What Information We Keep Physically, more on Utilizing the Prison Industrial Complex and why these Articles are so Complicated.

Individual Community Organizers will be required to keep a monthly paper copy of their roster. We would have a server or servers located in various countries that encrypt and decrypt information from the buy and sell of coins. Your name will not be connected to your coin however the barcode on the back of your I.D. will. All of the data is encrypted to our end but de-crypting it we will record location of purchase for community allotment prioritization, what the coin was used to purchase, where or what market it was purchased from as well as times. When making a purchase we create a “bought cluster” when we receive back a coin cluster (like a file folder with your user ID) the system wipes its information upon recording. If we can make all these things happen and also figure a good way of allocating funds to store later on for giftcards, it would be impossible for anyone to rob the pop-up markets in dangerous areas. Most people in need will be able to just load their food stamp card with money anyhow, since those require pins we wouldn’t even need I.D plusthey get an additional amount off to stretch their dollar and incentivize them to purchase healthier food.. I also can offer a work for food program by taking the average persons value in labor in the program and can potentially give free food depending on the hours volunteered and the number of people trying to be included. So besides paying the prison industrial complex for every rotation we can also use people who just want free or radically cheaper food in areas without prisons. The prisoners that work well we reuse, they just have to be non-violent with an accompying guard. If the prisoner (besides getting special commissary items) works well we can prioritize them to be on a garden construction team getting out. We would also be using half way house residents to build the gardens under supervision. We may have to pay cooks in some areas where we cannot find volunteers with food permits. I think it has a decent chance at stopping the cycle of imprisonment by showing them that helping people can be mutually beneficial as well as providing a job right out of prison (for a fair and decent living wage) a lot of former convicts may reform or at least have the means to reform. This idea is so long and complicated, I know but I am trying to go through every possible problem and correct them. From grade school to the elderly, regardless of race or ideology if done right and just…I feel we can make the American Ideal a thing again for everyone. We can lower crime while enriching investors. We can help industry while shaping it. We can lower subsidies and redirect them to the youths education. Its a bottom up approach to trying to make a first step in logical thought so that our species can survive in peace at least until we reach the stars. I may have some theories and premises wrong and need to know what they are if thats the case but in my head at least most of this would work, with the right team, funding and government support. Now things like milking melons for scrubbing hormones and contamination might be impractical, I don’t know? Figures that making the totems you could stage the I.V. needle gage to decrease each level and put a clear covering over the bottom rows. Then when you harvest the melons you cut the top few off to wear the clear covering starts and place the outside melons as fertilizer for your garden. Using melons to collect water you would just need to remove the sugars which are way easier than salt. Either centrifuge or bacteria would probably work…although just making a evaporation collector might be more efficient you could still probably help scrub the rain water and lower the amount of chemicals in your personal garden. That and a carbon filter we will be using in rain collection should go a long way in trying to disperse hormones and antibiotics in our food and water.. especially if they adjust the carbon offset credit as I have previously described.

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