A Theoretical Structure to Correct Some of Our Problems.

I do think with enough public support we can do this right. Slow and steady wins the race but that doesn’t mean it will take 50 years to see benefits.. With enough initial support we could have construction cells working all over a region and from there notify farmers what we plan to grow by region. The gardens are pretty much all the same proportions per person or 150 to 125% of the estimated food needs per person with whatever extra space they can donate (We can hug a corner of your fence line and just double it with an L shape, or whatever you can give). As the baby boomers are reaching retirement now is the time for this revolution. My theory is peoples mentality will improve (especially if we can get people to stop watching the news, they’ve lied too much. Listen to podcasts or comedians they can tell the truth and pass it off as parody). Until news can stop sensationalizing and making up 40% or leaving 40% out when it doesn’t fit establishment narrative. Its pretty simple where we are headed unless we act. Thats why we should be soldiers with shovels. It empowers us, it helps the environment, it can help with hormone dispersal, it reduces healthcare costs, (since obesity and heart disease are the biggest killers and a heart attack can cost $300,000 or more) the price of healthy organic food, it improves national security from infrastructure attacks, (or solar storms powerful enough to take down a good portion of electronics) and I do believe that it would improve racial understanding and brotherhood. You would be surprised how people not having to worry about feeding their kids (quite as desperately) can free them up for self betterment. Just investing in school and opening them up to all types of literature after 6th grade would be a good thing. Restricting drivers liscences for anyone born today or older at 18 after graduation or G.E.D. That or a G.E.D. at 16 will get you a day liscence (meaning at night you can only drive to work or court appointed service). It worked for Oklahoma and the literacy.. We should build them up from elementary to middles schools and then high-schools. We need to be able to offer after school learning in schools as a secondary revenue source from them. We need to pay good teachers good salaries. Kids should be given military grade Pads and we just pay for digital books, but the academic books are a racket that drain our education spending.. and everytime they try to get something passed like the lotto, they say “its to pay for schools”, when it actually comes to brass tacks they pay 1%.

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