Abandoned Island II

Earlier in the blog I asked what you would pick, A chest full of gold, a fruit bearing tree or a boar to hunt? The point being previously is gold is valuable, but worthless when disconnected from the market. That is why it is a national security issue. Foreign entities could collaborate buy a good amount of certain markets and crash them. There are all sorts of ways that governments deal with corporate espionage and stealing technologies. If there was a flooding (say Elon gave everyone a million dollars), we would still have basic nutrition when the supply chain fails. In most fallen governments I assume a lot of them have been due to people being hungry. I’m not just talking about the sensation but the overall nutrients.. you know how many bananas you would have to eat in order to get your daily value of potassium? Close to 10. Or you can get the most using condensed tomato paste.. The more recycled nutrients in the soil, the more nutritional value your food will have. A lot of disorders and diseases seem to have just reared their head in the last 100 years. I do think melons and gaurds could help retain top soil moisture if they adjusted the carbon credits. More top soil moisture (besides saving the ground table water) it would most likely cause more rain which has an air scrubbing effect. Yet they want to use turbines to remove carbon dioxide, (I believe) when plants use it. Arent green house gases a bad thing? I thought we had a ton of carbon dioxide for a good while on this planet? Isn’t it monoxide and aerosol? It could help trap moisture but closer to the equator, it shouldn’t effect anything too north if its already close to the ground. Generally that would be good for both the air and agriculture as the rain and clouds help trap emissions..thats why acid rain can be a thing. More rain collection and growing a starting base for our diets, that is decentralized, as well as transparent. It could be hard to loose, even in the event of a solar storm I want a daily copy transfered into a server disconnected in a E.M.P. sheilding/Faraday cage. Its a way for America to stay America, while we are exposed to different Americans and do well by our elderly community. The coin or subsidies are secondary but I have listed a lot of social and political benefits so its confusing why people couldn’t get behind empowering the people?

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