284 Studies..? Just a Lot of Questions

Is it true there were 284 studies that showed Hydroxychloroquine was effective against the virus? Is it true the F.D.A. did not hit required metrics for emergency use of a vaccine when an existing approved treatment is effective? Is it true even adults mortality rate is 0.05%? If a child breaks their arm and contracts the virus in the hospital, now is the child a a hospital case of covid? If someone dies of a heart attack or stroke from a previous build up of cholesterol and have the virus present is it counted as a covid death? Are we confirming infections since hospitals have funding incentives for each case of covid? Is it true they haven’t performed double blind studies and they are not required to meet the F.D.A’s minimum requirements for regular medicines (even now a 5 year study [it should be 7 to 10 years] do we not see class action lawsuits years after a drug is approved for human use? Is it true Dr. F performed Nazi like experiments in anethestizing beagle puppies and letting flies eating their face? What was the scientific value? Why was it important to (allegedly) complete studies on the pain limits in gorillas to find out what would kill them from shock? Is it true that same Dr. owns stock with the company that helped start the opiod crisis (by lying about their addiction studies to Dr’s after flying them to luxurious meetings in Hawaii) and mysteriously receives the largest contract in this whole mess (somewhere pretty close to $1,000,000,000,000)? Is it true that Dr.F and Mr. Gates had a meeting before all of this where Gates laid out a plan to vaccinate the planet? Did Dr. F cure HIV? This last one is a conspiracy theory but was HIV briefly cured by an independent Dr, who had to get F.D.A approval or review and the virus changed in the time they did not use it, rendering the cure useless? If that is true what happened to the Dr., I have no idea at this point if its a conspiracy or not just looking at the amount of research and funding go to cures over treatments. In the weeds I heard tell of a technology that can spot cancer cells via M.R.I’s through learning software but it was bought up by a large internet company not to be seen again? Did you know this technology could also sort people based off of the sizes of portions of your brain (like the 2012 study that show psychopaths have smaller empathy centers? Did you know in the next few years if not already an app can be developed that will work off your biometrics so that no one can tell any untruth (like if your partner ask if their butt looks big)? My theory is this technology will always be restricted as much as possible as it would disassemble our democratic system since all politicians do is lie everyone stops talking and pleads the 5th on everything? Would not being able to lie be good or bad? They have drone birds so realistic they fool other birds, what other surveillance tech could be used by a foreign entity? Are we still wearing the incorrect mask type just to block telescopic lenses from reading expressions and lips (for corporate espionage, which apparently is the new warfront, and we are behind China in quantum systems)? If even 80% of this is true, we should be concerned. We should start putting societal safeguards so this doesn’t happen again. We shouldn’t have to depend on the supply chains for the basic requirements for life. We would still be buying (for those that have money) crap food, probably still at around 80% but it gives us something to secure us further. No nation has really ever attempted a garden project and give a basis of food and adjust the rest to be slightly higher costs so we do not impact markets.. why? Do they want people starving, racist and divided? When they make mistakes, not inspect facilities, give lab classifications that should not have been given, lied to congress openly twice and blames unvaccinated people for the virus (when it is shown that new variants are less dangerous but more contagious [I still haven’t heard of an omnicron death] and even though they can test for natural antibodies thats up to 13x more effective, they don’t? Why does Africa and nations without the vaccine have lower covid deaths, is it really just the weather? How is the media helping divulge information? Such as that the manufacturers recommend dry pulls before inject (to make sure its in muscle not a vein) but the F.D.A. thinks its smarter to blindly inject a 5 year old inproply and there might be a coordination between miocarditist and young males getting the vaccine in their blood stream? Or is it fine to get the vaccine in your veins? Is there graphine actually in it, that can act as tiny blades in your circulatory system?

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