than almost all other crypto coin which is decentralized. I’d like organizers to have backup shielded cheap smart phones. Procedure should be not to remove them until a specific amount of time after network loss. By staging the markets being reopened we lower the chances of the shielded devices being hit, as well. During this event area coordinators and regional coordinators divide the communities up so that one coordinator temporarily takes over an additional area, then every 2 days places their phone back into shielding and another coordinator takes over ect. If phone lines fail we should have preset rendezvous points. Since you can use your coin with I.D. you wouldn’t need service necessarily to buy things. Your information would be shared through the surviving devices but only the active coordinator is holding you actual coin. If the holding device is destroyed the secondary phone can be manually updated, this is why we use paper ledgers as well in an emergency, we would record your user ID and how much coin you had spent or bought. The coordinators would always have one device in a shielded cage and the only weak spot would be if the coordinators didn’t come in proximity that day and an E.M.P. blast so happens to hit when changing out devices. Just an idea to make it more secure than the current system that is wide open to attack or catastrophic data loss.

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